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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CET

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digital africa starts december twelfth w. . this is news coming to you live from berlin us threatens fresh rocket attacks after israeli air strikes count gaza. israeli warplanes hit dozens of targets in gaza overnight in retaliation for earlier rocket fire from the hamas controlled territory at least three palestinians and one man in israel are dead also coming up no respite from california as
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wildfires there burned across the state a quarter of a million people flee and more than forty are confirmed dead making these the deadliest fires in the state's history. and tributes pour in for an entertainment legend to marvel comics linchpins family dies at the age of ninety five he was the creative force behind super hero such as spider-man the incredible hulk and the x.-men his characters and chanted generations of readers movie go see. below i'm terry martin good to have you with us how most indian militant group hamas has threatened to fire rockets at more israeli towns unless israel stops its airstrikes on targets in gaza while and has flared up between the two sides since a by. watched israeli military raid in gaza on sunday overnight how us rockets
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killed one man in israel while israeli bombing left at least three palestinians dead. another night of violence is rated missiles rained down on gaza. among the targets a building described by the israeli army as the hamas military intelligence headquarters israel also destroyed a television station belonging to hamas no one was hurt in that attack staff fled the building after warning shots from israeli aircraft israel says its responding to constant missile far from the hamas controlled gaza strip. we hold hamas accountable for any aggression against israeli civilians and hamas by its actions is bringing destruction to the gaza strip the survive. the aftermath of a palestinian rocket strike in israel the south of the country has been targeted by hundreds of missiles fired from gaza some are destroyed by defense systems some
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find their target. how mass also attacks an israeli bus using what it claimed was a guided anti-tank missile one israeli soldier was seriously hurt in this attack how mass is not shying from taking on israel after israeli special forces killed a senior militant on sunday i mean this is an open battle between us and the zionist enemy only it is responsible for this crime and its ramifications. so the hamas rockets continue and as long as that threat remains the attacks on gaza will continue to. go well for more let's cross over to judy martz she's a journalist to with the haaretz newspaper there in israel judy what more can you tell us about last night's rocket attacks on israel. well as far as we know there were about four hundred missiles or injure souls and rockets that hit is really key
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good seeing right on the border of gaza and a few towns that are not far from there one in particular us cologne which is a coastal town on the mediterranean trainee and see where a rocket hit a house there was a direct hit and one person was killed and three wounded during that attack so these attacks from gaza are having an impact how is it affecting people's lives in israel well it's affecting definitely affecting people's lives people who live not far from the gaza border all the schools have been closed there which means that a lot of people also can't go to war or farmers on the quay who seem around the border with gaza have been told that they cannot work in their fields today it's too dangerous so basically everything is on straight near the gaza border i'm in
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tel aviv right now tel aviv jerusalem other parts of the country things are normal for now although hamas has been great needing to expand the range of business owners and we do know that they have the capability of hitting tel aviv and even even further north of here. so where do you see sorry go ahead i didn't mean to interrupt you. we're all bracing to see what happens now because it seems that in a way it's spiraling out of control right now ok so where do you see this conflict between israel and hamas heading. well i think we'll be a little smarter in a couple hours israeli security cabinet is meeting new now and hopefully it'll be a statement and we'll know a little bit or right now what's happening seems very reminiscent of what was in september in summer of two thousand and fourteen. operation protective edge
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also known as the summer of two thousand and fourteen gaza war. so it all looks very similar on the other hand prime minister benjamin netanyahu speaking just two days ago even less in paris at a rare pressed prince with israeli journalist said he doesn't want to go into an unnecessary war it seems clear that he does not want a war right now because he knows after the last gaza war that we end up right where we began so there has to be some other option. on the other hand he could get dragged into it by pressure from some not some of the parties in his coalition. and even people living near the border who can't live like this anymore
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judy thank you so much for that information judy much there talking to us from tel aviv she's a journalist with the newspaper haaretz. three. wildfire in northern california has killed over forty people making it the deadliest blaze to ever hit the u.s. state officials are unsure how many people are missing but it could number in the hundreds of firefighters are trying to tame the flames of what's being called the camp fire which reduced the town of paradise to embers in southern california two major fires are burning near los angeles threatening homes and infrastructure there two people are confirmed dead and thousands more have been forced to evacuate. in the line of fire. up the hillside in simi valley california as it means a freeway becomes not it's a moment of life or death for these motorists soon firefighters many lines
