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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2018 7:30am-8:01am CET

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africa on the roof. stories for both people in a difference in shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the move the stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. to double using multimedia series for go. d w dot com or go on the. hi everyone welcome to our high life edition with the best picks of the week i'm your host meghan lee here's a look at what we've put together for you today. attraction
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a state of the art cable car opens in the swiss alps. the french player we take a trip to the mediterranean city of people. and home sweet home and speak feed into a modern the last construction near zero. the weather outside is in trifle but still the fires inside are divided fall as we gear up for the christmas season now it is that time of year when we bring out the ornaments to spruce up our homes well of course tastes change in home decoration all the time so the interior decor industry comes up with new ideas every year we thought we would head over to london to find out what's fashionable this christmas . christmas is calling and london's oxford street is decked out in its famous seasonal decorations.
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so what are this year's trends an abundance of glitter and glamour will certainly get us into the festive spirit. and seasonal rock'n'roll is all the rage this year. but just trust the show is all about. with your family and friends who really enjoy the different materials and how much they. can seek when christmas stocking certainly spice things up. silver gold and black are the colors of choice this season. a litter of no more. and you could even get a tiny prints to adorn your christmas tree. when choosing
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a rock'n'roll christmas. i think for many many years we've all been a bit afraid of going for. the cia with the time to do it so feel free to embrace your inner rock and roller and decorate your tree accordingly. what else how about some fabulous food themed christmas decorations. this christmas i think we're really excited about the food trend that we've seen and that brings a sense of place to the christmas tree so we have things like cool and. some bagels so. you know we seen a lot of such trends across food for several years in the u.k. market but this is the fast time to really decorate your tree. salt and pepper frost songs toast waffles whatever takes your fancy.
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the colors don't matter so long as the christmas tree looks great i love the avocado. everyone loves to avocado and i think it's a really good bunny if somebody is well it is in my pocket i am would look pretty amongst all sorts of things. if i have a car goes on the tree are a bit too much for some they can go for more conventional festive ornaments if they're into glamour they might be tempted to go for the midnight elegance range of accessories. it's about creating the look. i think deep colors beautiful finish a nice metal glass. and bring in that throughout the whole home with the table christmas tray just adding that we owe some tress feel to quest months. gold and blue glass will make the dinner table look particularly attractive
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. the decorations on oxford street are of course completely up to the minute it's a perfect winter wonderland featuring some two thousand bottles. but isn't it a bit too early to be switching on the christmas lights is a little early but a paper has a good light it was christmas so. i think you'll find that the problem this time of the year brings everyone together life in five days and it's just some digital folder to write and they have their fun in the christmas spirit and remind them that christmas is coming to see their faces a look at their life starting on kind of good for them and the earlier christmas calls the longer people can enjoy the decorations. and the ski season has kicked off here in europe one of the most famous ski resorts
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is the area around sar much in switzerland the village is located at the foot of the famous matter horn mountain not for years some of it is not just been a magnet for anyone who loves to ski but also for those who don't really have to worry about money and now the resort has yet another reason to visit the matter horn glacier ride it was designed by pinning for arena you may know the company for its design of ferrari cars max went to sound for a unique ride up the mountain. these cable car at the foot of the massive hole in the office panoramic views of the swiss alps. several cabins a decorated with crystals on the outside as well as on the inside when the cabin reaches a height of one hundred seventy meters it's floor turns transparent offering views
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of the place she is below and actually from that minute last she turns the schools from milky white to see three in second. i mean i. liken this guy. to the. super it's super a fantastic idea something new. good group. so much a hard place here right is europe's highest and probably most like sure escape car . over forty five million your it was went into the project. from my point of view it's like staging a train ride example it's the feeling of a crystal cabin designed by pininfarina. and then with crystal outside inside
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on the glass floor that. the cabins were designed by power no pininfarina a member of the legendary italian designer he wanted this project to set new standards in mobility. people say wow because it's something that they would not expect to live with. that . i think that it's. that design has more limits. meaning friday now hopes to create design history with the cabin. only. but actually we we made some designs before this in the fifty's because. after fifty or sixty years the museum of the company's headquarters in turin presents some of the most legendary sports cars in automotive history all designed
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by painting fair enough paolo pininfarina applied some of the same principles he used to design his ferrari to create the capital. refinement of this dispute the service is the same the work. of the refinement of the edges of the caribbean. and naturally this ferarri among cable cars needed a very special couch. with this elaborate wood and class structure some other architect hunts to an even created just the right atmosphere for pinning friday those cabins in. the wheel the owners didn't want the stations to be just industrial buildings. we wanted them to be attractive and inviting. that the ride actually begins as soon as people enter the station and be shown for the fog is.
