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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2018 11:00am-11:31am CET

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this is the news live from the european union news closer to a showdown with italy over its budget as the country's populist government continues to refuse a new demands for budget cuts we take you to naples for a closer look at the government's flagship simpson's wage program which brussels says must go also coming up thousands of my kids gathered at the border between mexico and the united states u.s. president donald trump accuses the federal court of political bias after it freezes his decree. from chinese mother looking for has stolen child we
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followed time changing as far for his search for her young son comes to an end so will the mother and child be reunited. welcome to the program the european commission is likely to formally rejected its at least one thousand nine hundred budget today opening the door to punitive action and unprecedented fines the commission says rome spending plans out of control and worse it could trigger another debt crisis that could ultimately go for the entire you are in you know it's a least populist government has conceded only minor amendments to twenty nine hundred budgets not the major cuts to a new call for italy will present a european commission as with its latest budget draft today. straight to brussels where we find that becomes bonnet band to recruit welcome back
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if the european commission rejects at least budget today what can they do to force rome into law. the commission voted trigger as a first step so-called excessive deficit procedure which includes a whole range of negotiations measures recommendations and also deadlines three to six months and if the conditions are not met after this time and then the commission could issue fines some hefty fines adding up to billions of euros and the commission can also withhold money from the budget which would be paid from brussels to italy and of cause the commission's also betting on the markets because if the markets lose. patients then they could do the dirty work and force italy back in line been lending costs go up to too high so which parts of its budget just brussels particularly unhappy with every part actually because the
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structure of this budget is flawed that's why the commission rejected the whole budget in not only parts of the commission says on the one hand italy's cutting short text revenues ones to lend more money to spend in new social programs and pensions and this in the end will not boost grows like the italians maintain it fill lead to a recession or something worse and the main pet project of this populist government is the so-called citizen's income that should be paid to the poor the battalion seventh could would cost about ten billion euros a year and the commission says no way that this will fly and we send our reported to italy to see how people in naples view this standoff. just south of naples twenty year old lawrence is on his way to the job center
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italy's new populist government has promised that this job seeker certificate could soon and him and millions of other poor tell us a generous income of up to seven hundred eighty euros a month but answer things it's unlikely he will ever see any of what's being called the citizen's wage is where you were a baby and i think in the end just a little bunch of people are going to get its. citizens wage eagerly awaited by many italians will cost billions of euros it's the most expensive item in a budget which has raised concerns in the european union that italy could soon be sowing the seeds of a financial crisis. good answer is worried that italy's increasingly strained relationship with the e.u. could play a big part in breaking up the union. yeah i think i'm worried we would be be was.
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is really doing. is really hard on the european union i'm worried about but that instance we used put him in the minority here in the south with the wiring levels of youth unemployment most people support the government's hard stance towards the e.u. and have high hopes that the citizens wage could change their life the question is though can it really stimulate the country's economy or is it just a populist inefficient giveaway that neither italy nor the e.u. can really afford such a two year old narrow who has been without a job for four years has a clear answer he supports rome picking a fight with brussels. see i believe it's right to stand up to the european union. the most part of governance i think to comply and have left italy behind.
