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tv   Doc Film - The Abolition of Gender - Typical Man Typical Woman Typical What  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2018 6:15am-7:01am CET

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i think we all wish we could find something which will clarify what happened. it's become such a. heated debate and the sources don't help very much i'm still definitely not murder and not so cite tchaikovsky had to fight shy cuffs he had cholera and died from kidney failure. what i find interesting is not the cause of death but the question of why with an artist like tchaikovsky i wonder if it's really true how can such a prominent and financially and socially well situated person like tchaikovsky contract a disease like that. up is that we don't know because he's on a concrete what it is and he and i believe that it's good that we don't know this because just as music has secrets and it's these secrets that provide a broader spectrum of meaning then a person even a dead person should have the right to his secrets and to time and i need to have a sense of behaved and. bad.
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man i am. glad. god. was. i aspired to be very honest in my music yet so i am mainly inclined towards sat songs. however over the last few years i have known no hardship i don't know home i can call myself a happy man. the
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little. mini two movement and its impact on the arts. the teams are used to noble media tsunami coming from the country influential figures from three continents discuss conditions will female artist find changing construct jobs worldwide from youth my strength to come female nice culture today if thirty minutes on the.
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hundred small thieves in the night clubs. where i come from raj your remains an important soft transmitting mules and form ish and when i was young my country was in brawley and confidence the war throb enough to keep most people would cause of our own drug use if. it was my job to get through in one off the lot of just say so thought everyone in the calm cold listen towards the days. nothing husband prince of whom i have known katia into a month more than so long even thought by us i was a twit of. my choice in this cottage because given the
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way he told transmitted the truth. my name is my gosh mom much and i would. get up though. conditions funding the flames of the new normal. six palestinians i'm an israeli soldier i have been killed it's during an israeli special forces operation in the southern gaza strip the dead included
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a local commander of the military wing of hamas israel says a second soldier was wounded in the fighting. the controversial recount of votes from last week's and that and govern the midterm elections in the u.s. state of florida has begun the recounts have been triggered by florida law because of the narrow margin of victory but republicans who lead after the first counts have accused democrats of attempting to steal the elections. leaders of poland's right wing government have mocked the nation's antenor president on jay do presided over states harmony before leading a controversial march through the capital warsaw which was joined by far right nationalist groups. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with six people in
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a room for the night sooner it was hard i wish. i had got white hair. learning the german language. this gives me a little push maybe to interrupt let's say you want to know their story. reliable information for margaret. on the day he died he was on reconnaissance patrol he was shot in the head after his death he was awarded the iron cross second class by the class of. flanders belgium a common grave for soldiers who died in world war one over forty four thousand men are buried here rebecca byrne christoph sentences are high school students from council they're trying to learn as much as possible about an officer hundred franco
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sharon who once attended their school. this is the friedrich's given us ago and council a lot of the students here are studying history. this is a monument to the fallen soldiers of the world wars. fourteen eighteen fourteen under w. this must be i'm being closed down and i know racist stuff is the start of a major research project and i want to buy from as if we are studying what we can about him so that we can get a better idea of what the war was really like he said that he would do it as a being closed down attended our school and he studied a lot of the same subjects that we do you know so we can relate to him pretty well
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but that's not what seemed to be the most is that. most of them were actually volunteers. they'd taken their final exams early. by the age of seventeen or eighteen they were dead the same age as rebecca and christoph here the students visit the war archive in munich. we don't want anything like this to happen ever again. it's not realistic to hope for peace everywhere but we can help make sure it doesn't happen again on this scale. after a year of research christophe and rebecca i have learned think of star and was an officer in the bavarian army and he was thirty two when he died. now there at the very end war archives i hope to find out more about his life. this is just typed in the subject you want to search. the world war i want to be a little more specific. this
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is. the archive contains wartime personnel rosters and files all handwritten and old style cursive script but the students are well prepared and. i'm sure it's as no trying and. no. why not there's a t. . you know there's an age when. you get so if you're new to bring it in definitely this file has vehicle starnes military id with all his personal data he'd been a circuit court judge and a shuffle board single had an officer in the reserves a file contains a few surprises as well. you know. what did they find. this is since
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this is right next door to our school. that's so that's why he went to the. it was only a five minute walk from his house. senior archive director hines juergen baber has something special for the students the wartime diaries from finkelstein's regiment an imperial edict decreed that all the day's relevant events must be recorded rebecca and christoph have found an entry from november first nineteen fourteen today the bank will stare and died but they can't make out the archaic handwriting . it takes practice. this experience to story and helps out. and then the planes drop bombs on the column last two wounded one of them borrowing the driver. rebecca has an idea. that was the first
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sentence from the regimental diary for his last day. but who was one referring to stan we can find out something about his service and how he died so we're working in reverse. now the students have a week left to write the speech that they're set to give a grave in flanders. a few days later they're on the bus to belgium polishing the speech which will be given at a memorial ceremony at the german military cemetery in long mark. rebecca is taking part in the peace and commemoration project on her own time her history teacher renee mom admires her dedication. it's a lot of students say that this project showed them that it's important to preserve peace and that peace in europe today can't be taken for granted. it has to be reinforced again and again through commemoration and commitment with. this except.
