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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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this is due to overuse lie from berlin never ruled out so you want to score deals of low to prison donald trump's asylum bounce as thousands of central american migrants have towards california a federal judge says under current law not shrunk cannot deny them the right to seek asylum even if they enter the country illegally also coming up a deadly day in kabul more than forty are killed and dozens wounded when a suicide bomber strikes the afghan capital the target this time muslim scholars celebrating the birthday of the prophet muhammad plus she's just as moved child and has to carry so much weight that it could break her back at work and it's hard
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for her we need eight year olds to my own she escaped the threat of islamic state terror and now she's forced to work to feed her family a fate shared by thousands of syrian refugee children in lebanon on. a hot thank you so much for your company everyone a judge in the united states has temporarily barred president trump from denying asylum to migrants who enter the country illegally through mexico chong pat issued a proclamation earlier this month that anyone who did not go to official ports of entry would be ineligible for asylum the judge's ruling comes as around three thousand migrants from central america are currently waiting in the mexican city of tijuana to apply for asylum in the u.s.
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thousands more are still making their way through mexico. well in his ruling the judge said trump's order to block asylum claims represented quote an extreme departure from previous practice. whatever the scope of the president's authority he added he may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that congress has expressly forbidden. while the temporary restraining order will remain in place until there is a permanent legal ruling all right this is a setback for president donald trump's hard line and the gratian policy let's get more on what this all means that with the jason camp donia he is the los angeles bureau chief for n.b.c. news radio and of course has been reporting on this story good to have you with us jason what does this injunction mean right now for those in the caravan and for the migrants currently in shelters at the u.s. border. right now if you're sitting in
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a shelter you've got to hope this absolutely is going to boost morale in some of the makeshift shelters that are south of the border in the border town of do you want to we're getting reports that conditions are worsening as more and more migrants try to come to the united states and seek asylum they're bringing in you know extra restrooms or bringing in more food people are trying to collect donations so this right now is basically just boosting morale it's giving them something to look forward to you because it looks like that they you know i have an open window as the temporary order is and place all right but the operative word here jason is temporary this ruling is only temporary what's the next step. well we know president trump and we know that he likes a good fight it's safe to assume that he will file some sort of appeal or the white house will file some sort of appeal within the next coming days there is
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a holiday thanksgiving holiday that starts on thursday and then they're going to be out of session for a week but i'm sure that somebody is going to say something and we all know it's safe to assume that trump is soon as he gets in front of a camera somebody is going to ask him about that and that might be shots fired and maybe that'll be a precursor to what's in store say expect him to dig in the president how much of a setback is this injunction for president trump because i wonder is does the issue of the caravan still carry political value now that the midterms are over oh absolutely trump is already campaigning for twenty twenty and he has been for months and which is base with the republican voter immigration is probably if not the most important it's definitely number two on the list so he's going to try and continue to push that agenda and and his big thing has been promise made promise kept and if a judge orders some sort of you know ruling that's temporary he's vowed to fight it
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so i'm sure that's coming in the next couple of days all right jason a camperdown yeah l.a. bureau chief for n.b.c. news radio thank you thank you. all right let's bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. chinese president xi jinping is in the philippines on his first state visit to the country protesters rallied outside the chinese embassy in manila to protest against beijing's claims over most of the south china sea well they say present or that it will do that is turning a blind eye to the issue because he wants china to invest in the philippines. home rental company air b.n. b. has decided to remove its listings from israeli settlements in the west bank the online platform said it would seize its operations in occupied territories at the core of disputes between israelis and palestinians israel's government slammed the
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move as discriminatory. but the us president's daughter and white house advisor ivanka trump used her personal e-mail account for government business last year that's at least according to the washington post her lawyer says she sent the e-mails before she was briefed on the rules presidential candidate hillary clinton zeus' of a personal e-mail account was investigated by the f.b.i. . our next up to lebanon where refugee families who've escaped the hardest are being forced to hire out their children as day laborers to make ends meet some one hundred eighty thousand refugee children in lebanon are working long hours for little pay no place has a higher concentration of syrian refugees than lebanon's bekaa valley. traveled to a camp there and has been looking at one family's plight it is six in the morning
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and lebanon's bekaa valley eight year old soumaya just woke up a splash of cold water in the face and she is ready for work. her family fled syria to escape i asked her now they're in lebanon where they can't always afford breakfast so my issue is this tiny makeshift bed with three of her six siblings. she doesn't go to school there are no schools in the camp where would she go to school so my own mother is sick and cannot go to work her older siblings also work but so my is still needs to pitch in to help the family make ends meet so instead of getting on a school bus so my eye gets under strike every morning where she is the only child among many adults. for two dollars a day some are collect whatever crop is ready for harvest in the bekaa valley.
