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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin the european union lays out the next steps in britain's withdrawal as regs it gets real chief negotiator michele bunny hands over the draft deal to the council president donald toes he says european leaders will meet in ten days time to sign off on britain's divorce also coming up mexico lends migrants from central america a helping hand human caravan trying to reach the u.s. find solidarity on route but not everyone is happy to see them. and
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a crucial week for germany's national football team their goal scoring more goals to turn towards the youths could add some offensive punch but who will step up to help the team avoid relegation in europe. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program we begin with the latest on britain's departure from the e.u. the block's leaders have announced they will hold a special summit to seal the hard part bragg's that agreement with the u.k. on the member twenty fifth that's in ten days time the announcement comes after british prime minister theresa may won the backing of her government for a draft deal on leaving the european union may made the announcement outside downing street last night after a five hour cabinet meeting included in the draft deal was a commitment to avoid a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland one of the most
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contentious parts of the negotiation. the e.u. used chief breaks it negotiator michel bonnie a spoke at a press conference let's listen to what he had to say. what we have agreed that negotiators reform. and balanced. takes into account the u.k. expulsions organizers do we through all of the money question that i'm sure new law will do or the item to final. and it is a ground floor and i'm sure this new partnership they use chief brags negotiator michel barnier there speaking just a short while ago well let's cross over now to our correspondent big it must in london and max hoffman in brussels starting with you max we just heard the news chief negotiator there referring to an ambitious new partnership it sounds like
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from a brussels perspective breaks it is on the right track i think that would be overstating it i haven't heard one of the officials yet say that brags it was a good thing they all and needed the same thing they all always insist they still regret that decision but of course given the circumstances at least they did agree on something with the cabinet at least a three some a five hundred eighty five pages of withdrawal agreement and they also got the most contentious issue resolved you hinted at it the backstop the so-called backstop to avoid a border between northern island of ireland a backstop by the ways nothing else than an insurance that there won't be a hard border very there was a lot of speculation before that how this could look like now we know if the you in the u.k. failed to reach an agreement for future relates and then it would be a customs between the u.k. and the european union so that solved that but of course the main problem remains
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what's going to happen when all of this is dumped in front of the u.k. parliament ok big get theresa may got her cabinet all to sign off on the draft deal last night are britons happy about that. well that really depends on who you are a lot of them all not happy a lot of parliamentarians are not happy so so much and he's already gathering together and they are. not voting for this that's what they have already published so that's a group of m.p.'s then there is speculation that that lets us are coming in for m.p.'s from own party to ask for greater if no confidence against her because through these bricks it is anything that's a greed in brussels now with that with them in their minds to to trees and they want full sovereignty they don't want to be like marks explained tied in this
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customs union with the e.u. and they don't know when they are or if they can ever get out of it they fear that it ties them to coast into the e.u. and also for too much of a long time because it's a long search for a compromise here with brags that nobody seems really thrilled about what they've come up with council president the european council president also commented he offered a sobering assessment i took note of crime in this statement yesterday of course the prime minister's and so if you have some of those such. as the very beginning we have heard no doubt that this is a lose lose situation and that decisions are only both that much going through. there the european council president speaking a short while ago max in brussels not as positive sounding as used chief
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negotiator bonnie what has to happen on the e.u. side still before bragg's it is actually done and dusted. right i think both are on the same page to tell you the truth terry both are not thrilled about brags that but i think michelle obama is still under the impression that they actually managed to agree on something donald laid out well how what's going to happen in the next week it's intense week so it's going to start off for example with the you the ambassadors of the e.u. twenty seven here in brussels that will analyze this withdrawal agreement get feedback from the capitals and do enough to secure said i hope there won't be too many comments i wouldn't bet on that because there are some things that are hard to swallow for some of the countries in the e.u. and then the so-called sherpas and the e.u. ministers of the euro ministers within the e.u. will start drafting the political agreement because this is the withdrawal agreement the political agreement will outline the future relation between the u.k. and the e.u. and then once that is finalized they will all attend and now confirmed this you
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brags that summit which will take place on sunday the twenty fifth of november and if everything goes according to plan they will have done their share of the work and then it's up to the u.k. parliament to say yea or nay ok so a blueprint is taking shape for britain leaving the e.u. but last night's risa made the british prime minister also seemed to hint that another possible brag outcome could be in the works let's take a listen when you strip away the detail the choice before us. they steal which delivers on the phocians the referendum which brings about control of our money and people just and free movement that takes jobs security and union old leave with no deal only or no actual. british prime minister speaking last night the last few words of that statement are the ones i
