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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin bracing to beat the bricks and deadline the british prime minister under pressure to deliver a final deal on but positions are hardening in brussels and in berlin. machall is threatening to boycott sunday's e.u. summit also coming up. for a nation ravaged by violence and famine the us secretary of defense says yemen's warring parties have agreed to peace talks. and ozzy of bibi the christian in
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pakistan who spent nine years on death row for blasphemy has reportedly been granted asylum here in germany is almost a promise to kill her and her family we'll bring you the latest. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us the british prime minister trees is racing against the clock to win support at home and abroad for her back supply with the e.u. set to vote on the deal coming up on sunday may still has to convince the skeptics in her own party who call it a sellout and in brussels she's on a missed mission to discover if there might be any leeway or even possible concessions for the prospects for that are not looking good. theresa may is hoping the road to brecht's that success at home might just run through brussels
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together with e.u. chief john claude juncker she's trying to hammer out the text of a draft deal governing her country's future relationship with the e.u. but a two hour meeting behind closed doors only yielded a pledge to talk more we've had a very good meeting this evening we've made further progress and as a result we've given sufficient direction as i hope for them to be able to resolve the remaining issues and that work will start immediately i now plan to return for further meetings including with president on saturday to discuss how we can bring to a conclusion this process and bring it to a conclusion in the interests of all our people by fighting for a better deal in brussels may could boost her chances of winning parliamentary approval for her plan before meeting with a younger she again made her case to skeptical lawmakers at home. if you look at the alternative to having that deal with the european union it will either be more uncertainty more division or it could risk no brics it recent
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polls show that actually a cost majority of people would like no represent at all the prime minister did you just see the question is this the final deal or not beyond her domestic critics here fresh concerns from abroad over the status of the disputed british territory japan alter the spanish prime minister pedro sanchez says he wants assurances that madrid will be able to negotiate the future of gibraltar directly with the u.k. . we have told for european commission the institutions of the e.u. and also view not to kingdom this is an essential point for a pro european government like the government of spain. if it is not solved by sunday spain as a pro european government will have to vote no and use its veto. and with just days to go before the e.u. is expected to sign off on britain's divorce from the bloc there was an extra
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pressure from german chancellor merkel she says she won't negotiate with me at the summit and could boycott sunday's meeting unless the draft deal is agreed in good time. ok so new developments here to talk about that much more is berlin based british political blogger john worth john good morning to you what's your view what do you think of the threat now from berlin to boycott sunday's summit i think this is noise before the summit honestly i would be extremely surprised were the summit to now not happen these are the last details essentially that the last bits of hackling over a few issues but i expect there will be a summit on sunday and i do expect that there will actually be a deal ok haggling about a few issues they're not nominal issues they're important ones we have the border with with ireland and now gibraltar is come up as a possible sticking point i think the issue which are both for essentially concerned spain and the u.k. and senshi what's what the spanish prime minister said is correct essentially you
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will deal with that issue by the treaty between spain and the u.k. in the future the irish border issue although it's a messy solution has largely actually being solved the sticking points of the moment what sort of future relationship person would want with the european union and what kind of language can you give to reason may in the in the exit deal in that respect what should britain's future trading relationship with the european union look like that's one important question these are legitimate these are some important questions and maybe went back to london saying well they're going to be resolved in brussels this isn't the biggest problem for theresa may the moment essentially whatever it is that she would manage to get from brussels is not actually the major sticking point whatever she gets she can't get it through the british house of commons when she brings it back to london she's to do so by christmas at the very latest the talk at the moment is that be somewhat middle of december on ten through december that she'd have the vote and that's really her problem and i think brussels knows that essentially machall would know that. essentially there's no real incentive to give may any extra because whatever you would give to resume a can she actually managed to get such
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a deal through. our own backbenches and it looks very unlikely it's of that's the big sticking point is in london not in brussels ok now going to fund hogan he's a social democrat here a long time negotiator very famous here in germany he said we need to cut through all of this we can do it by offering britain a bilateral trade deal like japan or the united states us here but the e.u. has to offer germany itself can't offer that so you go to negotiate that with the european union but look at the trade deal with canada for example that took more than seven years to negotiate with the clock is ticking down on bret's it's an amendment we've got at the moment seventeen weeks to go until breaks it so therefore the time is very very short to manage to conclude anything so what you've got to do is get britain out what's in an orderly fashion already complicated enough by march and then work out what the future trade relationship is going to look like it's very very hard times too it's easier said than done is this all going to happen by christmas is theresa may going to get the people on her own
