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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin anger growing in one back second city over the arrival there of more than three thousand migrants as tensions rise in tijuana on the u.s. border d.w. asked protesters why they think the migrants should be made to leave and we hear from migrants who fear for the laws also coming up here she's just a small child and has to carry so much weight it can break come back it's hard for . a clinton she should be at least thirteen or fourteen to do act like. bill means
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somalia and eight year old refugee from syria forced to work in the fields and love them along to help her family pay the bills. and a frustrating end to a catastrophic year for german football. they go to goes up against another one's but two late goals by that dog should send them to the nation league point. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us tensions are mounting in the mexican city of tijuana on the border with the united states some three thousand migrants from central america are now there and the u.s. military has been fortified the nearby border crossing have the latest from our correspondent in tijuana where protesters have clashed with police and attacked migrants. what. we don't want to hear
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that's a message of around two hundred to one our residents purchasing their arrival of thousands of central american migrants the demonstration on the lines growing tension protests is accuse the migrants of forcing their way into mexico and being ungrateful for the help they're offered no get in most cases of yes we turn our government to support this force or. when we're doing merits a sham he didn't i think that all of that just bringing their problems here are over and i think. they're here to use us the government is spending a lot of money on them already although there are many poor people here. the protests much talked at the city sports stadium which has been turned into a makeshift shelter for the migrants the police barrack up the protesters out of the people inside were trapped in the stadium all day. and also not leaving the stadium because we don't want to instigate any of the kind of and
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a frightened. because. we're in great danger they come from areas of mexico that don't want to hear their disguises garbagemen they're armed and want to attack us. get him to hit a child on the head when they threw stones at us. the army. was the flag of then a phobia and mexican towns along the migrant route is unprecedented to one a local to angry because the city is ill equipped to deal with the influx of people who sleep on the streets and rely on aid organizations for food. when someone is handing out chocolate everyone crowds around these people are desperate they've had to torture is journey and do it to survive there's no food in the shelters. but again denies and went in there to get there was racially charged comments from
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local politicians have heightened tensions a prominent example is to one us may. call the migrants lazy. was. the deputy of the state governor drove home as law and order message at the protest . with also does he view that and that all governments and society will welcome them and help them not only in keeping with the law residents here are very generous but they won't rules to be upheld a lot of the. vegas such rhetoric has done nothing to cool the hotheads on the streets of to one with more crowded into the city there's plenty of scope for the protests to grow. i'm. ok let's get the very latest from our correspondent stuff and simon standing by for us in stephan what are you hearing are these protests going to continue. very likely that they
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are continue to happen in the next few days maybe in the next few weeks or even months because that's actually how officials as well as people on the street foresee things to be happening here more influx from migrants and caravan migrants the so-called caravan migrants. and of course this takes a toll on the city of. as we heard in the report there have limited resources here and some people who really put this in perspective are really concerned and hostile against. the city of one point six million people and two hundred protesters over the weekend and maybe a few more down the line in the next few weeks i just want to make sure that this perspective the city in general and the people here are not still per se against the current migrants which are now in the shelter. ok now us stuff and thanks for that perspective american authorities closed their border crossing with masks
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yesterday for part of the day can you tell us what triggered that. well yeah you can see a right behind me here this is on the even last busiest border crossing between mexico and the u.s. at the border between mexico and the u.s. . the u.s. officials said that they had to close lanes which are now open again and quite busy as you can see but that's a day and night event here in quanah because they were afraid of a rush attempts of some migrants or caravan migrants. across the border that's why they put a bob wire up and more concrete barriers i have to also tell you that there is a lot of people into quanah if you speak to them they tell you that this was no way anywhere close to a rush of migrants making it towards the border because those charon migrants which are now in the shelter are exactly they're in the shelter they're not even close to the border those are mexicans or other people who have the appropriate papers who
