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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is. a last minute scramble to finalize the terms of the u.k.'s praxis deal british prime minister theresa may warns parliament rejecting the deal will only bring more uncertainty and next stop brussels russia needs to shore up support ahead of a summit of european leaders also on the program. the e.u. tells insulate sleepwalking into instability that sas it rejects runs the latest budget but is least new government is sticking in its heels setting the stage for a showdown. president about saudi arabia despite the murder of dissident journalist
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. says the benefits something alliance outweigh other considerations. more than a year after the iraqi city of mosul was recaptured from islamic state the danger is still not over. the u.n. experts charged with the risky task of clearing the city of thousands of unexploded bombs and other devices. and with four years until the qatar world cup will take a look at the control of the next edition of football's biggest event on the pops. welcome to the program britain's prime minister is on her way to brussels where she'll try and finalize an agreement on the u.k.'s exit from the european union to resume a student meet european commission president young. she tries to shore up support
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ahead of an e.u. summit this sunday which is major depression to return to the u.k. with a final deal but a parliament can agree to she's facing heavy criticism at home from probe from pro a you lawmakers last week two of her senior ministers resigned her of the draft withdrawal deal that she'd negotiated on the following term home almost left to a leadership challenge the prime minister's critics accuse her of giving him to be e.u. i.m.f. because if you do have a safe spot for britain. to brussels on london that correspondent get mousies in london go matters is brussels welcome both so would you. tell us about the sort of pressure that tourism is under. well if there is a my ever forgets the sort of pressure she's on the she just has to come here to the house of commons which she did which she did just a little while ago to prime minister's questions and really tumultuous scenes in the house of commons m.p.'s from all parties and from one side of the bridge to
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divide her to renegotiate this deal so reminding her that this is not enough bricks it is thing that she has tied a self indefinitely to the e.u. much too closely and for there remain as the deal is not good enough and she's giving away too much clout too much bargaining pressured to the e.u. in order to negotiate the next step which is the flight of the and so everybody is just hammering at series of may at the moment. to sit in brussels what sort of concessions is the e.u. likely to allow to reset made to take back to tolerant. look i would say that the u.s very keen to avoid a scenario where you could say oh they have not given us any more concessions so there is some will to compromise minds here however not on the divorce part of the agreement on the political declaration that is part of that huge document i see some wriggle room where john breaux juncker could draw a fluffy picture of
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a clear very close relationship something that could help to reason may sell this controversial backstop because she could say we have a we'll we'll have prospectively a very close relationship with the use of the facts that will never come into action. burgomaster is a fluffy picture likely to be enough to silence stories amaze critics. picture and warm words is i don't thing is going to be enough i don't really see what kind of concessions the e.u. could make in order to calm down everybody here at home because the fundamental problem will stay the fundamental problem is that for everybody who wanted bricks if they were not to accept anything that reason they has in mind which ties the ties the u.k. closely to the e.u. also in the future potentially in the customs union for an indefinite number of years that will never go down well with the bric city areas and for the remaining as any deal is going to be was then the deal that u.k. has at the moment so there are several that are fighting for
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a second referendum and to reason they need to get this deal through parliament at some point in the next weeks it's going to be very very tricky for for her at this point in time. in london thank you for now i go to sit in the brussels stay with us if you would as we take a look at another headache facing brussels this time italy the european commission's rejected the latest draft about countries a project opening the door to disciplinary proceedings including significant fines for oh and a freeze on a u. funding the country's a populist government has been at loggerheads with brussels or spending plans for months robot use it needs to stimulate the economy and offered him some rest by after years of austerity brussels sesa tough and spending is out of control of what is the size of the country's proposed deficit could spark another debt crisis that couldn't go the entire european union. so we're talking about the
