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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2018 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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news live from berlin no breakthrough in brussels as britain's prime minister works to finalize the terms of the u.k.'s brainsick deal to reach the may has been meeting with european commission head juncos younker on the table a blueprint for britain's future talks with the bloc ahead of a crucial summit of the e.u. leaders on sunday to seal the deal. also coming up the concentration camp in northern germany that the world's forgotten aside from a small memorial there is not much left to mark the site of the book of mark count
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. one of the last survivors has been talking with you about her experiences there. and with four years to go until the qatar world cup we will take a look at the controversies surrounding the next edition of the biggest football fans. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program british prime minister to resubmit has failed to achieve a breakthrough on the final bragg's a deal after crunch talks in brussels to resign made that with the european commission president for further negotiations ahead of an e.u. summit on sunday may has faced heavy criticism from members of the u.k. parliament over the draft rights that agreement with two senior ministers resigning and spokesman said that good progress have been made during the meeting but that work is ongoing here's what may had to say after meeting own car. we had
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a very good meeting this evening we've made further progress and as a result we've given sufficient direction to monica as i hope for them to be able to resolve the remaining issues in that work will start immediately i now plan to return to further meetings including with president on saturday to discuss how we can bring to a conclusion this process and bring it to a conclusion in the interests of all our people so may is to return to brussels for more talks with younger and e.u. officials and you brussels bear chief max wolfman is standing by with the very latest on those developments so max what are those remaining issues that maids talking about here you know sara we were quite surprised to hear that she was coming about to go on saturday to continue those negotiations because basically the text for the political agreement so about the future of the relationship between the u.k. and the you was supposed to be released as early as tomorrow so that doesn't really make any sense she was of course repeatedly asked what those outstanding issues are
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she did not answers she's talked about a number of issues we know that she wanted to talk about fisheries for example gibraltar as well also the transition period that's about to start after brags that before the start of the new relationship so all of this is quite quite puzzling but if you look at it from a different angle what she needs to do to get this sold at home then it makes sense again because of course she needs to fight to the last moment at least give the impression that she's fighting until the last moment in the european union to get the support at home believable support but even so i mean perhaps if there is the timetable in question and we know you know in the meantime that a diplomat said today that merkel wants a final deal signed sealed delivered before sunday's e.u. summit but as we've heard work still ongoing so can you clear up what's going on here. well other e.u. diplomats that we personally talked to said you shouldn't put too much into that because of course if you know five or six chapters were still left to be negotiated
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to be drafted on sunday that's not the work of the leaders they've done that before i was at one of those summits when they tried to do it never really works out well it's not their job they're there to sign off of it if there really is only one remaining issue let's say like to roll towards something that will keep merkel from coming i think we can be quite quite confident that this is the case. we all expect to receive made to have a pretty tough time when it comes to selling this deal at home but you know first she has to really get this through brussels on sunday can she be confident that the member states will give it their approval. well if she reaches an agreement on the political outline of the future relationship then the cannon ball is again in the camp of the european union and therefore the first time really a crack has appeared and the crack has been opened by spain so it came from a direction that no many would have been to subpoenaed it's about gibraltar spain months to make sure that they can still negotiate the status of gibraltar
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bilaterally with the u.k. and so that it's not they don't have to follow something that is in the withdrawal agreement they want this anchored in the withdrawal agreement but that's of course exactly what the other new member states want to avoid at all costs opening that withdrawal agreement that was negotiated over so many days here in brussels opening it up again so we're not sure how that's going to play out in the end that's the second battlefield so just to sum it up first battlefield political agreement that's why maise coming back on saturday to talk to your the head of that you commission as about a field gibraltar so within the e.u. twenty seven that's the crack that the front line that spain has opened up max often are brussels bureau chief putting it all into perspective on what is a very busy day where you are thank you so much let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world the european commission has taken a first step toward disciplining italy over its government's plans for next year's
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budget rome has refused to make changes despite concerns from the euro zone officials at the country's high debt because instability for the entire block thirteen new cases of a ball that have been confirmed in the north east of the democratic republic of congo the country's health ministry said that it was the highest number of new cases in a single day since the current outbreak started in july efforts to curb the epidemic have been hampered by a surge in violence in the area. pakistani christian aasia bibi has been given permission to come to germany her supporters say the german government has yet to confirm reports that it has offered her asylum following offers from britain france and canada was recently released from a pakistani prison after almost nine years awaiting execution on blasphemy charges . peace talks between yemen's warring parties looks set to take place in sweden in early december that's according to the u.s.
