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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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social media is critical critical as a devoted. himself to such a long line and on the streets now rights are not up for discussion. they are women the more changing more often the reading. digital. storage nov twenty fifth on t.w. . gut. new hope for ending the misery in yemen the warring parties there are signaling they may finally be ready for un brokered peace talks but saudi arabia which is backing the evony government and the iranian backed who the rebels are under massive pressure to halt the fighting and put an end to what the u.n. describes as the worst humanitarian crisis i'm terry martin in berlin this is the
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day. we don't think there's a chance to talk with the u.s. envoy just about to see. what we're asking for in return is for the missiles and the drugs to stop. america wants to stop this aggression. and it will stop immediately. but we hope this initiative can bring together. and bring a solution that is just. through the political process and peace treaty with the rifle. also coming up tonight theresa may pitches her breaks that deal to british business as euro skeptics pile on the pressure for last minute changes. you don't just listen to the politicians
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this is what businesses say and business is saying we want a good deal with the e.u. we want a good trading relationship. we begin in saudi arabia which remains under massive international pressure over the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi the cia has reportedly concluded that the order to murder the journalist came directly from the saudi crown prince outrage over the murder already led the u.s. and its allies to suspend arms sales to saudi arabia and today germany took a further step banning over a dozen suspects in the case all saudi nationals from entering much of europe the diplomatic crisis is making it difficult for riyadh to resist international calls to halt the war in yemen today the saudi king announced his country is willing to support a u.n. sponsored he said mission. standing by yemen is not an option
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but a duty. to support the yemeni people in confronting the aggression of the rainy and backed militias. we support the un's to end the war in yemen. so saudi arabia is under pressure to use its influence as a regional power to end the fighting in yemen the conflict has been raging for over three years and is widely seen as a proxy war between the saudis and other mate and the other major regional powers iran saudi led military coalition intervened in yemen in two thousand and fifteen they joined government forces to fight who the rebels who are backed by iran the war in yemen has killed more than ten thousand people in triggered what's now seen as the world's worst humanitarian crisis millions have been pushed to the brink of starvation. for yemenis young and old a ceasefire can't come soon enough as many as eighteen million people more than
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half the country a close to starvation four years of conflict has brought yemen to its knees. than mine i'm our own have no shelter we have nothing we don't even have water our children are sick. doctors just can't keep up with the number of malnourished patients. we receive twenty five malnutrition cases every single week our capacity here is very limited and the so have i that is the area of us if they can. but on monday some hope for a visibly broken country the yemeni government said it would attend un brokered peace talks. on the other side has the rebels said they'd stop missile attacks on saudi arabia the yemeni government's major backer. the un is pushing for
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a cease fire around the key battleground of her data beyond that yemen needs a long term plan for peace after the last round of talks broke down that would be a major challenge. well here to talk about the prospects for peace in yemen is middle east analyst daniel gala from the web based foreign affairs portal zenith good to see you again. both the saudis and the who three rebels we understand are signaling that they might be willing to come to the negotiating table and and the fighting at least temporarily what do you make of these signals well they've been saying this before. negotiations have been announced and then failed last september they have already failed two years ago in kuwait so this is not new what is new is the international context the situation that the main stakeholders conflict parties find themselves and today which has probably nothing to do with the yemen war and i
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think what one needs to look for is a face saving solution for these parties stop the war because for saudi arabia its prestige it's nice to have prestigious let's say national dignity as absurd as sounds but we have to look at the other. side not only iran but also the united arab emirates who have provided substantial support to the saudis in this campaign slightly different political goals in in yemen and they are really keen on ending this war numb withdrawing much much sooner than the saudis let's talk about the saudis then you mentioned that there are other events that don't have anything really to do with the war in yemen that are influencing events now developments twit degree do you think the fallout over the. murder case is helping to push saudi arabia to the negotiating table over yemen much more than circumstantial the yemeni war has become an embarrassment for the united states but also for the united kingdom because both have been instrumental providing support to saudi
