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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2018 7:30am-8:01am CET

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it's. history in the everyone's two schools. this is the. cheapest and the. digital africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . this is focus on europe i'm brian thomas welcome to the show we begin this program here in germany where for many the feeling that nationalism can quickly give way to racism has been validated by the ongoing tensions in the eastern city of camps just hours after word spread that a thirty five year old local man had been stabbed to death allegedly by a syrian and iraqi assailant hundreds of right wing radicals took to the streets
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there was the summer the next day thousands and chemists followed suit in an anti migrant rally tensions between migrants and longtime residents arise well one woman who's lived there for seventeen years and whose roots go back to lebanon has been trying to ease some of those tensions but rose sala says the tone has become harsher and the outlook less rosy. it's hard for wallace sally to watch these images but she says she can't turn away now. much has changed in camden since a far right mob marched through the city late august i was this is our city their chances later they went on to attack immigrants and even center left as speedy politicians. will isolate took a stand and called them out i am i.
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have moved to the finish i never thought people could take to the streets and express their hatred so openly often. shouting it out the way they did also whether they be so ready to hurt others under that survey let's then. after i can that's resident was allegedly killed by two asylum seekers far right radicals mobilized against immigrants. was assaulted to a police officer told her to get to safety. i was completely at the side myself the whole situation was so upsetting i was in tears and after it happened i just saw that it was. all a silly is a social worker seventeen years ago she fled from lebanon to germany now she helps young refugees in aggie wa a local outreach association and for many she's become a role model. was ever since these latest racist incidents
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there have also been several demonstrations of solidarity with refugees and migrants living in chemist's the aim is to counter the riots and show the open and peaceful side of candidates was. the mayor. welcomes when they both worry about the fragile social peace in their hometown of. the i me it's easy to write strongest we're seeing that some people in camp. it's fear immigrants and some immigrants fear the people of kemet. on dockets there are lots of discussions on the matter i lead some of them personally. and i've been speaking with muslim women in towns people my always ask what's the problem and where the altar. of. the far right who come in and sneak is led by a man who is under observation by a sex and he's intelligence service. his extreme right wing propaganda stirs up
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patriot for foreigners. job on afraid to go out alone at night i'm scared i'll be attacked or raped by some migrant mission because. we want to show that we are united we are one country coming and also we don't want any criminal foreigners here stab girls or stab other people or rape girl i think it's good to put something ever gets done because everything so expensive he could not but they have enough money for those foreigners that just can't be signed. commits mobilizes about a thousand people every week. oh yes. matty from afghanistan works with were less likely he says the city has to act more decisively before it's too late. i expect the city and the people who live here to be more aware and take more action . or less silly hopes more people will take a stand against coarseness and marginalization but her own experience shows that
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can be dangerous. so i think about ways to stay safe and take precautions to protect myself and. i don't know if that will always do but it's worked so far. for leslie and her friends upbringing refugees and commits residents together to east the fierce on both sides at once that this is my city too i won't be driven out like it was i'll continue to fight against racism and discrimination no matter how things are here in kenya it's developed. and i hope they change for the better . and will continue to follow the developments in cabinets as well as rola solace efforts to build bridges now imagine cities towns and villages without any children or with very few left in croatia in the eastern slavonia region this is increasingly becoming the case young
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people are leaving to work in large cities or abroad like the family in our next story in the village of book anson ella leaves to join her father abroad. it's always a cause for celebration when grandma in the delta makes peta's. she makes rolling out the dough looks so easy. and and her sister ana have watched her do it hundreds of times but they're still fascinated. and the taste perfect for any festivity only they haven't got much to celebrate and to no one knows she'll soon have to do without grandma's peaches she and her siblings are moving with their mother to germany to join her father. far away from croatia in the small farm enough alongst to antenna his grandparents they barely get by after their sons all went abroad to
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find work putting antonella's father stefan antonella misses him more and more her mother marianna is ready to leave home even though she hates to go. and then when he stays in you're going to nothing's worse than leaving your family your parents your brothers and sisters you might only see them once or twice a year that's really hard but i will adapt to life in another country so that my own family can stay together so. that. when antonella goes to school in the morning she walks through the village of book on days like this it looks like a wonderful place to live it's. on the main street she meets a few of her classmates and they walk the rest of the way to school together. there
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are twenty three pupils here for classes but the student population shrinks more and more each year. director of voyeur gullit she looks after schools in the entire region is very worried supports that are to be put nice that when i started fifteen years ago we had about fourteen hundred pupils now there are only seven hundred fifty six this is not a number of children has fallen significantly not just in our schools but across lavanya all of. she told us lower. people are moving away in droves in the neighboring village of the effects are all too clear just for pupils attend school here today one is ill and had to stay home for the first time ever there are no first graders. this school year is a turning point for us because it's the first time we've had fewer than five few poles but the authorities won't close the school on you. would you. on the contrary they're renovating it why go to the effort for
