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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin negotiators agree on a draft declaration on britain's future relationship with the european union british prime minister tourism a and e.u. leaders hope to sign the declaration of a special summit this weekend but will it be enough for me to win the support of her rebellious lawmakers back home. also coming out hope for a nation ravaged by violence and famine the u.s. secretary of defense says yemen's warring parties have agreed to peace talks they're due to take place next month in sweden.
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i'm sorry so much god it's good to have you with us another step towards bragg's that european council president donald tusk says the e.u. and britain's government have agreed on a declaration on that your side's relationship after the u.k. leaves the block the text has not yet been released now it comes a day after british prime minister theresa may and commission president. talks on the declaration it will now be reviewed by representatives of the remaining twenty seven e.u. countries ahead of a weekend summit at which e.u. leaders hope to sign off on the declaration and on the brics if the treaty itself. but german chancellor angela merkel has said there's a still a lot to discuss let's listen to what she told a german industry group here in berlin. i don't even today i want to tell you that i will do everything to get an agreement in place and unregulated prigs that is the
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west possible outcome for the economy as well as for the mental situation of our future relationship if this. we have already made quite a bit of progress but there is definitely a need for some more discussion especially in britain is going on with the news in the news you can. look at the very latest now with our correspondent garrick mattis who is standing by for us in brussels hi gary good to see you so we're hearing that progress has been made on this second major document of the future relationship what are you hearing there that's right through me and i'm looking at a leaked copy of the document here some twenty pages a draft and it says on page number one point three and let me read this out to you from my perspective i only had it for a few minutes now and key element of that paper is this declaration a step which is the parent leaders of an ambitious broad deep flexible partnership across trade and then you have a whole mention of areas of cooperation and from out from what i can tell it
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appears to me that the reason may has been thrown a bone it describes the willingness of the e.u. to offer the u.k. something here so it points to a number of compromises that have been made and that is something that she can take back home and say look it makes all the parts in the draw agreement regarding a controversial backstop a lot more unlikely if we enter into this great partnership so gary this is a very important step one step closer to bragg's and what happens next that's mean everything is then to go for the summit on sunday. well the number of obstacles remains from i've looked through the paper here and i couldn't find the word frictionless that is something that i recently was very keen on and so it seems that the u.s. not really stepped over the red lines that set themselves i also confines of what you brought up which will please the spanish government because they did not want
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to have mention gibraltar in this paper but it will not be good news for the u.k. and so we'll have to see how this really now goes down in the u.k. is this enough look to recent may to take back home and say look we needed you to agree to that deal from the side of the you it all looks like green lights for the summit on the weekend all right for us in brussels thank you for keeping us up to date as always. let's now talk more about brett that with john wirth he's a political blogger is covered and written extensively about brags that he's based here in berlin joins us in our studio john we were just talking with garrick there about this future relationship document and you were nodding along there in saying there are some points that gary can picked out that you find particularly important there were and were not mentioned what do you think great for this reason i had wanted a request for a frictionless trade relationship with the european union but those words not included the words they used in the document a trading relationship that these as close as possible which of course the detail is going to be what would that look like and the document also speaks of ambitious
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customs arrangements which is an ambitious customs arrangement now bear in mind this is the political declaration it is not legally binding it's essentially a document that sets a sort of direction of travel if you like for what the future relationship between britain and the european union would look like that would be enough as i see it to get an agreement between the e.u. twenty seven member states and the u.k. of the weekend at the special summit what it will probably north's in my view be enough is to reassure its reason is conservative party so i think it will bite you resume a little bit of time but ultimately the crisis that she will face will not be in brussels it will be in london when she brings the steel bar to the house of commons we do have these two pieces important pieces in place now the divorce agreement and this document on the future as you said on a binding document that still a framework if you will take your relationship how both sides essentially gotten what they want. the european union has held together it's essentially said to merge cherrypicking from the u.k. and it's largely achieved that the u.k.
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set out at the beginning to try to leave the european union enough to regain some control over matters relating to trade relationships with the rest of the world some control over immigration to resume a can essentially say yes i've achieved that but only in the medium term essentially because a lot of the technicalities in the details specifically would go to northern ireland and how that situation work remains to be how much to me but both sides can as any say the e.u. so. we got we defended what we needed to defend and to reason make him turn around and say ok i've got a deal which looks hot off workable now please the difficulty is going to be whoever is she supposed all sides somebody want a war radical break some people want a less radical break a much softer bret's it so she finds herself caught between these two camps so that's the big question can she get this through parliament i fear that she can't get this through parliament the so-called meaningful vote breaks it is scheduled to happen on the eleventh of december sort of few weeks from now and it looks at the moment that she has about thirty or forty breaks that hardliners think the deal is
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not radical enough for them that britain doesn't leave quickly enough another twenty or thirty of her own party who are pragmatists you see the economic consequences of this breaks a deal so the numbers don't look good for two reason maybe the moment she has a majority of only thirteen in parliament and there are a good fifty or sixty opponents of her deal it seems at the moment now maybe when pressure comes some of those will come over on her side but i still don't see at the moment how the reforms it can work in his favor and in such short time as well you need to get a time before christmas but maybe there's some time pressure that might force people to kind of to concentrate and to force them to compromise maybe she can use that time pressure to her advantage all right political blogger john wirth with us here in our studio thank you so much for your analysis let's catch up now on some other stories making news around the world the u.n. says the amount of greenhouse gases in earth's atmosphere has hit a new record in twenty seven team officials warned that the increase means the opportunity to limit global warming is almost closed data shows the levels of c o two and other gases that track heat rising at a steady rate. u.s.