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after nearly eight hours on the road they finally arrive at peace village near. this international hostel it was built on the site of former battlefields. the next morning rebecca and christophe see the remains of trenches for the first time. here and post out they've been thoroughly restored a century ago life in the trenches was sheer hell. i. nearly ten million soldiers on both sides were killed in world war one including more than one hundred thousand in the first battle of in october and november one thousand and fourteen. among the dead was field artillery officer stone. was the victims have been honored at ceremonies held in the center of the town of every evening almost
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every years since one nine hundred twenty eight. for fear british troops take part. in her. hundreds of tourists are here to watch. some young football players from liverpool in southampton have brought memorial wreaths. the next morning the students from casa look at a map of the region's many military cemeteries. have another is the map.
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in all and that's the cemetery we're headed for. long about i know they think is down the his buried there in a common grave the spend the night and this was trench warfare in the trenches went on for a kilometer and thousands of people died fighting over every centimeter of ground two hundred meters forward two hundred meters back. of the book store. one hundred years later the german war graves commission has organized an international youth conference here some young british football players from liverpool and southampton are here.
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to participants plan a ceremony together some of those buried long mark played for berlin's heritage football team. rebecca and christophe pass on the results of their research to the football players now they'll decide who does what to the ceremony they had the players want some music to be played they've picked out a song written by a german soldier during the war. in iraq you want us to leave. something in the trenches we're going on the site so really it i'm very pleased and very simple as for me. it's a rainy dreary day the students try to keep up their spirits. ok so it's raining but the conditions in world war one were miserable especially in
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the trenches so a little rain right now is nothing but we've got umbrellas but those soldiers had to crawl through the mud and rats would chew with them while they slept or you know it was a get over this it's it's one thing to hear about it and another to participate in a ceremony like this you realize that these were real people who lost their lives in the war. it's still fifteen minutes to long a barque to speech is almost ready they just need a transition from the dead air to soldiers to bring costs down. and one of them was hard to shrink a stone or is kind of a shrink as there is or was one of them was so he lived but now he is lying here. but he lived. to see is. eventually if the students agree to use the present tense her back a has made her point. this is the hall of honor.
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christophe kept finding constraints name that's because he was not identified until the one nine hundred seventy s. . he's buried with nearly twenty five thousand other soldiers in this common great . look for the fallen football players and for soldiers who had attended the trade . they were also buried here. one of them is heinrich. enemy planes dropped bombs on his unit. and two men were wounded. so i feel that still you don't want to force me good values like honor and love for the fatherland and those values led people to go to war and lay down their lives sometimes just to gain a few metres of land. the
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next morning the sun is shining it's time to return home and to reflect on the human cost of world war one. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa
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the. stories of people. in a different scale shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. the double using multimedia series food for god. d w dot com africa.
