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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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liz let. this is d w news law is from berlin a u.s. court deals a blow to president trump's asylum battle as thousands of central american migrants head toward california a federal judge says that aren't under current law trump cannot deny them the right to seek asylum even if they enter the country illegally. also coming up
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a deadly day in kabul at least fifty are killed and dozens wounded when a suicide bomber strikes the afghan capital the target this time muslim scholars celebrating the birthday of the prophet muhammad plus. anger in israel as the caribbean be announces its removing its listings for jewish settlements in the west bank israel says the blues is racist and it's threatening legal action. i'm sara kelley welcome to the program we begin in the united states where a judge has temporarily blocked in the attempt by donald trump to deny asylum to people who enter the country illegally trump issued the proclamation earlier this month as a caravan of thousands of central american migrants made its way through mexico toward the u.s. border now a around three thousand migrants are waiting in the mexican city of tijuana to
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apply for asylum in the u.s. thousands more are still on the way w. went to find out how they're getting on. this family i had to request asylum. volunteers at the border crossing a helping them with the application which can take at least two months to process that's a long time to wait without work or shelter for radio his wife and four children the journey from guatemala already took a month. having to white here is what worries us. we can't stay outside for so long it's very cold. if two one his government gives us the chance to work they will stay and see how we can get into the us. the local government has assured migrants that they can work here. but some experts doubt the city can support so many
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in the long term. majority of the middle classes there are around seven thousand jobs that could be offered to both mexican us and migrants in this city sickening the local manufacturing industry could employ some. although it currently doesn't have much hiring capacity. in a second but he had shown. the ngo that helped the caravan fronted us is keen to point out any opportunities the aid workers want to keep the migrant spirits high and convince them of the dangers of crossing the border illegally. there are twenty thousand jobs in construction that even offer training to those without experience. union workers always says more than five hundred people could die any year when tensions are high because there's
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a lot of violence. because by not having seen i've been at. the n.g.o.s urging migrants to be patient but the lack of shelter and hostile atmosphere in tijuana is fueling that. more and more of them are considering climbing the wall or even swimming around it bloody marys one of them. we're thinking about crossing by sea. wait until the waves go down then take your chance. with. the migrants have little chance of being granted asylum in the u.s. under the trumpet ministration although there's a bit more hope now that a u.s. court has barred trump from denying asylum to those and touring illegally. some families are prepared to risk everything to try. if they don't let us in through the ports of entry will have to jump the wall
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there's no other way that it was the biggest risk is on the other side we could get killed but we have to help each other cross the barrier. of. the migrants aren't currently considering jumping the wall on mass but they're also not ruling out protest action to demand for us to processing of asylum requests more central american migrants are still making their way towards to. they face a dilemma jump the wall or injure or the arms and wait for asylum and a little earlier we spoke with the use correspondent stephens iman's who is in the tier wanna us mexico border we asked him about the situation on the ground and whether the court order against trump gave fresh hope to the thousands of migrants there. you see me here standing right in front of the who are a sports center this is the new home for about two thousand seven hundred central
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american migrants or the so-called caravan migrants and as you can see the chemical joy of this in a walk with you a little bit here you see this line those guys lining up here they're not lining up for any paperwork nope it's about cookies those people are hungry there's not enough food here there's not enough anything here because. as a city absolutely overwhelmed with two thousand seven hundred refugees already here and they're expecting about a thousand more to come tonight or to morrow morning so this is only getting worse and now you have mentioned president and the judge's order the injunction on his plans to cancel asylum basically that's kind of good news for those people here a good news because they here now safe they say they come from an unsafe place they all want to go to the united states and probably ask for asylum and that means they can do this legally or even illegally and if you see behind this line you just two
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hundred meters away that's that fence there or this this wall that is the border this is california so they are close and still very very far from their dream to come to the united states. stephens iman's there at the us mexico border in other news the afghan capital kabul has been hit by one of the deadliest attacks in months at least fifty people were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up any banqueting hall where islamic scholars were gathered more than eighty others were wounded president called the attack on islamic and unforgivable he's declared a day of mourning for wednesday the taliban says that they were not behind the attack. the familiar sound of sirens in kabul signaling another suicide bomb attack this one being called the deadliest in months it targeted a glitzy wedding and function venue inside dozens of religious scholars were marking the prophet mohammed's birthday what was meant to be