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third largest economy in the eurozone how big a problem is this going to be for the commission. phil you name it third largest economy so too big to fail too big to save and that really is the concern if you put it in in a nutshell on the part of the european commission a country that is so indebted is what commission has said today is very vulnerable to all sorts of risks and in recession in italy could draw the entire euro zone into trouble and that is something that ministers would like to avoid now they've drawn this picture today that we're all in the boat and we all have to play by the rules and they really want to make sure that that is the case there's two occasions now where the member states of the eurozone can still hold this process where they will have a chance for a veto and at the end of the day they really all hope that it will be market pressure that forces italy's hands rather than the e.u. fiscal rule book so there's no way if they could just sit there and say that said
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we're not doing it and you can't make us well that's exactly what. you had been has been doing in the past then it is likely that that will continue so if you asked more for my opinion i think member states will go forward with this process and in the next couple of months we see this fiscal deficit process being started if we will finally see those fines coming in italy it would take months it could take half a year until italy really faces have to find and by then that is the hope market pressure will have forced italy's hand again mathes in brussels thank you. ben house of war on this a budget probes in brussels and romesha just sort it out like men in the car park. no that's not the way they do things i don't know this is never happened before it's a collision course that's been set up between brussels and the commission now inviting
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eurozone countries once more to examine its assessment in two weeks' time if they agree with it the commissioners launch a procedure that could result in those fines that we just heard about for. if push comes to shove and brussels begins an excessive deficit procedure. then italy could face a fine as high as three point five billion euros brussels is insisting the southern european country it hears to e.u. budget rules and it's turning up the pressure. to. make even more. but so far italy is not changing course the government wants to deliver on campaign promises which include early retirement and increased spending on social services the problem is italy's debt as high as one hundred thirty percent of gross domestic
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product only greece has an even higher debt level e.u. regulations cap any country's debt at sixty percent of annual economic output financial markets are alarmed front pages warn of rising interest rates and banks are worried there are powerful players in any budget debate as they can close the spigot at any time and dry up the government spending on the streets the mood is tense to be the result of the think they were discussing this with the appropriate seriousness we should brace for the worst. i think we're on the wrong track the governments make promises that can't you kept them and now we're moving in the wrong direction and. on wednesday both the government statistics office and the o.e.c.d. lowered their growth outlook. meanwhile consumption is down as people hold on to their money as do companies who seem unwilling to make any new investments all of that hampers growth leading to falling tax revenues higher taxes and in the end
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even higher debt. the cornerstone of the budget is a citizen's wage rome wants to hand out ten billion euros to the poorest italians so they can spend it we asked economist alessio test see if that could really boost growth. i think that even in the most benign scenario this will have only short lived positive impacts on growth over the next year perhaps but this does nothing to address italy's long standing growth problems which are more structural in nature eateries a country where g.d.p. growth has been flat basically throughout the past twenty years and there's nothing in this budget that tries to address this in a more structural long term way. a sharp drop in the price of oil is sending ripples through the global economy
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a financial correspondent and the vice is tracking the story from frankfurt we've seen this downward trend for a number of weeks now have we. yes we have seen that down the trend for a number of we ever since october third. friend has oil has lost some twenty five percent in value and that's because investors all of a sudden realized wait a moment next year the economy's going to cool down and bet also will mean that oil demand will slow down and that the same time we have record supply from the law itself saudi arabia but also the united states and russia so that mix has added to a huge concerns over the high price of oil which at the beginning of october was still at a four year high but having said that they've seen a slump late yesterday today is a bit more of a benign market reaction or it is up by one percent. and then to pick chances
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of a supply busiest time. it is a tricky one it's a very political opec meeting in december which will take place in december sixth because clearly everybody has a wide hill interest to support prices meaning they are malls likely will announce a production caught analysts expect a production of up to one point four million barrels per day but at the same time we have now u.s. president from backing saudi arabia somewhat and we old know that the president from has a while interest of keeping the oil price pretty low because that is helping him politically at the home front so now analysts are saying with saudi arabia being backed by the united states this supply could actually be a little lower than previously expected about all matters equal most likely opec