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it. means get classical win over buyers keep them in the winner's biggest pull position so black and yellows look primed to defraud the defending champions and chris harrington here's a fact all things match the eleven welcome to the bonus they go on d w let's get right to it defeated in a five goal thriller something rotten in the state of byron munich is any to catch up to the league's oldest team the title chase looks wide open also sunday's action two sides had a chance or hurdle over by in the standings leipsic had
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a home field advantage against lackluster labor couzin and frankfurt welcomed stuttering so could the town so were the home sides motivated to move up. for that more i'm not alone joining me in the studio for sunday's powwow our former professional footballer in a huff and hives head of international relations and scouting looks fine and still welcome back how are you look very well thank you all right glad to hear it and we have our very own jonathan crane. but as the expert are you ready they die right in j c i'm really looking forward to it state chris ok now let's start with a classic up a back and forth battle in the dormans way three two over byron munich now before we get reaction from you both here's a look back at the match. boys little store that is a goal this season royce called a match at sa performance for both sides goalkeeper looked
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a bit slow pushing off his left foot. i don't mean super so i'll toss it got noisy and then i saw the situation and forced him to go wrong the wrong direction that was out tossers eight goals this season as well. so that was an exciting match let's all start with you was that the match you expected to see even more than i could expect to be honest it was a brilliant game of football i think the best game so far of the whole season and in the fifth day i think it was a true advertisement for the german bonus league of world wide ok a lot of people are saying that i do think the result was a matter of by and just running out of gas in the second half or what do you credit the win i don't think it was a question of power i think by many goals counterattacked by their opposition in opposition stadium so it was kind of like the pace of bruce adornment who really killed them i would call it a little bit of naive defending by the munich ok the bad match ups that you see you
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know i know james said you look like it went over the pitch very freely like that do you think by i need to speed up in their defense yeah i mean on that they looked like it because the way the french you run post tools that time it was actually scary but i think a lot of players have that problem when these kind of speed like police think of course like center doing that i think is just that p.c. very very quick game bruce edwin played and it's very attractive physical to defend but a belief that bruce of that would have a lack of experience of that kind of typifies isn't. problems of the moment for by and the contrast to drop when the player like science or just breezing pos terminals one example there of how bad it is for buying at the moment. and i know you guys galleries social media what are some of declassified reactions what stood out to you but a lot of the fans taking glee by in the misery of the moment one found a posting picture of you because of this in a friend saying i'm coming soon i'm coming soon of course has got them out of
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trouble last season but it was the most of the joy belonging to brissie dortmund we've seen many players posting pictures from inside the dressing room after the game you can see that one there of course first time in the base in bahrain in two years and the last time up by munich came to dortmund is behind in the way they lost one that was in two thousand and twelve jordan went on to win that both of the omens are on this side and then of course the importance of this when we can see someone putting these trees up here don't now seven points ahead of by and munich from river a had the number seven shaved into his head of course that's his number but someone saying america really kind frank root for every shade the number seven has had said the number of points by an a behind brazil don't mean warts man and of course that gap now it could have been one point of course if i had won but seven a real six point to that day dortmund in the driving seat now looks over to you know patience seems to be the buzzword coming out of the buy a camp when it comes to nico kobayashi's job security are you buy in that you
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believe that at the moment it's a safe job but indian if they have by money is out there to win titles i see the season isn't some kind of a transition they know they need to change faces next season they know they need to bring in fresh blood face the players and i think for the time i even believe you could say for the rest of the season bundled and i have been next year there will be lots of changes for sure because i really don't have anyone else to ten zero basically in the summer they missed out on a few of that august thomas turkle. for example he would buy and even that now well look it's a simple thing i mean by a unique kleenex that they want to chew and speaking coach before the start of the season they've got that lot of the german speaking coaches that won't and we're not anymore for grabs so much came in a dry no changing everything again who would be on the market who really could do that job i don't see anybody at the moment in germany being free for that and bring again in a foreign coach is a complete different system different philosophy i don't think they will do it at
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this moment in time. closing out mass to eleven were two teams looking to leapfrog buyers in the standings and both sides had a sea of all support behind the frankfurt welcomed one of the league's worst off insisted talent shall go but first the league's best defense rb live sick were looking to extend their string of clean sheets forces labor coups. brow frank nicks red bulls had their foot on the gas from the get go in the twenty seventh minute damage teeing up use of polson to open the scoring confusion in the late because in defense and paulson saw his opening and passed play because he didn't look any better in the second half look at cluster man making it to neil.


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