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but the speed with which to spread shows how combustible southern california is right now. i've been doing this job for thirty one years and probably. by maybe seven years we every year seems to get worst highly flammable the region is in severe drought los angeles is a prime focus. and high winds have been whipping up the fly and they've been moving rapidly. off and they said that. residents at the blaze on their doorstep or there was no notification it came so fast it was not enough time to really. think that it is not their fault they could possibly be everywhere at once counting the cost in this corner of malibu barely anything
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remain standing. malibu is one of. the areas and it's been among the hardest hit residents are in shock. we have a lot of friends their houses are gone all malibu park is gone. we're very lucky we only had one house in our family that enemy can save destruction and breaks out in a room would have thousand objects this the third there in a wake. the first blaze broke out last. hours after a deadly mass shooting in a thousand. many residents had little time to grade before being forced to flee the flying. well for more now we're joined via skype by claudia bill pena she's a municipal council woman in thousand oaks california thank you for taking time to
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talk with us today first of all and please begin by telling us what is the situation in thousand oaks right now. well right now in thousand oaks we are. hopefully we're hoping the winds will calm down they have calmed down just a little bit but in the meantime we're still reeling from the mass evacuations most back to ration orders have been lifted and we did have a couple of scares today with the red flag morning again and winds kicking up we had a couple of fires and it was quite scary so the situation is that we are still taking care of people in evacuation centers as they are getting ready to go back home. your community has had to deal with both a mass shooting and deadly fires in quick succession how is your community coping.
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headspin very very difficult since wednesday night having that mass shooting first of all and having our team center serve as a reunification center for families of those waiting for to hear from loved ones that team center turned into an evacuation center within twenty four hours now no city in america has had to deal with what thousand oaks a city of one hundred thirty thousand people had to deal with in the last few days it's been very very difficult may i ask you. is bill de la opinion have these events touched you personally. they have i was at the teen center trying to comfort several families who were awaiting word about their daughter or their son. my husband's employee son was killed in the shooting and to be with them while they were being notified
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that their loved one was not coming home to them was very hard it was really hard this sounds like a very difficult situation for everyone there the situation in your city must be particularly challenging for firefighters and other emergency workers how are how are they holding up. our fighter fire and fire fighters are just the best in the world i have to say they are working around the clock sleeping in the streets of thousand oaks keeping an eye on embers they're sleeping on cots in people's garages as well. they're out there everywhere trying to make sure that no other lives are threatened and no properties are threatened and we have help from firefighters not only from around california but also from neighboring states and across the country we have several thousand firefighters trying to help us so what are you doing and
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what can be done in general to help your community pull through this difficult period. well we have to stick together we have to pray together we have to support one another and we do with by delivering food donating money we do this by babysitting for families who need babysitters we have established programs of victim assistance that will take care of everything even the smallest needs to help those in the. midst be that they love pena thank you so much for talking with us that was claudia ability left pena a municipal council woman in thousand oaks california. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today a u.s. think tank says it has identified at least thirteen undeclared missile bases inside north korea the center for strategic and international studies says pyongyang has been upgrading several of the remote sites the report could further complicate
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diplomatic efforts to and north korea's nuclear program. and the central american migrants caravan has marked a month on the road the group of several thousand people became a campaign issue in the u.s. midterm elections with donald trump bowing to keep them out of the u.s. they've just arrived in kuala hora mexico over a thousand kilometers from the u.s. . tributes have been pouring in for calling creator stan lee who died on monday at the age of ninety five he was the creative force behind marvel comics and alongside artist jack kirby he dreamed up iconic superheroes such as the avengers and the x.-men lee's nuanced writing of those characters helped transform the comics genre. he was the man who revolutionized comic books stanley superhero of the marvel universe helps create iconic characters that have gripped generations. he's really an inspiration for anyone who wants to follow any
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kind of dream no matter what it is and he gave us these cool superheroes that everyone can kind of look up to no matter who you are incredibly sad like he's he's kind of one and taught me how to read a little bit you know it's like. one of the greatest of all times to for the comic books. while at marvel in the one nine hundred sixty s. lee helped to reshape the comic book with complex characters and sophisticated plots but his most famous character almost didn't come to be here is lee recalling the time he pitched the idea of spider-man a troubled teenager to marvel my publisher said stan you've launched it he said first of all nobody likes spiders you can call it hero spider-man secondly a teenager can be a hero we can only be a sidekick and lastly be said you say he's got all kind of problems don't you understand stan he's a hero heroes don't have problems at troy very rosy jones what i knew.