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but it took two and a half years of hard work before the first ride could begin at an elevation of close to four thousand meters snow storms can take place all year round on temperatures of minus thirty degrees celsius odds are common but all the hard work has paid off the cable car begins regular operations this winter. flight should have been appreciate one thing above all the bombs and how incredibly memorable nature can be when you're not all crowded together. it's like taking a round trip in a helicopter and floating above mountains and glaciers the. jury is still also get to experience the mountains in a completely new way to be in this and to actually enjoy seeing the glaciers see. these amazing alps and being warm is a shock but this is spectacular as the feeling of absolute freedom of
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paradise just. now people can get a new perspective on one of the world's most famous mountains there's never been a more relaxing way to enjoy the rugged nature of the alps. next up we head to france now i recently visited the city of p.t. in the southwestern part of the country and i must say that i was pleasantly surprised this is a young and vibrant place that has several universities both a major museum and is a popular destination for wine lovers plus it is right on the mediterranean sea so in my opinion should definitely be put on your bucket list of travel destinations. more pity is a fast growing city located in the south of france it dates back to roman times but
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today it's home to several high tech start up companies and has a vibrant student community tourists come here for the wine culture and climate our tour today begins on the city's main square. here right now. when everyone. can see. the opera house and the fountain of the free graces it's very known because on the square we have many coffees and also come from here so that's a very interesting place. another interesting place is the to which visitors can climb for great views of the city as a professional guide bruno knows best sights even when time is limited. in forty eight hours you can. of course i would say that would be the markets we
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have the market of the opposite which is very interesting and also we have the museum of which is one of the main museums that we have. and classic paintings and of course. i would say the why of course the white industry is very present and we have many chateaus in which. we follow bruno's first tip and visit the market located under the eighteenth century. only open on tuesdays and saturdays it offers french delicacies including cheese and wine from the region the city's old town it's a short walk from the market here st peter's cathedral and mon p.t.a.'s famous medical school share a fourteenth century building. this part of the city is made up of dozens of narrow alleyways and carefully restored buildings. so the streets. so there in yes olds and that they're interesting because they're narrow
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medieval and inside of it what days you have it at the shops and craftsmen to work in shops like this one used to be used as a staple for horses and this bakery has customers lining up all day long on fresh baked goods are just one reason this place is so popular. again minister this is a t.v. show in france called the best day korean friends and this day cree won that title in twenty fifteen so that made us famous plus we bake bread and enough and that's more than two hundred years old next we followed bruno second tip and head to the shriver museum like most places in it is easily reached by foot the museum was established in eight hundred twenty five in houses a very diverse collection spanning several centuries to the modern day. the collection is very specific because it has been given by some artists who are from from this city and some collectors from the city for instance we have
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a very big run the songs collection which was given by the founder of the museum. who was a male classic artist a pupil of the. classic master of friends we also have a big collection of stuff called big. one canvas behind me. we also have a very important collection of contemporary paintings by. who studied in. another must see on our list is chateau flows jack it's a chateau in vineyard dating back ten generations still a family run business current code on our piazza called bear helps run it gives tours and offers wine classes detailing the various great varieties found here. but the most. famous of the biggest part of the production is the red one we have
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to see that we have the biggest of the next all over our phones and also all over the world it's also an historical the new dog was created by the roman so we have a long history. after a day of started seeing in the wine tasting visitors can head to the beach. is located just ten kilometers from the mediterranean coast seaside restaurants are popular with both residents and tourists alike. sun sea culture and wine on the french mediterranean p.v.a. is an all in one destination for travelers in france. it certainly is all right now euro max is very active on social media and facebook is just one platform where you can find out more about the program here is what you'll find there. want to know more about european lifestyle and culture visit euro max on facebook. you'll find highlights from our programmes. three
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hundred sixty degree videos of the most beautiful places in europe and snapshots taken by our reporters take an exclusive look behind the scenes at how the program is produced and follow us on facebook live. we love it when fans visit our facebook page and give us their feedback visit d.w. euro max on facebook. it's time now for a sneak peek into someone's humble abode in one swiss architect boris egli chose a building plot for his home it was too small for what he had in mind so we had to be creative the result is an award winning not to mention innovative dwelling. like a giant crystal this house reaches into the sky fifty eight windows make up the outer wall. swiss architect. built his family home on the outskirts of pyrrhic on the slopes of a form of. welcome to the true berlin jury. is
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swiss german for great as he was designing his house drew inspiration from the surroundings of the stick in this property used to be a vineyard there is still loads of great minds behind the house fence that the windows are attached to the supporting structure like grapes to a sterile. box and the platforms branch out of the main middle wall yes just like the trunk of a vine. there was no space for one continuous stairwell and the rooms are not arranged into typical floors instead they are joined by individual staircases and platforms. to get a building permit you have to be creative when planting the floor plan.