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will announce a cut in supply at their meeting on december sixth oil production and politics thank you and it's a. and i've got a lot more business coming your way including where all those dirty diesels of journeys get shipped off to fill our ben thank you will have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world first a claim to photographer a lot has been released on bail from prison in bangladesh it spent more than three months after being arrested for making more authority said were false and provocative statements about mass student protests the case is widely seen as a test of free speech in the country. indonesia has freed an australian woman who served thirteen years in prison for smuggling heroin renee lawrence is the first of the so-called bali nine to be released after the groups to ringleaders were executed indonesia says lawrence will be deported to australia and banned from the country for life. interpol has elected south korea's kim jong un as its next
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president he replaces mang hong why at the head of the international police body of the mystery man went missing in september during a visit to china was to can match doubt russian frontrunner unexamined kupchak whose candidacy was strongly opposed by the united states and several european countries. even origins afghanistan say they are struggling to identify the perpetrators of tuesday's suicide bombing in the capital kabul after the taliban denied responsibility at least fifty five people were killed and more than eighty injured in the attack a bomber detonated explosives as a gathering of muslim scholars celebrating the birth date of the prophet muhammad. this is the deadly news live from above and still to come we take you to china for the exclusive story of a mother's four year search for her stolen child will they be reunited. ahead of that the white house says it will not same post sanctions on saudi arabia
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for the murder of a u.s. based journalist this cia has concluded that saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salomon directed the murder of one of his critics jamal khashoggi president trump said the economic advantages of good relations with the kingdom outweighed i've weighed all other considerations. it's been called a slap in the face to the cia u.s. president trump siding with saudi arabia against his own intelligence agencies the cia is reportedly confident the saudi crown prince was behind the murder of writer jamal khashoggi but trump says he's not risking washington's relationship with riyadh over the matter they did make a determination. just like i said i think it was very maybe maybe he did they did not make that assessment the cia is looked at it they've studied it a lot they have nothing definitive and the fact is maybe he did baby did right
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now we have oil prices in great shape i'm not going to destroy the world economy and i'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by big bullet with saudi arabia so. these images show shock she entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on october second just before he was murdered in saudi arabia claims it was rogue agents who killed him they say crown prince mohammed bin solomon had nothing to do with it but it will come up. in washington turkey's foreign minister pressed for a full accounting of the killing after talks with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o. edward other it is our right to get more information if there is an impossible the investigation comes to a standstill or we cannot fully cooperate then we may have to apply for an international inquiry. but even amid demands to punish saudi arabia over the killing trump's comments could end the debate over how his administration will
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respond to the matter the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia is highly profitable with billions of dollars and arms sales every year critics say that's allowing riyadh to get away with murder. and we'll start with you know if it states for our next story which involves the shooting death of a chicago doctor earlier this week which is up the ante in an ongoing route between america's medical community and the country's national rifle association issue is the extent to which gun violence in the u.s. is a public health concern the debate is staying out is playing out social media and the w.'s calmness one could tell us a couple so how to don't just become a target for the out of the right i mean doctors have really been increasingly active on this issue of gun control the u.s. actually ranks second in the world in total gun related deaths in twenty sixteen it was more than thirty seven thousand and that's prompting major us medical
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organizations one of them recently called gun violence a public health crisis that requires the nation's immediate attention so comments like that are really getting the end arrays attention and they responded recently with this tweet take a look at what the n.r.a. said this says well someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to quote stay in their lane which basically means mind your own business the medical community seems to have consulted no one but them selves that really hit a nerve with many in the medical community specifically after that shooting you mentioned on monday at a hospital chicago that killed one doctor and a few others as well so doctors stay in their late while doctors would say absolutely we all are in our lane and in fact you know we're seeing medical professionals across the us essentially sharing stories. images of what they recall is their lane saying you know this is our job is to deal with gun violence and
