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we've already got boris johnson there are also many of these. former secretaries former ministers who are now pushing their you know putting the then names forward it looks like to say that if something comes up they will be ready to stand against us so i wouldn't be surprised if it is some of those names. theresa may you know embattled as you're saying do you think we're going to see movement on whether she can sustain her position within the day. we could certainly find out about those letters i don't think that what we sent you won't get a new prime minister today because they have to then decide when to hold votes it does have to happen very quickly but i think to get it all done in one day is going to be pretty difficult but obviously she must be feeling very nervous at the moment she's supposed to be about to make this statement to the commons and yet she's got her cabinet members of her company that walking away and saying that they come off that those five hours of talks she made it very clear that it has been tough we
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think about ten members of the cabinet of around twenty were funny very very difficult to back as i said i wouldn't be surprised if we get other people walking today let's talk about dominic robb the break that minister resigned today was in this position for four months how significant is that that he has stepped down and you know we saw again as you said after five hours yesterday that she had emerged with the backing of her cabinet wasn't really thinking about this over night. well cain it was he decided to have to interrupt you alex as it looks like theresa may is thinking oh let's listen i don't introduce my right arm girlfriends the members for issue and walton and chatter and. delivering bricks it involves difficult choices for all of us we do not agree on all of those choices but i respect their views and i would like to thank insisted sincerely for all that they have taught. mr speaker yesterday we agreed the professional terms of our exit from the european union set out in the draft with broad agreement we also agreed to broad terms of our future relationship in an outline political declaration president has now
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written to the president of the european council to recommend that decisive progress has been made in the negotiations just pressure of european council will be called for sunday the twenty fifth of november. this puts us close to a brick sit deal. mr speaker what we agreed yesterday was not the final deal it is a draft treaty. it is a draft treaty that means that we will leave the e.u. in a smooth and orderly way i think. and which sets the framework for a future relationship that delivers in our national interest it takes pot control of our borders malls and money it protects it protects jobs security and integrity of the united kingdom and it delivers in ways that many said could simply not be done we were told that we had
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a binary choice between the model of norway or the model of canada that we could not have a bespoke deal which the outline political declaration sets out in arrangement that is better for our country than both of these a more ambitious free trade agreement than the e.u. has with any other country and we were told we would be treated like any other third. country on security cooperation but the outline political declaration sets out of breath and depth of cooperation beyond anything the e.u. has agreed with any other country so let me take the house through the details first on the withdrawal agreement the full legal text has now been agreed in principle it sets out the terms on which the u.k. will be c.e.o. in one hundred thirty four days time on the twenty ninth of march two thousand and nineteen we have secured the rights of the more than three million e.u. citizens living in the u.k. and around one million u.k. nationals living in the e.u.
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we have agreed a time limited implementation period that ensures businesses only have to plan for one set of changes we have agreed protocols to ensure gibraltar and the soft base areas are covered by the withdrawal treatment and we have agreed a fair financial settlement far lower than the figures many mentioned at the start of this process. mr speaker since the start of this process i have been committed to ensuring that our exit from the e.u. deals with the issue of the border between northern ireland and i believe this issue can best be solved through our future relationship with the european union but the withdrawal agreement sets out an insurance policy should start a new relationship not to be ready in time at the end of the implantation period. i do not pretend that this has been a comfortable process for. all that either we all the e.u. are entirely happy with all of the arrangements that have been included within it
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but of course this is the case this is an arrangement that we have both said we never want to have to use but while some people might pretend otherwise there is no deal which delivers the bricks it's the british people voted for which does not involve this insurance policy not canada plus plus plus not no way for now not our own white paper. the e.u. will not negotiate any future partnership without it as the house knows the original proposal from the e.u. was not acceptable as it would have meant creating a customs border down the r.f.c. and breaking up the integrity of our united kingdom so last month i set out for the house the four steps we needed to take this is what we have now done and it has seen the e.u. make a number of concessions towards opposition. first the e.u. proposal for a northern ireland only custom solution has been dropped and replaced by a new u.k.
