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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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already. digital. storage nov twenty fifth on the job. this is day eight of the news live from berlin and the cia concludes the order to kill germany shots came from the top u.s. intelligence agency reportedly pins a dissident journalists death on powerful saudi crown prince mom in a bid salomon faces washington warns it will hold his killers accountable also coming up. protests in france turned deadly one woman dies and dozens are injured
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as accidents as in accidents as thousands block roads to demonstrate against rising fuel costs. and recovery teams press on with their search for the remains of those missing in california's wildfires we get the latest from one of the devastated communities. i'm rebecca races welcome to the program the cia believes saudi arabia is powerful crown prince mohammed bin solomon ordered the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi that's according to news reports in the washington post citing sources familiar with the matter the paper says the crown prince's brother made a call to. ensuring his safety at the consulate in istanbul. he has consistently denied having any involvement but now mohammed bin selman is firmly in the spotlight of blame the washington post is reporting that the cia has concluded
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that saudi arabia's de facto ruler is directly tied to the killing of jamal khashoggi and his briefing parts of the u.s. government about his involvement calling him volatile and arrogant because shock she a critic of the saudi government and columnist for the washington post was killed at the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second when he went there to pick up documents he needed for his planned marriage to a turkish woman the crown prince is so fond of they did direct accusations and vowed to bring the killers to justice. the first of all the crime was really painful to all saudis and i believe it is painful to every human in the world. it is a humorous crime that cannot be justified today saudi arabia is carrying out all legal things to finalize the investigation to cooperate with the turkish government and to bring the perpetrators to court and take their judgment on what their but these
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developments put his position in doubt the washington post says the cia reached its conclusions after examining intelligence including a phone call that the prince's brother lead bin selman saudi ambassador to the u.s. made to on mohammed bin salmond's command in the alleged phone call lead bin selman is said to have encouraged to go to the consulate with assurances he would be safe to do so as vivant he denied any such claims on twitter he said that he had not contacted his shock she since october last year. the washington post says it is not clear if. she would be killed but claims he made the call on his brother's orders the developments are likely to complicate president trump's efforts to preserve ties with his key ally trump has so far resisted pinning the blame for the killing of mohammed bin salomon but he might not be able to hold to that if the cia's position is that the crown prince himself ordered
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a murder. well for more we're joined by instead will correspondent yulia harm you'll hear anger is said all along that the saudi government must be responsible is there a sense of vindication there in turkey now. well let's remember the cia has so far not officially confirmed these media reports that might be one of the reasons why we haven't heard of any official reactions here in turkey yet president out on may comment on the matter later but i think it's safe to assume that for this is good news they have been trying to internationalize the whole investigation getting other countries on board a turkish president out on himself said that this is a murder premeditated murder was ordered ad to quote the highest level of the highest levels of the saudi government but he fell short of directly blaming crown prince mohammed bin saddam and now the cia findings as cited by the washington post
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all the most direct u.s. assessment to date linking the crown prince with the midst of the show murder that's directly contradicting the saudi narrative the saudis still maintain that the crown prince had absolutely nothing to do with it now the new findings the report seem to play into the turkish government's hands yesterday there was a phone call between president adeline and u.s. president trump and according to this they agreed to make sure that they get to the bottom of this murderous so how they come to some kind of understanding it's going to be really interesting how this will play out how the u.s. president trump will react because as you mentioned so far he did not directly blame the crown prince in order to protect relations with saudi arabia a close u.s. ally right and what's the latest on the investigation there into what happened to body. well many here have given up hope that the body or
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remains of the body will ever be found yesterday there was a funeral prayer here at a mosque in istanbul in absentia to honor the slain saudi rider turkish authorities investigators say he was killed dismembered and they're also looking into the possibility that his body was disposed in acid so not much hope left that they will ever find the body and just briefly the turkish government doesn't normally provide promote press freedom why as i came to uncover the truth in this case well you're right according to n.g.o.s turkey has a terrible record when it comes to press freedom freedom of opinion in general but treating this case as a completely different matter to them it's also a violation of territorial integrity a team of saudi agents came to murder a journalist a saudi national inside the saudi consulate here in turkey so that's why they're
