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church member twenty feet long. this is v.w. news live from berlin no breakthrough in brussels as britain's prime minister works to finalize the terms of the u.k.'s brags that deal theresa may has been meeting with european commission had. on the table a blueprint for britain's future ties with the block and a crucial summit of e.u. leaders on sunday to seal the deal. also coming up standoff the e.u.
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tells italy that it is bleak walking into instability that says it projects rome's latest budget but italy's new government is digging in its heels setting the stage for a showdown and the concentration camp in northern germany that the world forgot aside from a small memorial there's not much left to mark the site of the count one of the last survivors has been talking about her experiences there. and with four years to go until the qatar world cup people taking a look at the controversy surrounding the next edition of the biggest football event. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. british prime minister to resign may has failed to achieve a breakthrough on the final bragg's
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a deal after crunch talks in brussels to resign made met with european commission president john could younker for further negotiations ahead of any use summit on sunday may has faced heavy criticism from members of the u.k. parliament over the draft for exit agreement with two senior ministers resigning. and e.u. spokesmen said the good progress had been made during the meeting but that work is ongoing and here's what may had to say after meeting with younger we've had a very good meeting this evening we've made further progress and as a result we've given sufficient direction to our negotiators i hope for them to be able to resolve the remaining issues and that work will start immediately i now plan to return for further meetings including with president on saturday to discuss how we can bring to a conclusion this process and bring it to a conclusion in the interests of all our people. so may is to return to brussels for more talks with younger and e.u. officials and you have you brussels bear chief max wolf-man is standing by with the
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very latest on those developments so max what are those remaining issues that maids talking about here. you know sara we were quite surprised to hear that she was coming about to go on saturday to continue those negotiations because basically the text for the political agreement so about the future of the relationship between the u.k. the you was supposed to be released as early as tomorrow so that doesn't really make any sense as she was of course repeatedly asked what those outstanding issues are she did not answer she talked about a number of issues we know that she wanted to talk about fisheries for example gibraltar as well also the transition period that's about to start after bragg's it and before the start of the new relationship so all of this is quite quite puzzling but if you look at it from a different angle what she needs to do to get this sold at home then it makes sense again because of course she needs to fight to the last moment or at least give the impression that she's fighting until the last moment in the european union to
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gather support at home believable support but even so i mean perhaps if there is the timetable in question and we know you know in the meantime that a diplomat said today that merkel wants a final deal signed sealed delivered before sunday's e.u. summit but as we've heard work still ongoing so can you clear up what's going on here. well other e.u. diplomats that we personally talked to said you shouldn't put too much into that because of course if you know five or six chapters were still left to be negotiated to be drafted on sunday that's not the work of the leaders they've done that before i was one of those summits when they tried to do it never really works out well it's not their job they're there to sign off of it if there really is only one remaining issue let's say like the vault or something that will keep merkel from coming i think we can be quite quite confident that this is the case. we all expect to receive made to have a pretty tough time when it comes to selling this deal at home but you know first she has to really get this through brussels on sunday can she be confident that the
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member states will give it their approval. well if she reaches an agreement on the political outline of the future relationship then the camp the ball is again in the camp of the european union and there for the first time really a crack has appeared and that crack has been opened by spain so we came from a direction that nominee would have been to subpoenaed it's about gibraltar spain months and make sure that they can still negotiate the status of gibraltar bilaterally with the u.k. and so that it's not they don't have to follow something that is in the withdrawal agreement they want this anchored in the withdrawal agreement but that's of course exactly what the other new member states want to avoid at all costs opening that withdrawal agreement that was negotiated over so many days here in brussels opening it up again so we're not sure how that's going to play out in the end that's the second battlefield so just to sum it up first battlefield political agreement that's why maise coming back on saturday to talk to your the head of that you
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commission about a field gibraltar so within the e.u. twenty seven that's the crack that the front line that spain is opened up max often are brussels bureau chief putting it all into perspective on what is a very busy day where you are thank you so much. meantime the e.u. entering new territory in its budget dispute with italy another front there stephen has the story that's right sara brussels indicating it's willing to pursue just linear procedures against italy as long as the country refuses to change its strath budget for twenty nineteen now issues italy's towering debt and the political goals of its government at stake is avoiding the next financial crisis. only the flags co-exist peacefully here everything else is subject to dispute never before has a member states budget been rejected but the european commission is determined to prevent italy from increasing its debt burden. situation even if the least of.