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party the skeptics are saying this is a terrible deal it's a turkey trap no she's not because at the moment it looks like there are more than eight c. members of parliament would vote against this deal they have both brakes hard liners that think the deal is giving too many concessions to brussels and then a pro e.u. people who think the future relationship with the e.u. is not close enough there is no hope looking at the way things currently stand that reason may can get a deal on the inside him by. the middle of december so britain is going to find itself in some kind of political crisis by the by the middle of december britain will be in a political crisis and the e.u. will be looking at a hard breck's of them would be looking to break through without a deal because essentially if london concert greve a deal on bomb brussels side brussels is essentially enough to say it's ok britain tell us what you want and at the moment britain is i fear is going to be in a situation where trying to tell brussels what it actually want ok. bridges i mean problems with aviation and cross border travel absolutely ports blocked up block of supply of pharmaceuticals all manner of headaches and problems it's going to be
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a bumpy ride for the next promotes john thanks very much john works for us berlin based british political blogger all the news now peace talks between yemen's worrying parties looks set to take place in sweden in early december that's according to the u.s. secretary of defense for the people of yemen of course the talks cannot come soon enough aid agencies estimate that more than eighty thousand children have died now from extreme hunger that over the past three years in yemen's civil war the united nations says half of the country's population is right now on the brink of famine. this is one year old new site when this footage was taken on the twenty third of october he's mother said he'd been diagnosed with money christian twice in the last six months because the one of her i had a cousin that is in and he keeps having a high fever during the night so i don't know how to get his temperature down when it's high. not at home we don't know what condition musayyib is in at present
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but his story resonates today as an aid group warns eighty five thousand children in yemen may have died of hunger since the civil war broke out in two thousand and fifteen it's a country literally on the brink of famine half a million young lives immediately a risk we need to focus on this crisis because it is the single greatest humanitarian crisis facing us as an international community. as the world learned of the probable extent of the country's humanitarian crisis the u.n. envoy to yemen mohsin griffiths arrived in the rebel held kept us all slim out for talks with with the rebels he said both sides in yemen have agreed to attend peace talks soon to in the country's civil war. but the fighting is still raging in her data and other areas making life
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a daily struggle for people in yemen but am i or anybody dynamite about it when i make breakfast i pray that we'll be able to have lunch and when lunch comes i wonder what we'll have to supper. and when you go to sleep you start thinking india gods what's my going to feed them tomorrow of a how to fall off. peace talks have been scheduled for early december in sweden but similar if it's in the past have failed to produce any agreement to stop the violence. time for a look at some of the other stories making the news this hour british police have launched a terror probe after discovering two bombs on a vacant flattened northwest longer the improvised explosives were later disabled by a bomb squad nearby residents have been allowed to return to their homes no one has yet been arrested in connection with these bombs. thirteen new cases of ebola have been confirmed in the north are being hampered by
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a surge in violence in the area. in haiti at least six people died when a government vehicle plowed into a crowd the incident further inflame violent protests demanding the resignation of president overall modi's at least nine other people have died in four days of anti corruption protests across the country. while in pakistan a christian woman in that country who was acquitted of blasphemy has been given permission to come to germany that according to her supporters ozzy abebe fears for her life and says she must leave her home country after multiple death threats against her and her family. the german government has had to confirm reports it has offered her asylum. was recently released from a pakistani prison after almost nine years waiting execution on those last me charges early sparked mass demonstrations in pakistan with islamist demanding the
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death sentence be carried out. well for more on this story let's bring in our political correspondent on sponsor here in berlin it has been mainly catholic organizations that have been lobbying on behalf of b.p. here in germany they are also behind the information that bibi will be allowed to come here what are you hearing from the government we have no confirmation at the moment i've been unable to reach the foreign ministry press section this morning about the german government has said in this past week that in principle it is prepared to accept p.p. and her family in germany that is also true for several other countries there are reports that france and canada have made office for her and her family to come to those countries there's also talk about spain and italy being prepared to do this step to take this step i think in the end the problem is going to be whether or not ozzie abebe will be allowed to leave pakistan because the she will need
