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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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exactly everything in my name is the name too and i work at you. this is you know we use live from berlin shock arrest towering in the sun executive carlos gone is arrested in japan the man who has turned this sounds fortunes around now stands accused of underreporting millions of dollars of income and misusing company money also coming up. risking jail for freedom pro-democracy leaders go on
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trial in hong kong charge for their worlds and the umbrella protests that defied china and brought the city to a standstill back in two thousand and fourteen. and in tennis the new kid on the court twenty one year old german alexander does verify that he's won the a.t.p. finals for the first time beating world number one novak djokovic we bring you the highlights from a dramatic match. the heart thank you so much for your company everyone where we start this broadcast with unfolding developments in japan or innocent boss karl is gone has been arrested all this after an internal investigation found he under-reported his income by millions of dollars and engaged in what the company called other significant misconduct while in this on c.e.o. he wrote to us a car wash. says he's called
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a board meeting for thursday to approve gods dismissal as chairman of the company carl is gone is credited with leading a dramatic turnaround at nissen over the last two decades rescuing it from near bankruptcy i will look at the his stunning fall from grace. carlos ghosn is regarded as one of the most docile and manages in the automotive business after all he has the partnership of red mitsubishi amnesty on and his belt . but he's been under investigation for months now. the japanese comicon isaan says an internal investigation shows going under reported his income for several years. gone is also said to have used company money privately. board of directors now needs to decide whether it will dismiss him as the head of the japanese comic. according to the japanese newspaper asahi gun is cooperating with authorities and
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has already been questioned he was arrested on monday. has been called look cost killer since his time at the top of rent and some credit him with bringing. home the great success to give is high losses and debts. well the news of the arrest of the iconic nissen chairman a car has gone has sent shock waves through the automotive world and rattled investors and my colleague susan bradley is here covering the unfolding developments in this story stunning fall from grace stephen talk to us about the man this man's name is synonymous with an aside and also would were know and many ways as well just how big of a personality is the right will give you an idea in japan there's actually a manga comic that deals with him he's a character among a comic so he's achieved sort of this legendary status where he's entered pop culture status as well he's known as sort of a manager's manager this is a guy who was born in brazil speaks five languages fluently is said in those in
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japanese as well so really a global sort of capitalist figure of success like the turner no one thousand nine hundred ninety nine who was there and then he goes to nissan which had just formed a partnership with renault and both of them had things that they needed from the other nissan had a pile of renault had a market or nissan needed renault needed market access that nissan had to the u.s. for example they has with these complimentary things but nissan was in terrible shape it was bleeding money it has for these old archaic business practices a lot of them which were linked to japanese business practices which he came in and ruffled a lot of feathers and said we're going to slash this we're going to cut this we're going to change a lot of this practice and in three years he brought them to profitability again not to while facing criticism for being the outsider but that's how he achieved this sort of legendary status which very few executives have ok now let's talk about these allegations what is the exactly being accused at this moment so from the press conference now that he's being accused of three things one of them is
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misusing company funds another is misusing investment funds. we're with a company and then the other which you're hearing a lot about here is that he was under reporting his salary to basically to financial officials within japan and what we're hearing so far is that the miss report amounts raised it goes up to about forty four million dollars so he earns a compensation eighty eight million dollars over a five year span according to these early reports and he only reported forty four million dollars of that now exactly how one does that and exactly the details of the other charges we don't know yet know. why would you do what you can so much money i mean we don't need her allegations that evidently but i'm just wondering is there more to it than meets the eye i mean obviously we're going to have the details and see what comes out of this but you know going is really known again he's a manager's manager i mean what he did in nissan is studied in business schools around the world for the turnaround that he. did there and you know as someone who has the principles that he has what it says that
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a manager should be judged based on what he accomplishes everything that he conscious he believes i'm not going to i would say that it's likely that managers these positions to believe they need to be compensated appropriately for it at the same time there's also been a lot of controversy around his compensation we've known that this is been an issue with him for years and that he thinks he isn't being competent enough and that in two thousand and sixteen shareholders actually voted down his compensation and then he took a pay cut earlier this year in return for staying on another four years so this is been something that's been going back and forth between nissan shareholders and carlos going for some time again we won't speculate why he decided to do it but i mean this is someone who sees success as the marker of how one should be compensated or not right i want to talk about succession as well we're going to have to leave that for the next while it's in the steven pressley thank you so much for shedding light on this developing story for us well next up we are going to have to hong kong where the trial has started against the leaders of large scale pro-democracy protests if convicted they face seven years in prison more than one