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lead did know what his fans wanted and his relationship with them is an important part of his legacy. he's war it's fun to see his sons which i. think is the new. dentist but here i think it's a personal get. well here to talk more about scott roxboro from our culture desk scott i know that in when you're not here in the studio you're wearing a superman costume or a spider-man call you got actually spider-man underwear all right so tell the truth who's your favorite your favorite marvel superhero it would be actually spider bad i mean that's probably stanley's famous character but it definitely had a huge influence on me when i was younger and still does i mean i don't know what is about i know underpaid underappreciated journal. just superhero that really
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really speaks to me but you know i love i love that character and it was one of the first comic books i had read all these other different books superglue superman batman and so on but the stanley ones and particular spider-man were the first that i read that were about a teenager a young guy and we're funny i mean the thing that's great about the spider-man character particular is he's constantly wisecracking he never seems to take himself seriously and he really was so different for complex at that time and i think really set a new path that stanley really pioneered well tell us more about this new path how did how does stan lee succeed in making his characters so memorable i think it's actually that it's the fact that if you look at college books before hand in the one nine hundred fifty s. there was sort of censorship and comic books were quite bland and very two dimensional of the characters are very two dimensional what stanley did is he sort of brought the real world into comic books so spider-man is a good example he's a teenager he's got problems he's with his family with his job he's got his own
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neuroses but he's still somehow a superhero and the the comics are set in the real world spider-man takes place in new york not in some sort of fantasy world and by bringing the real world into comic books he really enlivened and the other big thing with stanley did was bring real world politics into comics most probably perhaps with the black panther which was the first african-american superhero and was directly inspired by the black power movement in the one nine hundred sixty s. and we've seen how influential that has been i think that is also why he still has had this like the why he's had so such an impact on pop culture he was hugely influential if you were to try to summarize his legacy where would you begin it's really difficult especially because he's had this sort of second period his career when the marvel films really took off about ten years ago now and those films have really transformed cinema i mean the become the most successful franchise i think if you count up all the marbles. they grow something like twenty four billion
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a worldwide i think it's hard to find a single figure that's had more influence on pop culture than stanley and he really has been able to combine this sort of fantasy world with sort of mythic fantasy world with real world politics and social commentary which is always part of his his his approach to comic books i think that's been perhaps his most lasting impact is this combination of of really almost silly pop culture with incredibly serious social commentary that merger into a form of popular entertainment will really be well remembered for always remember hall yes yes smash if so rocks were always a pleasure thanks so much scott roxboro from our culture desk. libyan leaders are discussing united nations plans to stabilize the country after seven years of turmoil it's the first time representatives of libya's rival governments and factions have met since may the talks are being hosted by italy
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which hopes a more stable libya could help stem the flow of migrants reaching its shores by at the mediterranean. rough seas strong winds a no migrant boats to be seen the libyan coast guard says that's not just because of the weather it's in the has supplied libya with seven vessels untrained coast guards who've already intercepted thirteen thousand refugees bound for europe this year. we send with a message a message that said don't try to do it again because you will lose your money you'll lose your. time and believe in god will take you with. because of your back. bad news for what may be hundreds of thousands of migrants stranded in libya many of them arrive at this health center malnourished and weak doctors at the center run by an aid organization treetop to three hundred people
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a day that number is rising and their overstretched and frustrated sometimes i feel i don't know. because i cannot help some some people sometimes they really need help but sometimes i feel that my hands are tied the libyan coast guard takes a tougher approach its new high tech patrol boats are ready to stop the flow of migrants to europe. over to monica no just based also on makes a contentious decision about its new headquarters and it affects two communities in a particular out of more than two hundred two across north america submitted bits the decision has been made and as expected amazon has picked locations in new york city and in northern virginia as homes for its second headquarters and that is according to the wall street journal the new headquarters known as h.q.