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a passport of that country and that pakistani government will have to let her go as it were ok with all the multiple death threats out there against aasia and her family we know that there's a lot of heavy security for them do we know about their whereabouts exactly where are they right now. that we do not know we know that when she when the charges against her were dropped by the supreme court at the end of october she was released from prison and according to the pakistani government she's in a safe place her family is in almost daily contact with catholic support organizations and they have been reporting that the family has been having to move from house to house in the country because obviously there has been very massive protests against. the charges being dropped in fact the radical islamist organizations blocked several large pakistani cities after that judgment by the
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supreme court and there's only a kind of truce between the government and those radical groups at the moment because the government says it was prepared to review the judgment of the supreme court so under these circumstances is very unclear whether or not the government will in fact be able to let her go. with this kind of background how likely is it that she'll be able to at some point enjoy asylum here in germany i think it's a question of diplomatic negotiations of making sure that in fact she will be able to leave the country that she goes to is a country where where she will in fact be safe because obviously there are radical islamists not only in pakistan they are pakistani exile groups elsewhere in the world and there have been indications that in several countries where there are such exile groups she might be in danger as well ron thanks very much for bringing us up to date will have more details on the story as they come in. it's to spain
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our supporters of the country's former dictator francisco franco have been marking the anniversary of his death in one nine hundred seventy five but this year commemorations have been especially fraught now that's because of plans by spain's socialist led government to move franco's remains from their current location near madrid to a more remote and inaccessible spot franco's followers and family members are opposing the move and resisting is growing as well. the supporters of francisco franco singing cut out solar facing the sun the spanish fascists anthem. those got that here once franco to be firmly anchored in the spanish national psyche as a man who brought prosperity to the country but more importantly they want franco's remains to stay here and a monumental mausoleum just north of madrid earlier this week on the anniversary of his death people came to pay tribute possibly for the last time. the current
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spanish government wants franco's remains removed and an end to his glorification. franco build the self aggrandizing structure for those who died in the spanish civil war standing over the so-called valley of the foaling is a cross over one hundred fifty meters tall directly underneath it is the body of the dictator i'm self franco used forced labor to build it and among the thousands who work there was nicholas sanchez albert north in one thousand nine hundred eighty painted some graffiti on a wall he wrote long live the free university and was arrested and forced to work in the valley of the fallen. and those of the prisoners those forced to do the work were farmed out to construction companies and i remember exactly for how much ten percent as per head. of the people. it's a monument built with forced labor and a site that is never really mentioned in spain. franco's remains have been here
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since nine hundred seventy five spain laid him to rest just like his dictatorship there was a pact of silence which helped the country transition to democracy now the governing social democrats want to move his burial place. but in spain as a foundation dedicated to honoring the dictator there against the move. to the taking revenge on the dead that's cowardly to excavate them is a sign of hysteria and weakness the form of forced labor and nicholas sanchez has never been back to the valley he hopes that soon no one will be able to lay flowers here. franco supporters of course see it very differently. franks to franco spaniards today have full bellies they have cars with air conditioning a second home in the countryside and in the summer they go to the beach we can thank franco that spain developed this way. spain's government doesn't want to see
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anymore franco france in the valley of the fallen but some thirty nine percent of spaniards want him to stay buried where he is along with this dictatorship forty one percent who are in favor of transferring him to a signed that's not open to the public. we have some sports news now and in football the former chelsea striker didier drogba has announced his retirement at the age of forty four in one for premier league titles in the champions league in two glittering spells at chelsea this career also took him to china canada and the us. drug made more than one hundred appearances for the ivory coast at international level he was voted african footballer of the year twice. tennis star venus williams has settled a wrongful death suit related to a fatal traffic accident june of two thousand and seventeen the terms of the agreement between williams and the estate of jerome barcelona die. when the crash
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will not disclose carson was a passenger in a car that collided with the s.u.v. the boy was driving a police report cleared the tennis star of any responsibility for the. scare of business was christophe now the japanese carmaker nissan is set to decide on the fate of its chairman today that's right brian and this crucial meeting sets a kick off and just minutes from now expectations are that nissan will oust carlos going after he was unexpectedly arrested earlier this week over suspicions of financial misconduct now among other things he's accused of underreporting forty four million dollars of a salary over several years ago and has been having a complex conjunction of carmakers nissan rhino and mitsubishi of the circumstances of his arrest are giving rise to speculation and raise questions about the future of the world's biggest automotive alliance. carlos ghosn has plunged from the