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arabia tactical strategic weapons and intelligence and so on and when president trump said i want this war to end just the way he says things i think this was a very strong message to the south. these they need to come to terms and probably also benefit from the occasion of. general insecurity maybe also trying to contain muhammad been some on some missions because he's weak and he's the one who i mean he's not the one responsible for the for the saudi intervention of course but he is the the face of the saudi intervention of the saudi in bishan. to win this war militarily and he has announced this many times and recently he had said give us a few more months and we will finish off the who these militia that we are fighting but saudi arabia is not making it's not advancing well we have the port in her data we have the area of which is between the closer to the saudi border and they're not they're not making the inroads they were expecting to and i think when as that face
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saving solution it might give them an opportunity to withdraw and to find a let's say engage in a political deal provide humanitarian assistance that doesn't mean that they have to withdraw from yemen of course but at least stop the bombardments what about a political solution because there is a un resolution there's a they're trying to get together some some peace talks coming up in sweden. if the warring parties were to say ok let's sit down and talk about a deal what might a political solution look like in the you know this is really regret that i can't tell we hours to discuss this now but let's look at why the negotiations have failed so far because they have been many attempts to do so but i think the who these the militias that are in control of the capital are extremely uncompromising they have been they have gotten used to be bombed they have gotten that they're looking at this conflict from the side of a of an oppressed minority that has become somehow an oppressive majority in the
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capital and i think it's very difficult to get them out of son of it at the same time their supporters namely iran understand that it was a big mistake to take over sana and to take over government and to be to stand such noncom. revising situation so i think there might be a federal solution. the distribution of kobe taishan quick existence of the war parties in the government all that is possible i think the u.n. will go with the old fashioned way they want to have a new constitution then they want to have elections and then they want to have the conciliation and i doubt that this is going to work bring about success immediately but i think stopping the war stopping the fighting the mumbai woman and providing humanitarian assistance that's the first priority then you can discuss any point for one simple solution ok right now all we have are signals coming through unfortunately we're also hearing that the flooding is flaring up again in hood day the signal from saudi arabia came in
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a speech day by king solomon his speech there was of his first since the killing of that journalist jamal khashoggi by saudi agents he made no direct mention in his speech of the murder or allegations that it was ordered by saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon also known as m.b.'s this as germany imposes entry bans on eighteen saudi citizens believed to be connected to the shorties killing let's listen to what germany's foreign minister had to say. in the past few days we've worked very closely with our french and british friends. and we've decided that germany will register a ban on entry on eighteen saudi citizens who are presumably connected to this case in the schengen information system. for months wants us to as close agreements in the european union in this case at the weekend we said that we expect more steps towards clearing up this issue. will pay close attention to that and we reserve the right to take further steps of marks on foot for german foreign minister speaking
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there while germany and his european partners have up the pressure on the saudis by banning several of its nationals from entering parts of the european union let me ask you do you think daniel that. europe not just germany but its other other allies within europe europe has any influence on shaping events in or on the saudi peninsula absolutely and i think europe has influence also regarding the show of the case and the investigations look the experience of germany in particular was that if you go alone if you confront the saudis alone they can easily with the money they have arms deals promises invest and so on play the countries against against each other this is what they have been done been doing quite as successfully now this initiative was a very small initiative but it came from germany france the netherlands and denmark
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together this is what were they were discussing today with the european union they came up with this entry ban which is you know people talk about the call this is sanction of course this is not a sanction they could do this any time putting people on the list what would be a proper answer would have and international arrest warrant through interpol and then not pose an entry ban on these people but arresting them and having them taken to court but of course this is not happening but i think the experience like now we have momentum in the german french relationship and though the german the french did not impose a ban on arms sales as opposed to germany i think they understand that it's good to move forward together in order not to be divided not to be played against each other because there's the russians and the chinese lowering everybody's happy to sell arms to to saudi arabia the position of the u.k. is not very clear here but we have to admit that the u.k. where the first with the united states to impose this entry ban as modest a measure of punishment as it may look so the european stick together they do have
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some leverage on the arabian peninsula much has been made of an alleged recording recently of the murder turkey apparently shared the shocking recording with u.s. and e.u. authorities here's what president trump had to say. about it he said it's a suffering tape terrible tape i've been fully briefed on it he said there's no reason for me to hear it so apparently turkey has shared this recording this alleged recording of the murder with u.s. intelligence authorities donald trump says he doesn't want to listen to it that recording has played a huge role in the case and other events and would continue to in we'll continue to do that of course a lot of people would like to hear it not just in intelligence circles what do you make of the fact though that this recording exists at all and that turkey has decided to share with so many other countries this is what period of serving here