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and all that i think the new government will change the situation for the better. not far away in front of another rundown drops and in the city more unemployed neapolitans are queuing to learn more about the citizens wage to support the new government. here in this pretty i hope that something good could happen. i hope i hope so i trust this government i voted for the whack otherwise we conclave. could end so however it isn't convinced that this government or the citizens wage will in any way improve his situation maybe i just have to my. that's where. it's not personally open for i'd like to say and change something but it's getting harder and harder to fight. you know keep looking for black if not to need to meet
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them somewhere else in the e.u. . but to bad we get in brussels that bad if brussels still says no it's a lease budget plans what could this lead what's the worst case scenario for the first case lending costs for italian that could. go up rather quickly and then it would not be able to serve its own debt that would lead to a banking crisis in italy and also maybe to a financial crisis that could spill over to the whole of the eurozone the other eighteen countries would be affected. and also italy could be forced in the end to issue a new currency to print its own money and then would cut to put itself out of the euro zone that might be the secret plan of the populace government we don't know but that through this would really be the doomsday scenario here for brussels so i will be following us a cross the day on the weeks from now the bad beat in brussels thank you. how moral
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is lisa budget problems on what they mean for europe and. fanaa though let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the president of the united states has said that he will not further punish saudi arabia for the murder of the journalist or jamal khashoggi trump said the economic advantages of good relations with the kingdom outweighed all other considerations several senators have challenge the president's stance and u.s. should not lose its moral voice over this is. government in kenya have kidnapped some talian volunteer in a raid that left at least five others wounded it's targeted a trading center in the coastal region of kidney he figures it tackles identities unclear but somali based islamic militants been blamed for a spate of kidnappings in the area. and to paul has elected south korea's kim jong un as its next president in two places manhole why at the head of the international police body after he went missing in september during
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a visit to china mr kim edged out the russian frontrunner kupchak his candidacy was strongly opposed by the united states and several european countries electing a new president the now president trump has accused the federal judge of political bias after he temporarily blocked the president's attempt to limit asylum claims for people who enter the country illegally mr trump issued the proclamation earlier this month as thousands of central american migrants made their way through mexico to the u.s. border and now around three thousand migrants away from the mexican city of tijuana to apply for asylum in the u.s. . do you want to downtown is squeaky clean its main street is lined with bars restaurants and shops. and it's sports the unavoidable local absurdity which serves as a tourist attraction. these are the images the city of tijuana wants the world to
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see in these days more than ever. the reality is a very different want to is sheltering almost three thousand migrants from central america so called caravan migrants in the benito juarez sports complex. but. now with the number of migrants we have in town the situation is under control and manageable we're cooperating and have the support of the state police and other security agencies. is that. they may have control of the situation for now but authorities expect that by the end of the week an additional nine hundred migrants will have arrived. that influx could make conditions worse here things could become unmanageable quickly a major concern not only for city officials and some locals a worry shared even by cindy and her three sisters the women are arrived here hours
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ago making their way from one door as in just over a month they were separated from other family members along the way cindy can't wait to get out of the juana and into the u.s. . we're going to ask for asylum in the united states because we ran away from our country. and we're afraid in our country. because. we don't have work there. most of all and all we're afraid of the violence. cindy and her sisters know that asking for asylum in the u.s. is one thing but actually qualifying for and getting it is much harder. everybody has god has hope. hope or not others don't want to take their chances starting the legal asylum process is not an option for them. nobody i'll take the risk and jump the fence. for the last four days another one during migrant has been sheltering and cheek want to francisco says he lost faith in the u.s.
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asylum process why. i don't want to ask for asylum because i heard that out of a thousand people just about ten get asylum but. for most of the migrants just on way over on their journey to their final destination the united states of america. china has a problem with kidnapping and child trafficking the government that doesn't like to talk about the issue since it's partly the result of laws restricting the number of children couples can have on the traditional attitudes to boys and girls d.w. has been following the efforts of one mother to find her kidnapped. i'm nervous more than anything i want to see my son again soon and i guarantee. you that but i can't fully let myself believe i will have too many doubts. because. huntington has been looking for her son much and for four years he was kidnapped by
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human traffickers with the help of her ex-husband and his family in a sprawling metropolis in eastern china the authorities have said that with chen will be returned to her but they've broken their promise before and she fears they will again. tandja is on her way to court with her younger son yet. she's asked authorities for help on numerous occasions but she's never received any on the contrary she's convinced there was a cover up. a year ago tangent being discovered that her son with chen was sold to a village in shandong province she thought he was living with a family there and was the enemy have you seen this child. i know you know and i can tell you that the villagers refused to give her information if. this child is mine and my
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mother in law sold him. i've been searching for him for three years. who's seen him. the story began in an outskirt of han where tung dinging lived with her husband. a court summons has brought her back here the authorities have promised that she will be allowed to pick up what chen. filming in court is forbidden tending jenas told the family has once again refused to return the boy. telling him do these people have custody. why is you know i have custody and i haven't seen my son in four years you don't do anything you don't uphold the law you keep messing with me. suddenly tangent smashes a bottle and holds a shard of glass to her throat. not me that she shall you go i called my sister
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before i smashed the bar so you know she'll have told her that if she doesn't hear back from me before three pm she should come here and get the boy as we knew i knew they wouldn't give me back my child the only option i have left is the final option i told them that if i don't get my son back today i will die here she is a male what general has a what shall we hear of. her ultimatum pays off chen is returned to her it's the first time in four years that she's seen him. he immediately bonds with his younger brother. so what do you have here. just. to show we're here stay right there number one is.
