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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2018 1:02am-1:30am CET

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by theresa may in brussels to edit her brags it deal and make it more sellable at home the e.u. votes this week and then it's up to the british parliament where opposition has been mounting on all sides i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. if you look at the alternatives to having that deal with the european union it will either be moved uncertainty mortician or could risk no brics it told recent polls show that actually impossible georgia people would love new threats if i don't the prime minister didn't johnson the question is this the final deal or no we continue to negotiate on that future relationship to get a good deal that we believe is right for the united kingdom the prime minister the party heading off to brussels and you've got the new approach that circuitry is another long troubling branch that secretary cohen of the place is now in charge
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the ceremonial one i as we leave the e.u. we want to ensure we continue to have a good trading relationship with the european union and we will be able to have an independent trade policy which enables us to make decisions to trade around the rest of the world. and also coming up on the program us president donald trump give saudi arabia a pass over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi and decides quote what's good for the economy is good enough for me. we are with saudi arabia we're staying with saudi arabia by the way just so everybody i have no business whatsoever with saudi arabia couldn't care less. it is do or die time for teresa mayes brags it deal the e.u. was set to vote on a finalized plan on sunday so she is now scrambling for concessions that will make it more palatable at home and address some looming issues like britain's future
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relations with the e.u. on wednesday she was in brussels negotiating with european commission president john could younker and here's what she had to say after that meeting we had a very good meeting this evening we've made further progress doesn't result we've given sufficient direction as i hope for them to be able to resolve the remaining issues in that work will start immediately. to return for further meetings including with president on saturday to discuss how we can bring to a conclusion this process and bring it to a conclusion in the interests of all our people so theresa may will be back in brussels on saturday let's get some analysis on these developments today barbara faisal is standing by in london so we had john called junker theresa may face to face today how much closer has this brought us to brags that barbara. it might have thought was a bit closer but it might also be able to sort of explode the whole issue and get
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to the summit on sunday postponed it is absolutely possible angela merkel the german chancellor said today that she would not come if twenty four hours in advance there was not sign a bill treaty on the table now that is cutting it extremely close because if theories if the reason may was to go back on saturday and still sort of regal some details in the treaty that rule will be broken in any case and this is really going down to the wire sort of fiddling was the divorce agreement on the last meters does not really create joy for anybody because now there is that their desires and wishes on all sides and it's not only to resume a who ones who still want stuff from the european union it is also some european countries now who seem to be waking up to wanting things from the united kingdom and so we might be ready for another standoff in brussels and that is pretty much
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the last thing to try to make and want but she walks this very perilous pass let's talk a little bit more about the potential standoff in brussels because i mean we have talked a lot about northern ireland for example in the u.k. now on the e.u. side brought her is looming as another sticking point walk us through that issue. this space this pension full cannot and suddenly figured out that after they read the five hundred eighty odd pages of the divorce agreement they found that digit brought us somehow is included in all future agreements without sort of putting any questions to status and the spanish prime minister came under pressure from his own opposition in parliament who told him you're sending us down the river so back he went to brussels and said this can't work that way we need is different clause we need a different clause for gibraltar and sort of keep things open for future negotiations
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now that is something that the reason they really can't take home because she absolutely can sell it it within her own party is they going to jump up and down if she brings a result like that so there are hidden issues in this which are coming out at the very last moment and so it is a very dangerous strategy that reason may is following here because she things if she is seen as fighting in the european trenches to the last minutes her enemies might be impressed but also her opponents on the european side wake up. barbara so alternately that what this theresa may need from the e.u. in order to be able to sell the steel back at home any other specifics that she really needs or is it really just about that image that you're referring to of her fighting to the very end here. it is the image in one hand and it is also of course some specifics that that she's still trying to fix for instance she still