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want to focus on with with you bigot the british prime minister seems to be saying that no bribes it is also an option has there been any reaction to this. well indeed there has been so some remains have seized on this for example members of the green party have said well this is what the prime minister says it's do with the no reach no press and they have very pro european and there are so there is a strong movement here in the u.k. of people who really want to want to have a second referendum want to have a people's vote on the deal so now that we have a deal their voices will get stronger and they will want to get their message through which is that there is another outcome which would be no praxis so implicitly to reason they has of course always had this as a stick to beat the brits it has with well if you don't come behind me if you don't read unite for this deal then maybe he will have no bricks and no that would be
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that might be chaos there might be another referendum and there you have it then you don't have anything so they will be balancing on a very very fine line and they were really think about whether this is a realistic opportunity or not ok we're just getting some some fresh information here in from london and we're hearing that there's been a resignation and teresa mayes government shailesh vara a northern ireland minister in the british government quit on thursday over the proposed breaks it with droll agreement saying it fails to leave the u.k. as a quote sovereign independent country now. junior minister i should point out. will address u.k. parliament today in light of that what can we expect. well there is going to be a heated debate all along we have been waiting well good resignations now we've so far only had this one resignation as you say
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a fairly junior minister bought it might not be the only one so the question is do we see more is it the nation will we see a vote of no confidence or will we see in the end parliament toppling the deal those are the obstacles that reason may has to fight against and the deal in parliament the the actual debate in parliament will probably be and of december where there will be a vote and that's going to be one of the really crucial moments in this long breaks and saga the break that saga continues biggest loss in london thank you so much and of course you. in the. now to some of the other stories making news around the world today the death toll in california's wildfires now stands at fifty six with authorities warning that some one hundred thirty people are still missing thousands of firefighters are
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still battling blazes in the north and south of the state the records say they are slowly gaining the upper hand. lawmakers in sri lanka's parliament have exchanged blows leaving one m.p. hospitalized it is the latest escalation of political turmoil that has left the country without a prime minister or cabinet fighting started when the prime minister claimed to speak or had no authority to remove him from office. the fate of around seven hundred thousand road hinge of muslim refugees is uncertain after some refused to leave their camps in bangladesh and return to myanmar bangladeshi authorities had planned to start creating the refugees who fled myanmar more than a year ago following a military crackdown there human rights groups say conditions are not yet right for the injured to return say. today the european court of human rights will
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rule on a case brought by russian opposition activists alexina bonnie he's best known as a fierce critic of president vladimir putin and has been imprisoned by russian authorities on numerous occasions he says his arrests were politically motivated in an attempt to stymie his opposition to the kremlin now judges and straws will offer their ruling in what could be a symbolic victory for. another demonstration and another arrest alex ain of only the years go by but the pattern is always the same from the vote on the most protests and in jail with weeks of administrative detention all in all he spent almost five months in jail the cost to the charge organizing illegal protests the only kind of protest possible in. russia say his supporters. and this is the work that has made novell not household name in russia exposing what he says of the corrupt personal fortunes of the country's leaders and this in spite of
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a near total reporting ban on his activities in the mainstream media this mention of on the alleges is just one of private retreats way beyond the means of the president officially declared earnings. prime minister dmitry medvedev and what he says in his private palaces and italian is the subject of a video that is being watched by more than twenty seven million people at a time when ordinary russians are being asked to tighten their belts in public at least russia's leaders have long refused to discuss the substance of these allegations or even to refer to him by name but that seems to be changing. september the head of russia's national guard published a video message challenging the valley to a jewel and promising to turn him into quote. often accused the national guard over widespread corruption in the wait by food for its troops. he was once again in jail unable to respond. when he's not in jail to mobilize his supporters like no other
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leader of the russian opposition not just in moscow but around the country as public unrest grows the government plans to raise the pension age that's a threat the kremlin seems to be taking very seriously. at the same time russian authorities seem unwilling to let. any considerable length of time at the risk of turning him into a prominent political prisoner but now it seems his frequent trips to prison set to continue as here in september where police were waiting to detain him as soon as he left jail on another charge. hundreds of central american migrants have arrived at the u.s. mexican border city of tio wanna they belong to the first of a number of migrant caravan sort of travel about a thousand kilometers to try to escape poverty and violence in their homeland they hope to gain entry into the united states but the u.s. government has sent thousands of troops to the border to stop the defense secretary
