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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2018 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the leaders of hong kong's pro-democracy movements go on trial. they're charged in connection with their roles in the protests across the city to a standstill in two thousand and fourteen one of the defendants tells d.w. he will continue to fight even if it means going to prison. a. good time to be friend also a good neighbor and all of assisting freedom and our project. also coming up the british prime minister theresa may says break the talks with the e.u.
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over the next seven days will be critical but with hardliners already rejecting what you may have negotiated so far is there any chance of the two sides reaching an agreement. and in tennis the new kid on the court twenty one year old alexander set out when say a.t.p. finals for the first time defeating world number one novak djokovic we bring you the best moments from a dramatic match. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us in hong kong three leading pro-democracy campaigners have gone on trial they have pleaded not guilty to public nuisance charges after sparking some of the biggest demonstrations in the city's recent history more than one hundred demonstrators rallied outside court to voice support for the leaders of the two thousand and fourteen movement demanding political reform in the face of increasingly assertive chinese rule it was dubbed
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the umbrella movement because protesters used to shield themselves from tear gas. now the trial could see some of the semi-autonomous city's best known campaigners jailed for up to seven years did he spoke to one of the activists ahead of the trial. john king mon keeps running while he still has the chance he took up the sport when it became clear that he was due to stand trial the social professor and activist faces three counts of what authorities call inciting public nuisance i feel it's my priority now to do on that i then it is important to to my cell and my fellow support to up. why i guess this is the important thing a good spirits when we are facing the trial. he expects to be sentenced to seven years in jail john is considered one of the masterminds of the umbrella protests of
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twenty fourteen. the umbrellas are a symbol for passive resistance to the hong kong police during a seventy nine day sit in demanding freer elections. however the protests failed since then the political sands have shifted in the city. the government is now taking more action against unwelcome views. human rights groups call it a campaign of intimidation by the chinese authorities. and they're sending a clear signal that the. that the space for civil society to raise sensitive questions about hong kong's future in hong kong is is. shrinking the public prosecutor's office refused to speak to doit chevelle about chance upcoming trial. john himself is pessimistic. more protest events have been canceled and
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a foreign journalist has also been expelled i don't see any of this in the near future that we could get democracy this is the time to be friends i'll sell to defend our existing freedom and our rights and we need to strengthen our civil society. john king minix specs to be convicted but for now he runs while he's still free. let's go right to hong kong where our correspondent mathias building is standing by for us him at yes good to see you so as we had the protest leaders are facing seven years in jail for inciting public nuisance tell us what this charge is all about well it is the law that is applied here is the law from the kolo new era that was designed to crush dissent and now new hong kong's new power is using this law it is quite
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unprecedented and the construction of the prosecution is using here is quite unusual there is even one term that is used it's incitement to incite public monies and so this is kind of a very weak construction and it is widely seen as an attempt to intimidate protesters to intimidate civil society from protesting against hong kong's political situation and a serious charge there facing up to seven years in jail as we said mathias we heard that the political landscape has shifted since two thousand and fourteen has there also been a wider crackdown on dissent in the run up to this trial. yes especially the past two months the hong kong government and beijing have made very clear that they are not going to accept some. opinions that have been voiced in hong kong civil society and they have been trying to draw very
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clear red lines an exhibition of a caricaturist criticizing china had to be cancelled due to worries about security and in august there was a discussion was one of the of the advocates of the hong kong independence now this is a very clear red line for beijing beijing to try to lobby for canceling this discussion this discussion was held by the foreign correspondents club as a result the head of the foreign correspondents club to join a list from the u.k. . was denied his visa so hong kong is being more strict on opinions that it is not that it does not want to tolerate anymore when tears this trial goes at the very heart of hong kong status as one country two systems agreement they have a china that guarantees hong kong freedom of speech is china still honoring that agreement china is eroding that equipment's
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agreement step by step has had it has never been cancelled hong kong. d. euro is is still indeed in the. administration is still independent from china's administration but china has been interfering more and more through interviews in newspapers by the beijing's representatives in hong kong through lobbying through the beijing loyal hong kong government and it is making clear that the de facto independence of a lot of institutions in hong kong has a limit and beijing decides where this limit is all right good it is that much a spelling of thank you very much. let's catch up now on some other stories making news around the world yemen's who the rebels have said they will hold to drone and missile attacks on the saudi led military coalition if the saudis and their allies also agree to a cease fire tens of thousands of you many's have died from violence disease and