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wants to somehow soften the whole language around the irish backstopped now i wish her absolutely good luck was that nobody in brussels or even here in london can see that happen but that's something of course that she's trying to buy the the northern irish unionist party that is blocking the deal at the moment here in westminster and also what she wants is in the declaration for the future economic relationship the most the deepest most special never ever before heard of and most the custom made the customs union and economic relationship that has ever been in the world and she wants it all she wants the trade in goods she wants treat frictionless trade she wants trade in services and that of course is also not going to happen that but she might get some verbal concessions she might get a bit more flour flowery language there a bit more softening of some wording but that's pretty much all of the question
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really is what she does risk at this moment is to postpone the breaks that summit and that is something that is not going to go down well at home and they really upset her plans here in london barbara faisal in london thank you so much barbara. yes and to another headache for the e.u. italy is now wantin of public debt today bigger appeal commission rejected the latest draft of italy's budget opening the door to disciplinary proceedings including significant fines for rome and a freeze on the e.u. funding italy's populist government has been at loggerheads with brussels over its spending plans for months rome argues that it needs to stimulate the economy and offer italian some respite after years of austerity but brussels says that italian spending is out of control and could spark another debt crisis that could engulf the entire european union italy's government has showed little indication that it
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is prepared to make concessions here's what interior minister mattel selvi said earlier today that he. has a letter from brussels arrived i was expecting one from santa claus as well anyway we'll be talking about it again here it will respond politely as we always do but i won't back down. any speaking earlier let's get more from journalists who joins us now from rome so the e.u. has very clearly upped the ante against italy how is that going down there in rome where you are. well here in rome the stand seems to be one of defiance i mean the european commission made it very clear that two point four percent of the g.d.p. forecast in terms of the deficit was simply unacceptable they said that rome is sleep walking into instability this way but here in italy you heard what the deputy prime ministers said joking about the lesson from brussels but he simply
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replied that that figure of two point four percent is just not sligo shabelle they are willing to talk about other issues but not that and that's really the key point prime minister just as big qantas saying that he feels that their budget for cars and their budget plan is something that is solid italy believes that dealing with the debt means that they have to create more spending in order to boost the economy and that will alleviate the situation of the poor in the country that's their logic but it says is in stark contrast to what the european commission wants now he is expected mr conti's expected to be needing with the european commission president joe flowed on saturday evening and he said conti said for his part that he is willing to evaluate the upcoming step in terms of trying to find some kind of compromise but it's very clear that this populist government wants to put in place
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its spending measures and tax cuts it believes that the only way to deal with the death what sort of penalties are we talking about from the e.u. side i mean could they really hurt italy. well at the moment this very first step that we saw happen today with this measure really is the first step in terms of disciplinary action now what happens next is that the deputy finance business ministers within the e.u. will have to see whether they agree with these recommendations put forward by the commission they have the next two weeks to do that and then eventually in january the finance ministers themselves what to see how they will go forward in terms of these recommendations so sometime in january we can expect at the rate things are going that the commission will make those recommendations and also put in place a deadline of some three to six months for italy to decide whether they will comply with this in the event that italy does not comply that's when the sanctions come into place and that can include a fine of some zero point two percent of the g.d.p.