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ok you know what i'm still scared. i need to wash maybe they'll try to kidnap him again. and that would be the worst thing for me i'm so happy right now my son is alive. but i also still have that deep terror and my parents. have got a lot. the night has passed. didn't get homesick for the other family. their phone number has been washed clean from his arm. well. tenting ging wants to take her children and return to her home province. but. she hasn't been able to hold
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a steady job over the past years she used to work in restaurants and soft snap at the roadside. but now she'd like to go back to work. tending ging is eager to leave han as quickly as possible she wants to get out of the place where her son disappeared but first he gets a snack. oh my how. i want another mama. the moment he called me mama. he would have gotten something to easily cause my mama. it isn't clear how many children disappear every year in china the authorities don't publish figures. parents rarely succeed in getting their children back again. spent four years trying to get her son back at last they've been reunited.
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now as you heard in the chinese government doesn't publish official figures for kidnapping and child trafficking so we asked a w's that beijing correspondent matteis produce a report to estimate the size of the problem. it is not clear how many children in china are trafficked every year estimates range from twenty thousand to two hundred dollars researchers who took a look at cases suggest that up to forty percent of them were sold by their own family they are sold either to criminal gangs or to families in the countryside for these families it is important to have a son so there is a market especially for boys family planning policies restrict the number of children that each woman can have so when a family already has two daughters they often resort to these criminal methods to have their son or now a job as national football team has missed out on becoming
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a top seed for euro twenty twenty qualifying as follows poland's wall draw with portugal in the nation's league which means the poles take the final place in. germany fun selves in part two and a guaranteed one elite opponent in their group when the euro draws made in december it's the latest setback in a woeful gave the germans they crashed out of world cup with the first hurdle and were relegated in the new nations league. this issues with christophe coburn and a closer look at italy's controversial budget plan that's rational as we've heard earlier in the show the european commission is worried about italy's twenty nineteen budget official say that rome's big spending plans could trigger another debt crisis with potentially devastating effects for the entire euro zone italy's debt has grown over the story nearly one hundred thirty two percent of the country's economic output or gross domestic product it's the second highest in the
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eurozone after greece well above the euro zone's average italy once to use its increased budget on social spending in hopes of boosting economic growth . for more on this let's bring in a lesser test see he's an economist at the burble institute or brussels based economic policy think tank welcome alessio now the cornerstone of this budget proposal is the so-called citizens wage program where the government will simply hand out ten billion euros to the poorest italians so they can spend it does that have the very same effect of increasing economic growth and hope rahm's hoping for . i think that even in the most benign scenario this will have only short lived positive impacts on growth over the next year perhaps but this does nothing to address italy's long standing growth problems which are more structural in nature italy is a country where g.d.p.