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was staying within property lines with just two hundred ninety one square meters the property is small to begin with subtract the border limit clarence and you're left with five times nine metres. picture designing a house just five steps wide and nine steps long it's impossible. in the end you managed to create roughly a hundred thirty square metres of living space inside it's back to basics more than ceilings are made of their faced concrete wall furniture ad splashes of color the glass facade makes the rooms appear larger. on the concrete core provide structure . in my experience when you have a lot of us it's important to have a strong back to provide a sense of security if you have glass on both sides it's like you're lost in
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a sort of limbo here you have a backyard and then you have a fantastic view this lens the room a feeling of peace and car. each pack for office morrison's two children little havens for retreat none of the living spaces is larger than fifty square meters every centimeter is put to good use. grace dish that came with a building concept like this its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness that means the way the concrete has been poured the way it has set and this carrying the structure can no longer be altered you can't take anything out anymore if you did the whole house would collapse only state police architectural office l three p one multiple awards for this design it took construction period of two and
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a half years to realize his dream home. in decent houses in this house everything is radically and fundamentally reduced to the back concrete structure that's what i like the most all those other things you do with the house i'm not necessary here. you can read just self of all of that really doesn't take much in please. be sure. there are no stones to be thrown in this glass house with this great fine design. has not only created a unique home for his family he has also placed it on a property that was once considered impossible to build on. and time now for a bite to eat for that we head to the romanian city of a city you in the region known as transylvania now you may know it of course for being home to dracula's castle but since the twelfth century it's also been home to
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a german speaking minority while in two thousand and seven seaview was a european capital of culture something that has had a lasting effect on the local cultural scene but that doesn't just mean theatre and music foodies can also find something to whet their appetites with such as scrumptious cabbage rolls. the city of scipio dates back more than eight hundred years it's time to remain ian's if need germans and tongue carians that makes is also reflected in the local cuisine. kitchen if you're on our own this is a farmer's market in city you have to buy the ingredients for his favorite dish stuffed cabbage leaves with polenta in its white cap each fresh time don't get this and tomatoes the other this issue in a modified this is a great market it's been here for about forty years the sellers grow everything themselves and their own garden it's all organic. my boy everything here coughing
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before you. go on our own is the head chef at the command restaurant is proud of the old style pantry it's reminiscent of an era when refrigerators were not widely available. his cabbage dish is especially popular here. the cabbage has been prepared in romanian style marinated for three months in a mixture of water and vinegar together with deal and horseradish. for the filling he mixes toppled rice with ground pork and fat and then seasons of his salt pepper up a pretty and time. now to duck me and then we roll it up so it's packed in nicely. using his grandmother's recipe on our own places the cabbage rolls in an earthenware pot sandwiched between layers of chopped white cabbage. that's it for the cabbage
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rolls and i will do the knuckle of your pork. it's already been smoked. current that in the center now the rest of the chopped cabbage will make a little bit of. the fresh time and tomatoes are placed on top of. the. now we put the part and they haven't. and will work for two or three hours for decor. it's a meal that suits the rustic surroundings the bales of straw decorate the restaurant it's all designed to give international guests a sense of life in peru romania. and our camera lives are ready money to take them out now the guests of iraq that. you know. what. the juices from the cabbage make the dish lovely and moist.
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and the knuckle of pork turns it into a hockey meal. the dish is served with polenta which is used for many dishes in romania. the cabbage leaves are one of the most popular dishes a. you know on our recommends a glass of white wine from romania's black sea region to go with the meal. and with that we're out of another week of euro max as always for me and the end tire crew here in berlin thanks for watching aussie again next week.
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