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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2018 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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i'm an unforced error a sense very of through to the semifinals where he'll now face but john turn around time played so many times again shit or actually my short career he's leading with one win over me and i hope i can try to change that mostly it's going to be a very tough match but i hope i'll be ready for. two wins from five showdowns with federer bodes well for third of who is aiming to become the first german to win the tournament since barr spec up. you're up to date on d w news thank you so much for watching. i'm secure in that my work that's hard and in the end this for me you are not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers what alliances. what's your story.
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i was a women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. not of it and i think yes you want to become citizens. in full migrants your platform for reliable information. shift. to a special program about internet equality with programming lessons for girls medical support by smartphone and life's little injustices but first programming
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together for more equality open source software is free of charge and accessible to everyone in a building programmers from all over the world to cooperate on social projects for instance. just say. water bill online. donation platform the human utility is helping citizens of detroit who cannot afford running water programmer to ashley bell founded the online initiative using simple means people should be able to have water in their houses were garley and regardless of their financial situation so meeting a developer the first thing that we kind of did was shorting the game was throwing up a website to try to find people who needed help with their water bills. tiffany ashley bell uses open source code for her donation platform it's a source code which is available to everyone other users can see the code on the open source. and use it for their own projects or propose changes. we
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started on literally and again it was just like some tape together bootstrap code google form that looked like it was something more expensive than it was but it was just posted their own good how you can contribute so like if we had a typo on the website people would like to pull requests to fix it or whatever but again it was just a matter of just like seeing that this is a community effort. for some time now and hasn't only been small initiatives which open source large foundations such as the phil and melinda gates foundation are also discovering. benefits of free software with their project motivated. the open source project aims to make it easier for users in developing countries to pay their bills online pay platforms such as mpeg are often incompatible with banking systems the open source platform will connect them to the relevant banking system but special about it is that the foundation publishes the source code instead of
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delivering a finished cloud solution programmers can use this code and adapted to their local needs their foundations all across the world its foundation is the largest of them all who are investing incredible amount of resources in addressing the social problems that we see in the world around us but the fact that they're now looking to open source as a tool i think is incredibly scats formative and i want to see more foundations and philanthropic actors look to technology as a possible solution for many of the world's problems solving social problems with open source software is already common in africa one example is got to vote from kenya which helps citizens master the complicated registration process for elections programmers from ghana malawi and zimbabwe like the idea and adapted the open source code for their countries the app dodgy doctors enables users from kenya to see whether their doctor is registered practitioners with no formal qualifications are common there the open source code was then used for
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a similar project in south africa programmer brisson kanga trained software developers all over africa and advances them to use open source. as a release to african countries open source has a big. impact in terms of how being africans build products to solve for african challenges and problems. of. projects of come up in the recent years in order to enable the warpers and everyone to. use the i'm to build products and solutions for things. it's the sharing spirit that motivates programmers to use open source the more people help improve the code the better it is for social projects. shift says free software for a better world. and now networkers digital makers and
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shakers today coding feminist vera tang. her mission is training underprivileged girls in cape town to get a head start in technical professions the south african founded the charity girl hype thirteen years ago it's all about programming. someone taught me how to code. for. everybody every cat and having been on and they are. feminists. you know what it's. me regularly visits the townships to teach programming basics she gives afternoon classes at several schools. is funded by donations and joint ventures with tech companies over ten thousand girls have been sponsored so far.
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and it's. and it's not something they can see. so that's why we exist. to have top one hundred thousand girls by two thousand and twenty so women too can shape the future of south africa. and now more justice through internet access open and affordable access to online information ought to be guaranteed worldwide but just over fifty percent of the world's population have it even in germany the situation isn't optimal everywhere. no signal. i mean. if you were in the middle of the forest as soon as the trees move or weather conditions are unfavorable there's no internet reception. it's
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a distinct disadvantage to have a fast and stable internet connection no matter whether you're in western australia or in germany or mountain region modern communication technology is a prerequisite to development both socially and economically. digital inequality no longer arises from a lack of access to the internet alone nowadays it's about the speed of the connection and the costs germany is not particularly well equipped when it comes to digital infrastructure in terms of availability and speed of four g. . networks behind turkey and. germany is a digital third world country to be frank we lag behind in all the statistics we're not just talking about people being able to download a film faster. we're talking about the neural pathways of the german economy.
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it's already the case that nobody wants to set up a business in rural areas where there is no decent internet connection. or mountain region in eastern germany is digitally cut off from the rest of the world so it's not possible for the saxon hotel owners. to offer a modern internet connection a distinct disadvantage. it's very annoying we pay our taxes to the government has to intervene and build an appropriate infrastructure to support business owners the small and medium sized enterprises. investment in digital infrastructure is crucial worldwide and the only way to reduce digital inequality between rich and poor old town and country but in order to create more equality the internet has to be universally accessible and affordable. from the remote australian town of. calling for the same.
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the sooner they get it the better so they can get in touch with the outside world you know. there is hope for the community in the australian outback a new radio mast is due to be put into operation soon. she says high speed internet for everyone. digital medical aid for crisis areas a smart phone is all it takes to support doctors there that's the idea behind. even complicated cases of illness can be discussed via video call or whatsapp to. afghanistan a country struggling to find peace basic medical care is a problem to doctors and hospitals are very committed that when things get complicated external support can be useful which is why while he'd arianne founded the charitable organization army on tell here in britain the physician fled from
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afghanistan himself as a teenager when i came at the age of fifteen in ninety nine to going to the u.k. on my own that brought in that vision with me to be able to one day become a doctor and then to be able to contribute to the communities where i live which is the united kingdom but also go and help globally to as many people as i can we have a vision his organization offers remote medical aid in its simplest and most effective form of advice via skype what's our text message or email around one hundred registered voluntary doctors can be called on for advice because of the security they cannot come to the. it's a very easy way to contact with them and. consult. through the telemedicine it's a direct and and bureaucratic way to help patients in crisis areas. where medics where the doctor's house and saw for health care professionals that
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we're here for because it's a vocation for us and using simple technology to be able to give that advice in conflict zones is one of the best ways to get that reward and simply. what he did arianna has received several international awards for his work. shift says technology enables essential aid. and it's always on shift we leave through the exit our internet find of the week today. a totally unfair we're all familiar with the situations it's close but not quite close enough. the graphic designers from the french company parallel studio feel duped by fate they've turned their negative experiences into brightly colored animations.
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sometimes you're just out of luck many users feel the same the clip has been watched on vimeo around two and a half million times. and next week the first e-sports world champion from the arab world abdul aziz al shehri player name mr dunne the east sports scene is booming worldwide the middle east in particular has huge potential as a future market a role model for young arabs next week on shifty. move . equality and better opportunities. more and more croatians are leaving their homeland because they can't find work. many areas are now devoid of families for children more most schools are closing. especially the qualified enough you could sit on the field because they see no future in croatia.
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next on d w. cards lawyer. car culture. hair. color superman. superfood stylish dialogue on the stove let o's. life style your. sixteen. if you ever have to cover up a murder the best way is to make accidents raring to. never
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read a book like this one. the church missed her streets. her first. her first clean lesson. and then the shores of grand moment arrives join the ring and tango on her journey back. in our interest you don't you're. entering into returns. this is focus on europe i'm brian thomas welcome to the show we begin this program here in germany where for many the feeling that nationalism can quickly give way to racism has been validated by the ongoing.


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