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plush surroundings of his executive suite to a spartan cell behind the walls of this tokyo jail. rumors that nissan executives were behind his fall from grace spread from france to japan as fast as global media could. do gooder one thought the sort of the who did top by nissan those who didn't like him denounced him internally to make him phone. call of all those did it up when you're. a journalist caught up with nissan c.e.o. he'd go to psycho walk in front of his house they were eager to hear if in fact going had been working on a complete reno nissan merger before his arrest. so. no i haven't heard that. karl is going is one of the most successful auto company managers of all time in one thousand nine hundred six he began restructuring filling french car maker a no. three years later he engineered the alliance with nissan he soon had this
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company back on the road to success as well. it was. a no holds a forty three percent stake in nissan giving the french a lot of power in the company right through to even appointing the nissan board the japanese company has only a fifteen percent stake in renault leaving it with no effective boat or power in its premise partner. a complete merger would have cemented nissan's position as the weaker partner even though the company is performing better than renault the rest has now raised concerns that the renault nissan alliance could collapse something the japanese government wants to avoid. to do again what's important for now is to ensure the alliance because you know nissan remained stable. carlos goans career appears to be collapsing however
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he is suspected of underreporting his income by several million euros over a five year period as well as misusing company assets for personal gain could face up to ten years in jail if he's found guilty for more on the story let's bring in our he's a professor of strategic management management at warwick business school in the u.k. and a commentator on the car industry program christian we've seen that this is a very complex alliance with the much smaller rental having a big say much larger nissan do you think it's possible that mr golems downfall is politically motivated to shift the division of power in favor of the japanese. well at the moment this is pure speculation but it's possibly what i do think would be surprising if. you need to have a known about these dealings and their arrangements for years you have you thought too long to go the whole big false story where in the beginning there was always an
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attempt to blame in a few on the roof. executive if so what's the engineers but it became more and more clear that it was widely known what's what's going on so i would expect that people were at least in the know whether this was dead in an attempt to protect themselves whether it was a consequence of a few whistleblower laws in japan dead might become clearer in the days to carlos' management shake up like this would be a good time to overhaul this entire collaboration. so i don't think that the duration of the will fall apart too much integration between nissan and renault into production and develop of new products is beneficial because sorry it's but what could should you happen to expect to happen is that nice and tries to shift some of the power within your organization i would be cautious to say that this is going to work. to manage and miss and would like to do because we have the
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french state in this equation as well who owns a part and rental which again has a big say in nissan and the french state says no as a blossom of the french industry and seems to be very interested in keeping things the way they are. absolutely and i mean if you look at this from a purely legal perspective we have to forty percent ownership over ignore. north of mission waste is only fifty percent stake the other way round now this was done at the time when this and look much worse but it doesn't change the fact that this is a legal arrangement so for sure you know the french site is going to be reluctant to give up the influence and power to a half percent stop thank you very much for weighing in on this discussion. and staying with the automotive sector of the trump administration has invited the
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heads of germany's three largest car makers to the white house the meeting with the chief executives of fox wagon b.m.w. and di marco to take place as soon as next week presidents don't trump has repeatedly threatened to increase tariffs on core imports and criticized germany's huge trade surplus with the united states for its wagon produces cars in the u.s. state of tennessee mercedes manufactures vehicles in alabama and b.m.w. has an s.u.v. factory in south carolina. and here's a reminder of the top story we all fall in for you at this hour british prime minister theresa may is racing against the clock to finalize a draft to break the deal before a european union vote on sunday she failed to secure changes that would help shore up the deal at home. to get you can always get you know those on the go just download our app from the google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as
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well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d w have to send us photos and videos you think we might find interesting. and finally today is an important anniversary for any fan of popular music it's exactly fifty years since the beatles released their white album nowadays seen as one of the greatest music albums of all time and we live you with one of the tracks of a good day. i'm going to.
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go i'm going to. how can we free the pacific ocean from plastic waste. away. calling for a world full of plastic trash. floating off the coast of california is oceans enough system is like a garbage truck for the high seas to maneuver it is not without its risks. will his mission succeed. tomorrow to the next w. . entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful. one of a couple of the monsoon shows the former leader of germany social demographics who
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challenged school last year for the chance to race and failed spectacularly why did this come very soon how does he react to criticism of his time as president of the european parliament this conflict so for sixty minutes g.w. . closely. carefully you don't know this since the news today going to. discover who.
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