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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from birth then the leaders of france and germany come together in berlin for germany's day of remembrance president emmanuel french president emmanuel mccraw and german chancellor angela merkel begin that commemoration by laying memorial graves head of a ceremony in pala meant to remember the victims of war and tyranny will have full coverage also coming out. u.s. president donald trump promises of full support to california after seeing the devastation left by wildfires firsthand authorities now say around thirteen hundred
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people are still missing. and bitter certainties argentina the government confirms a submarine the went missing a year ago imploded at sea killing everyone on board the cruise families many questions remain unanswered. and. i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program we start right here in berlin where french president emmanuel mccall is due to speak before the german parliament as germany commemorates civilian and military victims of war and dictatorship a short while ago mccrone joined with german chancellor angela merkel in a race laying ceremony at germany's central memorial later the french president will also consult with merkel on european and international issues. and to. me in the studio now to unpack the day's events is daily as political
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correspondent paid a craven pay to welcome so tell us a little bit about what what today is all about it's a very special day because this is obviously a mano mccraw in berlin speaking to the bundestag on the day of remembrance and germany and france were once very they were arch enemies that was how they viewed it between each other they would call each other hereditary enemies as though the enmity between the two countries and the two peoples was passed down from generation to generation in the postwar period after the second world war germany and france managed to overcome that spirit of enmity and create a spirit of reconciliation between the two countries and i'm sure that a manual mccrone given his first address to the bundestag will talk about that today and will points to the fantastic work that was done between germany and france to create that spirit of friendship after the second world war and he'll be looking to the future for that turned them to create something new france and germany leading the european union for this friday
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a week ago we saw machall in paris side by side with kroll during the commemoration of me through the end of world war one what else can we expect from today's events well it was very touching the meeting between a. chance mr mccraw last week of one she rubbed her forehead up against his cheek and they were silent hand in hand and the real question now is can this turned and as i say between france and germany europe is looking very very frayed at the edges of the moment is facing an awful lot of very very tough challenges not least. populous in europe and the break city is in britain and the question is can the turndown between france and germany give give europe a new direction at this point in time and i'm sure that emmanuel mcroy is going to talk about that today won't call last week echoed micron's call for a european i think we'll hear any more about that today i'm sure we will have to carry a point out of the whole top. about the european army she talked to breakfast in
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a very lukewarm senshi said yes theoretically a very good idea i can go with it and i can see it being created but then she said one day and she she pushed it off a long way into the future that's been the problem between france and germany recently is that the french. mr barch role the president has had very very bold ideas about how he wants to go forward in europe and germany is to be holding back whether we're going to see a change in the mood today beginning today maybe in two or three european army from chunks of america was a hint that you're going to go with friends we'll have to see how that evolves today all right well we look forward to more of that coverage with you later today thank you thank you. and in the run up to today's ceremony five hundred youngsters took part in an international youth of peace summit in berlin germany president frank was presented with a one hundred ideas for peace at the ceremony we'll be bringing you more on today's ceremony in our special coverage live from the german bundestag.
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and turning to the u.s. where president donald trump has visited areas ravaged by california's wildfires firefighters are still trying to contain large parts of the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california history or thirty say at least seventy six people have been confirmed killed and almost thirteen hundred are still unaccounted for. the president was greeted by the smell of smoke while making his way into town or what was left of it the city of paradise once home to twenty seven thousand people was incinerated by the blaze last week. whose initial response was criticized for its unfeeling tone pledged to help with the recovery. see what's happening here. nobody would have ever thought this could happen. so
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the federal government is realize you are all the idea joe there is a rare show of unity between president and the democratic governor of california jerry brown had previously blamed the fires on poor forest management in california but fire experts and the governor argued the effects of climate change have driven the more intense blazes a theory the president didn't want to hear that is they said ok here you know on my machine if i didn't know you know i have a strong opinion of what weight climate going to have that and we're going to have forests that are very safe as we can go through this every year we go through the silly that have safe forests and the thing that's happening as we speak. in the neighboring town of chico residents have taken matters into their own hands by collecting donations to provide essential is for those who have lost everything some of the people here may feel trying to visit gave them hope but many are
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disappointed that the president didn't meet with any of the survivors. i didn't. use. the term sure you're not going to get by but. i think you lean your. shoulder. i mean he was dark blue coming here we believe to make himself look better than what the. president trumped promise to help the people of california and tackle the wildfire problem how exactly he would do this he didn't say. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the u.s. state department says the government has not yet concluded who ordered the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi earlier u.s. media reported the cia had concluded that saudi crown prince mohammed bin selman personally gave the order for the murder. thousands of central american migrants
