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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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i'll. get you to africa starts december twelfth along to w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin germany's chancellor merkel has spoken to european union lawmakers about her vision for the future of europe it includes what she calls a true but european army doesn't appear from putin u.s. president donald trump was called such a suggestion insulting. also coming up in gaza funerals are taking place for the palestinians killed in israeli born air strikes overnight hamas has threatened to
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step up rocket attacks after israeli airstrikes counted because. i'm simply so much going to it's good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel has called on europeans to stand together in solidarity to confront the challenges facing the continent she was addressing the european parliament in strasburg and merkel urged her fellow e.u. leaders to reject national egoism and reiterated her calls for a common european approach to migration policy of the chancellor also said europe must take its fate into its own hands on foreign and security policy calling for the creation of a real and true european army and as she had high praise for the evolution of the european parliament the foundations had to be made to and hundreds of years. and dictatorships for the citizens if you. and for the first time they have to.
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a stable and peaceful future ahead of them to him and with joy but also with gracias in front of the greatest parliament the. money is in strasbourg with the european parliament listened into the speech for us max that we heard the chance was there say the greatest parliament in the world that means you put the european assembly above her own german parliament what do you make of that. i think what she meant was that it's the biggest problem in the world because of the number of deputies that are here putting it above as you said would probably cause some trouble at home but she did try to express her gratitude and her her ration for this institution which of course is at the heart of european democracy in return though that europe her parliament at least parts of it didn't treat her that well there were some parts where she got booed louder than ever
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before because this of course was not the first time she made an appearance in the european parliament and the parts where she was booed included one of the most contentious issues in the european union migration but also when she talked about a european army. mexico she spoke specifically as you said about this vision of a european army this is a really contentious issue we have a clip of what she said there and the reaction let's listen. we have to work on a vision of one day creating a real true european army. thank you. some years ago already said that a common european army would show the world that i will never again
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be war in europe but i'm not saying that you can see i tell you cause you know not like i meant we can be a good thing succulents. through thank you thank you so max we heard a lot of applause there but also some very loud vocal booth how do you explain that . he the european army has been a topic that's been floated around now for a number of years in the beginning it was just sort of a vision than joint road you repeatedly said so the president of the european commission that he thought it was a good idea just recently the french president of money read my call got behind this idea and this was the first time that. i got a medical in this clarity he said that this is something that the europe should end up with down the road at the end of the road what you have in this parliament of
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course are a higher number of right wing populists and in this case nationalists than in many other parliaments national parliaments in the european union and they reject any idea of anything that's you know on the european scale they want a very. strong individual sovereignty of the nations and they reject anything that comes from from brussels because they make a living off of that as well saying that brussels and the other you institutions impose their rules and they say those are bad rules because they threaten national identity so a european army to them is a bad idea max the other hot button issue that you mentioned of course is migration the question of right refugees americal there said germany took far too long to realize refugees were an issue for all for all of europe was that something of not only an admission of a mistake but perhaps even an apology to our european allies who were frustrated
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with her policies that she took in two thousand and fifteen. it's absolutely the admission of a fault but she has said that in the past that not only germany but other big countries just didn't care too much about the migration movements that started from syria into turkey didn't take it seriously enough but her recipe against that is not what is not at all an apology she still says that what europe needs to overcome not only this problem but others as well is to find common solutions and in this case this means the redistribution of migrants throughout the european union says this is not apologising to trying to find a solution but this a common european solution she also talked about a common silence system not at all she just said the way it was handled and the way they prepared the european union for this was inadequate and they sort of realized much earlier what was coming. reporting for us from strasburg max thank you very
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much. to the middle east now in the most serious cross border flare up between israel and the palestinians in four years international mediators are calling for restraint after gaza militants fired hundreds of rockets into southern israel in response to israeli airstrikes on targets in gaza at least seven people have died in funerals are taking place in gaza and the violence came after a botched israeli military raid on the ground in the gaza strip on sunday we'll hear from our correspondent there in a moment about first this report. people in gaza woke up to a scene of destruction and. this was all that was left of the t.v. station run by hamas. the israeli military said it was a strategic target. he gave a warning that the strike was about to happen but the attacks still cause panic among local residents. as soon as we saw the