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two will be split between new york long island and arlington county virginia is crystal city neighborhood outside of washington d.c. the online giant will make the official announcement later today the journal said citing sources familiar with the decision a muslim has been searching for a suitable location for h q two for over here the online retail giant has been based in seattle since it was founded two decades ago. when staying in the u.s. apple was the big loser on wall street monday with worries about orders for a tiny electronic component leading to a staggering forty billion dollars being wiped off its value shares were down more than five percent after supply a want of drastically lower to shipments of laser diodes used in their i phones facial recognition technology suggesting slowing sales who are apple's main product
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investors became nervous and that led to turbulence on markets in asia with technology shares among the biggest losers the nikkei was down more than two percent with sydney singapore and taipei also in the red. well and whenever we talk about stock markets it's time to cross over to the frankfurt stock exchange where dahlia corp is standing by for us daniel apple losing fourteen billion dollars how serious is it. well certainly a five percent loss during a one day is something for you know apple shareholders are going to like but it's still not really something you have to worry about when we take a look at the last year for example shares of apple performed very strong they gave more than ten percent of what we take a closer look at the curve we do sometimes see quite some volatility we have to remember that apple together with amazon they are the most valued companies in the world expectations to deliver and deliver extremely high and when there's the news
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of one product maybe not performing as strong as expected or in this case worries are spreading about this tiny electronic comp and then investors tend maybe to overreact a little bit and then we see as a result something we have seen last night and how investors are reacting to amazon splitting in much anticipated h q two two what's behind the choice of location. yeah exactly well there are couple of reasons why amazon decided to change their company structure now with two headquarters because probably the initial thought of everybody is well why true this is not mean double spending well we have to remember fifty thousand jobs will be created a huge workforce with two cities the recruiting process will be much easier for the company also they did not want to locate their headquarters near to one of the existing tech ops like silicon valley for example in california the competition there on the labor market to get the best people in the industry is also extremely
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high also in the case of crystal city in northern virginia this location also seems to be a good idea because of its close location to the u.s. capital and we also do believe that all cities offer amazon huge incentives like tax cuts to make themselves more attractive. i said in the. intro thank you so much. now here in europe all eyes are on rome to brussels the deadline for italy to present a revised budget plan and today the e.u. is worried about plans by italy's coalition government to take out more debt to pay for expensive election campaign promises rome is planning big crowds and taxes to boost growth but the e.u. says that's unacceptable getting into these enormous mountain of debt to the biggest in real terms and europe italy of course is the euro zone's third largest economy and the second largest manufacturer in europe but just by the country's potential italian economic growth has been weak and it's been lagging behind the
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e.u. average. and of course more boring pretty jeopardize it in these credit worthiness and even put the entire eurozone risk earlier we spoke to german economist you can stock the e.c.b. former chief economist and we asked him what was likely to happen next here's what he told us. point in time there will be a showed the question is whether the italian government will hit the wall with the commission or other european institutions over the markets i personally expect that the you with situations will stand firm not to give in at this stage at least second the debt rating downgrades will follow and credit spreads will widen further so in the end the italian government will have no choice then to soften its stance to soften its position. least to an extent to avoid the escalation of the financial crisis. going bankrupt. i hope that
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this can be avoided and this would be the first case. i hope that the signals coming from the european peers from other european euro area member states but also from other european institutions like the e.c.b. president draggy was very outspoken in his recent press conference that you cannot expect any support coming from d.c. be it is not in within the mended of the e.c.b. to finance the fiscal deficits i think the the the message is coming from the futilely pretty clear but i personally expect that markets will behave more fiercely. to leave that it is a dead end and continuing this way of putting making. it watching the news coming to you live from more coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime you can get all the news and information on our website. thanks for joining.
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us. life in nairobi's slums is grim. godwin lives right next to the city's largest garbage dump and what about where he works and for. even though kenya's economy is growing like many others lives a life of poverty. don't fight you will always stay poor.
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three thousand next on. an endless consuming conflict the force of over power and religion. thirty years. but challenges fail to determine its outcome. in negotiations lasting many mediators succeeded in reaching agreement was the birth of modern diplomacy. sixteen forty eight the long road to peace. in forty five minutes on the. historic much of the story of the first movement we're told from different perspectives by peter craven from the eastern european perspective from the african
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