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this is deja vu news live from berlin negotiators agree on a draft declaration on britain's future relationship with the european union british prime minister theresa may and the e.u. leaders hope to sign a declaration at a special summit this weekend but will it be enough for me to win the support of her verbally as lawmakers back home. also coming up hope for a nation ravaged by about violence and famine the u.s. secretary of defense says yemen's warring parties have agreed to peace talks they're going to take place next month in sweden. the board of carmaker new song
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has ousted the imprisoned carlos golan as chairman but is it a straightforward case of tax evasion or a coup to block a merger between new song and france's rayno. and important anniversary for lovers of pop music everywhere. you. are. exactly fifty years ago today the beatles released their white album some call of the best album after we'll find out how the fab four set about making it. i'm so me so much going to it's good to have you with us another step towards bragg's that european council president donald tusk says the e.u. and the british government have agreed on a declaration on the two sides relationship after the u.k. leaves the block. it comes
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a day after british prime minister theresa may and commission president jiang held talks on the declaration it will now be reviewed by representatives of the remaining twenty seven e.u. countries ahead of a summit this weekend that which you leaders hope to sign off on the declaration and on the braggs it treaty itself may is to make a statement to the house of commons a little bit later in the day. more details now with our correspondents barbara vessel is standing by in london garrick is in brussels all right garrick let's start with you so we hear that an agreement is in place on the future relationship between the u.k. and the block what do you hearing there so we have been taking a look at a leaked draft of the documents i'm sorry one pages and i've learned a few new vocabulary series the new relationship is described on page one as a bishop was brought deep and flexible and so it appears that this latest visit of three some may has brought her some you know hanging fruits will it be enough to
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sell back home that is a question i guess for for barbara what i can say from here is that it will now this document will now be passed on to the member states today it's been handed over to embezzle jurors to more of to the ship are you the people who will prepare the leaders' summit that is to come on the weekend or a barbara let's come to you there in london now and before we talk about whether troops are making get this through parliament you know this is the second piece of this very important process this document on the future relationship is this what theresa may want to to come away with you know what are the reactions there. it's a mixed picture because it does contain a bit that she could sell to the d u p or a northern ireland unionist party who is threatening to block the whole bricks and process because it does say in this future in this declaration that the dreaded.
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backstop for northern ireland could be replaced by a different solution if such a solution can be found and the responsibility for that of course to develop technology allies on britain but on the other hand it also contains some things that the reason may did not want for instance it refers to the future of fisheries policy and there is talk about access to waters and the division of quota that will of course a bit later in the day when more reactions come in get some people to sort of jump up and down and say see this is just what she had promised would not attempt and and so it is a very mixed bag for trees may she will of course try to sell it but whether it's sort of really increases her chances might be doubtful. let's come back to you now because barbara saying there it's a mixed bag but we do know the next step is going to be that there is a summit taking place on sunday is there anything that could still do rail these
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plants. i think barbara is bang on when she talks about them expect because from a european perspective twenty seven remaining e.u. countries it is a mixed bag as well and so today the spokesperson for the european commission pointed out two issues that are still sticking points and that is fishery as well for the europeans particularly for the dutch and the french and also for the spanish or the issue of gibraltar and so we'll have to see in the next hours to come basically how this will work out will there be green lights so that definitely the summit can take place if there are green lights and we look ahead barbara let's come back to you in london the question here is a theresa may says that this declaration sets out an ambitious broad deep and flexible partnership is this going to be enough to get through british parliament. well that's the first reaction soon we heard here was that one conservative breaks to tears said now this is the classic kill blindfold walking along
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a plank brick said that means we are buying into something that we don't know what it will be awarded means and of course it is in a sense he's right because this is a political declaration meaning nothing god good will in friendly words it's not legally binding and future governments can just turn their backs on it or interpret it in a way that will not suit the other side in this case britain so it is of course a blindfold sit in something similar was already heard from scotland because they're the first reactions where yes now we're being forced into this and we don't know how good the future for us will be and there is a great to dread before because of economic consequences or breaks it so it is very it will not really help a lot it might just give you a little push but it's not going to it's not a game changer it's not going to turn things around in parliament for her all right still
