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tv   Eco India - The Environment Magazine  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2018 3:30am-4:00am CET

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my. ego india i'm one of the countries of biggest problems graced the media the majority of the some of these jedi is the closest and most often ends up in the land but not in missouri but here garbage is turned into a resource even makes a profit. i'll steal a billion sustainable a small fish in spite of the go ahead africa next d.w. . his are very sincere russian artists from the middle of the nineteenth century whose highly susceptible and suggestible kolsky has a problem because he can not tell he put able to see into his music
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a knife between forbidden passion and the facade of respectability. the tchaikovsky file confessions of a composer in forty five minutes on d. w. . they are digital horrors. for women for internet activists one mission. the battle for freedom and dignity. against repression and violence they deplore the powers of social media. their messages are spreading like . a liar and housing's of followers are joining the problems on the street just. plain old women who more change a global. vision. that starts nov twenty fifth on the g.w.
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. hello welcome to eco india a sustainability magazine that soon live on solutions and the people who make them possible every week we will reduce stories from across india and go so that you can make an informed choice first esteemable future on some of of our group coming to you for moving by in india. over the next thirty minutes to find out why my son was one of the diva cities of india. matriarchal society thrives in the twenty first century. why artificial seagrass could be a game changer in seating the world's oceans. let's
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start with a problem that's been firing up in india a majority of the small advance generated is not processed and most often lands up in a landfill or one locality in the city of my suv the result of india is championing the cause to send zied always to landfills not only that the recycle used is sold for a profit how scalable and sustainable is the small the let's find out. the city of my c.v. is it mission. thank. you. thank.
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god the break of dawn every day an army of civic workers has been going all out to reclaim this city status as the cleanest city in the country. but above them is what i got on my suv was given the cleanest city award by the government. beaumont on corn and then the game called two thousand and seventeen and this. has been a while there i don't know that i got a whole administration all these all of us are trying very hard to go back to number one of them but from our point of now favor a feel. for the city traditionally you persist with hygiene this what sort of what the annual
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friendliness index is a big deal a survey of the tracks indian cities based on the level of sanitation and facilities for beast management. the want on my soon to be asking us to develop countries of the world with on. my sous more little cleanliness goes beyond efficient collection of garbage. combining traditional methods of segregation with modern processing blonds the city has been pushing fizzy to waste could be sent to landfills. one thing is for sure it has to be dealt with at every level right trauma many mycroft a small kitchen. right up to a hotel generating wrist a world wedding all on
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a banquet hall that is generating race to our industrial campus to an office area everyone has to attempt to deal with that to the maximum possible extent in men that are on them and only send out what they've gone deal with for cities to manage . my student produces four hundred. fifty percent of this is treated at compost blonds quoted a fetus processed by recycling units. the national figures however aren't quite as impressive indeed produces sixty two million tons of waste every year one of the largest jenner's heaters in the world while eighty two percent of it is collected only a quarter gets treated. most of the reste invariably ends up in landfills and dump sites.
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they could say look the government here decided to set up to waste management plant in the north of my super. good little by plant was going to set the stage for the rest of the city. they'd always manage windows like norway's applying online for you know the intimidation factor we had completely money to be receiving from different walks of my specific operation. as you can see out of me have bought twenty six very nice collection segregation and we have all saw oil had mess we gave out and most of the public. they had about those employed in the good but. they've been given the title of not
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good money which translates as friends of the city. in developing a detail we simply do it has also created an opportunity for formal employment for these workers to feel about to pull large network of informal back because. i've got my head of. the city corporation is now trying to bring more and more of them into therefore. they have regarded i don't regard as. benefits particularly gardy yes i and. it is like i has danger is exploding given by goldman . but new york is one in a team of equal to about twenty thousand households in this city. one of the means responsibilities of the steamer for two to bliss is do court is to make sure the collect we used that has already been segregated inside who comes. with the formal
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marking system in place there incentivized in the least is in order and penalized if it is a. question. of what to do with. forty five fifty or sixty marks. the citizens are doing. them out of a large number of them up on. duty the point plan says ninety five percent if it's recycled reste back into the city to local entrepreneurs like sheep ingenue dot she could recycling of plastic is done here that is we are contacting plastic into our and we can use this into stationary engines so after this weekend we have bank to come up with the new projects like making it tough tough markets.


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