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starvation since fighting broke out twenty fifteen. protesters have rallied in the mexican border city of tijuana against the arrival of thousands of migrants from central america the demonstrators call the migrants caravan an invasion of their country they also voiced concerns that mexico will have to support the new arrivals for months as they were to apply for asylum in the united states. u.s. president donald trump says he has been fully briefed on an audio recording of journalist jamal khashoggi murder bucks on fox news trump said he would not listen to the recording because it was a quote very violent very vicious and terrible recording saudi writer jamal khashoggi was killed and his country's consulate in istanbul. and on manned russian cargo vessel has successfully a dock with the international space station carrying fuel water and oxygen it is the first delivery to the i assess since the aborted launch of a manned flight last month another mission carrying
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a crew of three is planned for early december. britain and the e.u. are facing what could be a gain changing few days over brags that last week they announce a draft withdrawal deal this week they will be scrambling to finalize a declaration on their future relationship british prime minister theresa may is facing opposition from hardliners at home but she has urged them to rally around her saying that the future of the nation is at stake. these next seven days are going to be critical they are about the future of this country it's about people's jobs about their livelihoods it's about the future for their children and grandchildren the change of leadership at this point isn't going to make the negotiations uneasy and it's not going to change the parliamentary arithmetic what it will do what it will do is bring in a degree of uncertainty that's uncertainty of people and their jobs what it will do is mean that is a risk that actually we delay the negotiations and that's a risk that wrecks it gets delayed or frustrated i'm clear people voted for us to
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leave we will leave or will leave on the twenty ninth of march two thousand and nineteen all right let's get the latest on our story now with our correspondents on the ground there gary mattis is in brussels and barbara vessel is in london good morning to you both good to see you both barbara let's start with you we heard the prime minister there say the rebels in our party ousting me will not help bragg's it but that's not really stopping her opponents from plotting is that. i mean what reason may is trying to do is sort of really ramming in the message that it is either me or it is chaos that it means no deal breaks it or it is no breaks that threat she tries to keep her or her enemies at bay who are within the tory parties and which are her worst opponent that's the hard right group of bricks it to use who say this is a you know this is a vassal state arrangement boris johnson has been writing again this morning in the
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telegraph and saying we are bowing our next to the dictate of the european union dramatic language there so they are not stopping with as they are carrying on with their constant attacks against the prime minister if you look at the newspapers this morning we see the independent here they show nine contenders for to reason may's office starting with boris johnson and the exploits of minister david davis and so on and so forth it seems pretty much everybody in westminster thinks he could be a better prime minister than to reason may already garrick let's come to you in brussels now the british prime minister says these next seven days of negotiations with the e.u. will be critical but is that you really willing to renegotiate anything at this point. look i mean there are two parts of this agreement there is one part which is the divorce part of the agreement and there's the future part of much smaller part but legally non-binding part one has to say but it looks towards the future
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economic relationship that the e.u. could have that is something that over the weekend negotiators from both sides here in brussels have been working on that is something that today the e.u. ministers who are concerned with european affairs in brussels will talk about that is something where there is some wiggle room to make some more compromises to write some stuff in that could help to reset may get this deal through as with regards to that withdrawal part this nobody no side will will actually want to touch her we heard it there from garrick there are some questions about what could be renegotiated and there are parliamentarians cabinet ministers there in london who want to resign may to try to renegotiate disagreement is she in any mood to take on board their concerns. she needs to pretend to take on board their court serious but only up to a certain point even she has made it clear that there was draw agreement the divorce agreement so to say cannot be open to again and there was
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a senior politician in germany last night who said no way we're not going to touch it this is finished and more or less he insinuated we're fed up with this what she can get is sort of some warm words in the. declaration for the future economic relationship and what she wants is some reassurance for instance the backstop for northern ireland we think will never really come into play stuff like that and plus she wants more warm words on how close and how wonderful and how absolutely frictionless this future economic relationship will be now there from for a bit the europeans can sort of give her some of that but on the other hand we always have to keep in mind this declaration is not binding it is just a piece of paper and it's just a show of goodwill on the side from the european from the side of the europeans so whether that will be enough to keep her her attackers in london happy i have my