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really pressing and pushing for this investigation to go forward and it's also about regional power dynamics let's remember turkey and saudi arabia have a number of problems the qatar blockade being one of them so this is also about leadership in the region. certainly sounds like a lot more to be uncovered in this case you leon in istanbul thanks very much. one woman has died and dozens have been injured in accidents during protests at the rising cost of fuel improv in france the so-called yellow vests have mobilized thousands to demonstrate against president micron's reform policies which include higher taxes on gasoline and diesel drivers are blocking roads across the country france's interior minister says there are protests at. more than one thousand locations across the country. let's bring in our correspondent
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elizabeth metate in paris and elizabeth what more do you know about the deadly accidents that happened during the deadly accident that happened during these protests well most of the point of the protest is to create slowdowns and bottlenecks on roofs. and any kind of sort of access and so this woman was in her car she was struck in traffic and she. lost her temper and decided to try and and push her way through and there was an accident and she died and so i mean it's really sad. or the only organizers also. said that they apologized and they don't this was not meant and it was the police have also said the organizers were doing absolutely nothing to do this it was a case of road rage incredibly tragic story they organizers vow that they would cause gridlock across france have they. not yet but this is sunday
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and it's now two pm in paris and this is going to sound strange but every observer say's well after lunchtime it is entirely possible that the demonstrations will take will gain momentum because these are all local people gather in areas next to their homes indeed the whole anger about fuel costs has got to do with the fact that transportation in france in small towns and in lots of sort of provincial regions has become more and more difficult and if you don't have a car basically you can't work and so rather than sort of gu long distances and everybody gathering in what are two places and in large cities people organizing this on hundreds and hundreds of points in the in the whole country so the situation is pretty fluid still right now it's not exactly a success but this might change in the next year when this protest isn't only about rising fuel prices it's also against the government is this another blow against president french president emanuel. it is definitely and is quite right that it was
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triggered by the fuel prices because of the slow feeling rising in the country that the president believes he likes people who winners in large cities you have sort of high tech jobs in central and that people left the side left behind do not deserve the attention that they should have so that's part of it and it's not very good for him because his numbers are in the tank he's got twenty six percent favorable opinions etc elizabeth thank you you thank. now to some other news stories making news around the world and thousands have turned up in hong kong for the city's annual pride parade marches demonstrated for equal rights and an end to discrimination against the l g b t community on kong judges recently ruled that same sex partners are entitled to visas even though the territory does not
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recognize same sex unions. and unmanned cargo rocket has blasted off from the u.s. state of virginia it carries much needed supplies for the international space station and comes hours after a shipment by the russians space agency in october the last manned mission had to perform an emergency landing and was unable to send supplies. fears are growing that more people may have died in california's raging wildfires the remains of more than of more than seventy people have so far been identified the list of those still missing has soared beyond one thousand names displaced residents are expecting a visit from president onil trump today as california also struggles with toxic air . with the fire comes a new danger smoke. and it has reached san francisco where air pollution levels now rank among the highest in the world health warnings prompted widespread school
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closings even the city's main tourist attractions was shut. the smokes are generous some three hundred kilometers to the north the town of paradise has been reduced to ashes it's the epicenter of california's deadliest ever wildfire and the death toll is likely to rise. search and rescue workers are trying to find any sort of remains that could help identify those missing. where you've you feel terrible for these people it's been devastating for them and i couldn't imagine coming back here this is my home. your whole proof that we if there are missing people we can find them and bring some closure to people that need that. those affected are in desperate need of assistance some hope denounce visit by u.s. president donald trump will increase attention to their plight. or president bring to congress we're going to take
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a look at the. park or are you more airplanes are still going no time to relax if you want to understand what we're going through out here you got to be here and it's not something you can just see on t.v. you know others us get to kill off the president's intentions. i think is just showboating to come in and try to take credit for his insult to the firefighters. the police the military handicap women. the campfire is only one of several blazes still ravaging the state scientists believe the growing frequency and intensity of such wildfires is due to a prolonged drought which is symptomatic of climate change statistic as he sees in tennis germany's number one alexander's verite has advanced to the final four of the a.t.p. finals twenty one year old defeated john isner to set up a semi final showdown with roger federer in the prestigious end of season torment.
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it was a taut opening set between alexander. with mia centimeters determining each game. but sarah prevailed in the top rank to take the first set seven six. beat the german then broke serve in the second set to pave the way to victory. on and on false sense of through to the semifinals where he'll now face. plates always rise again shitter actually my short career he's leading with one win over me. i hope i can try to change that mostly it's going to be very tough match but i hope i'll be ready for. two wins from five showdowns with federer bodes well for. who is aiming to become the first german to win the tournament
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