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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the european union prepares for showdown with italy over its budget rome's populist government is refusing to bow to e.u. demands for cuts go to naples to take a closer look at italy's flagship citizen's wage program russell says it needs to go also coming up. president trump accuses a federal court of political bias after it freezes his decree that tightens asylum rules this comes as thousands of migrants gather at the us mexico border.
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i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us the european commission is likely to reject at least twenty one thousand budget today opening the door to unprecedented fines the commission says rome's deficit plans are out of control and could trigger another debt crisis that would involve the entire you but italy's government has vowed to stay the course and to defend its flagship citizen's wage for the very poorest italians our correspondent has this look at how people in italy the of the standoff. just south of naples twenty year old lawrence is on his way to the job center italy's new populist government has promised that this job seeker certificate could soon and him and millions of other poor italians a generous income of up to seven hundred eighty euros
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a month but during so things it's unlikely he will ever see any of what's being called the citizens wage is where you would use the baby and i think in the end just a little bunch of people are going to get its. citizens wage eagerly awaited by many italians will cost billions of euros the most expensive item in a budget which has raised concerns in the european union that italy could soon be sowing the seeds of a financial crisis. lawrence was worried that italy's increasingly strained relationship with the e.u. could play a big part in breaking up the union. yeah i think i'm where we would be there was the. us. is really doing. is really hard on the european union i'm worried about the president's his views put him in the minority here in the south with the wiring levels of youth
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unemployment most people support the government's hard stance towards the e.u. and have high hopes that the citizens wage could change their life the question is though can it really stimulate the country's economy or is it just a populist inefficient giveaway that neither italy nor the e.u. can really afford such a two year old moto who has been without a job for four years has a clear answer he supports rome picking a fight with brussels. i believe it's right to stand up to the european union. part of an effort to comply and i have left italy behind. on all of that i think the new government will change the situation for the better . off. not far away in front of another
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rundown drops and in the city more unemployed neapolitans are queuing to learn more about the citizens wage to support the new government. in this period i hope that something good could happen. i hope i hope so i trust this government i voted for the government to walk otherwise we can't live. here and so however isn't convinced that this government or the citizens wage will in any way improve his situation maybe i just have to mow. yes where. it's not personally open for i'd like to say and change something but it's getting harder and harder to fight. you know keep looking for whack if not initially then somewhere else. you can do it. all italy and brussels have been at odds for weeks over rome spending plans and italy's public debt it is the second highest ratio in the eurozone after
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greece a little earlier i spoke with did abuse by brussels has said that if italy is not willing to compromise the consequences could be severe there's of course the fear that this could spiral out of control when comes the point that into the is not able to finance the refinance instead when the spread so the surplus the risk telling that is too high that it could happen that italy is not able to pay its bills or to servants to service its debts and then this question is what happens then europe is not willing to bail out italy like it did with greece the european central bank is not willing to buy italian bonds and the consequence could be that italy is forced out of the euro zone and even out of the you and this of course would be a doomsday scenario for everybody here in brussels that triggers their british prime minister trees are may is heading to brussels later today where she's hoping
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to agree a blueprint of britain's future ties with the e.u. negotiations are expected to continue up until some of this sunday that's when leaders of the member states are hoping to sign off on the outline of the two sides new relationship and the withdrawal agreement agreed last week. members of may's cabinet have met for the first time since two senior ministers resigned in protest over that agreement which they call bad for britain may has since survived a challenge from drexel tears from within her own conservatives. now for look at some of the other stories making the news today u.s. president trump says he will not further punish saudi arabia for the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi he said the economic advantages of good relations with the came to await all other considerations a number of senators and challenge the president's staff saying the u.s. should not lose its moral voice over the issue of. international
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police body interpol has elected south korea's kim jong young as its next president will be replacing men hallway who went missing on a visit to china in september kim edged out the russian front runner oh xander kupchak who's kind of the city was strongly opposed by the u.s. and european cultures. gunmen in kenya have kidnapped an italian volunteer in a raid that left at least five people wounded in tact targeted a trading center in the coastal region of khalifi its actors identity remains unclear but somali bases will must have been blamed for speed of kidnappings in the area. of astronauts on board the international space station has celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the launch of the vessel german commander alexander doust and his crew marking the event with a live video stream. expected tuesday in operation for another ten years.
