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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2018 7:00am-7:30am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin teresa mayes briggs and stratton she pays off for now after a marathon meeting her cabinet backs her draft agreement on withdrawing from the european union but may still have to steer it through a hall style parliament also coming up the battle continues against wildfires in california while places rage in the south of the state in the north investigators scour the ruins for body after the most deadly fires and it's his. mexico
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migrants from central america helping hands the human caravan trying to reach the u.s. find solidarity on route but not everyone is happy to see them. and a goal scoring more goals germany's national team looks to his youth to find some offensive punch in a crucial week but who can step up to help the team avoid relegation in europe. but i'm terry martin great to have you with us british prime minister theresa may has won the backing of her government for a draft deal on leaving the european union but only after a contentious five hour cabinet meeting it's a sign of the divisions within her conservative party as well as the country at large now may faces a struggle steering her brags that deal through parliament even if she could
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breathe a sigh of relief last night essar ministers fell into line. for ayers all eyes were on the store behind it the purser's prime minister presenting the draft breakfast agreement to her cabinet each wanted their sea finally to reason me a marriage did with news of the break three. the choices before us were difficult particularly in relation to the northern ireland backstop but the collective decision of cabinet was that the government should agree the draft withdrawal agreement and the outlined political declaration this is a decisive step which enables us to move on and finalize the deal in the days ahead and i firmly believe with my head and my heart that this is a decision which is in the best interests of our entire united kingdom. was. central to the negotiations avoiding
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a hard border between northern ireland part of the u.k. and the republic in the european union after breaks that this may be the u.k.'s only land border with the e.u. its chief negotiator had more details of her transition arrangement would work for people looking. for a period of twenty one months from the thirtieth of march next year to the thirty first of the summer two thousand and twenty we have agreed to preserve the current situation with respect to the internal market with respect to the customs union and with respect to european policies and all the rights and obligations that go along with that nuclear power you will see. we also have the possibility of extending this once for a limited period by joint agreement. positive noises from brussels after progress around the cabinet table in london two recent
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days next hurdle is securing the backing of name please in an increasingly devaluated british parliament. our correspondent in london. in brussels have been following these developments very closely and joins us now let's start with you theresa may got her cabinet to sign off on the draft deal what's the reaction to that beyond downing street. well she just apparently got us that cabinet to sign it off and something that maybe the cabinet wasn't really willing to vote it down because they are hoping that this is going to p. parliament's job so really fiery debate here in the u.k. about what's the reason why hasn't seen that out of war narrative and some people particularly those who think this toy's the u.k. too close to the e.u. they really think this is a capitation and that's the reason they has given much too much to the demands of
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the e.u. is what they say however industry they are happy because what they want to avoid is a no deal scenario where they crash at the end of march next year and businesses will be unprepared for something like that because everything has been tied into the e.u. so they have been putting a lot of pressure on tourism eighty two really of this and they have made happy noises so far ok but battle lines being drawn there in general in britain so from a brussels perspective is briggs it finally on track. well terry after years of negotiation they agreed on something they agreed on five hundred eighty five pages that's how how. how big the withdrawal agreement is an especially and that's the important a crucial part backstop for the to avoid a hard border between northern ireland and ireland it's sort of an insurance policy and up until the end we did not know what it exactly would be now we know also if
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they fail to come to a compromise on the nature of future relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. then this backstop will kick in and it means that the whole of the u.k. will remain in the customs union with the european union so that is real progress just because it's real progress it doesn't mean that it could still crash especially of course in the u.k. parliament. big it will address u.k. parliament today what can we expect there. more really intense debate parliament is absolutely divided and there are so many m.p.'s who rightly think that this is about the future of the country for generations to come so it is a crucial moment in british history and involvement ariens are really acutely aware of it so there are some family believes that it should never happen and that in any
