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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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long cold cold. cold but love and respect. this is deja news live from berlin remembering the past who voice repeating it in the future global leaders attend a peace forum in paris also by french president emmanuel mccall one powerful figure is totally absent u.s. president donald trump will bring you the latest. marking one hundred years since the end of world war one more than sixty world
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leaders attend a ceremony in paris to mark a century since the guns fell silent in the great war a bloody conflict that claimed millions of lives. and california's wildfires grow more deadly by the day search teams combing through the remains of the town of paradise i found more bodies at least twenty three people have died in the north of the stick. and in business legal football dortmund and finance clash went down to the wire stay tuned to see who came out on top in a thrilling deck chancy go. i'm calling aspen in berlin thanks for joining us europe has been marking one hundred years since fighting stopped on the battlefields of world war one in paris heads of state from around the world gathered for a somber ceremony. around nine million soldiers and millions more
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civilians lost their lives in that four year conflict. more than sixty world leaders gathered at the arc de triomphe in paris running late they missed the exact moment when one hundred years earlier at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month the guns finally fell silent but the message was clear never again given extra resonance by the location the tomb of the unknown soldier a silent symbol of the sacrifice of the millions killed in conflict. with the weather in paris perhaps appropriately wet and gray french president led the commemorations he spoke of the day significance and the tragedy of war so many. of us it here on this very day the french and their allies celebrated their victory
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. they had fought for their homeland and their freedom. and for this they had made huge sacrifices and suffered untold hardships they had suffered a hell a hell no one can imagine. this orcas on coaching there were readings from the time of the armistice drawing on the first world wars distinguished literary and poetic tradition words read by one of today's young students recalling the day a century ago when the great war ended seem. a good idea. and he came out of him ask oh i just found that there the war is over and i understand in an hour we will leave. we will never have to come back here. and from the french president a determination to build for the future. at this you're known as a sport. well you let us build our hopes rather than our fears against each other
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so much. together we can avert threats of. the specter of global warming poverty hunger disease inequality and ignorance. we have engaged in this fight and we can win it let us pursue it for victory is possible to live it to i perceive it. fought over in the first and light to the second world war the french capital paris playing host to only enemies today together and reconciled to learn more about this weekend's sense henery head to our web site that's dot com for a special series into the history of what was then called the war to end all wars. history shows the story of the first world war two different perspectives by peter kruger from the eastern european perspective from the african perspective
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from the perspective of turkey and the arab world. t w dot com slash w w one. n poland today's date has even more significance nov eleventh marks the hundredth anniversary of the country's independence a polish leaders are split today due to plans for a controversial all right march european council head and former polish prime minister donald tusk greeted crowds in warsaw and said that what unites poland is stronger than what divides it earlier president unjaded up presided over a state ceremony paying tribute to a leader of the country's bid for independence suitable later joined nationalist groups on a march through the capital. a wildfire in northern california has now left at least twenty three people dead according to state authorities or than thirty people are reported missing and what is being called the most destructive blaze in california history separate fires in the southern part of the state are also raging
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forcing hundreds of thousands of people from their homes in addition to containing the flames firefighters now have the grim task of recovering the remains of those who were unable to escape. the smoldering remains of a town tend to ash thousands of buildings in paradise northern california burned to the ground. lives lost some in the very very coals in which they were trying to escape there were people literally burning in their cars running down the street abandon me here vehicles. dying on the road. it was just the other it was just panic. this satellite image of the area around paradise shows just how devastating the raging inferno has been.