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today it is onions and her hands are too little for the gloves the adults around her wear. when i came here from home today can collect the onions but i would rather have toys to play with three quarters of syrian refugees in lebanon live under the poverty line according to unicef an estimated one hundred eighty thousand syrian refugee children. have been forced into child labor in the country through a lot more through i don't know when she goes to work and i stay at home of course i'm not happy with that she's just a small child and has to carry so much weight it could break her back it's hard for her. she should be at least thirteen or fourteen to do work like that. there were many refugee families in lebanon rely on their children to pay the bills and the resources of aid agencies are overstretched it's unlikely that so many will
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be able to start working anytime soon. now to some breaking news out of afghanistan where more than forty people have been killed in a blast in the capital kabul the country's health ministry says at least another sixty people have been injured on this after a suicide bomber detonated explosives inside a home where islamic scholars had gathered events who are marking the birthday of the fatah prophet mohammad it's one of the deadliest attacks in kabul in recent months and no group has claimed responsibility for the blast. and we can take you now to the afghan capital of kabul to talk to unify popal he is the head of the home desk at tolo news. what more have you learned rather than job growth which are gone from the most draw for well because they're
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done a number of that there is now forty two young men on but off the wounded. to treat stroke barbara do you feel there are powers. only how will. the people who are gathered to celebrate death. and other say you know of the prophet muhammad. can you tell us a little bit more about those in the wedding hall who were they and why would they be targeted. so out of our two they're all there on the versity of the prophet muhammad the heroes were there were bill gets the solution out on the country all of the. events were held or secure but they did so was the first time a lot of the resurgency about the mob either got a loses got them special the guy got only about the phony to follow it up talk but
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up that gun maybe. it's not to look at what i thought for how about our growth but all twelve are. due to expose them to petty little either of them of what i hope so these were sunni scholars who gathered at this wedding hall in the capital to talk to us a little bit about this area in kabul what's the security situation like there normally where their lives are everywhere all the gossip is located close to that theme tune if you look only off a few minutes we are from there are going to still families and also accept koestler from the homicide information of therefore they have come to talk for a program to tell our children is so how can i tell child abuse or both of them like they're little and if he is close to the us for our grandson is going to her
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is one of the people all acted wisely to what is often popular not secured area very sad day in kabul only about the popal from toller news in kabul thank you for your update. whole kaino in guatemala has begun erupting violently sending out dangerous flows of lava and ash and putting thousands of lives at risk the volcano fire as it is called killed some two hundred people and destroyed several villages when it erupted in june thousands of people have now been evacuated from vulnerable areas. pillars of lava a thousand meters high blip the night above guatemala's volcano of fire a towering display that made the danger from the volcano plain for all to see. the mountain has been sending bursts of lava hot rock and ash rushing down its slopes areas to the west have been bombarded with ash and flaming rocks thousands
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of people have heeded the call to evacuate. but at the last one that i saw you have to find a way out as soon as you can and that's it. because when the love of arrives you barely have time to leave. even if you run because it comes down really fast. many people in this area are still traumatized by an eruption earlier this year in june some two hundred people were killed when the mountain exploded sending out flows of ash mud and debris that buried entire villages back then authorities were harshly criticized for not ordering evacuations at this time they're taking no chances. it's likely this won't be the last time people in the area will need to seek safety the wake of all can know is the most active in
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central america and will remain a hulking danger for the people who live here. now when the final match of a first trading to eighteen years for germany's side blew a two goal lead to draw with the netherlands. the nation's legal the point means that the dutch qualify for jews final four team owner opened the scoring after just nine minutes before fellow forward leroy sunny double to lead inside the first several germany looked on course for a positive result and a dreadful here but quincy promised strike back late in the second half and that was captain virgil from day kid then equalized in injury time now sunday said he is pleased with the science progress is their world cup debacle despite monday's disappointing result. he sure is a bit annoying that we gave away the lead at the end but i think we played well and just like in the three no friendly win over russia last week and i think everyone can see the coach yogi live has a plan and that we assess it well on the field in training role highly motivated to
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come back stronger it's a call. that does it for us i will rock n roll and ben who is up next with your business headlines don't go anywhere. close to. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good. eco africa people and projects that are changing our farm and for the better it's up to us to take the dirt.


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