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a lot of moving parts are correspondents keeping an eye on the latest developments for us barbara basal in london and care in brussels thank you both. let's catch up now on some other stories making news around the world the u.n. says the amount of greenhouse gases in earth's atmosphere hit a new record in twenty seventeen officials warned that the increase means the opportunity to limit global warming is almost closed data shows levels of c o two and other gases that trap heat rising at a steady rate u.s. chief justice john roberts and president donald trump have clashed over the independence of america's judiciary these images are from trump's inauguration a roberts' rebuke to trump for denouncing a judge who ruled against a trump asylum policy roberts said in an independent judiciary is something america should be thankful to have. a south korean pastor has been sentenced to fifteen years in jail after he was convicted of raping members of his church. is the leader
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of a congregation with some one hundred thirty thousand members a twinning brought charges against him. chinese media say at least five people were killed and eighteen injured after a car plowed into a crowd outside a primary school the incident took place in province in northern china the driver has been taken into custody peace talks between yemen's warring parties looks set to take place in sweden in early december that is according to the u.s. secretary of defense for the people of yemen the talks can't come soon enough aid agencies estimate that more than eighty thousand children may have died from extreme hunger in the past three years of yemen civil war and the u.n. says half of the country's population is now on the brink of famine. this is one year old news site when this footage was taken on the twenty third of october his mother said he'd been diagnosed with money christian twice in the last
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six months across the lot of her i had a cousin that is in it and he keeps having a high fever during the night so i don't know how to get his temperature down when it's high. in our government we don't know what condition musayyib is in at present but his story resonates today as an aid group warns eighty five thousand children in yemen may have died of hunger since the civil war broke out in two thousand and fifteen. it's a country literally on the brink of famine half a million young lives immediately a risk we need to focus on this crisis because it is the single greatest humanitarian crisis facing us as an international community. as the world learned of the probable extent of the country's humanitarian crisis the u.n. envoy to yemen martin griffiths arrived in the rebel held capital sanaa for talks with who the rebels he said both sides in yemen have agreed to attend peace talks
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soon to end the country's civil war. but the fighting is still raging in her data and other areas making life a daily struggle for people in yemen. i am it better than it was when i make breakfast i pray that we'll be able to have lunch and when lunch comes i wonder what we'll have for supper. and when you go to sleep you start thinking dear gods what's my going to feed them tomorrow. peace talks have been scheduled for early december in sweden but similar if it's in the past have failed to produce any agreement to stop the violence. in spain supporters of the country's former dictator francisco franco have been marking the anniversary of his death in one nine hundred seventy five but this year's commemorations have been especially fraught that's because of plans by spain socialist led government to
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move from remains from their current location near madrid to a more remote spot franco's followers and family members oppose the move and resistance is growing. it was the supporters of francisco franco singing cut out saws facing the sun the spanish fascists anthem. those gathered here want franco to be firmly anchored in the spanish national psyche as a man who brought prosperity to the country but more importantly they want franco's remains to stay here in a monumental mausoleum just north of madrid earlier this week on the anniversary of his death people came to pay tribute possibly for the last time. the current spanish government wants franco's remains removed and an end to his glorification. franco build the self aggrandizing structure for those who died in the spanish civil war standing over the so-called valley of the falling is a cross over one hundred fifty meters tall directly underneath that is the body of
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the dictator him self franco used forced labor to build it and among the thousands who work there was nicholas sanchez albert north in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight he painted some graffiti on a wall he wrote long live the free university and was arrested and forced to work in the valley of the fallen. and those of the prisoners those forced to do the work were farmed out to construction companies and i remember exactly for how much ten percent as per head. it's a monument build with forced labor and a site that has never really mentioned in spain. franco's remains have been here since nine hundred seventy five spain laid him to rest just like his dictatorship there was a pact of silence which helped the country transition to democracy now the governing social democrats want to move his burial place. but in spain there's
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a foundation dedicated to honoring the dictator there against the move. taking revenge on the dead that's cowardly to excavate them is a sign of hysteria and weakness in the form of forced labor and nicolas sanchez alba north has never been back to the valley he hopes that soon no one will be able to lay flowers here. franco supporters of course see it very differently. thanks to franco spaniards today have full bellies they have cars with air conditioning a second home in the countryside and in the summer they go to the beach we can thank franco that spain developed this way. spain's government doesn't want to see anymore franco france in the valley of the fallen but some thirty nine percent of spaniards want him to stay buried where he is along with this dictatorship forty one percent who are in favor of transferring him to a song that's not open to the public. you're watching news still to