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is like playbook political communication turkey wants to drive once a drive a wedge between the moment been some on saudi arabia and the united states they got along very well with such as saudi arabia before before moment and some on arrived and they want to win over of course the europeans and the americans now by throwing bait after bait not not you don't drop a bomb and just. open everything up because the people will be confused for two or three days it will be in the media and then it's like maybe it's fake news we don't know what it is so you build your case step by step you distribute information very strategically and this is what they have been doing now what could be an embarrassment for turkey we're not talking about the start now is that the turks know about the premeditation of this as this nation before and did the americans know that this was about to happen because it's very likely that the intelligence
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networks or whatever henchmen networks of the stuff of mali been some an allegedly have been stopped before by the americans by the turks and by others and if the turks really let this happen to to create a case i think this would be a big a medicine for turkey but so far they have the upper hand and other than his playing this. devilishly must a full thank you so much done a lot from the foreign affairs information portal zina thank you so much thank you . still to come here on the day nowhere to go hits the world day of the toilet a utility that many of us take for granted but in some countries more people have access to a mobile phone than a working littering will see the situation in the nigerian mega city of lagos. well it's going to be a tough week ahead for the u.k.'s prime minister theresa may she's struggling to
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get parliament to sign off on a draft transition deal but at least she has a unique go she enters on board as well as her cabinet let's look at the key points of that draft agreement. the u.k. will leave the e.u. on march twenty ninth but it will remain inside the single market and be bound by e.u. rules until the and of december twenty twentieth's. agreement also lays out that european citizens in the u.k. and brits abroad will have the right to stay where they are during the transition period their future work status however remains undecided and also in that draft agreement the u.k.'s trade relationship with ireland and the question of a hard border well that's still up in the air if no deal can be done there is a backstop in the draft agreement that will keep the u.k. in a customs arrangement with the e.u. indefinitely until something else can be agreed well mate
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is feeling the heat from euro skeptics within her own a conservative party she's urged her critics to put their differences aside saying the future of the nation is at stake she's been making the case for her brags it would draw a deal to the annual conference of the competitor a sion of british industry she told them that britain would regain control of immigration once we've left it we will be fully in control of who comes here it will no longer be the case that e.u. nationals regardless of the skills or experience they have to offer can jump the queue ahead of engineers from sydney all software developers from devon instead of a system based on where a person is from we would have one that is built around the talents and skills a person has to offer. well our u.k. corresponded to get my spoke earlier with carolyn fairburn she's the director general of the confederation of british industry. well it is
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a momentous time in our country because we do now have a proposal on the table it is not perfect so for this propitious business and i think the business in europe as well we would have liked more certainty we would like more of a guarantee of frictionless trade in the future but we're in a world of compromise and we welcome the progress that has been made we must pull back from the cliff edge and for no deal and this proposal would enable us to do that so we think we should back progress and move on there seems to be quite a disconnect between business and then m.p.'s to just up the thames a lot of m.p.'s are plotting to bring to reason a down because they think it's not good enough these are very difficult times here in terms of politics in terms of the fee brand nature of decisions and there are some very big issues here around sovereignty around other things that people care very deeply about and we as business understand that but what we have to do is to think about jobs and prosperity across our country our manufacturing sectors of
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food retailing we need to talk about what matters for them and we are very clear in our conversations with m.p.'s these are the decisions that will shape your region your part of the u.k. in the future make the right decision for the future of the people who work in your local region this is progress we should take it we should build on it and we should move on and would you advocate for a second referendum since you are so pro remaining in europe. we have to work with the cart in front of us at this as business we have to be pragmatic we have to be realists and we have to recognise that this is where the negotiation has brought us so far we understand the views of those who are asking for a second referendum we do now know much more we know about the hard choices involved in practice it but the pathway to that is very unclear is. very murky and the risk of tipping into an accidental no deal on the way is very high that makes
