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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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bridge. the track an exclusive report starts nov seventeenth g.w. . this is news coming to you live from berlin a court in cambodia makes a historic ruling forty years after their crimes were committed to leaders of the brutal camaro rouge are found guilty of genocide and two men were on trial in connection with the deaths of nearly two million people during the regimes reign of terror in the one nine hundred seventy s. . britain faces another day of turmoil as prime minister theresa may takes to the
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airwaves to try to save both her controversial breaks a deal and her own political future. plus the number of missing after wildfires in california soars to more than six hundred more than sixty people are confirmed dead. following terry martin good to have you with us it's been nearly forty years since the camero rouge murdered nearly two million people in cambodia a quarter of the country's population but today for the first time a u.n. backed court in the capital phnom penh found two of the regimes leaders guilty of genocide the two defendants choose sumpin and one she are already serving life sentences for crimes against humanity. this is a long awaited moment to form
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a committee rouge leaders no one chair and kiff samphan are sentenced to life in prison for genocide by a un backed court. home. but the chamber has considered the gravity of the crimes including the scale of brutality the number and the vulnerability of the victims for which the accused have been convicted. these two old men the last surviving leaders of the committee rouge already serving life sentences for crimes against humanity but this new verdict is a landmark ruling for the first time it says that the crimes against cambodians vietnamese and chan minorities amounted to genocide delivery of the judgment today in phase two zero zero two is any story in the work of the extraordinary chambers in the courts of. this court is once again demonstrated that he has the capacity to prosecute and try the most complex cases in accordance with
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international standards. the c'mere rouge under its leader pol pot sought to create a communist utopia by forcibly moving people from the cities to the countryside nearly two million cambodians died from overwork starvation mass executions during its reign of terror from one thousand nine hundred five to nine hundred seventy nine plum pens museums and memorials detail the sheer horror of the past a past that lingers. were they deserve to get the sentence because they committed such be crimes the rest of my family members were killed and the only child who survived that regime. this is an important moment for cambodia it's courts recognizing that what happened here was indeed genocide. over more tell us bring in our southeast asia correspondent and heartache in bangkok bastion what more can you tell us about the two men who've just been found
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guilty of committing genocide. well terry they were the two most senior figures of the c'mere regime who are still alive. is or was the deputy of the leader former khmer rouge leader pol pot who died in one nine hundred ninety eight and. was the head of state under the khmer rouge they were both serving life sentences already for crimes against humanity that they were convicted of in an earlier trial but they deny any responsibility. for these for these crimes and they were indicted in this trial with along with two other senior figures of the clear regime but because this is already almost forty years after the end of that regime and the defendants are very old one hundred eighty seven and the other two have died when the trial was still in progress which
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took it took several took several years this trial so they were the last two that could have been or that could be convicted in this trial. now these third world long time in coming the courts work has been controversial hasn't it. it has for one because it's been such a long time since the end of the rule cambodia from one hundred seventy five to nine hundred seventy nine so it's been almost forty years until these verdicts and also because there are critics who are saying this should go further there should be more than more than these two or three people who were convicted of crimes against humanity during that time but cambodian prime minister who has been in power for thirty years in who is a former member of the khmer rouge himself he strongly opposes that he says that would destabilize the country and since he wields almost unlimited power in
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cambodia it's very unlikely that we're going to see more trials go ahead terry. thank you so much that was our correspondent talking to us from bangkok. british prime minister theresa may is stepping up efforts to defend her controversial braggs a deal today may has said the country will be plunged into a deep and grave uncertainty if the draft plan is abandoned this follows a tumultuous day on thursday when several cabinet members resigned including breaks that secretary dominic rob may is also facing a backlash from her own party with hard line breaks and tears seeking to challenge her leadership earlier the prime minister defended her breaks of divorce agreement and spoke of the future relationship with the e.u. want to talk radio program this is not the deal of the future relationship with the european union the deal of the future relationship with the european union means we take back control of volatiles wheat and free movement take back control of our
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borders take back control of our money so we can spend it on priorities not the n.h.s. when out of the customs union out of the single market rob the common agricultural policy rather the common fisheries policy that's what i think people vengeful that's what i'm delivering. our correspondent barbara basler standing by force in london barbara what are the chances that theresa may will face a leadership challenge now. the chances seem to be growing by the minute because the rumor is really flying fast here and the plot seems to stick and indeed that the hardline bricks of tears in her own party the tory party might have gotten the forty eight letters together that they need to start such a leadership challenge they already do with the conservative whips that those are the people in the party at the parliamentary party who are supposed to keep the sheep in line they have been commanded to stay in town over the weekend because