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here's some of those messages that they're sharing on social media one here writes on twitter jeff any idea how many bullets i pull out of corpses weekly this isn't just my lane it's my effing highway others posting images like this one from the operating table itself a neurosurgeon posting this image of a bullet apparently taken from the brain of a six month old baby who ended up dying and another startling picture here of blood stained boots and scrubs of a surgeon who writes this is what it looks like to stay in my lane i speak for this patient for their parents who will never be the same and for every person who came after this one and didn't ask to plenty more images like those that are actually just too graphic to show you others simply addressing the n.r.a. directly one here writing last week the n.r.a. told some era o'neal to stay in her lane that's exactly where she was when she was shot referring to the shooting i've seen countless doctors commenting but shockingly the n.r.a. is silent isn't this new orleans ok so was this feud and there are verses doses
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which is going well the n.r.a. they've stayed quiet since that first week they haven't commented but doctors now are essentially calling for dialogue between the medical community and the n.r.a. in fact they've released now this petition it has about forty thousand signatures from a health care group called firm and it calls on the n.r.a. to be part of the solution and they say we're not as i gun we're anti bullet hole let's work together. really work together likely not it's a very contentious issue and it's not going to be going away anytime soon but hopefully there can be some sort of dialogue. with thank you. china. correspondent has filed an exclusive report about a stolen child on his mother's four year mission to find him kidnapping and child trafficking is a significant problem in china but the government doesn't like to talk about it since it's part of the result of laws restricting the number of children couples can have and of traditional attitudes to boys and girls which place more value on
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boys than girls. report. i'm nervous more than anything i want to see my son again. but i can't fully let myself believe i will have too many doubts. huntingdon has been looking for her son much and for four years she was kidnapped by human traffickers with the help of her ex-husband and his family in high on a sprawling metropolis in eastern china the authorities have said that much chen will be returned to her but they've broken their promise before and she fears they will again. on her way to court with her younger son yet. she's asked authorities for help on numerous occasions but she's never received any on the contrary she's convinced there was a cover up. a year ago tenting ging discovered that her son with chen was sold to
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a village in shandong province she thought he was living with a family there. have you seen this child. i know you know and i can tell you that the villagers refused to give her information that. this child is mine my mother in law sold him. i've been searching for him for three years. who's seen him. the story began in an outskirt of han where tung dinging lived with her husband. a court summons has brought her back here the authorities have promised that she will be allowed to pick up with chen. filming in court is forbidden tending jenas told the family has once again refused
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to return the boy. telling him do these people have trusted. why you know i have custody and i haven't seen my son in four years you don't do anything you don't uphold the law you keep messing with me. suddenly tangent smashes a bottle and holds a shard of glass to our throat. villages where you go i called my sister before i smashed the bottle you know i told her that if she doesn't hear back from me before three pm she should come here and get the boy we need i knew they wouldn't give me back my child the only option i have left is the final option i told them that if i don't get my son back today i will die here she is a master of what general has a shower yes. her ultimatum pays off. is returned to her it's the first time in four years that she says. he immediately bonds with
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his younger brother. about what do you have here. just. to show our viewers here they wrote their number and. then you know i'm still scared. i need to. maybe they'll try to kidnap him again. and that would be the worst thing for me i'm so happy right now my son is alive. but i also still have that terror and my parents. are going to. feel the night has passed. didn't get homesick for the other family
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their phone number has been washed clean from his arm. well. tanja wants to take her children and return to her home province. but. without the d.v.r. . she hasn't been able to hold a steady job over the past years she used to work in restaurants and so snacks at the roadside. that now she'd like to go back to work. tending ging is eager to leave on as quickly as possible she wants to get out of the place where her son disappeared but first he gets a snack. i want another mama. of the mama he calls me mama.