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can go up to california right across the border right there and then come back tomorrow or whenever they want to ok now american authorities though have expressed concerns that migrants might try to force their way through the border crossing there are mexican police prepared to prevent that should that occur where you are on the mexican side of the border. it's absolutely there's a form of police presence here and that's just the police you see there's also barracked the police the crowd control forces which are in the barracks here around at the border i don't think. the mexicans have an interest in escalating this is not the federal government it makes in mexico city nor their local government into quanah so i think that actually u.s. border police are border forces as well as u.s. army who are helping the customs and border patrol here and the mexican police are
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working quite well together and trying to prevent anything unexpected to happen at the border ok no one wants to see an escalation of course but many of these migrants have have literally traveled thousands of miles to get into the united states with all this security now in place how many are going to actually make it across. that's a good question and that's everybody's guess i would say well there's about eighty per day who are managed who managed to fill out asylum papers and ask for asylum within the united states that's what the u.s. authorities say that's what the day rate is see if what they allow and can process eighty. charlies are people who can ask for asylum however in the future there is for to afford to stay actually a nother part of this original caravan which is now already partly in the shelters
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expected to arrive into quanah and it's everybody's guess how many people actually it will make it into the united states it definitely i think will not happen that anybody rushes to the border and cross illegally in in masses that's. almost impossible because u.s. and mexican security and border forces are fairly well prepared to for that to prevent stuff and symes bringing us up to date from want to well where he'll continue to be posting the very latest from there thanks so much for that stuff. has been renewed fighting and yemen's port city of who died that despite efforts to arrange a cease fire rebel supported by iran clashed with pro-government forces who have the backing of saudi arabia the two sides were edging towards talks before this latest fighting broke out on monday britain led a push at the un security council for an immediate truce un envoy martin griffiths
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is expected to visit the region later this week. for more on the situation we're joined by tamera carollo from the charity save the children in sana yemen thanks so much for being with us tamera there's been renewed fighting at the key port of who died what does that mean for the millions of yemenis totally reliant on on food aid that comes through that port city. well as you said this could result in millions more people becoming crewdson secure meaning that they don't know where their next meal is coming from already we have eight and a half million people on from a date under six practive but if the fighting were to continue that millions more will rely on that but also there is a tragic impact on those three hundred thousand people still inside for data we've seen hospitals destroyed we've seen a. huge increase in the number of civilian casualties in the last ten days we have
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to support at least thirty children that have been injured because of the bullets stray bullets or of shrapnel. recently yesterday suppliers within the city of sought out what stocks they have a food so it's not just a guy straight from the country but really urgent issue cool civilians and children stuck inside who they don't know and it's also an urgent issue for many politicians around the world un brokered peace talks are due to convene over the next few weeks tama how hopeful are yemenis that these talks will produce some kind of results. well i think i think there is a sense of hope and precisely because there is no other solution i mean the conflict started about four years ago and three and a half since the saudi america led coalition intervened in the fighting and. very resilient people and we can see that you know as we work with them but what we seen
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over the last few months especially with the increase of prices a few of them food making more difficult people to be able to get a living that that resilience is starting to to to wither so no definitely we're hopeful might believe that the international community is doing the right thing the thing is much political pressure on all the parties to peace process so absolutely critical a lot of the trappings ok what will happen if the fighting that's resumed in the data continues will you be able to do your work if this important port continues to you seem more fighting. well it will make extremely extremely difficult now remember for almost a year now the u.n. and mentoring committees been calling yemen the worst humanitarian crisis in the world so you can imagine the scale already twenty two million people are in need of support that's three quarters of the population if today the port becomes operable and the supplies of food fuel both humanitarian and commercial which country relies
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on we can see a situation where millions more people will be feeling secure and will need support and potentially. push or push them into an arm and so yeah the worst financial crisis in the world would become and we're ok well we hope you can continue to alleviate the situation as much as you can tomic role as from save the child the children joining us from sana thanks very much thank you. now look at some of the other stories making the news today the u.s. president's daughter and white house advisor of the trump used her personal e-mail account for government business last year that's according to the washington post her lawyer says she sent the e-mails before she was properly briefed on the rules presidential candidate hillary clinton's use of personal e-mail accounts are investigated by the f.b.i. . rental company air b.n. b.