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they might be needed now that is aside that internal rick needs to be down that treason may might want to talk to the black sheep among her. party and to try to convince them one on want to please don't do this to me but we will know more within a little while the signal will be wouldn't break him brady the chairman of the off the back fence or committee that's called nine hundred twenty two committee will enter downing street number ten at that moment we know that the challenge is there barbara thank you so much for bringing us up to date barbara baseball there in london now to some other stories making headlines around the world today at least forty two people have been killed in a bus attack bus accident in zimbabwe twenty others were injured some with severe burns police have not given details but local media reporting a gas cylinder explosion may be the cause the bus was reportedly traveling to
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neighboring south africa and was about six hundred kilometers south of the couple harare. north korean leader kim jong un has allegedly busy to the test site of a new tactical weapon and it was the state media's first mention in months of a new development in the country's weapons program and is likely to put a strain on relations with south korea and the united states. japan's prime minister shinzo ave has paid a historic visit to the australian city of darwin. his australian counterpart scott morrison later a wreath at the darwin senate. is the first japanese leader to visit the city since it was bombed by the japanese army in world war two. and an iconic swimming pool painting by british artist david hockney has sold for ninety million dollars in new york the winning bid at christie's auction house set a new record for a living artist he painted the work called fortress of an artist pool with two
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figures in one nine hundred seventy two. the number of people missing in california's wildfires has gone up to more than six hundred at least sixty are dead firefighters managed to contain most of the blaze in the north of the state authorities have begun returning to their thousands of begun returning to their communities but for some there's nothing left. this is what it looks like to lose everything. ok i hope you and quick it's all i can say. oh my gosh words can't describe it. words can't describe it. and how can they when you are left with is the clothes on your back everywhere
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signs of a life well lived now gone. the base home one of more than six thousand destroyed in the town named paradise. the epicenter of california's deadliest ever wildfire for jonathan clark there's another reason to come back here his brother is missing. we're still trying or do whatever it takes is found. dead or alive that's just what clarksdale we look out for each other so. so many people here were caught by surprise when high winds fans the deadly flames through that town now authorities simply can't be sure how many human remains alive beneath the ash. the shia chaos of what's happened in neighborhoods like these
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distorting the numbers. i want you to understand that there are a lot of people displaced and we're finding that a lot of people don't know who they were looking for them and that is why we're posing this was. firefighters are still trying to contain the camp fire one of three wildfires raging in california thess one is said to be forty percent under control it will take two more weeks to puts out completely. the struggling german national football team netted three goals in a dominant win over russia last night germany fielded a young and fairly inexperienced side for the friendly in leipsic it was twenty two year old leroy sunday who grabbed the first goal in the eight minute to put the hosts in front of the class soulive followed that up by scoring in the twenty fifth minute saras snobbery at
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a third goal well on monday germany go to the fake go to face the netherlands in the european nations lee but by the time that game kicks off germany may already be relegated from the nation's league group if the netherlands beat france tonight germany will be tossed out of the group making their path to next year's european championships more difficult. we have gotten. on losing but they will be watching and we'll have to live with the result. it's only partly in our own hands now if france lose we've got no chance what on the comics so we'll just have to wait and see puns and rely on france to keep us in it the most. of it was a tennis great treasure federer has won ninety nine titles in his era defining career and last night in london he brought himself closer to his one hundredth header or guaranteed himself a place in the final or at the a.t.p. finals as he cruised south african kevin anderson. less than
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a week ago federer was a dropping by cain issue koori he's back on form now though as he's pinpoint backhands test. it was kevin anderson who knocked federer out of wimbledon this year off to a marathon quarter final but this one really looks like it would go the distance at all in the first set federer broke the south africans before holding his own to take the six six for. the thirty seven year old remains dominant a confident approach to the net leaving i'm disowned no chance here. and soon enough the deal was sealed six four six three. federer is a six time champion here and he's not getting too worked up about the prospects of making it seven. for me i've always wanted to go out with a bang today and win the match if i go through great if i don't i don't deserve to be through it it's ok to some amount of still alive and i hope i can play a good match on the day after tomorrow when i'm playing. one hundred korea talked
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with me. here watching did happy news still to come we'll find out how kids are coding their way out of poverty in south africa is coming up with crystal in business. and all that and more business news in just minute course to get all the latest news and information around the clock including business for our website d.w. dot com thanks for being with us. how about taking a few friends could even take a chance on love. don't expect happy and take. the church.


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