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has visited troops in texas on the us mexico border u.s. president has threatened to close that border but the majority of migrants are still pushing on through mexico many people there are showing their solidarity for them but not all we have asked mexicans how they feel about the exodus for. some bread a warm meal or even socks migrants are getting help from individuals and institutions like in this hostel in mexico city from the vienna haiti it is one of those who turned out and today she drove a van overloaded with clothes for women and children there must be yeah that he went oh it's gratifying that a lot of people are helping that it brings out the humanity in us and it pleases me to see the difference we are making with a boy that boy yet we're all very proud to be mexican me at least of the same against mexico has seen migrants bound northward to travel through the country for
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decades this is a chance for to express solidarity with foreigners. that it did that that is we have to deal with this acutely painful situation to reach out to people passing through that who are we need to look at the moon on this see that by you know colombians and hundreds think that we reject that we have to support each other because we are all human beings and we feel for them. but these people haven't been welcomed by everyone. some have begun lashing out at the migrants. so you have no problems because they don't work if they come here to contribute and that welcome he seems not to having a day at the beach. or a throw away the food we give them but they keep the big. many of them are drunk in public everywhere. cannot cope with receiving them in the hope that from now on
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officials check their papers and give them what they deserve and give us what we deserve their human rights are apparently worth more than ours and. some of the migrants have felt that lack of sensitivity during their journey. but even so most say mexico has offered them good care. now one person in society does we don't like thoughts but i guess we have to accept it we always hating that country. makes a co has received us very well with very proud because it is given us all the support we have not liked or closing. mexico a country divided like so many others by migration. the coach of germany's national football team will use
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a friendly match against russia tonight to test out new methods of scoring some goals it seems goal drought is a problem that must be solved before a match that matter in europe's nations' league for. take two of the revamp in the last match against france germany last but coach you know we live fielded a new look side featuring three center backs and key roles for young players like us who are commish who could the midfield up front he's still tinkering so who could lead the line. spirit inventions it would be preferable to have a top striker who has all the qualities to play. through the middle. of this fight i hope it stays like it has vania suarez all leavened. of ski he will mend in the moment we don't have a structure of that quality so we have to try other things in the years since miroslav klose a we've tried many things even playing with a whole scene on. the latest experiment was
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a fluid from three lead or sunday is all set to reprise his role alongside life sixty ravenna and says gnabry rather than focusing on the russia friendly the bye and wingers got his mind on germany's nations league campaign. saying two kind again no one likes to get relegated we have to hope that thursday's game between the netherlands and france goes in our favor that way we can stay up and secure second place we're still hopeful and want to play a good game on monday. so the game against russia is just a warm up for the showdown with the netherlands perhaps germany should first focus on avoiding another painful lesson. or to christophe currency markets are reacting to the breaks that deal they sure do terry the british pound initially rallied but is now trading lower after prime minister terrorism a announce that she had the backing of the cabinet for her withdrawal plan currency markets have
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recently seen lots of volatility in the pound while details of a looming break said were unclear for months and no deal breaks it seemed possible and it still does and the implications for the british economy are unknown since the referendum two years ago sterling has lost ten percent against the dollar and the earth. now for more let's cross over to frankfurt and our financial correspondent daniel daniel the british pound losing some of its initial gains how are the markets reacting. yes hi there chris so when you take a look at the other markets here in europe at the moment the picture is mostly green the roots of index stocks even a little bit stronger than we expected we are up here right now at the moment with more than eighty f. points also the footsie one hundred up this morning with a half of five percent and also the cac forty and paris these are clearly days here at the markets where all the eyes are on downing street number ten in london this
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morning and of course towards the british parliament because guess what happened last night is considered by investors as a good move but we all know that there is still so much at stake so already this morning we are getting word from members of the parliament who are openly saying that they will be voting against the draft agreement at this point it's really unclear all the investors they really don't know what will be happening during the next hours and given the fact that the cabinet meeting to way longer than expected investors do believe that it's going to be even more difficult for miss may today in parliament with all of this unfold and we don't expect any big market movements here to happen if this gets through parliament chairs are most likely to go up now then you know in ten days the european union wants to sign off on the divorce deal with the u.k. as so many stumbling blocks remain as you mentioned which is the most likely outcome here according to investors. stream really a difficult question however i do believe that most of the investors are tending
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this morning to a situation with a sign. on november twenty first at this summit taking place there in brussels and this would certainly also be a relief for investors the u.k. of course will remain an important trading partner and with a sign brics that everyman all of this certainly would be much easier than you cope in frankfurt thank you. europe's trade commissioner says syria says the e.u. is ready to fire back if president trump imposes new terrors on cars exported to the united states she said that brussels has a list of retaliatory measures ready if the strong follows through on his long standing threat aimed at european carmakers steps could target agriculture and other sectors but was monstrance expressed hope they could be avoided to toss on trump has repeatedly threatened to impose an extra twenty five percent levy on all cars and trucks coming into the u.s.