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a school with just two teachers and four students walking she made when there's a school there's life children walk through the village and suddenly everything looks different that's our attitude and that's why we're renovating all this. schools i'm a wolf in the sea for this new school. but for home more than half the houses along this road are empty. and many are falling apart. the only person we meet is an old man over ninety. he says that he and his neighbor are the only two left living on his side of the street. but when i was young i brought old people far would cut their grass or drove their tractor. but here there is no one left to help me no one. in book the situation isn't as bad yet but marianna spent a long time looking for work in vain and she's not the only one. of the three
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quarts of families in these three houses all moved away to germany. croatia's economy has been struggling for years and wages are low young and well educated workers are the ones leaving and they're taking their families with them. the remaining firms struggle to find skilled workers. marianna's husband stefan used to work here until he found a better paying job in germany company director step on front it's often thinks about closing for good. in our region where we work and invest with you know the biggest problem is finding qualified people with so that we would use them that's not likely to change the cool you speak to a school so. step on calls his family every night. antonella has been waiting anxiously. but it's still strange to only get to talk to her father via videos just
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. how are you. you're doing well yeah that's good anything else. now nothing will folly the children miss their father as they often cry especially at night when they're used to him being there and want to cuddle him. sagal that's why we want to join him we've been apart for three years and i think that's quite enough. antonella is ready to leave it all behind her grandma and grandpa and her village which will soon be another family poorer. the spanish love their traditions like bullfighting and hunting rabbits with dull goes a spanish type of greyhound that traces its lineage back to aristocratic households
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in the ninth century today dog goes hunting is a popular sport in breeding them can be highly profitable but the pressure to breed and to own fast and young house means that every year tens of thousands of them are being abandoned or killed. these spanish greyhounds are known as gull goes today they're showing off their hunting talents and their keepers have taken them to a field outside of madrid. hairs startled and bolts the battle begins to go go's are set loose and chase it at speeds of up to seventy kilometers per hour the gull though that catches and kills the hare wins you know many here got the taste for this kind of hunting from their fathers and grandfathers. isn't a part of this not that i did it just bored it's tradition and passion but we invest a lot of time in these dogs one of the
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a lot of work and money often at the cost of our families. the hair is dead. navaho is proud of his winning goal chola is to the half years old a perfect age for hunting older dogs aren't quick enough to win the race to their prey. this cargo is older he was abandoned animal welfare activists found him and are now taking him to a shelter in santa rubio says this is just one of many cases of algos being abandoned when they're no longer fit for hunting. one get out there right. in up the road as soon as the hunting season begins the number of stray galdos on the streets or in empty buildings like in this case shoots up massively common is that arson in the dogs are tried out and if they're no longer fast enough they're just cast aside but again not broken you know if that's got done. this
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shelter is taking care of eighty gull goes at the moment most of them are quite old duffield sudol says the situation is intolerable he campaigns against hunting with goggles and against a breeding but only gives the youngest and fittest a chance. so i wanted some terrorists in how people treat animals in this country it was something that people abroad who only got to go and they told me it had been abandoned in spain and it's a disgrace that be. i would do that in atlanta so i'm gonna so on that i'm going to go see is not what. hunting hares with dogs is banned almost everywhere in the e.u. but not in spain here the tradition is well and alive and. is proud of that he had to recognize ation that defends this kind of hunting with greyhounds it's not on main got to lie going around in europe goggles are treated well in spain.
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you've just got so many animal rights activists against us if you understand it all just a huge misunderstanding but it'll never. say content would disagree he's already rescued many goggles from the streets he estimates that some fifty thousand are neglected abandoned or killed each year. the dark side of the herald a tradition and a business. for america. a good god go fetch is a pretty some there's always someone who will spend a lot of money on it there are people who do nothing but goes to sell them. it's a lucrative but often cruel business jose cantera has taken many photos of mistreated gallegos. but it's hard to find the perpetrators.
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this dog's throat was slit open to remove the microchip and planted there that where the owner can't be identified he just hung the dog from a tree and on that was that. no is a passionate hunter but he can still understand why pictures like these are harming the image of this much loved tradition. he says that he would never do something like that and thinks it's a shame that some gal go owners give hunting a bad name. brainy got going to speak for myself as a mother is eleven years old. and she'll stay with me till she dies i don't know me or have back and what i thought i'd only go so loud can also count on staying with her keeper until she dies. meanwhile the hunt goes on but this time the hair gets away. good for the hair but not for the galdos the less success they have the slimmer their own chances of survival.