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have reached the mexican city of tijuana on the u.s. border they plan to apply for asylum in the u.s. city or storage fees say they're unprepared to deal with the number of people expected to arrive in the coming months. a peaceful protest in central athens turned violent on saturday police fired tear gas and stun grenades after demonstrators held petrol bombs and firecrackers the violence came at the end of a demonstration to mark the anniversary of the uprising in one nine hundred seventy three that helped topple greece's military. and in chile thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the capital santiago demanding the legalization of same sex marriage and adoption since twenty fifteen same sex couples have been able to enter a civil union in the predominantly catholic country. didn't take this says it has no mains to raise the wreck of a submarine that went missing a year ago with the forty four crewmembers on board or thor and his have released
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the first images of the sun one which was followed for. nine hundred meters below the surface of the atlantic ocean. water lake cause the german built to implode but exact details of the tragedy remain unclear and some say only a full examination of the hole would provide answers. grieving and angry. the relatives of the missing submariners have spent months putting pressure on the argentinean government to give them more information and tell them what happened to their loved ones. we were sitting at the dining table with my mom when the message from the submarine command force arrived saying that an object that was detected yesterday was that our son one we couldn't believe it we turned on the television and media said it was our son one and you know that they're. still getting. the
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submarine was returning from a routine mission off argentina southernmost tip in november last year it was ordered back to base after reporting an electrical breakdown but the crew was never heard from again or thirty's gave up hope of finding survivors just two weeks later but their relatives didn't. i'm disappointed disappointed because we still thought they had other information we had the illusion they would find the life the hey unfortunately that's it. on thursday argentina marked one year since the sun one went missing the next day the submarine was found. this have been three hundred sixty six very difficult days for all argentineans but especially for the families of the crew members of the submarine some one. oh now
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we are opening a new chapter of investigations to discover the whole truth truth the draft but looking for from day one. for many families this promise holds little hope they might have certainty about what happened to their loved ones now but they are still left wondering why it happened to. british prime minister to resign may says the next seven days in the breaks a process will be critical for britain in an interview she said she wouldn't get her back into a plan to leave the european union until the two sides agree on what their future relationship will be european ministers said to discuss that plan this week but as breakfast begins to take shape many says voted to leave the don't like what they see surveys now suggest a significant number of change their minds. this is one of britain's most year of skeptic communities here just to the east of london seventy percent of people voted
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to leave the many of them were young people after a week of drama at westminster but did the under thirty's think now was the point i believe in it is going to be a lot of hassle we want to break shit we want to europe to set off more of a benefit from levy and. i don't think we want to stop arguing and. young adults have been following the political show in london closely the result is that many are not sure whether leaving the e.u. is the right thing to do after all i was in favor of leaving and went to leave i knew that there would be struggles all of the mess that is going on is has brought me to a point where i almost forget the decision to leave twenty four year old michel in the technology industry he had trusted british politicians to deliver on their promise to secure a good brakes a deal now he has doubts about whether a bet it's possible. do you see how much of the mess that she come into there's no
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structure no one knows where it's going to go there's loads of uncertainty but the moment i feel that we should probably we should stay not far away connelly of the local conservative party is just as unhappy with the draft breaks a deal as mentioned but for her the answer cannot be to stay in the i think the. green men this is rubbish basically it's not what we want it's not what we foti for we didn't vote for a load. in which. they've made a total mess of the and. so we won't we will they are we will now. sue connelly things the young people from food are wrong and doubting they leave out but back in the snooker club mitchell believes that britain's perhaps shouldn't have been asked to vote on the issue in the first place i want to kind of. disease in like this with something as complex as europe has been put in my hands because
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being honest i don't understand it. the prime minister understands it so how are we making the decisions. this is the thing everyone has an opinion but no one knows what should happen now with all of the unfolding uncertainty and chaos young people are not sure that the bracks it game can be won anymore. and just a reminder of the top story we're following for you us president donald trump has visited areas ravaged by california's wildfires firefighters are still trying to contain large parts of the deadliest and most destructive blaze in the state's history authorities say at least seventy six people have been killed and almost thirteen hundred still unaccounted for. you're watching still to come french president emmanuel mccall has joined german chancellor angela merkel for ceremonies commemorating the victims of war and dictatorship stay with you for full coverage as he prepares to speak before germany. comments.
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that coming up in the next fifteen minutes the watching date of the new i'm rebecca rezzes thanks for joining me. from. her first day of school in the. first clinton. and then gore's grand moment to run and join the arena tango on her journey into the room in our interest to turn to toronto and the rain hitting returns home. time for an upgrade. our furniture there grows old boy. coast.


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