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your countries are in the same team and should be playing by the same rules so you should also. us to provide certainty stability and mutual trust if the threat of an excess deficit procedure was meant as a warning shot it missed its target in rome by a mile the populist governing coalition remains defiant. letter from brussels has arrived i was expecting one from santa claus as well anyway. deputy prime minister mathias salvini says there'll be no backtracking on social welfare spending increases. but italians are used to drama in politics should things go all the way to a confrontation with brussels it depends on who you ask. and some of the largest this government and i like them they're young and they give us hope that i'm. very
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worried because it's a problem the public debt keeps growing in the end we'll be paying for it you know . for good question financial markets are already demanding risk premiums for italian government bonds the national debt has surged above one hundred thirty percent of gross domestic product in the outlooks not very rosy either both the organization for economic cooperation and development the o.e.c.d. and italy's own statistics office of downgraded their growth forecasts for the country but italy is too big to fail it's the eurozone third largest economy its debt is already so high no rescue fund could be big enough to save it. borrowing costs projected growth let's try and understand this a little bit more i'm joined now by alessio tad see he's an economist at the brueghel institute a brussels based think tank let's you know there's this idea that the markets will punish italy before the e.u. can we actually seeing signs that this is getting painful for wrong. yes yes indeed
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we are already seeing signs going beyond the volatility of one day of financial markets if you look at the past six months the interest rate that they tell your government pays on its bonds has increased substantially several points percentage points and this obviously is very relevant in a country that has a huge debt by like italy so even small for fluctuations have a big impact on the economy. you know italy of course is projecting the budget the budget will spur growth but the e.u. saying it has yet to really see where that growth is coming from who's right in this case i mean the government argues that because it is an expansionary fiscal policy basically it is injecting cash in the economy so we should see some sort of short term boost in growth now what they are not mentioning is that because they are losing financial markets along the way and
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interest rates are increasing this is having ripple down effects into the economy and we're already seeing borrowing costs for households for firms go up and indeed to italy is resenting the recession italian growth has already been slowing and the budget is not even approved yet. though as you know we often talk about this crisis in the context of the greek crisis that started in two thousand and nine but this is different right this seems well political. it is it is indeed you're right it is conversely from greece greece was an economic crisis but with a lot of political will on both sides the greek government and the euro zone to find a solution to it whereas in the italian case they can all mix has remained broadly the same as in it is true that italy has a low growth and a high debt but this has been true for several years now what is that different this time is the government is actively seeking confrontation with brussels and
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what we received today so this negative opinion on the budget is exactly what the government wanted which is peculiar in a way within euro zone setting and shared fiscal rules less utility in brussels thank you very much thank you and let's go back to syria now with more news thank you so much stephen we're heading to the united states where president donald trump has accused a federal judge of political bias that's after the judge ordered the government not to enforce a ban on asylum for people who enter the country illegally trump issued the ban earlier this month as thousands of central american migrants were making their way through mexico toward the u.s. forder now a round three thousand migrants have made it as far as the mexican border city of tijuana. a squeaky clean downtown area sporting a somewhat famous mariachi band. a main street that is lined with boss restaurant
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stands clubs and sports the unavoidable local absurdity which serves as a tease for tourists these are the images the city of. the world to see in these days more than ever. the reality is very different sheltering almost three thousand migrants from central america so called caravan migrants in the benito sports complex. this get that now with the number of migrants we have the situation is under control and manageable we are cooperating and have the support of the state police and other security agencies. control of the situation for now authorities expect that by the end of the week an additional nine hundred migrants will have arrived in the city that influx could make conditions worst here things could become unmanageable quickly
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a major concern not only for city officials and some locals a concern shared even by cindy and her three sisters the three young women arrived here just hours ago making their way from. thirty three days they got separated from two additional siblings and their father still cindy can't wait to get out of and into the united states. we. feel we're going to ask for asylum in the united states because we ran away from our country. and we're afraid in our country. because. we don't have work there. most of all and all we're afraid of the violence that's cindy and her sisters know that asking for asylum in the u.s. is one thing qualifying for and getting it is much higher. these days. everybody has god has hope. hope we're not others don't want to take their chances
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starting the legal asylum process is not an option for them. so he will take the risk and jump the fence francisco also from under us and for the last four days in shock until one says he lost faith in the u.s. asylum process why i mean i don't want to ask for asylum. because i heard that out of a thousand people just about ten get assad. to go for most of the migrants just a layover on their journey to their final destination united states of america. and now let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world. peace talks aimed at ending the war in yemen have been set for early december in sweden according to u.s. authorities the conflict has unleashed a humanitarian disaster with aid agencies saying that hunger may have killed almost eighty five thousand children there in the last three years. police in kenya say
