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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2018 2:02am-2:16am CET

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this week saw british prime minister theresa may struggling to push through her transitional breck's that deal. after narrowly persuading her cabinet to back the hard fought agreement she took the issue to parliament on thursday last week there the draft deal for a smooth divorce from the e.u. met with fierce opposition from politicians on all sides of the debate for cabinet ministers resigned and lawmakers including some from may's own party threatened her with a vote of no confidence saying there was no way the plan could win their approval their deep deep misgivings. but much of the british business community takes a different view it's going to be straightforward and simple if the deal the deal goes a lot of it's going to be some problems those problems might look like this a long line of trucks good sitting still costing money in time a disaster for any firm but the current arrangement would give businesses time to
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adjust to the post breaks that landscape at least until the end of twenty twenty the u.k. would remain in the e.u. customs union and abide by e.u. regulations until the trade deal is in place that means goods travelling across the border would not run up against tolls and inspections and the draft deal is seen as a chance of avoiding a hard border between northern ireland and e.u. member ireland. business leaders speaking out in favor of the draft include the c.e.o.'s of airbus and other major trade groups. but questions remain for the financial sector the city of london will be limited to offering financial products and services already found in the e.u. with no preferential access to the market there. but certainly at that does not appear to be anything within that three paragraphs that would appear to offer the u.k. financial services a better relationship with perhaps the west that's why many british financial institutions have moved some of their operations to the continent.
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shouldn't we italian government is sticking to its. and budget deficit in defiance of objections from the european commission on tuesday rome again rejected demands from brussels to comply with e.u. fiscal rules leaving the ball in the e.u. court i think we are approaching sanctions from the european union because i think that the italian government unfortunately has chosen a conflicting course with the european union so i expect a very tough reaction italy's more than two trillion euro debt is already the highest in europe the new populist governing coalition has proposed a deficit of two point four percent of g.d.p. three times higher than that planned by the previous government in october brussels took the unprecedented step of rejecting the budget and gave rome an ultimatum to revise it that's now passed and some observers expect the e.u. commission to begin taking disciplinary action next week.
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in milan there's little sign of an economic crisis urban development projects are in full swing which is why giovanni bono had no qualms about returning to the northern italian city after years of broad. and i mean but it is my impression is that the country and milan in particular is flourishing in terms of business but also in other ways there's a lot going on in the city and it's rejuvenated itself must get that it will not a city job on. the start up or no heads was founded two years ago in madrid it's been in milan for a year now in the city's booming financial technology district. here his meeting with business partners to present his crowdfunding real estate financing model which gets small scale investors involved in property management and development
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the concept has garnered positive reactions when he meets with italian investors bono says he finds that italy's reputation is worse than the reality on the ground . the last of a daughter can normal but he's the one factor that surprised us. was that italian clients invest more on average than in spain. on the stand so despised the talk of a crisis here at talian families seem to be wealthier than those who don't go out on my joy division was about but that's the view from the city. when it comes to riots or livestock the mood is less optimistic farmer francesco puckett rini is struggling with cheap produce from asia his view of the state of the italian economy and agriculture is far less rosy than in the financial center milan. because we struggle with high wages in italy and in addition we have
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a bloated bureaucracy that we have to obey and that makes our everyday lives very difficult it is one of. those problems have been around for quite some time but now the country's new populist government plans to significantly boost public spending and is set on a collision course with the e.u. put it in general that the politicians are always promising you great thing lies and coming up with great solutions to problems but they're ultimately unrealistic or only partially applicable. because in politics i don't think they'll go too far they're making a lot of noise but just enough to get the people's attention. with over sixty governments since the end of world war two italians are slow to get worked up about new policies most will wait to see what happens next. the german economy shrank for the first time in three and a half years with g.d.p. down zero point two percent in the third quarter
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a big part of the problem has been a bottleneck in car deliveries by german automakers the result of new more rigorous e.u. emissions rules which force them to cut back production in the summer but there are other political issues. global trade disputes are threatening the bottom lines of german companies. companies feel a growing uncertainty this is related to brag that this is related to the trade conflict with the us and to the italian situation which may lead us into a financial crisis possibly so there is growing uncertainty of the economy is cooling down but we are not falling into recession i think that would be exaggerated analysts still believe the german economy will grow this year but the newest figures show that the country's political stability and low unemployment and a weak euro currency don't guarantee a strong economy. the
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devastating wildfires in the u.s. state of california are also proving economically devastating initial estimates put the damage at up to four billion dollars the blazes have destroyed thousands of homes and tens of thousands of hectares of land businesses and industrial facilities have gone up in flames the exact extent of the disaster is still not known as the fires are still raging out of control in some areas. chinese imports and exports are booming despite a drawn out trade conflict with the united states official figures suggest exports last month were up nearly sixteen percent over last year and imports jumped even higher the u.s. has imposed tariffs on half of all chinese goods but this is being offset by a decline in the you want. more money for a i will intelligent logistics system cindy preventing traffic jams computer
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scientists and manufacturers are working on it the german government plans to provide three billion euros by twenty twenty five to boost research in artificial intelligence and make the country illegal in ai technology among other measures it intends to. fund one hundred new professorships to attract international experts to work in germany. but. the future of the automobile sector is aleck trick that message is finally hitting home in germany more and more german carmakers are producing electric models for example vokes wagon has announced a total sales target for all of its brands of three million units per year by twenty twenty five but to meet those goals manufacturers needs huge numbers of battery cells now germany has earmarked a billion euros to help produce them. we want to put our horse power on the road we no longer want to simply finance research and talk about applications we want to
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set a tangible course for battery production on a large scale in europe and that's between in open course much. the idea is to set up a production consortium to reduce the dependence of german carmakers on asian battery suppliers. the name of the owl you and then your it says it all above the clouds that's not meant only metaphorically these groups grow at an altitude of twenty six hundred metres at the foot of the himalayas here the soil is rich and the climate is mild with moderate temperatures only here around the mighty mekong river flows nearby. for generations villagers here grew traditional food crops then the chinese government encouraged them to begin making wine instead operations got off to a slow start until no way in the sea got involved. the french luxury giant was
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impressed by the terawatt and signed a thirty year lease but how do they think connoisseurs will react to a chinese vintage. made in china doesn't deed have negative overtones but in everything we do we do with passion and we do it with the utmost persuasion to make the best wine possible to have the best one possible i believe we are one of the companies that will help raise up the made in china label. making top tier wines requires deep pockets in the sea has brought both technically and expertise to the region while the villagers have put in a lot of sweat pruning and harvesting the three hundred plots. and the collaboration is paying off as one someone he explains. is
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fed by some i assume a bit like a glove customer but it is that it is the this book but most of them did finish the by photos file why the funny thing about this book is full time all them apart said it. is their quest i suppose to buy that on the field most of. the our young label currently produces two thousand cases of wine and here but even the national appetite for wine has maturity in china most of the vineyards production is sold abroad consumption of imported french wines continues to rise in the country but local wine drinkers still have to be convinced to sit made in china vintages.
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we make up over a week watch as of half of the under budget fights we ought to send with some of the same. name want to shape the continent's future shifts to be part of enjoying african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. to seventy seven percent of the platform south africa charging. her first day at school with. her first cleaning lesson and then the shortest grand moment to run a joint hearing a tank on her journey to freedom you know we're an interactive documentary mini dora entering it and returns home. to be in the arena. the issues above is from.
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the beauty of the fleet the british law books the bolingbrook the first place the book the bungalow long long long mislabeling long long long list the book. respects. the book.


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