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case whatever two reason may gets as a deal in brussels is going to be worse than what u.k. enjoys now fully you membership so they probably will never come on board and also the labor party has made it very hard for themselves. to get behind to reason may they are hoping that really it's going to be a general election and then there are other people who are fooled for brix it and for many it's been. life's business they really are very anti european and they fear that their kind of cracks and where there's a cleancut with the e.u. that this will never happen and they are also really really incensed so we can expect absolute fiery debate and then possibly a vote by the end of the year and that's the question of whether to reason they will get this deal through parliament will see a lot more aligning and conspiracies until that and who knows the reason they must actually survive this because there's also been noises that there might be a vote of no confidence from within their own party on this issue ok max what has
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to happen on the e.u. side before break is done and dusted. you know while the cabinet in london was meeting on wednesday the ambassadors of the other you member states of the e.u. twenty seven were meeting here in brussels and they didn't even see the text then they were briefed on crucial passages but they got the text with the evening of yesterday and i like i said five hundred eighty five pages so you can count on them poring over this agreement right now we've already heard that there are concerns about some parts of it and they will have to analyze that until presumably we will have e.u. bragg's the summit on the twenty fifth of november we expect this to be confirmed within the next hour or so they have a lot of work there and that's not it they still have to draft a political agreement because what we have here now is the withdrawal agreement the political agreement is what kind of future relationship they want to have after the
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transition period of free trade area for example the customs union there are a lot of possibilities so that some say this was just step one until now still an enormous amount of work to do to finalize this and then of course you still have the biggest obstacle the biggest hurdle that we've been talking about with with bill get a lot and that is the u.k. parliament and that's not it after that you still have the e.u. parliament that needs to agree so i think it's safe to say the story's going to stay with us for the next months. and therefore is in brussels and big at last in london thank you both. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today one of the leaders of germany's far right if the party is being investigated over illegal campaign donations. bydel co-chairs the party's parliamentary group is accused of using donations from switzerland to pay for internet campaigning campaign donations from non e.u.
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member states are illegal under german law prosecutors have made requests to have bottles parliamentary immunity lifted. the fate of around seven hundred thousand revenge of muslim refugees is uncertain after some refused to leave their camps in bangladesh and return to myanmar bangladeshi authorities had started had planned to start repatriating the refugees who fled myanmar more than a year ago following a military crackdown there human rights groups say conditions aren't yet right for the real hinges to return safely. and senior white house adviser mira ricardo is being transferred out of her position a day after u.s. first lady malani atro called for her dismissal aides said ricardo who was the deputy national security adviser had clashed with the first lady's staff over her visit to africa last month. now to california where
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investigators are counting the dead from the state's worst ever fires at least fifty six people have been killed by the blazes so far with authorities warning that some one hundred thirty are still missing thousands of firefighters are still battling blazes in the north and south of the state though authorities say they are slowly gaining the upper hand. the sierra fire is still burning outside san bernardino in something california fire crews are hard at work to tamp down the flames here to stop it from spreading again. further north when the destroyed town of paradise teams of forensic scientists are sifting through the rubble searching for human remains. finding the bodies of some victims in and around the wreckage of cars a grim reminder of last desperate efforts to flee the flames. one person who made a narrow escape was ninety year old petty saunders. everywhere we went
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all around also in front of and we kept stopping we couldn't go that. would stop and then we finally get your place where you couldn't go forward or backward but i looked up and i saw the fire department a big sign paradise in that beautiful angel farm with a big goals and he was throwing everything he was making up for hours. nearly a quarter of a million people across california have been forced to leave their homes in the last week. as firefighters begin to contain the blazes and workers start repairing the damage to roads and other infrastructure thousands are now being allowed to return to bay communities. but the crisis is far from over. back in the south one blaze has flared up again in the santa monica mountains firefighters have been able to keep it away from residential areas. but the phage