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and that's a massive figure for italy and something which are they will definitely not be willing to pay what we have to see now in the next weeks and months is whether these two sides can really come to some kind of compromise to avoid that step of sanctions and on the e.u. side i mean they say that italy is in danger of sleepwalking into instability we're talking about the e.u. stirred biggest economy here there's a lot of stake isn't there. yes there definitely is what that wants to avoid is another situation obviously arizonan debt crisis that said however they also are wary of putting too many penalties and punishing italy too much and that simply because their eyes also on the european parliamentary elections are scheduled for may next year and you don't want to give too much fire to those populist parties that will be running in those elections so really a fine line here and eyes will also be on how the markets respond to these measures
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today we saw the borden's rarely somewhat and that means that essentially they're looking for a possible compromise between the two sides but it's definitely going to be an interesting couple of weeks and months ahead as we see how italy and you work towards trying to find a solution to the situation seen those who are in rome thank you so much sima. still to come on the day china's missing children abducted sold by human traffickers and the story of one mother's pain. and searching for him through three years that is. betrayed by her husband ignored by authorities we follow a mother's desperate search for her kidnapped son. in the united states members of congress say that they will consider additional
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punitive measures against saudi arabia after the killing of u.s. based journalist jamal khashoggi it comes after trump's decision to stand by the kingdom saying that the economic advantages of good relations with the saudis outweighs everything else even state sanctioned murder the move has also sparked international criticism. donald trump headed off for thanksgiving leaving his position on the murder in no doubt the u.s. president is backing saudi arabia regardless of where the investigation leads because it's america first for me it's all about america first we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars to daughters and let russia china and everybody else have a it's all about for me very simple it's america first critics say trump is putting money before morals turkey says it won't be taking that path you stand and. trade or other issues are not important this is a humanitarian issue it's
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a martyr we cannot say our trade will increase let's cover it up let's ignore it. get it all must turkish investigators say journalist jamal khashoggi she was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul the murder planned at the highest levels of the saudi government now according to media reports the cia believes crown prince mohammed bin solomon directly ordered to shock she is death not enough for the u.s. president. the cia has looked at it they've studied it a lot they have nothing definitive and the fact is maybe maybe he did trump's loyalty to saudi arabia a key u.s. ally is too much even for fellow republicans in congress but we have a crown prince that i believe directed the killing of a journalist and i just thought the language. that was used it was as if they were riding a press release for the saudi arabia and not for the united states both republicans
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and democrats are calling for tougher sanctions against saudi arabia even to the point of canceling military deals but donald trump has pledged to remain a steadfast partner to the saudis even to the point it seems of allowing riyadh to get away with murder. let's get more on the international implications of this move we're joined by the chief foreign policy editor sets that are welcome to the program but first a quick fact check because an in the u.s. president has made a pretty big claim here he says that the u.s. economy even the world's economy would be in danger if you took a tougher stance on saudi arabia correct well trump as we've seen so far is interested in deals and making deals and with saudi arabia he made a deal he's claiming that is four hundred fifty billion dollars worth which saudi arabia would be investing in the united states so he doesn't want to lose this deal and one hundred ten billion dollars from this deal would be for arms sale so it's
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really important for drama but if you look at saudi arabia's g.d.p. six hundred eighty billion dollars that would be two thirds of. g.d.p. being invested in the united states so there's a question mark there and at the same time if saudi arabia were to be punished or to be pushed by trump furthermore of course it could retaliate by disrupting the energy markets but. of course saudi arabia would be affected by this too so it seems that trump is more worried about. the american deal here instead of the world economy let's put this into a broader context though because i mean if you just talk about u.s. foreign policy generally speaking over the past decade i mean it's really based on a mix of economic interests moral values now we seemingly have an ally who is able to commit murder with impunity very little consequences here what does this say to you about moral standards right now in international politics it seems that moral
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standards international politics have hit a certain low with trump just letting this go by letting this happen accepting saudi arabia just letting saudi arabia get by with this. of course the world is also looking at trump the world is thinking well if the u.s. is leading the way in these moral. standards well maybe other countries might also follow in his footsteps of this is a very dangerous path that the world is going through so it's really important to stick to those western morals and western standards western democracy standards to make sure that. the human rights are protected and we've seen domestically some opposition from the u.s. congress they said that there will be consequences some of the lawmakers there we've also had turkey attacks trump stance that you know certain diplomats have called it comic in fact they want to take this murder case to the united nations without the u.s. backing how difficult. it would be difficult but at the same time turkey is in
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a very tricky position here so turkey is trying to also keep a good relationship with the u.s. there are many reasons for this there's a comic ties there's you know the war in syria but also turkey still wants to extradite good man who believes is behind the military coup so by pushing for or trying to resolve this on a more internal international level turkey might be putting its relations with the u.s. in even more difficult situation thank you so much for putting it into context for us at us at our chief foreign policy editor we appreciate it thank you and kept the goodwill for saudi arabia coming from his mar a lago club in florida where he is spending thanksgiving he tweeted the following or oil prices getting lower great like a big tax cut for america and the world enjoy thank you to saudi arabia let's go lower.