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water is an increasingly precious resource here too in the town of us on cape in the southeast of turkey and the consequences can be dire this ancient village is now threatened with destruction that's because in an effort to harness the tigris and euphrates rivers the massive elusive down project is set to plunge haasan cave deep beneath the waters or ever neighboring iraq is sharply criticized the project that country receives about seventy percent of its water from across the border from turkey that gives the government in ankara immense leverage over its neighbor as well as over the inhabitants of awesome cave like farah are. as he does every day for wanders through the garden of his small guest house husband or a magnificent garden people staying here can enjoy the town and his home grown fruits and vegetables. but not for much longer. a government dam project is
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set to flood the entire area a move you know the zen they don't think about how they'll be changing our lives and our cultural heritage. but that's what concerns us most losing our culture and that's what we're afraid of today was a private but the. front our guest houses in the ancient town of house and cave over twelve thousand years ago it was one of the first human settlements on the banks of the tigris soon it will be history. the elites who dam is said to be completed soon sixty kilometers southeast of here planned as early as the one nine hundred fifty s. as part of a development project for turkey's largely kurdish southeastern region its purpose is to produce hydroelectric power. the project was highly controversial from the beginning. local residents
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like mariah taken have been trying to stop it. jani. the government says it will generate electricity. but what can be gained by flooding a place like hossam cave in that this dam will produce just one percent of the energy turkey needs them it will be and as you will. about fifty thousand people will lose their homes to the dan the government is resettling some of them in a new town. some of the historical monuments are also being relocated. throughout are going is on his way to the new town he's bought a plot of land for a new hotel. he didn't realize i'm going to dig up everything here and take the soil with me that's the only way anything will grow here it's like container gardening as far as i can. shop owners in the old town center will also have to
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start from scratch crossing case is a popular day trip destination for tourists. merchants like murat i hunt fear for their livelihoods. it. was so. full of evidence they paid us far too little compensation for they tell us we can buy new shops in the new town and pay them off in installments but how they're going to work for us there but i live in the city. but fred says the worst thing is the uncertainty about when the flooding will begin he says the government has been announcing for years that it would start soon it's disheartening. a hollow show on the. we know the day will come in the houses in the new town are ready and soon lots will be drawn for who gets which once again but i still hope awesome cape won't be flooded. and i live with that hope you flatten the whole new balloon. and all the
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arabic poem from the region says these treasures show that we have existed if they are lost the memory of their creators will also disappear. house in caves residents fear that this age old saying could prove true. in brussels and london the political wrangling over bracks that is set to end less than five months from now well as that day approaches millions of britons are preparing for a post you future and that includes well sheep farmers but the shepherds have long grown accustomed to e.u. subsidies so are men like brian davies truly ready for the moment the checks stop coming in in just a few months as find out. their favorite places and favorite grandchildren classman morgan is happy here high up over wales in the brecon beacons. there's nothing to spoil the view sheep punchy side and more sheep as
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far as the eye can see. the sheep farmer says you can see very clearly here and for him there's no doubt brags that it's incredibly stupid. it's best not to raise the raise the topic because if i find that they were bricks it. i told him so while you were your usual stupid. you told think for the future. a future without money from brussels in wales in particular it's a major source of income almost all the mountain farmers here depend on subsidies to get this right is absolutely essential people here work hard and they're experts brian davies isn't worried about greg's it on the contrary. here he's grooming one of his rylan sheep he's clearly proud of his magnificent flock their wool is
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beautiful the need to see purple he doesn't think europeans will want to do without them. they'd really don't want to lose us on. the injection of money that's put in true into europe from this country is far superior to what we get out. and i think they're going to miss this this is why you're. the deal is taken so long. two years ago a majority of those in brecon who took part in the referendum voted leave although nearly all of them depend on farming and with it money use subsidies. the grooming session was well worth it bryan and his sheep rylan so are all spruced up and look like prize winners sheep are important in wales and not just for the farmers it's worth noting that most of the animals from here end up in europe especially in french cuisine.
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that. is the. it's easier to sing about the bright side of life than to live it but music makes people happy it's the life blood of these former welsh coal miners the mines have long been closed and their jobs are gone but the choir remained so did the frustration of being left behind by london punished was the e.u. the side yeah. being on the bright side it months ago but brick said no not really i don't know it's when i go to see my brother chaos what what i find is marg is this area could record a deprived area we get more european subsidies much more than the rest of the country i'm going to cost us a fortune the people in this area i think they were much going to cost us they would never voted so ok a show of hands. would be
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a vote leave now still here. and the other ones still remain. so something changed was injured. in the valleys of the brecon beacons despite growing uncertainty we found little change in the mood and hardly any appetite for a second referendum but then wells has always marched to the beat of its own drum. european anthem. well that's all for this edition of focus on europe if you'd like to see any of our reports again just go to our own page on your dot com or is that our facebook page you know if you've got stories i'm brian fondness for the entire team thanks so much for being with us and see you again next.
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to. the bottom tell us about the society by its garbage. gets worthless for the rich but for many people it offers their only chance of survival thanks to our reporters travel to nairobi as new york and meet people of the true value post garbage. the rich the behind the trash audience thirty minutes d.w. . more.
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this is deja vu news live from the leaders of hong kong's pro-democracy movements go on trial. they're charged in connection with their roles in the protests across the city to a standstill in two thousand and fourteen one of the defendants tells you he will continue to fight even if it means going to prison. this is a time to be friend also good friend all of the existing freedom of our project. also coming out.


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