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attention is so dry that it could strike with disastrous consequences at any time. hundreds of central american migrants have arrived at the u.s. spec second border town of tea wanna they belong to the first of a number of migrant caravans that have traveled about a thousand kilometers to try to escape poverty and violence in their homelands they now hope to gain entry into the united states but the u.s. government has sent thousands of troops to the border to stop them defense secretary jim mounts as has visited troops in texas on the us mexico border us president donald trump has threatened to close that border but the majority of the migrants are still pushing on through mexico and many people there are showing their solidarity for them but not all coming up we ask how mexicans feel about this exodus. some bread a warm meal or even salts migrants are getting help from individuals and
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institutions like in this hostel in mexico city. viviana haiti it is one of those who turned out today she drove a van overloaded with clothes for women and children there must be i will tell you that he went oh it's gratifying that a lot of people are helping that well it brings out the humanity in us and it pleases me to see the difference we are making it up with that well yet we're all very proud to be mexican sell me a list of the same against mexico has seen migrants bound northward travel through the country for decades this is a chance for to express solidarity with foreigners. that it did that that is we have to deal with this acutely painful situation to reach out to people passing through that who are in the union on this see that they will play it will colombians and hundred or instinct that we reject then we have to support each other because we are all human beings and we feel for them. but these
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people haven't been welcomed by everyone. some have begun lashing out at the migrants. so you have no problems because they don't work if i come here to contribute and they're welcome he seems like they're having a day at the beach. or a throw away the food we give them but they keep their big. many of them are drunk in public everywhere mexico cannot cope with receiving them in the hope that from now on officials check their papers and give them what they deserve and give us what we deserve their human rights are apparently worth more than ours and. some of the migrants have felt that lack of sensitivity during their journey. but even so most say mexico has offered them good care. just now one person in society does we don't like thoughts but i guess we have to accept it
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we always baiting that country. makes it go has received us very well with very proud because it is given us all they support we have not locked or closing. mexico a country divided like so many others by migration. today the european court of human rights will rule on a case brought by russian opposition activists alexina bollen e he's best known as a fierce critic of president vladimir putin and has been imprisoned by russian authorities on numerous occasions he says his arrests were politically motivated in an attempt to stymie his opposition to the kremlin now judges and straws burke will offer their ruling in what could be a symbolic victory for. another demonstration and another arrest. the years go by but the pattern is always the same for most
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protests and in jail with weeks of administrative detention all in all he spent almost five months in jail over the past two years the charge organizing illegal protest the only kind of protest possible in russia say his supporters. and this is the work that has made household name in russia exposing what he says of the corrupt personal fortunes of the country's leaders and this in spite of a near total reporting ban on his activities in the mainstream media this mention of on the alleges is just one of private retreats way beyond the means of the president officially declared earnings. prime minister dmitry medvedev says his private palaces and italian is the subject of a video that is being watched by more than twenty seven million people at a time when ordinary russians are being asked to tighten their belts in public at least russia's leaders have long refused to discuss the substance of these
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allegations or even to refer to him by name but that seems to be changing. the head of russia's national guard published a video message challenging the valley to a jewel and promising to turn him into quote. often accused the national guard of widespread corruption in the wait by food for its troops the only problem he was once again in jail unable to respond. when he's not in jail to mobilize his supporters like no other leader of the russian opposition not just in moscow but around the country as public unrest grows the government plans to raise the pension age that's a threat the kremlin seems to be taking very seriously. at the same time russian authorities seem unwilling to let. any considerable length of time at the risk of turning him into a prominent political prisoner but now it seems his frequent trips to prison set to
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continue as here in september where police were waiting to detain him as soon as he left jail on another charge. connelly reporting there now some sports the coach of germany's national football team york nervous set to use a friendly match against russia to test out new ideas on the pitch his biggest concern is germany's lack of goal scoring and he's hoping to overcome that before this weekend when germany have a match that matters in europe's nations league. take two of the revamp and the last match against france germany last but coach you live fielded a new look side featuring three cents backs and key roles for young players like yours where commish who and could the midfield up front he's still tinkering so who could lead the line spirit inventions it would be preferable to have a top striker who has all the qualities to play through the middle so. some of.