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chief justice john roberts and president donald trump have clashed over the independence of america's judiciary these images are from trump's inauguration roberts rebuked trump for denouncing a judge who ruled against trump's asylum policy robert said an independent judiciary something america should be thankful to have. a south korean pastor has been sentenced to fifteen years in jail after he was convicted of raping members of his church. because the leader of a congregation with some one hundred thirty thousand members eight women brought charges against him. peace talks between yemen's warring parties looks set to take place in sweden in early december that's according to the u.s. secretary of defense for the people of yemen the talks can't come soon enough aid agencies estimate that more than eighty thousand children may have died from extreme hunger in the past three years of yemen civil war and the u.n. says half of the country's population is now on the brink of famine. this
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is one year old news site when this footage was taken on the twenty third of october he's mother said he'd been diagnosed with money attrition twice in the last six months i pressed him about how i had a cousin that isn't and he keeps having a high fever during the night so i don't know how to get his temperature down when it's high. now got home we don't know what condition musayyib is in at present but his story resonates today as an aid group warns eighty five thousand children in yemen may have died of hunger since the civil war broke out in two thousand and fifteen. it's a country literally on the brink of famine half a million young lives immediately a risk we need to focus on this crisis because it is the single greatest humanitarian crisis facing us as an international community. as the world learned
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of the probable extent of the country's humanitarian crisis the u.n. envoy to yemen martin griffiths arrived in the rebel held kept us also now for talks with with the rebels he said both sides in yemen have agreed to attend peace talks soon to end the country's civil war. but the fighting is still raging in her data and other areas making life a daily struggle for people in yemen but am i any better than a lot about when i make breakfast i pray that we'll be able to have lunch and when lunch comes i wonder what we'll have for supper. and when you go to sleep you start thinking india gods what's my going to feed them tomorrow the heart of. peace talks have been scheduled for early december in sweden but similar if it's in the past have failed to produce any agreement to stop the violence.
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fans of history can now become digital time travellers and step back into the days of the roman empire rome reborn as the largest computer simulation in the world so far for years u.s. researchers have been working on recreating the entire city as it stood about seventeen hundred years ago now we have to do is to experience that is to download the app for your smartphone or computer. cutting edge computer technology that takes us back in time a bird's eye view of ancient rome around the year three twenty at this point in history the eternal city was at its zenith there were about one million inhabitants almost fifty thousand homes to amphitheaters twenty eight public libraries and thirty six triumphal arches. it was the cultural and political center of a vast empire here power and might were not just wielded they were chiseled into stone the old. rome's opulence economy was at the time financed by the
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spoils of war but the wind of change was blowing constantine the great was the first emperor to tolerate christianity a new currency was introduced society was reorganized. based digital project was twenty years in the making. but i'm going to show a slide today which has over fifty people we think of accurate list would be at least one hundred people who have contributed in one way or another rome reborn cost three million dollars to develop it was created with the forty million tourists in mind who visit the eternal city every year and also for those who stay at home. robert qubits out will return to formula one with the williams team and twenty nineteen eighty years after he sustained life threatening injuries a poll less impressed as well liam's test driver this season he'll be tasked with improving the fortunes of the team that are currently standing last in the f one
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standings occur because return to the sport was once unthinkable he nearly lost his arm in a huge rally accident in two thousand and eleven qubits a said being back on the grid would be one of his greatest achievement. in football the former shell the striker didier drogba has announced his retirement at the age of forty eight the ivorian won four premier league titles and the champions league in two glittering spells at chelsea his career also took him to china canada and the us drop i made more than one hundred appearances for the ivory coast at international level and was voted african footballer of the year twice. tennis star venus williams and settled a wrongful death suit related to a fatal traffic accident in june twenty seven teen of the terms of the agreement between williams and the estate of drone parson who died in the crash were not disclosed arson was a passenger in a car that collided with the s.u.v. that williams was driving a police report clear the star of any responsibility for the accident.
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christophe will have the business headlines coming up after a short break but first it's been exactly fifty years since the beatles released their white album nowadays seen as one of the greatest albums of all time let's listen to one of the tracks.
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think that that i guess sometimes but i said nothing which. makes the printer jam a culture of looking at stereotypes question but if you think the future of countries i don't know. yet need to be taken as grandma. it's all about ok. i'm rachel so i mean for me into the. whole.


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