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come the board of car maker nissan sachs imprisoned carlos gonesse chairman according to japanese media but is it a straightforward case of tax evasion or a coup to thwart a fun merger between renault and nissan. but first today's an important anniversary for any fans of music it's exactly fifty years since the beatles released their white album. with songs like. black bird and while my guitar gently weeps there are the track record is seen as one of the greatest of all time it is back in the truck again in the u.s. and the u.k. thanks to a reissue edition released for the anniversary. we have mark s. that are with us now following the story for us hi mark what is made this white album so special so significant well it was something of a creative swerve for the beatles if you think about the album that directly
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preceded it sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band notch mystery tool these were really vibrant colorful records and here we have the beatles it's called the beatles we ended up calling it the white house because of what it looks like is a minimal. white with the impulse to the name of the band on the front and the early copies were old number something of a piece but if you look at the path which was very tightly creatively controlled with an overarching cult of concept the white album was much more a kind of chaotic creativity a real. of styles you have the finger picking sort of folk artistry of black and continuing story of bungalow bill you have the sort of experimental god with the hand of yoko you know john lennon's new girlfriend play and some humorous songs like a deal that as we heard but also some quite heavy playing out rock songs as. does
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back in the u.s.s.r. which kicks the record off this helter skelter which is a real screamer of a track and also a revolution you know which i think are going to him now. say you want to read. you tell me that it seems. to change the world. you know like you're saying this album is something of a departure for the how does it fit into their story well that's a very interesting question i mean it came out in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight hopelessly it's a fiftieth celebration and at that time in history in european history there were
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fights on the streets there was revolution which is that code in that song but in the beatles story itself that was something of ructions and disenfranchised and i'm . upset the band were on the verge of splitting up on several occasions one point ringgold left the band and was rude back into the group by the other three who sent filled his hotel room with flowers to get him back into the studio yoko was on the scene john lennon's later wife she was sort of getting creatively involved george martin who would stay at all of the other records up until that point was taking something of a back seat sitting at the back of the studio reading the reading the newspaper and eating chocolate some of the amec dates have it and it was in the office of off the vessel jenin in india which inspired the songs dear prudence and sexy saidee but i think it's interesting from the beatles story because we get to see some of the real personalities that play in particular john lennon who with his song judea
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which was to his mother who he lost when he was a young boy young child is disarmingly poetic amusing the opening line half of what i said. it is meaningless sums up his songwriting crofter to still an idea the same motional musical at the same time so this iconic white album is there a one track that really stands out to you well i really like julia but i think while my guitar gently weeps is an amazing song george harrison and he wrote a handful of songs for the beatles with their all great gems about song in itself is very interesting because it has eric clapton playing the lead guitar line on it he's uncredited on the record but he really does make the guitar cry and sing already because mark spinner for us thank you so much marc. just in sports is for you now in football a former shell see striker didier drogba has announced his retirement at the age of forty the ivorian one for premier league titles in the champions league in two
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glittering spells at chelsea his career also took him to china canada the us made more than one hundred appearances for the ivory coast at the international level and he was voted african football of the year twice. robert qubit so we'll return to formula one with the williams team in two thousand and nineteen eight years after he sustained a life threatening injuries the poll has impressed as williams test driver the season will be tasked with improving the fortunes of the team or currently last in the f one standings who would return to the sport was once unthinkable he nearly lost his arm in a huge rally accident in twenty eleven he said being back on the grid would be one of his greatest achievements. offensive history can now become digital time traveller since dec back into the days of the roman empire rome reborn as the largest computer simulation in the world so far for years u.s. researchers have been working on recreating the entire city as it stood about
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seventeen hundred years ago now all you have to do to experience it as a download the app to your smartphone or your computer. cutting edge computer technology that takes us back in time a bird's eye view of engine room around the year three twenty at this point in history the eternal city was at its zenith there were about one million inhabitants almost fifty thousand homes two amphitheaters twenty eight public libraries and thirty six triumphal arches. it was the cultural and political center of a vast empire here power and might were not just wielded they were chiseled into stone. rooms opulent economy was at the time financed by the spoils of war but the wind of change was blowing constantine the great was the first emperor to tolerate christianity a new currency was introduced society was reorganized. this digital project was
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twenty years in the making. but i'm going to show a slide today which has over fifty people we think of accurate list would be at least one hundred people who have contributed in one way or another rome reborn cost three million dollars to develop it was created with the forty million tourists in mind who visit the eternal city every year and also for those who stay at home. all right chris officer with business now and christopher nissan has made a decision that we've been waiting for the car is gone it's gone some might say has been given the boot they decision among the missing on board members was an unanimous that's according to japanese media reports executives have been meeting for hours and apparently there was quite some friction between nissan and the representatives of the french carmaker no which is nissan's biggest sole shareholder is to go on has been accused of personal use of company money and under reporting earnings for years he was taken into custody earlier this week and the