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us believe that this is the decision that we should be taking as a country now to take this progress to unlock the transition period to work towards a good future deal and to move on and how bad would it be for british business if you didn't get a deal that. we are absolutely categorical that a no deal for british business would be a very very bad outcome we have so many manufacturing businesses with supply chains to cross borders they work on just in time policies we have a northern ireland border which must remain frictionless that is not easy to achieve so from our point of view no deal would be a very bad outcome it would affect jobs and prosperity all across the country karen fabens thank you very much. the united nations today has been highlighting the global health costs that stem from a lack of toilets more than half the world's population do not have access to
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a hug toilet situation is especially bad in nigeria as we hear from saverin krishna capital lagos some people are managing to cash in on the crisis you can see them everywhere in lagos people relieving themselves outdoors in the open one of every four nigerians has no access to a proper toilet. it's been sued by the courts for ours what we do is you go to the . extras ourselves. by the way they release themselves is disturbing to those of us living here because out in the open everyone can see them the government should at least build a cover so we can see them. fight. it's very difficult for us we have to go to the river to some woman who inside the back and then poured into the river it's not good. twenty million people live in this
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overcrowded mega city bad hygiene and the lack of sufficient toilets and danger in people's health in the poorer districts ironically more people have access to mobile phones than toilets these kind of warnings can be found all over lagos yet many people are ignoring it because there's no i'll turn it to fs but the lack of toilets is also an opportunity for some business people near a bus station jeremiah jerry installed some porta potties now he makes about thirty euros a day number one costs ten cents number two will cost you twenty five cents is a good business because. you where you came here you want to use or say if you want to drain it in you to receive you from. disagrees and you really need to say my guess is something to most of the time you receive them are sad really see ladies
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you just you're killing me just like to ease myself you know that message for a magister or even do you begin to feel it gradually gradually you reach your kid who displays this is where jarius toilets are produced learn reckon while this company is the only one in nigeria that will smoke by the toilets it employs thirty one people and business is booming with a population of almost two hundred. million nigeria. still troubled by the current situation and says the government alone is not to blame. because even.
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the governments did scrape an emergency plan but up until now almost nothing has changed the toilet crisis in lagos obviously remains a problem that needs a solution and that was increased there reporting from the commercial capital of nigeria layoffs. president donald trump has provoked bemused reaction from finland after comments he made about fire prevention weekend trump was visiting california which is currently suffering from the worst wildfires in its history trump has repeatedly said california's forestry management has been poor and that's a reason for the fires and he pointed to what he claimed was the finish example of how to do things properly fit with the president of. we have. different we're
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far station we called it a forest station. but a lot of breaking in cleaning doing things and they don't have any problems and what it is it's a great spot for a. well the president of finland says he did talk with trump about finland wildfire monitoring but sollie needs so says he didn't recall mentioning rakes in that conversation well the mused fins have taken to social media to poke fun at the u.s. president has an image from instagram a finnish firefighter showing off his secret weapon and a rake and another hash tag which cropped up during the day break news is here with another rake toting firefighter and why stop it rakes this pin out in the forest with a vacuum cleaner keeping the country fire free. somethin's even posted personal messages to the u.s.
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president you're welcome back to mr mr trump and we can teach you how to break it's really easy it's great and we clean our forest floors with the cleanest water one earth it's the greatest water an earth so so welcome back to fill in on great america great again. and that was the day as ever the conversation continues online you'll find a song twitter either at t. w. news or my handle tim news stream don't forget use our hash tag today thanks for.
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the. forms of innocent victims. every ten minutes child dies in yemen. starvation and well nutrition by. men there's no end in sight to the finding. is there any hope at all for these children.
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thieves in my guts. where i come from rajoy remains an important town to me in soft transmitting mules and form ish and when i was young my country was drawing many conflicts the more prominent people most people would cause a mob entourage to see if. it was mine told to touring one of the not just sites so as not everyone in the town. missed some toes up to. nothing has been from inside my head known codea in john's maltese i'm so long it's not that i caught us i was into it and more. my choice in the scott because even though wayne told transmitted to the troops. men in the midwest mom
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much and i will. veto. this is state of the news coming to you live from kenya it's warring sides reach a cease fire all parties are coming under international pressure to meet at the negotiating table and put it into the devastating war that has pushed millions to the brink of starvation. also coming up a stunning fall from grace nissan boss calls goal of one of the world's most influential executives is a rare.


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