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much time i just. read. through a couple things in it but i didn't have time to get any variable in southern california thousand oaks is a city still reeling from wednesday night's mass shooting because of the wildfires that emergency services continue to work around the clock i know that some firefighters from various agencies including our fire department interact county have slept in the streets overnight to keep an eye on fires embers making sure that there are no additional homes burning or any other property to happen home roic efforts we are forever grateful. in nearby malibu only the super rich can afford these luxury homes but no amount of money could save these mansions from the for roche's flames that ingolf. even celebrities like lady gaga and kim
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kardashian have been forced to evacuate. what continues to dampen down these fires but with more strong winds expected over the coming days the worst may not yet be. in the business legal on saturday current league leaders dortmund clashed with the reigning champions byron munich and what is known as their classic byron had started the season poorly at least by their standards while dortmund were unbeaten in the league so far a run they were hoping to extend against their rivals this was a seesaw match that definitely lived up to its bills. nico covert action is by and cycling to dortmund ready to put up a fight the champions have more possession from the get go but the game's first chance fell to dortmund in the ten minutes. marco roy's failing to pete mano neuer
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. the other ran robert leaven dusky wasn't as wasteful he converted said japanese pinpoint cross to break the deadlock me were perfect timing from the buyer and. i far too much space left by the door and defends him fine heading to the break with a slender lead you see i needed a massive stroke and packer katha was on the bench the match picked up even more momentum after the break no i felt royce in the box the dortmund captain dusted himself off to convert the ensuing penalty. one all in the forty nine minutes thanks by and was still on the front foot because of our committee set up eleven dusty for his brace just three minutes later to reestablish byron's lead i was the seventh of this season. the hosts kept missing chance after chance as they looked for the equaliser. and in the sixty seventh minute they had to be too old royce
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with this seconds of the match thanks brian kept fighting for the winner leaving them vulnerable at the back axle a bit so start of the counter-attack that set up back outcast there for the decider of this sensational back thanks very to as dortmund held out for their first win against a rivals since november twenty sixth seen. before . in another top game in the bundesliga verda bremen hosted brucia mentioned lubbock bremen were hoping to bounce back after losing two games in a row for the first time in an otherwise solid season but glovebox have had an even better campaign and they showed why they deserve to be in second place. and the best one to win them after made it on the top seed now indomethacin buffet's to stomp on messages with trumpets the armistice warning so just how the brain.
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and we know it took the time to look back on the right have. and u. turn was created in that war the chairman after world war one in france and in the u.k. they called it the great war i think you meant. to pick changed everything and it was worse than everything we had experienced before and there was a propaganda of the past war and many people were enthusiastic about the war in the beginning but at the end of it seventeen million were left dead for this how was that possible and developed states. and states that held up in lights and sectors of forts what was done much with all technical progress was abused for the purpose of war gas was used submarines were built weapons were produced to kill people. civilization didn't seem to play
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a role anymore he was defeated but all of us lost this is what general are going said. this war. with is blotch it shows you what nationalism and a feeling of superiority you can do in terms of your destruction that also shows what devastating consequences such a war has and what might happen if people do not engage in the compromise that is now one hundred years. we look back on it had to all we can right the victims the man women and children and the soldiers who were killed in action. you have done however and this is why i am so grateful to you a man where. we must not stop at that but we have to ask ourselves what does all of that mean for us today. we've all been asked to donate
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a book. to the library of peace and i chose a book by cato culverts a famous artist from germany in that book she writes about her two sons in gods one of these sons was killed very early in the war in belgium. and she writes about her holly that the second son i survived just works in a medical service and she writes my heart is so heavy why this killing and all this dying and only the older ones are left. with the fact that i am here today federal chancellor of the republic federal republic of germany it's an incredible honor i would like to thank your president and our courts also for what we were able to experience yesterday in campian yet when we signed the peace one hundred years ago on. there's always been a collection of plaque recalling arrogance we've replaced that plaque now with us
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and it talks about reconciliation and friendship today that is a great sign but it's also very much an obligation often today it cannot be taken for granted especially about all after all the suffering that the germans brought to the world and to have loss of. it is not something that we can take for granted but it's a wonderful indication coming from our friends and the peace we have today and that we accept. as something natural. is not a natural anyway but we have to keep defending it for me. and let me share my thoughts with you today on this day of commemoration you know not soon i know concerned that i go back to blight nationalism and pick up that we might again in a way it act in ways. as if we could just ignore our into the path of the us i
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think we all just silly and we want to know that international cooperation and balance in everybody's interests and even the european project of peace i being challenged today we see that people are willing and ready. q let's.


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