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would have gotten something to easily cause my mama. it isn't clear how many children disappear every year in china the authorities don't publish figures. parents rarely succeed in getting their children back again. spent four years trying to get her son back at last they've been reunited. well as you just heard the chinese government does not publish official figures for kidnapping and child trafficking so we asked beijing correspondent of a task and produce that report to assess the scale of the problem. it is not clear how many children in china are trafficked every year estimates range from twenty thousand to two hundred thousand researchers who took a look at cases suggest that up to forty percent of them were sold by their own families they are sold either to criminal gangs or to families in the countryside
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for these families it is important to have a son so there is a market especially for boys family planning policies restrict the number of children that each woman can have so when a family already has two daughters they often resort to these criminal methods to have their son. but yes but i know still to come ahead on d.w. news iraqis may be returning to moes old but the former islamic state stronghold is far from safe make some of the experts tasked with clearing the city of thousands of unexploded devices from. time type inflation and food and not medicine shortages are taking their toll on venezuela now made us make up for macy's luxury which few can afford. to have those stores so often there is no world's news business i'm suppose all the way on the
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wildfire. social media is quite critical to everything and thousands of others are joining us on the streets. women for changing the world. digital. starts november twenty fifth on. this is the w. news live from berlin i'm from grammy's are our top stories at this hour britain's prime minister is on her way to brussels national trying to finalize an agreement on the ukraine's exit from the european union speaking to parliament earlier threesome a warm lawmaker said rejecting the deal would learn it would lead to more uncertainty . european commission has rejected its at least twenty nineteen despite this the country's populist government says it will defend its spending plans especially on welfare reforms says the two sides on
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a collision course. now in the so-called islamic state was driven out of iraq it left behind enormous quantities of deadly munitions and landmines with many public buildings booby trapped so before the huge task of rebuilding the country can take place a un team is going through huge mounds of rubble trying to remove the dangerous hidden in the ruins. in the first in the year in the first nine months of this year alone u.n. experts have made safe some sixteen thousand bombs rockets and hundreds more improvised explosive devices including nearly eight hundred suicide belts it's also made safe up to three hundred fifty booby traps early this year the w.'s birkett assured travel to iosif former iraqi stronghold of mosul for a look at the danger beneath the ruins. this used to be a city shops homes this used to be western most of. the rubble is
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strewn with decaying bodies and unexploded bombs. that are to cut their have lived through the fighting she and her family spent two weeks in the siege in their home directly opposite the famous and norry mosque that's where i asked titus hit from the international coalition the coalition bumpus city around here. ok little guy is nothing and no one was spared i was death and bombs and explosions everywhere it simply didn't stop it was awful i got out in the future. they fled but was no where else to stay they soon had to return back to their ruined neighborhoods to the two rooms of their house which were still intact now they rarely venture out fear of the munitions scattered all around them keeps their family a child at a school and you know there are still loads of shells lying around the house
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opposite was destroyed and they found something there a mortar grenade or something it hadn't gone off yet. that. explosives expert mark while barton has been in many crisis regions but he says mosul is something you. they have found many bombs grenades mortars and thousands of traps that high as left on their retreat. they've been very well built but on an industrial scale it's not solved just it. a few people building them even though this has been sort of an industry to build them to this scale and this amount this was and she for hospital it was a modern clinic until i turned it into the headquarters for. the search and
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clearance team worked through it by hand piece for piece meter by meter the u.n. mine action service has sixty people in mosul it's nowhere near enough clue shop but if the are yes hidden explosives so well that if you're not extremely careful you don't see them but if someone goes in somewhere where we haven't been yet and doesn't look out very carefully they can get blown up york is a lot center for jihadi. as more people return it becomes more urgent to clear the deadly explosive still hidden in the debris or at least to mark which areas are safe but none of this is happening fast enough the remnants of the bitter fight for muscle are all over the place. because it was ice this is final stand or what we have found here is a lot of suicide about this is being without a doubt the sort of main threat here. this is what he's talking