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well there can be few greater pains for a parent to have your baby kidnapped and sold china is one of the worst offenders in child trafficking data is scarce but it is thought that up to two hundred thousand children are sold and son was sold by another family to another family by human traffickers aided by her own husband and he. picks up the story in the city of one where the anguished mother appears close to finding her missing child. i'm nervous more than anything i want to see my son again and again. sorry but i can't fully let myself believe i will have too many doubts. you know. has been looking for her son much and for four years he was kidnapped by human traffickers with the help of her ex-husband and his family in high on
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a sprawling metropolis in eastern china the authorities have said that with chen will be returned to her but they've broken their promise before and she fears they will again. is on her way to court with her younger son yet. she's asked authorities for help on numerous occasions but she's never received any on the contrary she's convinced there was a cover up. a year ago tenting ging discovered that her son with chen was sold to a village in shandong province she thought he was living with a family there was no have you seen this child. i know you know and i can tell you that the villagers we fused to give her information. to this child is mine my mother in law was sold to him. i've been searching for him for three years. who's
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seen him. the story began in an outskirt of han where tung dinging lived with her husband. a court summons has brought her back here the authorities have promised that she will be allowed to pick up with chen. filming in court is forbidden tending jenas told the family has once again refused to return the boy. tell you how do these people have custody. why is it you know i have custody and i haven't seen my son in four years you don't do anything you don't uphold the law you keep messing with me. suddenly tandjung ging smashes a bottle and holds a shard of glass to her throat. villages you know you go i called my sister before i smashed the bottle feel i told her that if she doesn't hear back from me before
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three pm she should come here and get the boy we need i knew they wouldn't give me back my child the only option i have left is the final option i told them that if i don't get my son back today i will die here she is a master of what general has up what shall hear us. her ultimatum pays off. is returned to her it's the first time in four years that. he immediately bonds with his younger brother. not what do you have here. just. to show are very serious they wrote their number. well you know i'm still scared. i need to. maybe they'll try to kidnap him again.
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and that would be the worst thing for me i'm so happy right now my son is alive. but i also still have that terror in my parents. feel the night has passed. didn't get homesick for the other family their phone number has been washed clean from his arm. feel. good oh. tangent jane wants to take her children and return to her home province. thirty after. she hasn't been able to hold a steady job over the past years she used to work in restaurants and sell snacks at the roadside. here now she'd like to go back to work. oh yeah i'm.
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tending ging is eager to leave as quickly as possible she wants to get out of the place where her son disappeared but first he gets a snack. i want another mama. of the mama they call me mama. it would have gotten something to easily cause my mama. it isn't clear how many children disappear every year in china if gordy's don't publish figures. parents rarely succeed in getting their children back again. spent four years trying to get her son back at last they've been reunited.
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at last indeed and that report for together by w.'s china correspondent mathias ballinger and with that bow you are up to date on the day as ever the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter either acted up your news my handle is at sarah kelly t.v. don't forget you can use the hash tag the day thank you so much for watching have a great day.
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and. we interrupt this program to bring you pictures. white walls white moments white plaisance white figures. and a milestone in pop history. the beatles' white album turns fifty. year old next. we would dive into the deep blue water. we would hunt the old fashioned way with spears. the boats we lived on never stayed in one place.
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and the sea the promise to sweep. the disappearing world of the scene opens in forty five minutes on d w. a continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business the difference. it's made to history you know everyone is too small. pieces of mathematicians that i was trying to.
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digital africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . welcome to euro max in today's show we'll be featuring one of the most iconic albums in music history and much much more from across the continent is what's coming up. we celebrate the beatles' white album which came out fifteen years ago. rebellious.


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