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has decided to remove its listings for israeli settlements in the palestinian west bank the online platform said it would cease its operations in the occupied territories or at the core of the disputes between israelis and palestinians israel's government has slammed the move as discrimination. it's to lebanon now where refugee families who've escaped the harvests are being forced to hire out their children as day laborers just to make ends meet some one hundred eighty thousand refugee children in lebanon are working long hours for as little as two dollars per day no place has a higher concentration of syrian refugees than lebanon's bekaa valley did abuse him travel to a un camp there and has been looking at one family's plight that's shared by many others it is six in the morning and lebanon's bekaa valley eight year old so my
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head just woke up a splash of cold water in the face and she is ready for work. her family fled syria to escape i asked her now they're in lebanon where they can't always afford breakfast so my issue is this tiny makeshift bed with three of her six siblings. she doesn't go to school there are no schools in the camp where would she go to school. so my is mother is sick and cannot go to work her older siblings also work but so my is still needs to pitch in to help the family make ends meet so instead of getting on a school bus so mayor gets on the strike every morning where she is the only child among many adults. for two dollars a day so my collects whatever crop is ready for harvest in the bekaa valley.
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today it is onions and her hands are too little for the gloves the adults around her where. i came here from home today can collect the onions but i would rather have toys to play with three quarters of syrian refugees in lebanon live under the poverty line according to unicef an estimated one hundred eighty thousand syrian refugee children. have been forced into child labor in the country so a lot more to do i don't know when she goes to work and i stay at home of course i'm not happy with that she's just a small child and has to carry so much weight it could break her back it's hard for her. she should be at least thirteen or fourteen to do work like. she has so many refugee families in lebanon rely on their children to pay the bills and the resources of aid agencies are overstretched it's unlikely that some i will be able to stop working anytime soon. quantum all is for
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a go volcano has begun erupting violently sending out dangerous flows of law national putting thousands of lives at risk now this is the very same volcano that killed an estimated two hundred people and wiped out entire villages when it erupted back in june thousands have been evacuated from especially vulnerable areas . pillars of lava a thousand meters high lit the night above mahler's volcano a fire a towering display that made the danger from the volcano plain for all to see. the mountain has been sending bursts of lava hot rock and ash rushing down its slopes areas to the west have been bombarded with ash and flaming rocks thousands of people have heeded the call to evacuate. to make it there.
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so i look you have to find a way out as soon as you can and that's it. because when the lava arrives you barely have time to leave. even if you run because it comes down really fast. many people in this area are still traumatized by an eruption earlier this year in june some two hundred people were killed when the mountain exploded sending out flows of ash mud and debris that buried entire villages back then authorities were harshly criticized for not ordering evacuations at this time they're taking no chances. it's likely this won't be the last time people in the area will need to seek safety the wake of all can know is the most active in central america and will remain a hulking danger for the people who live here. football
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now in the last match of a frustrating twenty eight thousand for german aid. they drew two two with the netherlands in the nation's league that points at the dutch through to the final four and became bridge do the obvious sports years of talk all about it you had another very disappointing result for germany and especially for coach you walk love it was very disappointing and it could have been so very different you can live named a useful side for this clash against the dutch and it was t.-mo vanna who opened the scoring off to just nine minutes of action leroy sonnie then doubled the hosts lead in the ninety minute the forgotten man in russia but he put himself on the scoresheet and it looked as if things were going to be plain sailing finally they went for germany at the end of the year but the dutch turn things around quincy promise with a go in the eighty fifth minute to pull one for the dutch before virgil van dyke scored the equaliser in the ninetieth minute so a very disappointing result in the end for germany is worth mentioning that they were already relegated going into this match and the result wasn't so important
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terms of the competition but it's now thirteen matches played in twenty eighteen and just four wins for the germany national team so not a good idea to ok not not important for that's very important for coach welcome love there's a lot of voices there mounting calling for him to go in trouble right now i think he's probably not in trouble he only saw in the new contract to stay on as the germany coach before the world cup which in hindsight obviously looks like a terrible idea from from the german f.a. and they don't appear to be in any rush to pay him off and kick him out the door early but he has been tossed with with bringing through the new generation now trying to get some young players into the squad and he's beginning to do that and he did last night i'm about to hear from him now he was very pleased with a few of his young charges against the dutch. this is for late over the prize conceding the late goals is perhaps the price you pay for having a young team that needs to learn from these matches maybe it was normally you have to close out these sorts of games not what was happening in all but some of the