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this because suarez all leavened. ski in the moment we don't have a structure of that quality so we have to try other things in the years since miroslav klose a we've tried many things even playing with a false. speed the latest experiment was a fluid front three leader or sunday is all set to reprise his role alongside leipzig steamer vanna and says gnabry rather than focusing on the russia friendly the bye and wingers got his mind on germany's nations league campaign. saying two kind again no one likes to get relegated we have to hope that thursday's game between the netherlands and france goes in our favor that way we can stay up and secure second place we're still hopeful and want to play a good game on monday. so the game against russia is just a warm up for the showdown with the netherlands perhaps germany should first focus
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on avoiding another painful lesson. for tennis world number two. has announced her retirement from the sport due to health reasons just twenty nine years old rudd said her body could no longer cope with her own high expectations of the poll and issues her thirteen year career with twenty titles from the women's tennis association she narrowly missed a grand slam victory in two thousand and twelve when she lost the will. and final to serena williams. well everyone is talking about breaks it here in europe at least and christoph there's already of a winner from that but a draft agreement agreement is not a deal yet it's an agreement it's a draft agreement terry the british pound rallied after prime minister tourism a announced you have the backing of the cabinet for her bracks it was droll plan currency markets had recently seen lots of volatility in the pound while details of
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a new name bracks and remained unclear for months and no deal bricks of c possible and implications for the british economy were unknown since the referendum two years ago sterling has lost ten percent against the dollar and the euro. italy's borrowing costs continue to surge as its budget dispute but the european union is growing more acute on wednesday italy once again refused to cut down on its proposed deficit spending something that the european union had insisted on in light of italy's already huge debt look now rome is facing possible disciplinary measures from brussels that could involve billions in penalties. as tensions between the e.u. and italy rice so just the cost of italian borrowing investors in other words want more for their money it's no longer a surprise it's at least borrowing costs its bond yields have prison steadily since its populist government was elected investors respond badly to uncertainty and
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growth has provided plenty trashing the year right currency and dismissing the country's massive pile of debt the new budget seems just as unconcerned about debt it more than trickles deficit spending from the previous government's plan the e.u. says its growth projections are too optimistic credit rating agencies have weight in lowering ratings and outlooks the gap between italian and german borrowing costs which is one measure of investor confidence continues to widen. the cherone based hume foundation says government and corporate poems and italian stock exchange losses have totaled more than one hundred seventy five billion euros since the government took office in may this process is going to have a very bad effect on italy on the path that and so on italian savings it's at least more than two trillion euro debt is already the highest in europe. well one thing the german economy can boast is
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a strong research sector but despite all the hard work going on in labs the country is lagging behind when it comes to the development of artificial intelligence the german government wants to change that and is pledging to spend three billion euros in the coming years to get up to speed with ai and close in on rivals china and the u.s. . plagued by congestion or parking was drivers in cities might wish for an invisible hand to regulate traffic such as computers that make smart decisions to keep it flowing that's just one application of artificial intelligence. the german government wants the country to be an ai leader to safeguard prosperity. this is about thousands millions of jobs that we can secure and create. that is our goal yes and we will work resolutely to ensure that the findings from the research done in germany can then be taken on it and used by businesses naman.
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a key part of the plan recruit top scientists from abroad to do research in germany the ministry of education and research is to fund a hundred new professorships but worldwide competition for the best and brightest stiff. garnishing lofty they're not only interested in good pay they also want good conditions for their families to be able to get their kids into the right school as i'm sure. the cabinet has earmarked three billion euros to help finance its digitalisation plan. fox wagon has announced it will converge two of its factories in germany so they can be used to produce electric cars and the spending of more than thirty four billion dollars in digitalisation and a car development u.w. the world's largest automaker is currently separating its investment in zero emissions vehicles it aims to have plans in emden and hanover turning out in cars by the year of twenty twenty two company already has one such factor in the eastern
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town of. employees at the plans were told their jobs were guaranteed until twenty twenty eight the company would try and reduce its workforce at the sites through offers like early retirement or. a draw or auction at sotheby's in geneva has achieved a new record price for april but that probably had more to do with who the previous owner was this pearl and diamond pendant fits thirty six million dollars subfreezing scrapped it as an exceptional natural pearl of extraordinary size it was part of a collection that once belonged to the french queen mary and when that she and her husband king louis the sixteenth were guaranteeing in seven hundred ninety three during the french revolution the jewels were smuggled abroad shortly before the war a couple of rest. now after all of that we leave you with austrian snowboarder and i guess or she's become the first woman to lead is so-called cab
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triple under flip which is three and a half forward in one jump check it out. her. move. the little. move. her. lips move.
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could. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful. subir is pushing ahead with moves to join the european union the brussels who so far on the oppressed with its reformists my guest this week visiting but live is the serbian foreign minister i'm now for the beach. why so little progress oh so let me keep issues. conflicts up. next detail to. see the ball of fire
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and source of never ending mystery of the sun what goes on inside it. and what does it sound like. solar storms pose a danger to earth. researchers have made exciting new discoveries. from space. to carl to sixty minutes on t.w. . continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business to present. its.
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history in the everyone. is a mathematician. as. digital africa starts december twelfth d.w. . subir is pushing ahead with moves to join the european union but brussels is so far unimpressed with its reforms my guest this week visiting ballin is the serbian prime minister i'm not buying that bitch why so little progress on so many key issues.


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