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a celebration quickly turned to chaos. so. we went out to bring water for the guests and while we were walking down the stairs we heard the sound of an explosion from inside the hall when we went back inside everywhere was covered with smoke and dust there are lots of dead bodies on the chair. those who survived were rushed to hospital with severe burns or thirty's expect the death toll to rise as patients succumb to their injuries this latest reminded that despite efforts to end the country's seventeen year war some would rather pursue a path of conflict. let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump says that america intends to remain a steadfast partner of saudi arabia despite saying that its crown prince may have known about the plan to kill journalist jamal khashoggi in
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a statement trump said that canceling military contracts with riyadh would be foolish and only benefit russia and china. german prosecutors have begun an investigation into donations received by alice vital the parliamentary leader of the far right alternative for germany party it concerns the alleged use of foreign donations to pay for internet campaigning the party reportedly received a large sums from donors and switzerland and belgium which would breach germany's strict party spending laws. the lawyer for the pakistani christian woman acquitted of blasphemy has appealed to germany and other countries to help her leave pakistan . convicted and twenty ten after she was accused of making derogatory remarks about islam her lawyer says that bibi and members of her family need citizenship from any western country for their personal security. to yemen now where fighting has again flared between hootie rebels and the saudi led coalition despite calls for
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a truce earlier the two sides had signaled a willingness to halt military operations after more than four years of conflict members of the un security council have been presented with a draft resolution aimed at bringing about an immediate ceasefire if adopted it would set a to b. deadline for both sides to remove all barriers to humanitarian aid more than half of yemen's population is on the brink of starvation. and joining us now is liza grand day she is the u.n. humanitarian coordinator in yemen and is talking to us from the jordanian capital amman these a while come to the program and i'd like to begin by asking you because saudi arabia and the united arab emirates now say that they will jointly contribute five hundred million dollars to a new aid program for yemen can the u.n. ensure that this money will actually reach the people in need were.
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there and roads announced that they will be contributing an additional five hundred million dollars to secure food for millions of this contribution that right and every single day the united nations to see more than eight million we estimate because the country is on the room that we need to reach an additional formula that's twelve million people that will be this contribution will be. on the ground we've heard reports that there just aren't enough facilities though to cope with malnourished children what is the aid the u.n. able to do there at the moment. there's seven million units right now are malnourished and that nearly two million children who are moderately acutely nine years there are severe acute hearse who are providing support to all these children who whole foods and specialist subjects were reaching hundreds of thousands of
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children the contributions that receiving from german still focus to reach more were very poor that was we're able to collect that we will that the famine that we could see hundreds of thousands more change in the same situation it's heartbreaking to see these children and we want of course is that all of us i'd like to talk a little bit more about that warning about a looming famine that you mentioned there if there is no break in the fighting is this inevitable what does this picture look like i think that's right i think if we don't see and into this tragic war that this fact will be literally half the population even will be on the periphery of starvation it's a completely unacceptable situation and this is why humanitarians everybody are saying enough is enough this more has to stop we have to help the people who come
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here for the we have the sense. we have the grand day un humanitarian coordinator in yemen thank you so much for joining us to share your insight all rental company air b.n. b. has decided to remove its listings for israeli settlements in the west bank the us platform says that it made the decision because the settlements are at the core of the israeli palestinian dispute the move is due to come into effect in the coming days palestinian authorities and some human rights groups have welcomed the move but israel has called it shameful and is threatening legal action. air b.n. b. had long been under pressure from various groups to stop offering homes in the israeli occupied west bank. after announcing they would do so the response from israel came thick and fast the country's tourism minister slammed the move as discriminatory. this. decision is something completely unacceptable. these things
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abuse and discrimination something that is taken only against the jews of the living injured in some area this is actually a racist decision. but air b.n. b. says the decision wasn't taken lightly in a statement on its website the company said its team wrestled with the decision but it concluded that it would remove listings and israeli settlements in the occupied west bank that are at the core of the dispute between israelis and palestinians israel captured the west bank in a nine hundred sixty seven war. most world powers cited settlements there are illegal amounts of the palestinian authorities are behind the move. i think this is a very important decision. because also commands are considered illegal by international laws. the israeli government believes the move my you violate us legislation and says it will be contacting washington. well don't forget you can
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always get to debut news on the go you can download our app from google play or from the apple store it will give you access to all of the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d. w. app to send us photos and videos. and with that you are up to date on d w i'm sorry kelly in berlin make you so much for watching have a great day. i think is everything first i'm going to be a muslim. so much different culture between here and there challenging core in.
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some business i think it was worth it for.


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