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secretary of defense for the people of yemen the talks can't come soon enough aid agencies estimate that more than eighty thousand children may have died from extreme hunger in the past three years of yemen civil war and the u.n. says that half of the country's population is now on the brink of famine. this is one year old new site when this footage was taken on the twenty third of october he's mother said he'd been diagnosed with money tradition twice in the last six months because the one of her i had a cousin that isn't he keeps having a high fever during the night so i don't know how to get his temperature down when it's high. when i got home i don't know what condition musayyib is in at present but his story resonates today as an aid group warns eighty five thousand children in yemen may have died of hunger since the civil war broke out in two thousand and fifteen. it's
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a country literally on the brink of famine half a million young lives immediately a risk we need to focus on this crisis because it is the single greatest humanitarian crisis facing us as an international community. as the world learned of the probable extent of the country's humanitarian crisis the u.n. envoy to yemen martin griffiths arrived in the rebel held capital sanaa for talks with who the rebels he said both sides in yemen have agreed to attend peace talks soon to end the country's civil war. but the fighting is still raging in her data and other areas making life a daily struggle for people in yemen. i am better than a lot about when i make breakfast i pray that we'll be able to have lunch and when lunch comes i wonder what we'll have for supper. and when you go to sleep you start
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thinking dear gods what am i going to feed them tomorrow. peace talks have been scheduled for early december in sweden but similar if it's in the past have failed to produce any agreement to stop the violence. we're now in germany and as the concentration camp of the world forgot one of the last survivors has been talking with g.w. about her experiences there she never used land of fear eka met with lucida. who was sent there from poland the upper mark camp north of berlin was built to punish teenage girls who failed to get in line with the nazi regime then one morning there was a military roll call and they shouted what's your name we didn't know where they were taking us. they asked us what we had done and we said nothing so they left a wish to yeah they are moving me it's stuck need. for
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both of us the cards took me and my sister away but my mother was left alone it's too tough a concentration camp. that was the worst part. about it because gus memory remains very clear for certain events in her life she remembers exactly when aged fifteen years old she was separated from her mother in a concentration camp lutea was taken five hundred kilometers away to mark a special camp for girls. little remains today of a market which is ninety minutes drive north of berlin one thousand two hundred young women and girls were forced to work here they suffer daily you merely ation some what you can use to nazi medical experiments they were sent to the camp for behavior deemed anti-social by the nazi regime. some. examples of this behavior were girls who had a relationship with
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a foreigner which was bombed. or girls who were part of the jazz and swing group known as swing youth as it were part of other youth groups of did that opposed to have their youth under against the nazi regime. even after the war the social stigma surrounding their antisocial state does weighed heavy on the women many remain quiet about their suffering for decades and there were no survivors associations set up and many have never received any compensation even today very little is known about. for decades about it because god never spoke about her experiences there just fifteen years ago and nearing eighty years old she found strength the. to tell her family about her time and who can mock the shame she felt despite being a political prisoner remained with her for all those signs and years the mission of dear little did so good for all those years we thought we can't feel like this
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forever at some point people had to find out what happened in the camps at some point we had to let go. the twenty twenty two world cup gets underway in exactly four years time and the host nation qatar is pushing ahead with enterprising and expensive plans for the tournament but with time ticking away the projects still face plenty of controversies and challenges. fee for president jennie in found his eye over the status of guitars world cup stadiums and while work is still in progress the venue's already look impressive guitar is building six new arenas for the tournament all fitted with a air conditioning to make the temperature more suitable for football. legendary spanish midfielder chad he now plays in qatar and says the cooling systems make all the difference out on the pitch. if we need it necessarily because of the
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weather sometimes about. we felt very well in the peach because of their you condition the gulf state is pouring some two hundred billion euros into the ambitious plans in the hope of making the region's first ever world cup a success but the decision to host football's gullah tournament in qatar remains one of the biggest controversies in sports. reports of forced labor and dangerous living and working conditions for migrant laborers have led to criticism from organizations such as amnesty international. european football figures have also complained about the timing of the tournament the move from june and july to november and december means the matches will take place in the middle of the season for major european leagues and it's still unknown how many teams will take parts guitar has based its plans around a thirty two team competition but fifa chief infancy you know wants to expand the
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tournament for twenty twenty two and bring the number of countries involved up to forty eight. despite the issues facing the tournament though in fun tina remains positive about the kids our show piece. here or the progress which made here for us before the kickoff of this world cup he's discreet this fantastic i mean we're looking very very much for fans may not share his enthusiasm yet qatar has four more years to prove the football world wrong. now on boxer square off at weigh ins before bouts there are often tends to be savory pushing and shoving but what happens when two of golf's greatest names went eyeball to eyeball check this out phil mickelson and tiger woods got up close and personal ahead of their much hyped golf so well on friday but they couldn't keep a straight face they ended up giggling. and now hugging used as you'll see.
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friday's invented las vegas is no laughing matter though as the winner is taking home a whopping nine million dollars. and with that now you are up to date on your news i'm sorry kelly and thank you so much for watching don't forget the conversation continues online you can follow us on social media have a great day. which are pretty. normally to school for the world we're going to exception your stories and discussion on the news and easy and what we do debbie to come see me join us on facebook w.


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