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about is suicide belt among the rubble. if you move around the corner if you tell everyone that way around the corner we move out of the danger zone in case it blows up. it's soon clear. the bed had to be packed with metal ball bearings to maximise damage he can clear a street one day but then we're going to go back the next day because people find things in their houses shouldn't move them they do and then we have to really require them the u.n. estimates that the cleanup of muscle will take a decade but the residents don't want to wait that long they are eager to return to their homes. but every shuffle off rabba risk setting off a booby trap rebuilding their homes is fraught with hidden danger. sadness says she's happy that people are coming back to western mosul she hopes that he treats her ning family to increase the pressure on the international community to
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help them rebuild their city. is head of iran my national program in iraq welcome to d.w. we heard the hope expressed that the international community is going to help in this effort in order to get these mines cleared people to get on with their lives is not likely to happen it is we're doing it piece by piece centrally we have teams operating every day in mosul not only mosul but also kirkuk followed john other locations. so bit by bit we're clearing a lot of ammunition what you decide is it's not mines it's actually improvised explosive devices most of them mission that we're finding and also that was fired but failed to function ok so you're we heard in the report that there aren't enough of you why aren't there enough of you it's all a question of funding the funds available competing priorities of course we've had
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a very generous donor community this year but we have course needs this to be sustained when needed to continue for several years to be able to share everything i do physically during the. clearing we saw gentleman that it's just who does what the u.n. does he work for. so i work for the united nations mine action service we coordinate the efforts of implementing partners implementing partners consists mainly of non-governmental organizations and also commercial companies who's working very closely and under court in the nation to commercial companies during this so business isn't that clear that there is a tension then between the desire of people to just go back to their homes and get on with allies and try and rebuild our lives and. but it's not it's not safe yet. if that is that does that cause much of a problem. it does of course it's about one point nine million people who's waiting
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to return so we need to prioritize what is being cleared first and it's not only about clearing houses and private houses it's also about clearing infrastructure and one of our major tossed is to clear critical infrastructure in support of the united nations development programs and the government of iraq so people are you hope to buy electricity water that's exactly sol water plants power plants hospitals as was mentioned schools etc and so far we've done over one thousand one hundred sites of critical infrastructure and we're also about to start doing doing houses which is equally importantly morse so so ones i don't know how it works what the building is clear what the street is cleared is that then safe because i just think about kids wandering around and just discovering something the people have missed is a very good question because in most so we estimate seven point six million tons of debris and rubble from the fighting and we say that about one third of the
3:39 pm
explosive subs are on the surface and two thirds will be under the debris so yes no once we've cleared the surface we can guarantee that the surface cleared but then we need to sift through the debris also and the risk is when people are coming back . construction companies are coming back we have to. they start sifting through the debris and they will find more and this has actually led to us having to return to sites in several locations to clear more explore loads of hazards so. your guys clear that you say that the tough is clear then normal construction people committed and removed because otherwise it's going to take just decades and decades to pick up each case individually absolutely and we're also using armored machinery to sift through the rubble so we're using front end loaders were using excavators to sift through the rubble and see if there are explosive how such in the rubble ok well we wish you well with your efforts. from the u.n. mine action program in iraq thank you very much. this is day to live from still to
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come we'll give you the inside scoop on a new detail new documentary digital warriors tells the stories of four women campaigning for women's rights across the globe. to unlock the mystery of the missing details. as you know fill the market for diesel cars in germany has hit the wall emissions scandal throwing a spotlight on air pollution more and more cities a banning dirty jesus from the center but the unwanted vehicles finding a new home just east of here. diesels are highly popular in ukraine this fox has just arrived from germany it meets euro five emission standards some mechanics take a close look at it they know it will need adapting to ukrainian standards within
3:41 pm
a few months at the latest that's when they'll have to remove its catalytic converter. at the catalytic converters in the particle filters often cause problems they get clogged up very quickly and stop working the diesel quality is too low here. without emissions control systems the diesels pump unfiltered toxic gases and particles straight into the air and because regular inspections for cars are not legally required in ukraine they exhaust systems can be manipulated without fear of detection experienced mechanics can easily remove emissions control units and replace them with a section of straight pipe this one comes from a run on diesel if a converter is clogged up the vehicle won't start. and then we hook it up with a diagnostic computer the problem is very often a clogged up catalytic converter sometimes we cut the converter out sometimes we can repair it. ukrainian city of lots has
3:42 pm