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approaches play from this young teen was very good and that's a great base we can build on myself. ok so it's all about the learning curve as far as your who loves concerned what about the dutch they played a great game what a fight back there top of the group well they are they've gone through now it's been a fantastic turnaround for the dutch on the on the rule and they weren't part of the world cup of course but it's been fantastic for them a good year aside from that. they're now through the draw was very important for the dutch point puts them through to the final four of your wife and at the expense of france so a huge late goal from virgil van dyke last night as we can see that they're joined by some surprising company in the final four portugal england and switzerland probably not among the favorites to reach the final four when this u.a. finish and the twenty kicked off but there they are going to be there in portugal in june next year so an exciting final four and a great result for the dutch very location though they're looking pretty strong in
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that group absolutely ok thanks very much for that. owing a selloff in new york that particularly good technology shares equities and players doles into negative territory shares and apple fell four percent after media reports that the company cut production orders for its three new i phone models shares and facebook also dived up to seven percent amazon on netflix also under heavy pressure. on stock also tumbled on tuesday as the rest of chairman called goal and sent shock waves through the automotive industry its shares and the morning session in tokyo down almost four and a half percent tumbling to their lowest level this year investors fear that accusations of financial misconduct against mr going could plunge the french japanese alliance new. into deep crisis apparently mr gold has not only been
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underreported his earnings for years japanese media reports he had also pay nice and large sums for residences and for cities around the world where there were no business justifications and he's on board is expected to fire going on thursday. tokyo the morning after accusations against nissan's top manager carlos ghosn went public people on the streets express shock and confusion. i know this kind of thing can happen in large companies but i'm very surprised to see . i'm very surprised this happened to the leader of the company that makes the car i drive i really hope there's been some kind of mistake much of that people see the rest of. the news isn't about just anyone but one of the most respected and powerful automotive industry managers worldwide carlos cohn helped fuse the partnership between renault mitsubishi and nissan with more than four hundred fifty
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thousand employees under him internal investigations have been underway for months the japanese report accuses him of underreporting his income for several years and of using company money for personal expenses. and we're talking about the dark side of the go an era it's lasted many years. from asia to europe the news has had a ripple effect the automotive alliance is a heavy weight for the global economy. begins and you know when you sun regardless of the rest it is important that the current nissan reno mitsubishi alliance maintain a stable relationship. but first the board of nissan must decide what to do about gone whatever the board determines on thursday there's no way out of the current shake up that's hit the automotive industry full force. the world's most famous digital currency has plunged to its lowest level in more than a year bitcoin is now trading at below five thousand dollars and almost nine
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percent slide in one day the downward spiral continues a sell off that was triggered by an upgrade to the software used to run bitcoin the introduction of the new technology causes what is known as a fork between the old and the new version of the currency this butting into two has sparked investor fears of instable. internet giant google is reportedly working on a submarine cable to improve internet access in cuba online connectivity remains patchy on the caribbean island for example three g. service which many users in developed countries would consider too slow and outdated hasn't even been launched on q.e. it as the country is allowing for more private enterprise under connectivity has become a nuisance to entrepreneurs and a topic in the fashion world. welcome to the prehistoric era this is the dot now
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the take on the unreliable internet service in cuba when she's not making posters the artists science shirts and accessories for her fashion line klunder stina latest show was a success thanks to the internet blandest teamed up with google to lifestream the event the online giant was happy to be part of the action legacy that represents what's always been possible they're at the forefront of what's possible in cuba they're icons they're pioneers of moving forward they're the front of a social movement and for us it was a natural involvement they have these things of connectivity which brings us back to the internet service in cuba leaves much to be decided although the government has opened hotspots where cubans can surf the web for two dollars an hour a fashion designer at the end of the polite. stream was about more than advertising her brand we want this internet and. to bring
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that to cuba i think. for everyone who want to post. first steps in online marketing has been a success with more on the horizon. and a quick reminder of the top started are following for you at this hour tensions are mounting and the mexican city of tijuana on the border with the united states after thousands of migrants from central america arrived there most of them are hoping to apply for asylum in the united states. to get watching the telly news coming to you live from berlin you have more coming up at the top of the hour for now thanks for the. cuckoo.
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cuckoo she's old and still going strong with. no strike. demand from truth is the top goal scorer in this league the history we take a look at his range of stones he's been trying to stick to the comi. design . specific to. every ten minutes child dies in yemen.
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starvation and malnutrition farai. and there's no end in sight to the fighting. is there any hope at all for these children. three thousand sixteen years on d w. i think is everything churning first off i became a muslim. saw much different culture between here and there challenging for everything. from islamist the same i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. i got my license to work as a swimming instructor and now are two children one hundred dogs just want us to just. what's your story take part charity on info migrants
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