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wide temporary customs arrangement that protects the integrity of our precious union second we have created an option for a single time limited extension of the implementation period as an alternative to bringing in the backstop. as i have said many times i do not want to extend the implementation period and i do not believe we will need to do so this is about an insurance policy but if it happens that at the end of twenty twenty ask you to relationship is not quite ready the u.k. will be able to make a choice between the u.k. wide temporary customs arrangement or short extension of the math mentation period third the withdrawal agreement commits both parties to use best and debtors to ensure this insurance policy is never used and in the unlikely event that it is needed if we choose the backstop the withdrawal agreement is explicit that it is temporary and that the article fifty legal base cannot provide for a permanent relationship and there is also
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a mechanism by which the backstop could be terminated finally we have ensured full continued access for northern ireland's businesses to the whole of the u.k. internal market. mr speaker the brits it talks are about acting in the national interest and that means and that means making what i believe to be the right choices not the easy ones i know there are some who have said i should simply rip up the u.k.'s commitment to a backstop but this would have been an entirely irresponsible course of action it would have meant renee going on a promise made to the people of northern ireland during the referendum campaign and afterwards but under no circumstances would brics it leads to a return to the borders of the past and it would have made it impossible to deliver a withdrawal agreement as prime minister of the united kingdom i have a responsibility to people in every part of our country and i intend to honor that
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promise. mr speaker by resolving this issue we are now able to move on to finalizing the details of an ambitious future partnership the outlined political declaration we have agreed sets out the basis for these negotiations and we will negotiate intensively ahead of the european council to turn this into a full future framework the declaration will and free movement once and for all instead we will have our own new skills based immigration system based not on the country people come from but on what they can contribute to the u.k. the declaration agrees the creation of a free trade area for goods with zero tariffs no fees charges or quantity of restrictions across all goods sectors. no other major advanced economy has such an arrangement with the e.u. and at the same time we will also be free to strike new trade deals with other partners around the world we have also reached common ground on
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a close relationship on services and investment including financial services which go well beyond commitments the declaration ensures we will be leaving the common agricultural policy and the common fisheries policy so we will decide how best to sustain and support our farms and our environment and the u.k. will become an independent coastal state once again we have also reached agreement on key elements of our future security partnership to keep our people safe this includes swift and effective extradition arrangements as well as arrangements for effective data exchange on passenger name records d.n.a. fingerprints and vehicle registration data and we've agreed to a close and flexible partnership on foreign security and defense policy. mr speaker when i first became prime minister in two thousand and sixteen there was no ready made blueprint for brix it many people said it could simply not be done i've never
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accepted that i've been committed day and night to delivering on the results of the restoration. and ensuring the u.k. leaves the e.u. absolutely and on time but i also said at the very start that withdrawing from e.u. membership after forty years and establishing a wholly new relationship that would ensure that we'll enjoy the decades to come would be complex and require hard work i know it's been a frustrating process it has forced us to confront some very difficult issues but a good practice it breaks it which is in the national interest is possible we have persevered and have made a decisive breakthrough. once a final deal is agreed i will bring it to parliament and i will ask m.p.'s to consider the national interest and give it their backing. so cheering. the ocean against a deal would take us all back to square one it would mean more uncertainty more
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division and a failure to deliver on the decision of the british people that we should be the e.u. . if we get behind a deal we can bring our country back together and seize the opportunities that lie ahead i miss to speak of the british people want us to get this done and to get on with addressing the other issues they care about creating more good jobs in every part of the u.k. doing more to help families with the cost of living helping our n.h.s. to provide first class care and our schools to give every child a great start and i am focusing every ounce of our energy on building a brighter future for our country. so mr speaker the choice is clear we can choose to leave with no deal we can risk no breaks it all. all we can sure were was. i.
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or or we can choose to unite and support the best deal that could be because this deal a deal to end this free movement takes back control of our borders rolls and money delivers a free trade area for goods with zero tyrus leaves the common agricultural policy and the common fisheries policy to live as an independent foreign and defense policy while retaining the continued security and security cooperation to keep our people safe maintain shared commitments to high standards protects jobs honesty integrity of all united kingdom and delivers the great state the british people voted for i choose to deliver for the british people i choose to do what is in our national interest and i commend this statement to the house. thank you mr speaker and i want to thank the prime minister for an advance copy of a statement the withdrawal agreement and the outline political corruption
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represents a huge and damaging failure after two years of bungled negotiations that i . think the government mr speaker is in chaos there jail risks leaving the country in an indefinite halfway house without a real say when even the last brics it secretary who theoretically at least negotiated the deal size i cannot support the proposed deal what saif does that give anyone else in this place all in this country the government simply cannot put to parliament this half baked deal the both the brics it secretary and his previous s.-a have rejected. no deal is not a real option on the government has not seriously prepared for it the government must publish its full legal advice and the treasury
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a full economic impact assessment of the dale and the o.b. on an updated economic forecast. there was broad agreement is a leap in the dark an ill defined deal by a never defined date there is no mention of the prime minister's favorite term implementation period anywhere in the five hundred eighty five pages of this document and no wonder. there is precious little new to implement spelt out in either the agreement or the political declaration article three of the agreement states transition can be extended to end by thirty first of december twenty. x. . can the prime minister confer. that this permits extensions to be rolled on until twenty nine hundred nine. can the prime minister confer.