a population of two hundred forty thousand the year is foul and eighty two percent of the pollution comes from cars and trucks. there's an autumn arcades here twice a week trading mostly diesels private operators import the cars mostly from germany . diesels meeting older emissions standards which are registered in poland or lithuania are treated as transit vehicles for up to a year only the later euro five standard cars are actually allowed to be imported. germany worries about the environment and that's why the price of diesel is is falling. germany understands its people and spends a lot of money on environmental protection computers for work or you vertically. throughout the city a number of stations are constantly measuring air quality. the results show that only two of the ukrainian cities have filled the air than here and now let's just
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filling up with substandard german diesels. this is. the air will most certainly become. the diesel the fuel that was so bad for the environment. diesels have become hard to sell in germany and now they're flooding into eastern european markets the germans have simply outsourced their diesel emissions problem. venezuela's economic crisis continues to deepen and just today there's news again of corruption at a national level a former treasurer admitting to receiving a billion dollars in bribes that as regular venezuelans struggled to find the money to pay for food meat for example has become a luxury item that on the few can afford. the scene here appears a delicate but these cows aren't grazing in a meadow they're locked into a courtyard in the venezuelan capital caracas. and sold on the black market and
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this is a fluid neighborhood though resistance against the urban farmers is growing neighbors complained about the smell flies and have concerns about hygiene. i came to verify that what the neighbors were saying was true and it was at that time there were five i arrived at the site on monday and the complaints were from saturday so we think several of the cows there had already been slaughtered and the meat was being sold there without any type of refrigeration and without sanitary measures. per curiam food is a daily battle in venezuela meat is particularly scarce the cows have come a long way to the capital and they're being butchered here in the city where well to do families can afford to pay the high black market rates with the economic crisis deepening. their meat for as much as ten times the government's rate for
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beef for many venezuelans that's half a month's rent. the distributors sell to us at a high price. so we can't sell the meat at the government regulated price because we already. and we buy it because otherwise we have to close shop. if we don't we can we'll have to close the business. the government of venezuela had long encouraged people to grow fruit and vegetables in the cities and even suggested rabbits to eat cows however were not part of the plan. the french the rabbits. another pricey and contentious world cup is coming up for organizers not all that far away apparently so bad thank you yes they tried to thirty two world cup gets underway in four years and host nation qatar is pushing ahead with
3:46 pm
enterprising and extensive plans for the tournament but with time ticking away the projects still face plenty of challenges. fee for president jennie in found his eye over the status of guitars world cup stadiums and while work is still in progress the venue's already look impressive guitar is building six new arenas for the tournament all fitted with a air conditioning to make the temperature more suitable for football. legendary spanish midfielder chad the now plays in qatar and says the cooling systems make all the difference out on the pitch. if we need the necessary because of the weather sometimes about. we felt very well in the peach because of their you condition the gulf state is pouring some two hundred billion euros into the ambitious plans in the hope of making the region's first ever world cup a success but the decision to host football's gala tournament in qatar remains one
3:47 pm
of the biggest controversies in sports. reports of forced labor and dangerous living and working conditions for migrant laborers have led to criticism from organizations such as amnesty international. european football figures have also complained about the timing of the tournament the move from june and july to november and december means the matches will take place in the middle of the season for major european leagues and it's still unknown how many teams will take parts guitar has based its plans around a thirty two team competition but fifa chief infancy you know wants to expand the tournament for twenty twenty two and bring the number of countries involved up to forty eight. despite the issues facing the tournament though in fun tina remains positive about the kids our showpiece. you know the progress which made here four years before the kickoff of this world cup he's screwed this fantastic i mean we're
3:48 pm
looking very very much for the fans may not share his enthusiasm yet qatar has four more years to prove the football world wrong. all right jeff can talk us through the countdown survey qatar world cup is a sports media expert based in beirut lebanon welcome to t.w. one of the things about this tournament that is constantly hitting the headlines is the conditions for workers who are actually a building the stadium how would you sum up the conditions there. i'm not a human rights expert this is something a topic very important indeed however the few far should have investigated or should have raised a question with the qatari authorities before awarding the world cup not opening this fire after warning the world cup which is a very squeezed situation are very sensitive they cannot take out the work of after
3:49 pm