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circumstances of his arrest have given rise to speculation and raise questions about the future of the complex automotive alliance he's been heading for about two decades. let's bring in paul chris the brits here he is our financial correspondent is standing by at the frankfurt stock exchange paul i don't know whether you can hear me i cannot see you there is paul what do investors make of the speculation that gold's downfall is exploited to rearrange the power division in the nissan red no alliance. a couple of things that sort of seem at least interesting one of the major ones and that also made for no surprise in the decision today was that the hand-picked successor and now c.e.o. . made such
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a heavy broadside against going in in the press conference on monday he said that going had too much authority in the company and highlighted the dark side of the going era a person who otherwise in japan is known as a very famous manager looked up to also there's a lot of question about whether you know a company could really have not seen all of this going on if it showed up to be true. in the past years and paul what is the way forward here i mean there is this really complex coloration between nissan and renault and mitsubishi is in the mix as well. that's true and karl is gone is the architect really of this entire alliance and now with the with
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the ousting it doesn't seem like that could continue right no have point appointed an interim c.e.o. the question is where will it go forward further integration is now a lot less likely but the two companies also can't just separate because there are two and intertwined technically in research and then the market. decides to oust imprison chairman karl is going paul chris for bruce reporting from the french for stock exchange paul christie think it's a bunch. to germany now and economic growth in germany is likely to come in lower than anticipated the twenty nineteen forecast for europe's largest economy could now be under one point five percent in a conference in berlin on thursday the head of germany's employee association said deepening global trade disputes uncertainties around and breaks it and problems in germany's although sector forced the traditional strength of exports to decline
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europe's largest economy contracted by point two percent in the july september period it is the first time germany's economy contracted in the sort of quarter since twenty fifth. it's been one month since a flight of an asian carrier lion air crashed into the job scene killing almost one hundred ninety passengers and crew on board now their lines management plans to meet with boeing to review any future plane orders line air is one of boeing's largest customers globally and has ordered two hundred sixty one planes of the seven three seven max sirius to be delivered over the next two years by an heiress blame boeing for the recent crash stating that the flight control system malfunction. the troubled ministration has invited the heads of germany's three largest carmakers to the white house the meeting with the chief executives of fox wagon b.m.w. and di miller could take place as soon as next week president donald trump has
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repeatedly threatened to increase tariffs on core imports and criticized germany's huge trade surplus with the united states. produces cars in the u.s. state of tennessee. subsidiary mercedes manufactures vehicles in alabama and b.m.w. has an s.u.v. factory in south carolina. and a reminder of the top stories we are following for you at this hour european council president donald tusk says e.u. and british negotiators have drafted a declaration on future relations between the two sides the aim is to sign the declaration and to the brics a treaty at the summit. of the e.u. on sunday. and there is hope for people of yemen who are suffering from famine and violence in the civil war now the u.s. secretary of defense. said yemen's of warring parties have agreed to take part in
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peace talks next month. and don't forget you can always get the news on the goal just download our app from the group play on the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications from the breaking news you can also use the d w app to send us photos and videos you think might be of interest to us. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin we have a fresh coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime for all the latest news and information don't go ahead and check out all of our stuff for me on the entire team here thanks for watching.
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the. world. entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful. whatever happened to mark to show the former leader of joining a social group of drugs who challenged cool last year for the chance to race and failed spectacularly why. this campaign failed how does he react to criticism of his time as president of the european parliament culprits. on. we interrupt this program to bring you white
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pictures. white walls. white moments white plaisance white figures. and a milestone in pop history. the beatles' white album turns fifty. year old in sixty minutes of v.w. . a continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business the difference. in
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history in the everyone. is a mathematician but i was trying to. digital africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . whatever happened to martin shultz the former leader of germany's social democrats who challenge the angle of merkel last year for the chancery and failed spectacularly well he is my guest this week here in berlin why did his campaign fail and how does he react to criticism of his time as president of the european parliament.


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