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where in germany chance for all americans coalition government's policies are being scrutinized in the bundestag at this hour during a debate on the twenty nine thousand draft budget this session is traditionally a chance for the opposition to ask tough questions of the jobs. the session is the first time back and will be speaking in parliament since announcing her decision not to seek reelection as head of her conservatives. our political correspondent brand has been following the debate at the bundestag for us this morning. was it a typical debate with attacks coming from the opposition towards the government the chancellor defending herself yes indeed it was and the attack on the government of course worst of all came from the if t.v. alternative for germany the right wing populist the largest opposition party in parliament and as a result had first. on the first their leader at least vital in fact spent
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most of the time not attacking the government but defending herself vitalist being accused of having received illegal party funding from outside germany from switzerland and from the netherlands and she went on the attack saying that all other parties in the parliament had also in the past accept it illegal funding let's listen to what alice phyto had to say. yeah this is me yes it's true that we made mistakes in handling election donations that can happen when people volunteer their time instead of having layers of party functionaries like you everyone makes mistakes not easy for you know not to use least yeah. so how does the chance to react to those remarks well in fact i simply was very dry in her reply she didn't in fact enter into
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a debate on those matters let's hear what sagal america has to say. so you know the nice thing about free debate is that everyone can talk about what he things is important. ok the chances facing a key a vote in december to remain head of the party what did she have to say what were the priorities the chance or was setting today. well obviously there is the sense that this is one of the last major speeches in this context of anglo-american is giving and that one is looking at what she considers her legacy what she might say on that score and there indeed in this speech she put a lot of emphasis on multilateral on global on international issues and on the role that's germany and she have played in those fears in the past she defended her
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migration decision in two thousand and fifteen to allow refugees into germany on the basis of human need tarion need she also defended international agreements such as the united nations pact on migration which was about to be ratified by more than one hundred eighty countries and she also defended her policies in the european union what was significant in the end was something she said right at the end of his speech where she said that not national interests not germany should not be thinking about itself first of all but should be thinking about how its interests and the interests of other countries in the world could be balanced that is clearly also an answer to people like donald trump in the united states who are saying things like america first ran for us what much more from that debate later today for now hans thanks very much. mohan's just mentioned the american president there he is back in the news in the us where the presidents accused
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a federal judge of political bias after he temporarily blocked his attempt to limit asylum claims for people went or united states illegally presidential proclamation earlier this month as thousands of central american migrants made their way through mexico towards the american border about three thousand migrants are waiting in the mexican city of tijuana to apply for asylum in the u.s. . q one as downtown is sweet clean it's main street is lined with bars restaurants and shops. and it's sports the unavoidable local absurdity which serves as a tourist attraction. these are the images the city of tijuana wants the world to see in these days more than ever. the reality is a very different want to is sheltering almost three thousand migrants from central america so called caravan migrants in the benito juarez sports complex.
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but. now with the number of migrants we have in town the situation is under control and manageable we're cooperating and have the support of the state police and other security agencies that our borders when he was yeah is that. they may have control of the situation for now but authorities expect that by the end of the week an additional nine hundred migrants will have arrived. that influx could make conditions worse here things could become unmanageable quickly a major concern not only for city officials and some locals a worry shared even by cindy and her three sisters the women arrived here hours ago making their way from one door us and just over a month they were separated from other family members along the way cindy can't wait to get out of the juana and into the u.s. it's see it does of us feel that they were going to ask for asylum in the united
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states because we ran away from our country. and we're afraid in our country. because. we don't have work there. but most of all and all we're afraid of the violence that's cindy and her sisters know that asking for asylum in the u.s. is one thing but that actually qualifying for and getting it is much harder but everybody has god has hope. hope or not others don't want to take their chances starting the legal asylum process is not an option for them. somebody i'll take the risk and jump the fence. for the last four days another hundred migrant has been sheltering in cheek want to francisco says he lost faith in the u.s. asylum process why. i don't want to ask for asylum because i heard that out of a thousand people that just about ten get asylum. for most
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of the migrants just on way over on their journey to their final destination the united states of america. this is did every news live from berlin don't forget you can always get more of these and other stories in our website dot com for now though for me bryan thomas of the entire team thanks for being with us. first clinging listen. as grandma is arrives. join the ranks on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. an orangutan returns home on the w. don't come to tanks.


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