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growth has been flat basically throughout the past twenty years and there's nothing in this budget that tries to address this in a more structural long term way now what would be better ways to boost growth. you know anything that is. that falls under the so-called structural reform envelope trying to increase. competition among firms letting capital and labor flow to firms that are already exporting more that are highly competitive investing in education there's a long list of things that italy could try to address improving public administration quality and there's a there's nothing in there. alessio the big discussion here is italy's high debt level would stands at a hundred and thirty two percent of g.d.p. however other countries like japan for example have been having much higher debt levels and they are doing fine so what's the problem here. the problem is that well
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first of all italy does not have its own central bank that just can just print money as as we as we've seen in japan but on a more fundamental note italy can easily lose financial market confidence with this. you know budget law that doesn't make a lot of economic sense and we are already seeing this we already saw yesterday a bond auction that went partially deserted and you know as morning crease even as morning creasing interest rates in a country that has such a high debt level can have a recession or e affect because he has a spillovers on the banking sector. and therefore also corporate loans on household loans become more expensive and this has consequences on the real economy and this might be the first case of a recession or e expansionary policy of fiscal policy. economists are less of turning to financial
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markets were a days long selloff stopped markets in frankfurt are back in positive territory following gains and shanghai and hong kong there is however still concerned that one of the longest bull markets in history so a period of rising stocks could be coming to an end in new york the dow jones industrial average and the s. and p. five hundred have now lost all of this year's gains with some of the most recent high flyers leaving the doctor. a stock market slide driven by some of the biggest names in tech take apple at the beginning of this month it was worth over a trillion dollars now it's dropped to eight hundred eighty billion one reason for the decline weaker than expected to man for the latest i phone models. not just for apple but for the entire benchmark s. and p. index here's why. well when
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a company represents close to five percent of the s. and p. five hundred itself then yes you do have companies that are behaving with stat can move the market much more so than any company that's running to fifty or below but shares in other tech titans like facebook amazon netflix and alphabets are also down suggesting there may be more to the slump some simple i phone fatigue. one big worry among investors the ongoing trade battle between the world's two biggest economies. there was hope for a lot of this year that the u.s. and china were going to work out their problems without too much difficulty and now with the possibility of a lot of tariffs rising at the beginning of next year people are concerned that this is actually going to drag on a lot longer than it might have a pronounced effect on the global economy i text and an unresolved trade disputes together there are a recipe for more volatility. so let's get
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a quick update from our markets correspondent on a device behind frankfurt to an end to the docks recovered somewhat into the early trading session is that trending is the trend holding up. that trend is somewhat holding off but we are seeing those gains also getting smaller so people here on the trading floor in august saying that this is now the big moment when everything turns to the positive everybody's more concerned about the risks looming in the future and as we all know the stock market is anticipating those risks and also if people believe that there will be a cooling off the economy which is quite clear for next year then there is a tendency to say dogs we have a combination of fact as we have to trade war rhetoric and also a lot of profit warnings during that earnings season so things are not going to well for many corporates and that it's clearly now also reflecting the stock market
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the dax for example is faring even worse it has some fifteen percent since the beginning of the yeah i device problem frankfurt thank you. for making the no one has appointed a temporary c.e.o. following the arrest of carlos golan who is accused of trying to ensure misconduct chief operating officer. will take over for goan he will also serve as chairman of both nissan and mitsubishi motors mr blewitt is taking the reins during a difficult time the financial times reports that mr gold was planning a merger between i know nissan but the japanese company was opposed to the deal and all said mr grown would remain as c.e.o. and sees him as quote only temporarily in capacity. and it's a potion of patients that's what people in the united states will need as the thanksgiving weekend is approaching travelers are on the move all over the country
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trains and roads are already overcrowded before the holiday on thursday domestic flights are completely booked millions of people are looking to spend thanksgiving with their families and friends wall street investors will receive a short breather from. the plummeting numbers on the stock markets the u.s. and strangers are closed thursday they will reopen on friday. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you at least poppins government is preparing for a showdown with the european union that has vowed to defend its budget against the demands for cuts to take the lead to the flagship citizens wage. you're watching news coming to you live from berlin we'll be back at the top of the hour for now thanks for watching.
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