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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2018 2:15pm-2:30pm CET

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move. again our digital maurier's. for women for internet activists one mission. the battle for freedom and dignity. against repression and finalists they took to the powers of social media. the
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messages of first spreading like wildfire and thousands of followers are joining the cause on the ground on the streets. they know who are changing the. digital. starts november twenty fifth on the t.w. . to the. company's fault a success is dragging da wall street apple says drop five percent y. get wiping more than forty billion dollars off the tech giant's market. and more than two hundred communities across north america submitted big box amazon thinks new york city and northern virginia for its second have cost us known as h q two. this is the business i'm to have out as welcome. apple shares times five percent in
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the u.s. dragging other tech shares down all over the world today suppliers of mobile phone the globe said that the largest customer widely taken to be apple asked them to materially reduce shipments investors now fear that the popular i phone is not selling as well as in the past apple is already under pressure to post a disappointing earnings this month but then apple said that it would no longer reported sales numbers for its flagship smartphone in the bestest criticize the decision fearing a lack of transparency in the company's books. go straight to our markets first one and done a cope in front of. forty billion dollars market value is that syria is all just chickenfeed for a company that big. well i'm sure it was a really dark day yesterday for investors holding apple shares when their share was really a dropping by a five percent i've already taken
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a look at the performance off of the apple shares this year there were actually gaining by ten per cent so certainly this is not going to make shareholders happy but in general nobody really has to warry when we take a look at their performance off the apple share we always see quite some volatility and they are why well we have to remember apple should gather with amerzone they're the two most valued companies in the world so everybody is expecting them to deliver pretty much all the time whenever there's the news that a product like the latest i phone might not be selling as good as they were hoping for everybody pretty much at the market is freaking down selling their shares and then we see something what happened last night but i really don't think that we have to worry of all the company the performance in general is still very strong also when we take a look for example at the i pad pro that was just released a couple of days ago it seems this is going to be another success story for apple
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so most likely the shares in the next days will recover again time you know koeppen frankfurt's thank you. well don has just mentioned amazon the company is ready to build its new headquarters for two here longs for the perfect location the seattle based online giant has settled on not one but two places to expand arlington virginia just outside of washington d.c. and the big apple but while most of new neighbors happily using the web site for shopping not everyone is pleased to have the company move in next door. it's one of the biggest success stories in u.s. business amazon what started as an online bookseller is now a global e-commerce china and a major media publisher cloud storage provider software and gadget developer alexa what are your deal i have several exclusive deals including and even
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a grocer all in all worth one trillion dollars no wonder everyone wants a part of it politicians from all over the country offered amazon outlandish deals to alert a company to their states and cities one even wanted to change his name. change my name. part of andrew anyway damn i was wrong. so amazon located in seattle washington started its search for new digs two years ago two hundred thirty eight cities sent in their bids the list was whittled down to twenty finalists including some major business hubs like new york atlanta chicago and los angeles at last two cities remained new york and the crystal city area of arlington virginia. it was likely not the governor's offer to take on the firm's moniker that got him the deal tax breaks played a role as did new york's general ability to attract talent amazon plans to hire
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twenty five thousand employees in each of its new locations most in crystal city seemed ready for business locals in new york's district off long island city i worried about the plant campus. then it. was like a state one shot. then the first option that did it that. indeed new york city is known for its crumbling infrastructure and traffic problems amazon might have to direct some of its promised five billion dollar investment just to find ways to get its employees to work and home. back here in europe all eyes are on rome and brussels the deadline for italy to present a revised budget plan and today the e.u. is worried about plans by italy's coalition government to take up more debt pay for expensive election campaign promises to boost growth romas planning big tax cuts to
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bus the uses that's unacceptable giving given italy's enormous mountain of debt the biggest in real terms in europe italy is the euro zone's third largest economy and the second largest manufacturer in europe bust despite the country's potential italian economic growth has been weak and it's been lagging behind the use of. more debt would jeopardize italy's credit worthiness but the entire euro zone frist german economist german stock is the e.c.b. is former chief economist and he hopes it won't come to that. yeah i hope that this can be avoided and this would be the worst case. i hope that the signals coming from the european peers from other european euro area member states but also from other european institutions like the e.c.b. president draghi was very outspoken in his recent press conference that italy
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cannot expect any support coming from d.c. b. it is not in within the men date of the e.c.b. to finance the fiscal deficits so i think the the the messages coming from the peers of italy pretty clear but i personally expect that markets going to behave more fiercely and signal to italy that it is a dent in continuing this way of putting making. stock that the trade conflict with the u.s. is increasingly proving a problem for china all the more important than the idea of a new free trade zone of its own that incompetence most of southeast asia negotiations have been going on for years the issue is the agenda at the current meeting in singapore. although china's economy is strictly controlled by the ruling communist party it's increasingly appearing on the world stage as a defender of free trade at the conference in singapore chinese premier league
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trying to provide fresh impetus to the idea of a free trade zone for the region. but you will be this will not only benefit the people of this region for free but also send a strong signal to the world away who that we will stand up for free trade you know i should and push for free trade charlie this is known as the regional comprehensive economic partnership or our separate zone would include the ten asean nations as well as china japan india australia and new zealand it would encompass half the world's population and represent a third of global trade the sixteen countries involved agree that the partnership is a good thing in principle it wouldn't only spur trade within the bloc but also draw investors from outside it but for that to happen the conditions have to be right. stephanie and innovation. in order to further encourage the participation of
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companies or investors we need to set up rules such as intellectual property protection ensuring free data transmission across borders and prohibiting host countries demands to transfer technology. from on. demand clearly aimed at china other thorny issues include the questions of how far tariffs should fall and what markets should be thrown open india in particular has little desire to open the floodgates to even more chinese products so there's a lot left to negotiate but if all goes according to plan the are set free trade agreement could be signed as early as the end of twenty nineteen. germany has a one billion euros to support a consortium looking to produce batteries for electric cause the measures announced today by economy minister. designed to reduce the dependence of german comic has on asian batteries supplies and protect german jobs at risk from the shift away from
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combustion engines at that europe should aim to produce a third of worldwide batteries supplies by twenty thirty. the future of the automobile sector is electric and message that finally hitting home in germany the country now has just fifty four thousand electric cars on the road that's not many but twenty thousand more than just a year ago. more and more german carmakers are producing electric models folks like and has announced a total sales target for all its brands of three million units per year by twenty twenty five but to meet those goals manufacturers need huge amounts of battery cells and there are not enough of them in germany the largest battery producers are in japan china and south korea and so far they have the market effectively cornered . up to now carmakers have shied away from the huge investments needed for battery
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cell production prefer instead to focus on meeting the costs of new electric and self driving models and stricter emission standards but like to see their suppliers taking up battery production but they are just as i'm willing to commit themselves . that's it for me and the business seems. to have an update for you and the next i'll start with. as up next ways you're about still. just after the snow time check on global markets thank you very much for watching good of your business on the beach alabama . wow big the be
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. the be. the be the be be. the. celebrating the men who broke new ground. in parts. sports. innovation. and fashion of. women pioneers our series. your world next d.w. .
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there all day and that's you and those that will follow are part of a new princess. they could be the future of. granting opportunity global news that matters d. w. made some minds. i want to walk into in the wake of your remarks with me your host meghan lee as usual we are making our way to all the cultural hot spots in europe here's a look at what's coming up.


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