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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2018 9:15am-9:30am CET

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they tune in for highlights from dec classic up as dortmund and i are in for a tough match for bundesliga supremacy we'll have that and much more action from match day eleven coming up in just a few moments. here up to date now on d w news i mean i haven't seen thanks for watching. scars cover on forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression bluffing and violence is no minute brush up. where putin is petri arguments today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people here don't have
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a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in every day life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on double. to the good as they get here or d.w.i. chris harrison let's delve into best eleven story of the german classic oh look behind me talking fish were buzzing with optimism as the black and yellow hit the pitch as rio favorites over the finish champions the stakes were high it's acknowledging the part they were looking to prove by or dre is a big of the past the clash between the two heavyweights live up to the hype also coming up. a lot of cars were on the road at burger braman the visiting polls had
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one player determined to make such magic against the green and white house but first deck last week of president only one is labeled by an underdog ahead of the showdown against dorman and he called for patience when it comes to coach nico botch who's remained as cool as the other side of the pillow during their turbulent times dortmund unbeaten as the league's hottest club needed to strike while they're hot to convince the world a changing of the guard is near marco royce and the young goods have been blazing the pitch but would an old familiar face rain on their parade. nico covert action is by and psych came to dortmund ready to put up a fight the champions had more possession from the get go but the game's first chance failed to do it meant in the ten minutes. marco royce failing to beat manuel neuer. the other ran robert leaven dusky wasn't as wasteful he converted said
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japanese pinpoint cross to break the deadlock have a perfect timing from the bye and. far too much space left by to his defense of a fine head into the break with a slender lead you see i needed a massive stroke and pocket all catherine was on the bench the match picked up even more momentum after the break no i felt right in the parts that don't mean captain just himself out to convert the ensuing penalty. one zero in the forty nine minute thanks but i was still on the front foot because of our committee set up eleven dusty for his brace just three minutes later to reestablish bines lead it was the seventh of this season. the hosts kept missing chance after chance as they look for the equaliser. and in the sixty seventh minute they had to hold royce with his seconds of the match thanks bye and kept fighting for the winner leaving them
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vulnerable at the back so a bit slow start of the counterattack that sets up back outcast there for the decider of this sensational back. three two as dormant held out for their first win against a rivals since november twenty sixth seen. what a game that was now braman jose glass hoping to do two things bounce back after losing back to back burner as they can matches for the first time since this time last season and bounced back into the top four in the standings but second place club i came into this one with their own game playing and one man with the trick in his boots take a look. he seems right at home in the been this week i am a sahm players arrival this summer has given grant back options up front how to now striker a winger but wherever he is on the pitch opposition defenses don't stand much
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chance when he does days before i was a goal out of nowhere just four touches putting the businesses in front just before the break was. me was the first player in the groove in three minutes into the second half he doubled his in his sights tally linking up with talking as up from a corner. to go a simple as it was effective helped by a slight deflection was the hat trick now fellas inevitable in just four minutes later the player obliged. goal number three is the match number eight of the season braman coach costar furious with the home defense bias slips through his markers to find space men leaving the south with a simple finish. braman were heading for defeat and then nary shot him got to go
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back to the host he failed to spare a fight back. was the day he was all about player very nearly smashed in a force three goals no more than enough to grab back and claim. it's not a dream i had has today and put them away it's good for me it's not often you score three goals and again i'm a very happy stick it was players now the league's joint top scorer helping grab back cements their grip on second place as for brave men it's the first time they've lost three in a row under coach foul. play a player now it's time for mass the eleven round up hoffenheim needed a way to get bad. into the european spots when they locked horns without work at home and they didn't disappoint joe lynn st peter's markers to feed the ball to under a cruel march and the croatia international had an easy task putting it in the net
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to open the story for off and hide but just four minutes later alfred friend bogus on level things up it won all the seventh goal in six league games for the ice min . then in the waiting minutes reste nelson got a hold of a block shot and soon a two one victory for the home team. in one of the other games on saturday promoted side and relegation threatened dusseldorf punched above their weight when they welcomed hansa berlin into town but first the other promoted side nuremberg look to have a cakewalk against cellar dweller stuttgart who haven't won on the roll of all season yet the visitors had other ideas. marcus vine seals defense saw a little challenge from a weak nuremberg attack the game only really got going in the second half guts team obama got on net in his first ever abundance they get goal and then eric tommy
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scored a dream goal eight minutes before the end with a sunil the final score cards first victory under their new coach the the something that simple after recent weeks this win today was incredibly important it was also highly does have this hundred forty swainson the match became more and more stable and this have to school. fortunate just the door for also dreaming of a win after six losses in a row and they got a boost when hector berlin defender maximillian mitchell stats was sent off shortly before the break. so in the second half to ca she was sami put the hosts in the lead. and in the sixty third minute reuben henning's made it to neil after some fine work for much the same amount. and then substitute bonito from a net at their third to ensure before the end a ray of hope for the berliners gave the selke upwelling one back but fortuna were unimpressed ramón restoring the three goal lead in injury time before one the final
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score of the boy was facing the city got the monkey off our back today because he wastes and chances in the last games so it's just a really really awesome feeling desisted. sandro shot says minds have not yet won on the road this season but in fribourg they got off to a blazing start john phillippi by matt opening the scoring in the sixty minutes and only ten minutes later newcomer john felipe my tater made it to nil his third goal of the season. and the briber it narrowed the lead twenty minutes before the end thanks to roll them sadly. but two minutes later karim only cvo out. late the competition rounding out the three one scoreline for mine says first away win of the campaign. let's get a round up of the results so far from match day eleven dog man lived up to the hype
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being favorites gladbach player overcame braman three one hoffenheim speeds pass out spurred nuremberg fell to stuttgart dusseldorf stunned can't to for one in my spring's past freiburg hand over and wolfsburg kicked off mass to eleven on friday and it was hand over who do first blood limps in might open the score in the thirty first minute that's a teenager's first when is the goal hand over added another from the penalty spot in the second half will spur then pulled one back from the spot but it was too little too late to won the final school. and there are still plenty of acts to look forward to on sunday a live sick host a labor cozen and shall travel to frankfurt and let's take a look at how those results of affected table as you can see don't mean they stay on top after their mega win over by and by gladbach are still in striking distance
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now buyer could get bumped down to fourth if life's like win on sunday frankfurt could get a lift as well if they win in the bottom half no big change to report here the basement teams the last three they all won their matches but that wasn't enough to change their situation. it's time for the bonus league is play of the day as voted by our followers on twitter and the winner is dortmund's captain marco royce with an amazing sixty three percent of the vote the black and yellows number eleven scored a brace against buying his seventh and eighth goals of the season boys has been on fire there's no debating that and it looks like he's not slowing down a bit. that was your play of the day now it's time to announce the goal of the month for october voted for by you out of the three finalists the winner was frankfurt luca yo bitch and here is his goal it's easy to see why why gilbert scored five goals against dusseldorf looks like he's taken
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a martial arts class or two we promised there was a prize for selecting the winner the name we pulled out of the hat was peter kamandi myna he wins the bundesliga jersey of his choice. as you can see it's party time in dortmund and that's full time for us we'll be back with the action from sunday's games and will be discussing this weekend's main talking points with former professional footballer looks fine and still who is now head of international relations and scouting at hoffenheim so be sure to send in your questions to the address on your screen until then here are some of the best moments from saturday for me and the rest of the team here in berlin. be the.
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