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. italy is borrowing costs continue to surge as its budget dispute with the e.u. is growing more acute on wednesday italy once again refused to cut down on its proposed deficit spending something that the european union had insisted on in light of italy's already huge deadlock now rome is facing possible disciplinary measures from brussels that could involve billions and. as tensions between the e.u. and italy rise so just the cost of italian borrowing investors in other words want more for their money it's no longer a surprise italy's borrowing costs its bond yields for first unsteadily since its populist government was elected investors respond badly to uncertainty and growth has provided plenty trashing the year right currency and dismissing the country's massive pile of debt the new budget seems just as i'm concerned about debt it more than triples deficit spending from the previous government's plan the e.u.
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says its growth projections are too optimistic credit rating agencies have weighted in lowering ratings and outlooks the gap between italian and german borrowing costs which is one measure of investor confidence continues to widen. the charin based human foundation says government and corporate bonds and italian stock exchange losses have totaled more than one hundred seventy five billion euro since the government took office in may this process is going to have a very bad effect on italy on the debt and so on italian savings italy's more than two trillion euro debt is already the highest in europe let them eat cake are the famous words attribute it to french queen mary and upon learning that presence in the eighteenth century had no bread there is no hard evidence that she really said that what is undisputed however is the lavish lifestyle she led with the french monarchy and jewelry just as lavish as just went
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up for auction in geneva and fetch some truly desoldering sums of money. thirty two million francs on my right with world record for thirty two million francs. thought this poland diamond pendant triggered a bidding war that sent the price rocketing it completely out shown its estimated value of just two million euros twenty six. also under the hammer a diamond ring with mary and when its initials containing a lock of her hair a pearl and diamond necklace and various other ornate pieces that demonstrated her wealth and power. even the auction house of the piece was surprised they put the success down to marry internets fame and notorious death. but when it is i think together with cleopatra she is the most important queen of the whole history.
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marie antoinette's and her husband king louis the sixteenth were beheaded during the french revolution they were filed for the extravagant lifestyle they allegedly led while much of the country was starving her jewelry was smuggled abroad just before she was arrested for high treason for two hundred years it belonged to the royal bourbon parma family the pieces hadn't been seen since them they might never be seen in public again the buyer wants to remain anonymous. and finally south korea has come to a standstill today in some cases literally it's because six hundred thousand students across the country are sitting for a college entrance exam at a certain point even planes are grounded during the test. schoolmates gathered to cheer on test takers outside exam venues in temples parents prayed that the many hours of study their children have put in will pay off the
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nine hour test life defining for many in south korea a prestigious university on one's resume is important for securing a place in them of that cold front office. and a reminder of the top story we are following for you in the european union has laid out the next steps for the brics a process after agreeing a draft withdrawal deal with britain european leaders will hold a special summit in ten days to sign all but of course. you're watching news coming to your live from berlin we have a fresh bulletin coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime for now thanks for watching wherever you. are.
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entering the conflict zone confronting the powerful. serbia. he's pushing ahead with join the european union of brussels who so far unimpressed with its reforms my guest this week visiting the serbian prime minister i'm now further breach. why so little progress on so many key issues. conflicts. on. non-prescription doesn't
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necessarily mean. that heart attacks strokes and some pain killers are poisonous to the parts of the more who are a set amount for a new drug it likely wouldn't get approved today with us in over the counter drugs concocted by a pharma industry that lobbies politicians and will use doctors as a billion dollar headache forty five minutes w. . continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business to present. its.
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history you know everyone. seems to have a vision. i was trying to. get you to africa starts december twelfth w. subir is pushing ahead with moves to join the european union but brussels is so far unimpressed with its reforms my guest this week visiting ballin is the serbian prime minister i'm not buying that bitch why so little progress on so many key issues.


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