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that gunmen have kidnapped an italian volunteer in the coastal town of chuck comma the kidnapping was part of an attack late on tuesday night in which at least four people were injured the attackers identity is unclear but somali based islamic militants have been blamed for a spate of kidnappings in the area. pakistani christian ostia b.p. has been given permission to come to germany her supporters say the german government has yet to confirm reports that it has offered her asylum following offers from britain france and canada the view was recently released from a pakistani prison after almost nine years awaiting execution on blasphemy charges . to germany now where chancellor angela merkel has addressed parliament for the first time since announcing that she will not be seeking re-election the annual budget debate is usually a lively session and this time was no different response to attacks from the opposition merkel gave a forceful defense of her economic record and current policies. it was chancellor
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angela merkel's first parliamentary speech since announcing she would step down as party leader and she was unusually passionate she vigorously defended the un migration pact saying acting internationally was the only way to solve global problems this is that soon it's in a national interest to improve the conditions for both refugees on the one hand and employment migration on the other. this was a budget debate traditionally a chance for the opposition to attack the government's policies but the largest opposition party the far right is and the pressure itself stung by a scandal over compain donations the eye of these parliamentary co-leader lashed out more violence so far at all missing you have no right to criticize us on moral grounds. that get out whatever uncommon out of your glass house and
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stop. throwing stones you're lonely hit yourself in the end. there by a threat from america was unfaced cyrano the nice thing about free debates is that everyone can talk about whatever they think is important for the country. small no position parties took the government to task for quarrelling and in action. they were focused on like people are sick of the coalition with its bad compromises and impasses its clearly incapable of solving people's real problems. this coalition is like a self-help group it's concerned only with itself and not with the needs of society it's all. after such unusually animated parliamentary exchanges politicians return to the rather drier task of discussing next year's budget. in germany it is the concentration camp that the world forgot but one of its last
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survivors has been talking about her experiences there to defuse than to fear i met with new chia bobby costa who was sent there from poland the other marked camp north of berlin was built to punish teenage girls who failed to get in line with the nazi regime. one morning there was a military roll call and they shouted what's your name. we didn't know where they were taking us through. they asked us what we had done. nothing they laughed yeah they said the guards took me and my sister away my mother was left alone at store two of concentration camp that was the worst parts of the. memory remains very clear for certain events in her life she remembers exactly when aged fifteen years old she was
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separated from her mother in a concentration camp lutea was taken five hundred kilometers away to mark a special camp for girls she is now ninety two years old and is one of the last three survivors of a camp that had long been forgotten. but the good cheer it was such a hard one. we were young women and we didn't know how to do the work properly. we had to kneel down on the floor and peel beetroot all the time the buddha. it was such hard work that once i said i just wanted to lie down and never get up to. me in the. church you live in your first. little remains today of mark which is ninety minutes drive north of berlin one
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thousand two hundred young women and girls were forced to work here they suffered day you merely a sion some what you can use to nazi medical experiments they were sent to the camp for behavior deemed anti-social by the nazi regime. and some. examples of this behavior were girls who had a relationship with a foreigner which was bombed. or girls who were part of the jobs and swing group known as swing youth is that part of other youth groups of the that opposed to have their use against the nazi regime. even after the war the social stigma surrounding their anti-social state weighed heavy on the women many remained quiet about their suffering for decades and there were no survivors associations set up and many have never received any compensation even today very little is
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known about. for decades. never spoke about her experiences there just fifteen years ago and nearing eighty years old she found the strength to tell her family about her time at oakham ark the shame she felt despite being a political prisoner remained with her. for old to sign in two years the mission it didn't. need little there's a as we thought we can't feel like this forever. at some point people had to find out what happened in the camp. an incredibly moving and important story stephen is back now with more news right there and we're talking about ikea the world's largest furniture retailer is set to slash thousands of jobs around the world as it focuses more on e-commerce workers in communications and administrative functions are most likely to get the axe it's a rare case of restructuring for the swedish furniture giant which is so far appeared immune from the struggles of brick and mortar stores but
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a decline in foot traffic has prompted the company to focus on expanding its online presence a key it says it will increase hiring on its digital side. now to south america where venezuela's economic crisis continues to deepen and just today there's news again of corruption at a national level former treasurer admitting to receiving a billion dollars in bribes that as regular venezuelan struggle to pay for food meat for example has become an item that only few can afford. the scene here appears. but these cows aren't grazing in a meadow they're locked into a courtyard in the venezuelan capital caracas. and sold on the black market and this is a fluid neighborhood though resistance against the urban farmers is growing neighbors complain about the smell. and have concerns about hygiene.