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if the u.k. government cannot agree a comprehensive future relationship by january twenty twenty one which few believe would be possible and the last two years gives us no confidence this government can then knows negotiations would have to be put on hold because the focus would then inevitably shift from negotiations on the future relationship to negotiations on an extension of the transition period including further payments to the new article one three two sets out this process fairly clearly so can the prime minister firstly tell the house how confident she is that a deal can be done by the end of twenty twenty and also confer. that if a new trade agreement is not agreed to by the thirty first december twenty twenty then article one three two applies paying
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a huge financial contribution in order to extend the transition period if we have to avoid triggering the backstop as the prime minister insists is her position on the backstop itself should it come into force there is no time limit or end point and if either party requests review and if there is no agreement it goes to independent arbitration the backstop locks britain into a deal which it cannot leave without the agreement of the e.u. in the back stop restrictions on state aid are hardwired in with an arbitration mechanism but no such guarantee exists for workers' rights that can the prime minister also confirm that the backstop applies a separate regulator a rules to northern ireland creating a de facto border down the r.a.c. as northern ireland would be subject to the customs union but not the rest of the
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u.k. this is despite the fact that the current prime minister said this is something and i quote no new prime u.k. prime minister could ever agree to another of her red lines breached in fact the list of e.u. measures that continue to apply to quote to the u.k. in respect of northern ireland runs to sixty eight pages of the agreement this affects be eighty decorations and rules of origin checks and it's clear the prime minister's red line regarding the jurisdiction of the european court of justice has also been torn up by twenty twenty one under the prime minister's plan we will either be in a backstop or still in transition where we'll continue to contribute to the east e.u. budget and follow the rules overseen by the in. c.j. it is utterly farfetched for the prime minister say this plan means we take control over our laws money and borders. after two years of negotiation all the government
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has really agreed is a vague seven page outline of political decorations which looks like a substantial dilution of the prime minister's previously declared negotiating priorities there is only the scantiest mention of workers' rights consumers rights all environmental protection no determination to achieve frictionless trade or even trade as frictionless as possible no ambition to negotiate a new cost a comprehensive customs union that would protect trade jobs and industry and so uncertainty continues for business and all those that work in those businesses. that risks decisions for investment being deferred even further costing jobs and living standards are many companies may decide the lack of certainty simply means they will. no clear plan to get
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a strong deal with the single market to ensure continued access to european markets in services merely a vague commitment to go beyond the baseline of the world trade organization both the first ministers of wales and scotland made clear to the prime minister that participation in the customs union to protect the economy and jobs was essential likewise mr speaker there is no ambition to achieve continuation of the european wide arrest warrant or an equivalent a no clarity about our status with europol euro just or even the galileo project and there is no clarity about any future immigration system between the u.k. and the you and following the wind rushed scandal many e.u. nationals here would have no confidence no confident. the jury in this government to deliver a fair and efficient system and the brakes it secretary promised a substantial document he's obviously no longer here so can the prime minister
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inform the house when that detailed framework agreement will be with us mr speaker this is not the deal the country was promised and parliament cannot and i believe will not accept a false choice between this bad deal and no two year. people around the country will be feeling anxious this morning about the industries they work in the jobs they hold about the stability of their communities and their country the government must now with draw this heartbreak jail which is clear does not have the backing of the cabinet this parliament all the country as a whole yeah hey this. thank you thank you to speak out now to pick up some of the points that the right honorable gentleman made first of all he called my own he said no deal was not an option but then said complains
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that we were preparing for no deal actually our have been preparing for a new deal and we continue to prepare for no deal because i recognise that obviously we have a further stage of negotiation with the european council and then that deal when they go when finalized with the european council has to come back to this house so we will continue those preparations he says that the withdrawal agreement is ill defined five hundred pages of detailed legal text on the withdrawal agreement is not an ill defined withdrawal agreements are he complains he complains that the withdrawal agreement does not refer to the implementation period of course it does refer to the transition period which is exactly the same point of time he talks. about he he then talked about the whole question of the decision on the back store and the implementation period was coming at the end of december twenty twenty well
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if you look so again at the documents that have been produced he will see that actually the decision will be taken in june twenty twenty as to whether it is likely that the future relationship will not be put in place on the first of january twenty twenty one under solution at that point will be for the u.k. to decide whether it wishes to extend the implementation period for a limited period whether it which is to go into the back stop he is wrong in saying we have been absolutely. he is wrong he is wrong in saying he is wrong in saying that we will. not dealt with the issue of the border family r.f.c. we have to out with that i was clear in this house that we would it took some considerable time to persuade the european union to move from its proposal for northern ireland only customs territory to in the u.k. wide customs territory but we have achieved achieved that in relation to the question of workers' rights. the reason reference to non regression in relation to
