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tv   Treasures of the World - Galapagos Islands - A Garden of Eden Ecuador  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2018 10:15pm-10:30pm CET

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perhaps it was carried here on wings like these. washed up. by some unknown life all right on news on. i've. started shapes of rock the shield volcanoes of the galapagos islands rise up out of the pacific. all archipelago belongs to ecuador and it lies directly over the equator forty five islands of various sizes about a thousand kilometers from the south american coast europe has been around for
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billions of years but the galapagos islands were for much more recently just five million years ago which seems like yesterday if you look at the history of the world it all began here at the galapagos hotspot when glowing hot lava broke through this unusually thin part of the earth's crust to form a volcano in china whole section of the earth's crust the nasca plate moved away to the southeast taking a volcano with it and making way for him in volcanoes and islands. spores and seeds of the first plants on the islands were probably carried here by birds bloomin on the wind. majuli blight started to develop.
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the be. told. to see around the islands is home to over three hundred species of fish this rich for riot is supported by a cool new feature which stream which flows past the islands the humble current. eventually new forms of life arose here adapted to the island's unique conditions. archaic forms reminiscent of the beginning of time have survived to this day.
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the galapagos they be one of the last remnants of paradise a true garden of eden. week
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god god god. when an eight hundred thirty five the english theologian and scientist charles darwin came to the galapagos he hoped to find a new garden of eden he was trying to prove the literal truth of the story of the creation as told in the bible and he imagined that these remote pacific islands would turn out to be a center of creation with a species were preserved as god had created them. instead darwin discovered something even more miraculous this isolated world of plants and animals showed him that all life is constantly changing that all living things are continually evolving and adapting to their environment. darwin's theory of natural selection was published in eight hundred fifty nine in his book the origin of species it was to change radically and forever our whole understanding of humanity and its place
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in creation. the name galapagos comes from a spanish word for tortoise in fact it was through his observations of the tortoises on the islands and the schoolies or forests that darwin arrived at his discovery he saw here plants. in animals which are clearly originated far away to come here by chance but that adapted to their environment by developing into new
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forms of life found nowhere else on earth come. because the process of evolution can be seen at work so clearly on the galapagos the islands with their incomparable fauna and flora are a true showcase of nature and that's why they were chosen head of so many other places to be a world heritage site. sadly though man's increasing interference here is putting this part of the world's heritage more and more at risk. who.
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were moving. moving or. man.
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in the galapagos darwin wrote he felt himself brought closer in time and space to the mystery of mystery appearance on earth of new living creatures. closer in a word to creation. entering
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the conflict zone fronting the powerful. whatever happened to mark to show the former leader of john a social democrat who challenged single muckle last year for the chance to race and failed spectacularly why did his campaign fail how does he react to criticism of his time as president of the european parliament conflicts a. lot. of what. we interrupt this program to bring you pictures. white walls. white moments white places white figures. and a milestone in pop history. the beatles' white album turns fifty. year old. sixty. w. .
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for you on facebook and twitter to date and in touch. whatever happened to martin schulz the former leader of germany social democrats who challenge the angular muckle last year for the chancery and failed spectacularly well he's my guest this week here in berlin why did his campaign fail and how does he react to criticism of his time as president of the european parliament.


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