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i came to verify that what the neighbors were saying was true and it was at that time there were five i arrived at the site on monday and the complaints were from saturday so we think several of the cows there had already been slaughtered and the meat was being sold there without any type of refrigeration and without sanitary measures. per curiam food is a daily battle. meat is particularly scarce the cows have come a long way to the capital and they're being butchered here in the city where well to do families can afford to pay the high black market rates with the economic crisis deepening but. for as much as ten times the government's rate for beef for many venezuelans that's half a month's rent. the distributors sell to us at
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a high price. so we can't sell the meat at the government regulated price because we already. and we buy it because otherwise we have to close shop. we can have to close the business. the government of venezuela had long encouraged people to grow fruit and vegetables in the cities and even suggested rabbits to eat cows however were not part of the plan. and we go back now with the big sports story here we're actually heading to our world cup territory here because in twenty twenty two world cup gets underway in exactly four years time and the host nation qatar is pushing ahead with enterprising and expensive plans for the tournament but with time ticking away the projects still face plenty of challenges and controversies. fee for president jennie in found his eye over the status of guitars world cup stadiums and while work is still in progress
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the venue is already look impressive guitar is building six new arenas for the tournament all fitted with a air conditioning to make the temperature more suitable for football legendary spanish midfielder chad the now plays in qatar and says the cooling systems make all the difference out on the pitch. if we needed to necessary because of the weather sometimes about. we felt very well in the peach because of their condition the gulf state is pouring some two hundred billion euros into the ambitious plans in the hope of making the region's first ever world cup a success but the decision to host football's gala tournament in qatar remains one of the biggest controversies in sports. reports of forced labor and dangerous living and working conditions for migrant laborers have led to criticism from organizations such as amnesty international. european football figures have also complained about the timing of the tournament the move from june and july to
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november and december means the matches will take place in the middle of the season for a major european leagues and it's still unknown how many teams will take parts because who has based its plans around a thirty two team competition but fifa chief infancy you know wants to expand the tournament for twenty twenty two and bring the number of countries involved up to forty eight. despite the issues facing the tournament in front you know remains positive about the kids peace. you know all the the progress which may cheer for us before the kickoff for this world cup is it's great this fantastic i mean we're looking very very much for the fans may not share his enthusiasm yet guitar has four more years to prove the football won't roll in a quick reminder now of the top stories that we're following for you before we go british prime minister teresa may has met with european commission had john called
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younger in brussels a spokesman saying that that you made quote very good progress on agreeing on a blueprint for britain's future relations with the block after bragg said meg is intent on finalizing the details of the divorce agreement ahead of a summit with e.u. leaders on sunday. and the european commission has rejected italy's twenty nine thousand budget of the country's populist government has vowed to defend its spending plans especially on welfare setting the two sides on a collision course. and with that you are up to date now on. i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching have a great day. out
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of the. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful. one of a couple of the must ensure the full believe good of johnny social democrats to challenge the hangal maku last year for the chance to race and failed spectacularly why did these campaign fail how does he react to criticism of his time as president
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of the european policy. conflict so far in sixty minutes g.w. . digital advances are transforming the more. busy getting ready for it in. the second season of our documentary series founders valley. join german founders in asia as an exploring our digital future. the most value starts november twenty fourth on the w. continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their
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visions successes and day to day business the difference. in history you know everyone is too small. pieces to matter vision. eyes. and. digital africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . down to the brags it wire a last ditch effort by theresa may in brussels to edit her brags a deal and make it more sellable at home the e.u. votes this week and then it's up to the british parliament where opposition has been mounting on all sides i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day.
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if you look at the alternative to having that deal with the european union.


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