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doubts all right barbara visa for us in london and care of martis in brussels thank you both. in tennis germany alexander has stunned world number one novak djokovic to win the season ending a.t.p. finals in london djokovic was a favorite and had dropped a set in the entire tournaments before sunday's final but he was no match for setter who became the first german to win the prestigious tournament since boris becker in one thousand nine hundred five. alexander serve was high on confidence and it showed in the opening stages thanks after breaking novak djokovic. sealed a six four victory in the all important first set. i first said they were he turned on the style in the second set with a delightful array of shots. with saving his
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best for last. with. with number leaving evidence obviously big shot of that other one on first of all i want to congratulate your book going to great week again and not only this week but you know how you play the second of this year we maybe never seen it before i mean you barely lost a match i'm actually very thankful you lost one to me today you know. the undoubted highlights of sarah's fledgling career but one he may eclipse in twenty nineteen i football now in germany have been relegated from the top division of the nations leg but there's still a lot of stake in tonight's match against the now that netherlands and the dutch can qualify for the final four while germany coach rocking love needs a strong performance from his team as he aims to show the world a revival is on the horizon temperatures have plummeted in germany but can live is
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hoping to reignite the fire in his team after a disastrous year a convincing win over the netherlands would help germany get back on track see ya vonn sheer it was a difficult year there were a lot of disappointments and toys shown behalf that the year got off to a poor start with defeats to brazil and then austria team management were also criticised for the way they dealt with me as a controversial meeting with turkish president red chips i pad on and then came the embarrassing first round exit at the world cup. the germany coach also faced criticism for being too slow to implement change. it's important to learn lessons from years like this and then take action what can be done better and what are the solutions to. this is what the future could look like leroy's said a union brand. and says. players born in one thousand nine hundred five or ninety
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six you're sure a commission is the same age and has already played for germany thirty seven times . mine and. it's my goal to improve and take responsibility. the coach doesn't come to me and ask for advice. he has a lot more experience than i do wish lived in magazine. thomas miller also has more experience he's one of only half a dozen world cup winners left in the squad he's on the verge of his hundredth appearance for germany. because. players said they were taught and needed a break but thomas miller is always here and gives everything for the team he's almost played one hundred games in a row he deserves a lot of respect and if he plays against the netherlands they will get a beer from a after the game and sold invites. it's not exactly champagne but nobody expects that after the year that germany have had.
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now its world to toilet day and the un says more than half the world's population doesn't have access to a safe toilet the situation is especially bad in nigeria where the president has declared a state of emergency over the situation some people are cashing in on the crisis he is actually increased reports. you can see them everywhere in lagos people relieving themselves outdoors in the open one of every four nigerians has no access to a proper toilet. it's been sued the courts force what you do if you go to the. extremes ourselves. by the way they release themselves is disturbing to those of us living here because out in the open everyone can see them the government should at least build a cover so we can see them. fight. it's
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very difficult for us we have to go to the river to some woman who inside the brackets and then poured into the river it's not good. twenty million people live in this overcrowded mega city bad hygiene and the lack of sufficient toilets and danger in people's health in the poorer districts ironically more people have access to mobile phones than toilets these kind of warnings can be found all over lagos yet many people are ignoring it because there's no alternatives but the lack of toilets is also an opportunity for some business people near a bus station jeremiah jerry installed some porta potties now he makes about thirty euros a day number one costs ten cents number two will cost you twenty five cents is a good business because. you where you came here you want to use your safe you want to drain it in you to receive you from. disagrees you really need to say my j.c.
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something to most of the time you see them are sad really see geez you're just you're killing me you're slave to ease myself you know that message for imagine more if you begin to feel it gradually gradually you really you can't dismiss this is where jarius toilets are produced one reckon while this company is the only one in nigeria that will smoke by the toilets it employs thirty one people and business is booming with a population of almost two hundred. million nigeria provides a huge market for its product still troubled by the current situation and says the government alone is not to blame we need to begin to change the mentality of people because even. people know that if. it's going to do that it. doesn't and it's.
