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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2018 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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this parliament to ensure that we deliver on the choice that was made by the british people a choice that this parliament overwhelmingly decided to give them that means that we will not be taking the option that she said of remaining in the european union but we will indeed be leaving the european union and that will happen on the twenty ninth of march next year. thank you very much this is because the prime minister has once again told the house that we will be leaving the customs union but the truth is that we will be remaining in the customs union both in the transition and in the backstop arrangement which can only be ended with the agreement of the e.u. and the truth is also that the only way to protect jobs investment and open borders in all in our lives in the long term is to remain within it will the prime minister now look the british people in the eye and lift that remaining in the customs union is in our national economic interest because without it we will be poorer as
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a career it. is in our national interest is ensuring that we continue to have a good trading partnership with the european union once we have left that is why we put forward a proposal which is reflected in the outline declaration for free trade area goods act you are watching the debate in the commons in london theresa may here friction has been speaking to the parliament delivering a statement defending the draft deal that she hammered out the u.k.'s exit from the e.u. and she said this puts us close to a bridge that eales deal that is in the national interest to protect the integrity of the nation she was appealing to parliament for support for this deal she said we can choose to leave with no deal we can rest no brags that at all we can unite and support behind her deal the best deal possible not just to remind you we've seen four ministers resign today a two cabinet ministers break that minister dominic broad as well as a certain mcvey to work in pensions minister to junior minister. science well
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a proverb in a junior breaks that minister in charge farah the junior northern ireland minister so a lot of turmoil that theresa may is facing as she's speaking to m.p.'s there and defending the deal that the she wrangled over with her cabinet yesterday in a five hour marathon meeting and eventually got their backing. well let's bring in our correspondents for more on this story we have barbara vessel with us outside parliament in london and mocks hole in a brussels they have both been listening in to theresa may barbara let's start with you what were your main takeaways from what theresa may have to say they're defending the deal that she has agreed upon. it was rather smartly done in fact considering the impossible position that trees may really is really in and that really is her strength that she can just carry on she can just look into the face of opposition and simply state that what she is offering is a good deal and it's in the best interest of the nation whether that is true or not
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is a different matter but she does that was a lot of conviction and she also of course then again it told people what this choice means it means they would either vote for the brakes a deal that she is offering all they would sort of voted on then there would be no deal completely chaotic exit off britain from the european union or there was you know bret's it and then we heard the house at one point sort of yelling and shouting and and it shows clearly that there is quite a strong faction there that saying this all this is nonsense and breaks it just doesn't deliver but of course she could last that over she was just writing over the weak points and stressing the stronger points particularly the solution for northern ireland in this divorce agreement was the european union and she didn't really go into too far the very weak political declaration for the future because
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that's just the number of bullet points on seven pages it doesn't give you anything plus it's not legally binding it doesn't really really mean very much and she tried to get away from that and stressing the strings and off the off the exit agreement of the divorce deal that is now on the table and whether she can convince people that i have my doubts because we did hear the opposition we did hear this scottish s. and the s.n.p. we did hear the liberals we did hear everybody stand up and say this is no good this is much less than we need and what and then we wanted and. so she is in a very difficult position no of course barbara also in a difficult position because we've seen a flurry of cabinet resignations and we heard in black from the scottish national party saying that the prime minister looks defeated does she. she is trying her best i mean she is she has this i don't want to be nasty but she
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has a certain artificial life leanness about her she tries really to put on her best face when she steps out there and we do have to have some sympathy for sir because it is a difficult position she put herself into it but no she has to sell something that she can increasingly see parts of her own party don't want and of course a lot of members of parliament don't want and she still has to look at it and carry it forward and she does her best to do it it's not an easy task it's not an easy task indeed that's something she referenced barbara i believe we have a clip of the statement that she made to parliament a little bit earlier before she started taking questions let's listen to that delivering breaks it involves difficult choices for all of us we do not agree on all of those choices but i respect their views and i would like to thank them says sincerely that they have time we were told that we had
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a binary choice between the model of norway or the model of canada that we could not have a bespoke deal which the outline political director ration sent house an arrangement that is better for our country than both of these a more ambitious free trade agreement than the e.u. has with and country. ok barbara at the very beginning of that clip we heard her thank the members of her cabinet for what they have contributed to to this work until now that being said seeing the break that secretary resigned after david davis did so as well how significant is that. it is significant because to lose one breaks it secretary ok so things happen but you lose two breaks the secretary said within a few months that just shows the weakness at the core of who government of course and the weakness at the core of five or six to the exit negotiations from the