all the deals that have been done however i want to mention something that every word card has its issues between brackets you know we saw issues with the south africa issue with even russia work up with the crisis with the ukraine so these topics are in fourth and yet there's many challenges facing thirty five so all the years not only during the work of we are always standing to forget what he for is facing in they out which is like corruption then spread and the reforms we have to ask you for our vote all these questions what they have done not only to see a face to talk about the world cup and the usual surrounding the world cup it's interesting you bring up those those points that have beset the organization itself because given all the controversy around the qatar world cup one does wonder if a for is more concerned about just making more and more money in new markets than
3:50 pm
it is about actually preserving the game's integrity and reputation. you know integrity and recreation and deep trouble in and with during the past twenty years however if it's a very valid question if you for has a challenge at the challenge now in parallel they have to prove that the world cup is for everyone for the whole worth so they can not keep organizing the world cup and latin america or and america and europe they have to organize the world cup. third that's a sort of county's third world counties and the same time they have to keep a specific standard because the world cup is very very demanding i've been into world cups before and i saw how big countries like france like germany it's a big pressure on organizational trant administration of a mystery plant and logistical from so cut that it has to flex its muscles now i'm
3:51 pm
sure that they can do a work up and a relatively small county however feel for as well should troll should stand up for the values that they are promoting you mentioned the rights and the sports business the work of now the recent news about selling their t.v. rights again with a twenty five billion dollar deal this is as well a question marks is it really is it true that football is for everyone can people what football with the hiking price of encrypted channels and the fair play financial fair play came out of the one play football is there is there in equal chance for everyone to complete and full of shit on the level of clubs or teams. interesting point you're talking to judge us thank you so much. the documentary had its online premiere yesterday digital warriors tells the story
3:52 pm
of four women internet activists who are campaigning across the globe for women's rights and for peace and they're mobilizing entire movement to social media. on sunday come home from the drug culture is here to tell us about it more detail welcome to tell us more that about these digital waters who are they and what are they fighting for earlier just fighting for very different or against very different things the authors followed activists from four different countries and we'll see one from guinea in western africa and one from india who's campaigning for peace between india and pakistan and we also meet a woman fighting against femicide in argentina and a feminist from iran who has had to flee to the e.u. as well what connects them all is that they're all using social media twitter facebook instagram and various other channels to drive social change or even perhaps spark a revolution and we're going to focus on two stories here today phil i have to come
3:53 pm
on is from guinea in western africa who's fighting to end the practice of female genital mutilation and. who's been exiled iranian living in new york at the moment we'll start with her because her campaigns my stealthy freedom and white wednesdays in which women in iran were protesting the compulsory headscarf for his job are so successful that the regime in tehran is actually increasingly fearful of a women's revolt so let's have a look at except my campaign was born on the simple picture. it was a picture of me ronnie in a beauty food street in london it was a spring may i wrote a caption on my picture that every time when i wrong in a free country and i feel the wind through my hair it just reminds me of the time when my hair was like a hostage in the hands of the reigning government. i ask women whether they want to
3:54 pm
share their pictures with me so the moment of freedom with me i was bombarded by pictures from women inside iran being unveiled. making a difference but with a especially with a regime like iran it takes a lot of courage to do something like that social media can go both ways did she go . she certainly has which is one of the reasons why she had to leave her country she's even been declared an enemy of the state now all the protagonists that we'll see in this film have been subjected to hostilities in the very channels that they are using to spread their messages from verbal abuse all the way to death threats but they in turn inspire hundreds of thousands of women must see for instance had hundreds of thousands of followers on her various channels and they are getting more and more courageous themselves so she takes her strength from that. from doing
3:55 pm
yes now i say. come on is the founder of the very is no limit foundation to help foster entrepreneurship and health and education for girls and women and in guinea the vast majority of women are have suffered genital mutilation as children and so her campaign break the silence is of a particular urgency. well as you said to learn a trade dana but you have if any more time she cast sun te amo sufism as you say like you know support practice may kill song. less. and less cool there's also strikes. girls rock. your goober and the umbrella he's out of the two song on. the move posse groove is at the today do you do fair g.b.m.
3:56 pm
pulls all songs on the. last one for the conclave like it says in about rock. if you. try to catch it on the sunday afternoon how such a function of pressure on the situ up to date roll at the top of the hour i think that. you'll get. a.
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need to move. me to. this as you wy from berlin a last minute scramble to finalize the terms of the u.k. sprigs a deal british prime minister theresa may warns parliament that rejecting the deal will only bring more uncertainty for next stop brussels where she needs to shore up support ahead of a summit of european leaders also on the program standoff thing either tells italy its leaves.


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