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rockets we ran away from the house we are civilians we don't have weapons and rockets so soon as we heard the shelling we escaped. fear also on the israeli side of the border. most of hamas rockets are intercepted by israel's defense system but some missiles have hit residential buildings including this one in the southern israeli town of ashkelon one man a palestinian laborer was killed here people in the city are afraid and we have been living here in adversity in a southern neighborhood for many years through at least four rounds of warfare the buildings are very old the building where i live has no protection no protected area no shelter no protective stack case. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has sent troops reinforcements to the border with gaza and he's now weighing up the country's next move there is a lot at stake. last night spare
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a profile and between the two sides is the worst in more than four years and threatens to derail recent peace moves the united nations and other countries in the region are urging both israel and hamas to pull back from the brink before it's too late. to use it correspondent tanya kramer joins us now from jerusalem for more on this story tanya we should say that earlier in the day you were reporting in gaza and u.s. actually stuck trying to get out tell us what you experienced there. well i mean for many gazans probably a privilege trying to get out of gaza because most people concretely leave the gaza strip it was a very difficult time for most people there in the past two days ever since the incident on sunday when israeli special units come on it and to gaza and monday evening palestinian factions don't respond forcefully with rocket fire into
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israel and of course is also responded with massive as strikes in the gaza strip throughout the night so many people in gaza didn't sleep as well as also in the southern israeli communities so there's a lot of lori of course that this might escalate further the situation is very fluid at the moment yeah this is the biggest escalation we've seen in some time tanya after a period of relative calm for both sides what were people in gaza telling you do they have any hopes that they could be a return to back home. yeah that's exactly the question i mean gaza is a bit at the crossroads because people in gaza just hoped that some understandings would be materializing between hamas and israel mediated by egypt and they have just seen two weeks ago that moloch tuesday came in as some new measures as well as some of the salaries of hamas and for using gaza where paid so people were thinking
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this going in a different direction but now they're brought back to reality and they said to me you know it's very difficult we're not really feeling in control here and of course every time these this violence occurs they're thinking off you know three previous wars and that that's why there's so much for you there that this might lead to a bigger escalation can you what's your feeling from reporting there or we're reporting in gaza and then back in jerusalem what do you think is going to happen next. well there are a lot of unconfirmed reports right now that. there could be some kind of ceasefire that by egypt at the moment we're not seeing this materializing yet because in the past there have been rocket also to have been as trikes by israel so we have to wait and see how the next will develop it's really too difficult to say at this time in which direction it will go. kramer reporting for
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us in jerusalem thank you so much. a wildfire in northern california has now killed more than forty people making it the deadliest blaze ever to hit the u.s. state officials aren't sure how many people are missing but it could number in the hundreds of firefighters are working to tame the flames of what's being called a camp fire it's reduced the town of paradise to ashes in southern california two major fires are burning near los angeles threatening homes and infrastructure two people are confirmed dead there and thousands more have been forced to evacuate. in the line of fire. up the hillside in simi valley california as it means a freeway becomes not it's a moment of life or death for these motorists. many of them. but the speed with which to spread shows how combustible southern california is right now. i've been doing this job for thirty one years and probably in the last
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by maybe seven years we every year seems to get worse highly flammable the region is in severe drought los angeles pot she was a prime for. and high winds have been whipping up the fly and they've been moving rapidly. off and they're so fast the firefighters can't one resident's that the blaze is on their doorstep or there was no notification came so fast it was not enough time to. think it's not their fault they could possibly be everywhere it's counting the cost in this corner of malibu barely anything remain standing. malibu is one of its price just areas and it's been among the hardest hit residents are in shock. we have
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a lot of friends their houses are gone all malibu park is gone. our we're very lucky we only had one house in our family and i may say enough to structure a new five breaks out in the roof would have thousand objects this is the third there in awake. the first blaze broke out last. hours after a deadly mass shooting in a thousand oaks by. many residents had little time to grade before being forced to flee the. minder now of our top story that we're following for you here on t.w. germany's chancellor angela merkel has called for more european solidarity addressing the european parliament and it's transparent she urged fellow e.u. leaders to reject the national ego is on she also called for the creation of what she said was a real and true european army. thank
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