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hundred democracy activists gathered. outside court to show their support for the defendants carrying the umbrellas identified with the protesters all four years ago you may recall tens of thousands took to the streets for nearly three months to protest against interference by china in hong kong's elections all of the defendants have pleaded not guilty the trial is scheduled to last for about three weeks and we met with one of the activists before he went to court. john king mon keeps running while he still has the chance he took up the sport when it became clear that he was due to stand trial the social professor and activist faces three counts of what authorities call inciting public nuisance i think it is my priority nod to do i mean i think it is important to to my cell and my fellow support to up . why i guess this is the important to a main thing
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a good spirits when we are facing the tile. he expects to be sentenced to seven years in jail john is considered one of the masterminds of the umbrella protests of twenty fourteen the umbrellas are a symbol for passive resistance to the hong kong police during a seventy nine day sit in demanding free or elections. however the protests failed since then the political sands have shifted in the city the government is now taking more action against unwelcome views. human rights groups call it a campaign of intimidation by the chinese authorities. and they're sending a clear signal that the. that the space for civil society to raise sensitive questions about hong kong's future in hong kong is
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is. shrinking. the public prosecutor's office refused to speak to doj chevelle about chance upcoming trial. john himself is pessimistic more protest events have been canceled and a foreign journalist has also been expelled i don't see any of these in the near future that would could get democracy this is the time to be fair and also to defend our existing freedom and rights and we need to strengthen our civil society . john kinman expects to be convicted but for now he runs while he's still free. but just for how long we have joshua along with us now he's the secretary general of the democratic opposition party joshua was one of the leaders of the so-called umbrella revolution back in twenty fourteen of very warm welcome joshua thanks for joining us you were jailed last year for your role in the occupy central
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a movement nine other people are currently facing charges of causing a public nuisance but the case is about more than that. yes we just are aware on how they just create a shortage of banks and hong kong even wrote in human rights and human rights and especially i'm the one who are in jail last year and nine anytus might face trial for more than a month and will face their verdict and jerry sanders almost a year and we guess it will announce on next year january factory so is just showed beijing is specially at present she just had a hot line approach towards hong kong was that fall for you election and human rights. now mr wang the occupy central movement brought central hong kong's are set on confine anshul district to a standstill for months back in two thousand and fourteen but beijing didn't really
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change its policies and i just wonder you know looking back of course it's hindsight is twenty twenty but do you feel that your action and this court case are really worth it specifically when you're not really changing anything it seems. as a political prisoners are in the regret at all and i feel if my teammates were denying the latest death of facing trial they also have no regret at all especially we realize that knowledge china's government is the largest before retiring region in the world and with it shot carla all practicing to try these imperatives so what we hope is the luck of the aware that we would not step backwards and we will not. is silence especially under pressure any and even if there is off a.j. we have mobilized more than one hundred thousand people occupy on the street for seventy nine days and twenty four ten and in the future even c.p.m. will play a hot light was due to us we still recognize the importance will continue in this
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long term battle and do it they will get back to moxie so mr wrong i mean you know considering what you've experienced and where you stand right now hong kong and china have a one country two systems agreement guaranteeing of course that hong kong has freedom of speech do you feel that china is still honoring that agreement. i believe trying there really on or on the one country two systems because this in this principle already erodes to be one country one and a half system and when we recognize the system a whole call and a cause it was an all my home tongue is come from the international treaty signed by will pay and try to government even that showed pretty soon the old prince has drawn decoration i believe international committee must keep bites keep their eyes in hong kong to a view on what's going on in this international financial center. josh long
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a secretary general of the democratic opposition party of talking to us from hong kong thank you sir and here. all right let's bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. british prime minister theresa may has been making the case for her braids that were drawl agreement to a conference of business leaders she told she told them that the deal allow skills not nationality to drive immigration policy. that negotiating we should ban you says the remaining twenty seven e.u. member states believe the draft agreement is quote workable. eighteen saudi citizens are to be banned from entering europe's schengen zone because of their suspected involvement in the killing of journalist to my show he german foreign minister heikal ma said berlin issued the ban after consultation with france and the u.k.
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saying there were still more questions than answers about the case. and said as germany's alexander's very has stunned the world number one novak djokovic to win the season ending a.t.p. finals in london and talk of it was the favorite in and dropped a set in the entire tournament before sunday's final but he was no match for vera few who became the first german to win the prestigious tournament since boris becker back in one thousand nine hundred ninety five alexander serve was hoyland confidence and it showed in the opening stages. after breaking novak djokovic has sealed a six full victory in the all important first set. her third. on the stall in the second set with a delightful right of shots. the about saving his best for last. five i. have
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a bum believe me have it it's obviously the biggest shot of that i've ever won first of all i want to congratulate your work on a great week again not only to say it but you know how you play the second half of this year we maybe never seen it before when you barely lost a match or.


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