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british side because they have for months and months on end tried to gain the impossible a solution that would give britain all the advantages of the european union and none of the regulation and the restraints and that is not doable and as she finally today did step it's another point in her declaration and it missing that she said that this is the best that can be done under the circumstances and more is more or less not possible the european union would not stand for it it's the first time we've heard something like that so that was a truce in a way but on the other hand of course she now needs to sort of need to push this through she somehow needs to emphasize the perceived strings of the agreement and at the same time say we couldn't have done anything else the norway madi model to stay in the single market wouldn't have given the british people the breaks that they wanted that's what may says and to sort of stay in the customs union forever
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would also tie our hands and so she rejected that early on and so this is this is the compromise she has now and the weakness at the core of this of course is there is very little about the future she can't really say much about it because it has now not yet agreed upon it's going to take years to figure that out in brussels all right let's go over to brussels where max has been patiently waiting max listening also to theresa may speaking max you know a big moment in brussels this morning as well where we saw the chief negotiator michel barnier and i hand over this five hundred eighty five page draft deal to the council president donald. scheduled a special summit for november twenty fifth how are they watching all of this turmoil happening in london this morning. well we just have the midday briefing which takes place at midday every workday of the week here in brussels and she spokes person was of course asked that question how they feel about all the turmoil that's going on in london and he said we have an agreement on. this we've
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negotiated not commenting other options and he also said a negotiating partner is series a may and the u.k. government and we will work in good faith with them so that basically means that you as long as they don't have anything formal anything of substance coming out of london yet they will continue as planned with their plans and that means basically that the best interests of the twenty seven excluding the u.k. of course will talk about the withdrawal agreement with will give their analysis of it and i can tell you not all of them are extremely happy about all those passages so the criticism is not only in the u.k. and after that if you know everything can go on as planned from there they will prepare the political agreement which is the agreement that lays out the vision for the future relationship and then if everything continues to go as planned on the twenty fifth of november we will have the new regs at summit where all of this will
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be finalized and then put to the very house that has been speaking now for quite some time with the recent may the house of commons in the u.k. and as you follow this question it doesn't seem. likely that they will approve it at this point. max you know we hear theresa may say that she had government in answer to question is of course preparing for the possibility of a no deal breaks and that's something that they've been preparing for for quite some time in brussels right. yes if you use good as anything they're good at preparing things and the plans for that are in the drawers and look at all the different angles but they also have the personnel to do so you have to think of that you know all the trade experts in europe basically if you want to be a good trade expert and really have something to do you work in brussels because brussels is responsible for the trade part of the union all the trade agreements are negotiated in brussels the not negotiated in the different capitals so they really have the personnel to do these things to prepare these things they know
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everything from asian to. the channel to you know you name it they have the experts and that's a huge advantage they have just the these this manpower that london is was completely lacking at the beginning of this negotiate this negotiating process they probably have beefed up at the still no comparison in the manpower that that is here right here in brussels so yes they have been preparing that doesn't mean there will be no chaos when this happens on the e.u. side because it's hard to influence if you look at what's happening especially on the channel how many trucks you have crossing over the seamless production schemes that are put in place especially for the car making industry the frictionless borders as it's called then you know that if there is really going to be a no deal brags it will spell huge trouble for both sides certainly for both sides that barbara let's come back to you now i just briefly if you can what's
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going to happen next there in london there are some rumors that we could see a challenge to let greece amaze leadership of her tory party today as well. rumor is there it's consistent but so far we haven't heard that the forty eight letters that are needed are have landed on the table of grad brady who is the chairman off this audit nineteen twenty two committee this internal committee of the tory party which would trigger this leadership contest and the problem with this is as we've said before nobody is standing up at the moment and says i want to be intrusive mase shoes i want for job because everybody knows how incredibly difficult it is that it's a partisan challenge challenges somebody really would have to say i want to inherit the mess and who who is that so name no names have been thrown up and i think that's what's holding it up at the moment our correspondent barbara basal and max
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hoffman thank you both very much. and just a quick reminder we've been watching theresa may and defending her a draft of bread said a deal in the parliament there she is and under intense pressure after her draft deal triggered a wave of government resignations including her brags that minister dominic robb. will be back at the top they are. going. to. have. equality and better opportunities. more and more croatians on leaving their homeland because they can't find a book. many areas amounting fully to families with children more and more schools are closing. especially the qualified an educated on leaving because they see no
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future in croatia. next on d w. entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful. serve beer is pushing ahead with loose join the european union of brussels who so far unimpressed with its reforms my guest this week visiting the serbian prime minister i'll go further that beach. why so little progress on so many key issues. conflicts so for sixty minutes he told you. they are digital maurier's. for women for internet activists one mission. the battle for freedom and dignity. against repression and
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highlands they deplore the powers of social media. their messages for security like wildfire and thousands of followers. on the streets. changing the world. starts nov twenty fifth. this is focus on europe i'm brian thomas welcome to the show we begin this program here in germany where for many the feeling that nationalism can quickly give way to racism has been validated by the ongoing tensions.


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