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workers' rights he says that the protocol that the outlines additional declaration does not have references to what we were proposing in terms of a free trade area for the future in fact that is explicitly what it does reference in the protocol it sets out very clearly that we will be creating a free trade area between the united kingdom and the european union and then i really not sure what document the right honorable gentleman read because he said there will the wasn't references to extradition there are indeed references to extradition and he said he said also he said there was nothing about europol whereas there is expressed a reference that we will be including in the future document terms for the united kingdom's code. operation fire. and you're just and i say i say to say to the right honorable gentleman there is there is in team to a choice between
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a choice before members of this house it is a choice of whether or not we go ahead with a deal that does deliver on the boat while protecting jobs while protecting our security and while protecting our good of course what the right honorable gentleman wants is for us to stay in the single market and stay in the customs union which would which would not to let up on the coach of the referendum we are delivering an answer free movement coming out of the common agricultural policy out of the c.f.p. and taking that control of our money borders and laws that is the right deal for britain and it is the deal that we will be putting forward before this house here is to get its car. the speaker it wants me to break here illusion the country and leave the treaties the european union treaties watch selecting to retain all the benefits that we enjoy under the treaties and repudiating most if not all of
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the obligations and we have to face up to that fact that's an illusion just my right we're friend prime minister agree that the biggest single economic benefit in fact most of the main back to make benefits that we've enjoyed from my membership over the last decades flow from the completely open borders between the whole of the united kingdom and the rest of the european union and the palm that have been based huge flows of wind with investment the creation of just in time lines of supply and very many thousands of jobs in this country so we'll show you the cherry that we will not change the present basis of that we choose the single most. in the customs union until we know who to watch we're changing to. and to whom we're satisfied that any change we're returning those benefits and
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keep completely open from any. cost caused by regulatory different or anything else which will be created by moving away from where we are now and brick the economic future of this country very considerably if we just decide mutal actually to walk out to some of my colleagues seem prepared to recommend yeah right minister my rational nearly friend we have indeed heard from business a very clear message about the importance of friction is borders which is precisely why the proposal that united kingdom has put forward to the european union is based on that concept of frictionless borders and the free trade area that we have put forward is precisely in that frame my right honorable and learned friend talks about remaining in the single market in the customs union i do not believe that is
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right for the future of the united kingdom because i do not believe that doing those things would deliver on the votes of the british people i think british people wanted there are various things that underpin the vote an end to free movement which crucial among those also remaining in the customs union does not enable us to have an independent trade policy i believe it's important that we do have an independent trade policy once we have left the european union we're negotiating the basis of our future trading relationship it's based on the concept of a free trade area precisely the point he makes about being able to move goods seamlessly across the border here in black. areas thank you mr speaker and can i thank the prime minister for advance site of a statement mr speaker the prime minister comes before us today trying to sell us a deal that is already dead in the water. not even her own breakfast secretary could stand over. mr speaker to lose one brit secretary is one
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thing to lose two in a matter of months illuminates the chaotic nature of this tory government the number ten front door has become a revolving wallet you know the prime minister tops a vote taking back control she can't even control her own cabinet. as i said yesterday the prime minister is desperate and is increasingly looking defeated. what is absolutely shocking. as that scotland is no one sees mentions in the documents no one's buying but no one was scoping unique out of this that the school has devolved settlement in worthy of mention. the leader of the scottish national party must be heard. and heard with courtesy and indeed he's. very grateful for your sedentary
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observations that mr graham but i do think they greatly add to the quality of other liberation everybody will be heard mr blackford hear thank you mr speaker not once has scotland's unique cut it to the sticks and the deval settlement been worthy of mention and yet one hundred mentions of northern ireland mentions of gibraltar of cyprus of the isle of man. but i know no reference to scotland. so content was once again been shown to the scottish government its parliament and its people mr speaker to financial deals for northern ireland and scotland can have its own differentia deal. if northern ireland can stay in the single market why not scotland prime minister there the scottish government have published compromise documents calling for justice the scottish parliament has affirmed that position why does the prime minister ignore
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the democratically express position of the scottish government here what has happened to the claim of a partnership of equals over the well why are the desires of scotland been ignored when we know that a definition settlement can be delivered why does the prime minister stand in the face of the legitimate demands of the scottish government and the scottish parliament. well you know the prime minister can shake our heads but it's a matter of fact to some out that of reality show some respect to the whole thank. you thank you thank you thank you thank you. you can be and you can.


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