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just. measures to stop. the governments did scrape an emergency plan but up until now almost nothing has changed the toilet crisis in lagos obviously remains a problem that needs an argentine solution. monikers here now with the latest in the standoff monic between rome and brussels yeah this could be an interesting week may because this week on wednesday we expect the response coming from brussels to italy wanting to raise stats again italy's response of the weekend was quote we are ready to make major cuts on wasteful spending that is what his deputy prime minister luigi my you told daily created the last saturday in an interview over the weekend signaling that rome might be ready
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for a dialogue with the european commission over its costly budget plan now brussels had earlier rejected the budget saying more dead would put the stability of the eurozone into jeopardy. the italian government is holding its course but on the streets of rome people are nervous now that the ball is in the e.u.'s court many italians fear that brussels will have to crack down on the italian government to maintain credibility. i think that this almost personal war against europe will not enable us to free ourselves from the disadvantages we experience and will not help us enjoy the advantages of belonging to the e.u. . i feel uneasy very much so because we are in a very difficult situation and the people who represent us don't seem to understand the reality of the country my greatest fear is for the young people. over
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what. i know that our financial situation has never been great i'm worried about the clash between italy and the e.u. i hope it will be solved in the best possible way. your mother will see even more. brussels could impose billions in fines on rome but italy's vice premier matteo salvini has stated that reprisals would do more harm to the e.u. italy at the end of the day so the crisis continues to escalate. for us for some italian perspective now let's cross over to iraq in a car sally a multimedia journalist based in rome good to have you with us i mean how worried are italians about the possible consequences of italy's controversial budget proposal. well money actually many economists as well as a physician pull the titians are warning about the dangers of this proposal and they say that it will be sally and so will bear the brunt of brussels possible fines and anger but let's remember that
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a majority still sticks by the two governing party five star movement and of the from the far right and this budget is quite so high because the two main electoral promises of these two parties which where a minimum income for the unemployed as well as tax cuts and reform to the pension age are on the budget and this are stings that actually a majority of italians are looking forward to and they are still willing to stick to what the leaders are saying and they're saying they want to spend this money on italians will of course they made it's a very attractive to have a bit more public spending on welfare and so forth but it comes at a prize in italian banks hold a substantial amount of italian sovereign debt already do people feel that their financial system will actually survive a possible new crisis. well actually many talents would say would almost
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laugh at the idea of a new crisis because they feel they haven't been out of a crisis at all let's remember there are some high numbers over thirty percent unemployment. rate for the use and those numbers are even higher in the south and them on women so yes as you were hearing there are many voters and many talents who are worried about things getting wars but for many the crisis just never ended right now in our report of course we had various people there speaking to us on the streets of rome and one even mentioned a war against europe given that italy is actually one of the founding members of the european union how far removed from the. well you know the leaders are definitely the political leaders are definitely using. do you politically you know if you're saying we're going to put italians first you know
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the european union is cramping you know our will to go ahead with our spending and many talents will tell you that they feel that the crisis started when it's all you joined the e.u. that's of course not something that economists. buy as a theory but i think that. is something that both salvini and the my you will play politically and the fifty you were to impose fines it could do you could become an easy scapegoat. even get worse than in any case a lady journalist based in rome for us thank you so much. the french government is standing its ground despite massive protests will continue raising taxes on gasoline and diesel on french television prime minister. defended the tax hike as an environmental protection the protests called. or yellow vests
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continued on sunday demonstrators blocked streets and crossings at many locations one woman died and more than four hundred people were injured almost half a million protesters took power. and his children minder of the top story before entry. leaders of hong kong's pro democracy movement have gone on trial for their roles in the twenty forty nine brenna protests the nine defendants pleaded not guilty to charges including incitement and conspiracy to commit a company needs to. be watching t.v. news life from the name more coming up the top of the hour thanks michel. cut cut cut cut cut cut.
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cut. cut. cut cut cut. cut. cut cut. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. it's worthless for the rich but for many people it offers their only chance of survival. our reporters travel to nairobi more and meet people who the true value of garbage. the rich the poor and the trash . d.w. .
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where the real talent resides. i come from there lots of people in fact know them a bit in the future but not just democracy that's one reason i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the television the book is right here in the name after the for the fun one and i remember thinking at the time if the barley in broken forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for a cause. but i do the news i often confront sticker situations more conflicts mean discuss downs. i see the spot my job to confront was media's on policies and development to put the spotlight and issues that matter most things up to security
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of precious martian isolation. a notch has been achieved but so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be at the top of solutions my name is a massage and i work at g.w. . and in the zero. one zero zero zero zero zero plan to. do little more not give commuters. up and live someone is getting richer and there are someone below him boys and me with needs duke why don't the rich people help those who are suffering in poverty my software on my work local walk. me to.


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