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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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digital. storage over. on t.w. . this is they don't really use a live or from berlin a very warm welcome everyone to theresa may is currently speaking addressing the parliament house of commons we'll take you straight to westminster right after this . with.
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a very quick is the jurisdiction of the european court of justice in the u.k. . we will make our own rules in our own parliaments here in westminster and in edinburgh counties and belfast and they will be adjudicated on by u.k. schools and it means an end to sending vast sums of money to the e.u. so we can take full control of our money to spend on priorities including our long term plans the n.h.s. to which we've committed to spending over three hundred ninety four million pounds more per week by twenty twenty three twenty four and just this morning i was able to announce a major new investment in primary and community were three and a half billion pounds a year in real terms by twenty treasury twenty four mr speaker the text we have now agreed would create a new free trade area with the european union with no tyree of speed. charges or
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quantity of restrictions this will be the first such agreement between the e.u. and any advanced economy in the world which would be good for jobs the e.u. said that the choice was binary norway or canada the political declaration recognizes that there is a spectrum with the extent of our commitments taken into account in deciding the level of checks and controls crucially the text we have agreed also has an explicit reference to development of an independent trade policy by the u.k. . shit you so we would have the ability to sign new trade deals with other countries and capitalize on the opportunities in the fastest growing economies around the world and we will be able to get on with this negotiating deals during the implementation period and putting them in place immediately afterwards the deal would mean we leave the common agricultural policy and the common fisheries policy . mr speaker let me be absolutely clear about what this would mean for fishing we would become an independent coastal state with control over our waters so often and
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get a fair share of the fish waters. we have firmly rejected. we have firmly rejected. we have firmly rejected a link between access to all waters and access to markets the fisheries agreement is not something we will be trading off against any other priority. we are clear that we will negotiate access and quotas on an annual basis as for example to other independent coastal states like norway and iceland the trade agreement with the e.u. which also covers services and investment that will go further than any other recent e.u. agreements and it would secure new arrangements for our financial services sector ensuring that market access cannot be withdrawn on a whim and providing stability and certainty for our world leading industry we would also have a cutting edge agreement on digital helping to facilitate e-commerce and reduce unjustified. barriers to trade by electronic means and there would be strong rules
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in place to keep trade fair and ensure neither side can unfairly subsidize their industries against the other. attacks we have agreed with the european commission also includes a new security partnership with a close relationship on defense and tackling crime and terrorism to keep all our people safe there would be a surrender agreement to bring criminals to justice no matter where in europe they break the law and there would be arrangements for sharing of data including on d.n.a. passenger name records and fingerprints the new security partnership would also ensure close cooperation between our police forces and other law enforcement bodies and we would continue to work together on sanctions against those who violate international rules or commit atrocities and there will be joint working on meeting cyber security threats and supporting international efforts to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorists finally as i said out of the house last week the draft withdrawal agreement will ensure that we transition to this new and
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ambitious future relationship in a smooth and orderly way it will deliver a twenty month implementation period so that we have time to put our new future relationship in place and the businesses have time to prepare for it it will protect the rights of e.u. citizens living in the u.k. and u.k. citizens living in the e.u. so they can carry on living their lives as before it will ensure a fair settlement on our financial obligations less than half what some originally expected and will meet our commitment to ensure there is no hard border between northern ireland and our land and no customs border in the r.f.c. . mr speaker the text we have agreed is explicit about the determination of both sides to avoid the backstop altogether by getting the future relationship in place on the first of january twenty twenty one and in the unlikely event that we ever did meet the backstop to ensure it is quickly superceded either by the for.
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relationship or alternative arrangements as part of this there is next this its commitment to consider facilitative arrangements and technology it's which could afford to hold court on the identified and and i'm grateful to my right honorable friends the members for chingford and woodford green and for for their ideas on this. issue i. prefer a tree to parrot tree work on alternative arrangements preparatory work on alternative arrangements to avoid the backstop which begin before we leave enabling rapid progress after our withdrawal. mr speaker i want to be very clear about the stage we've reached in these negotiations on the scale of what is now at stake we have an agreed text between the u.k. and the european commission the text is being today being shared with the leaders of the other twenty seven member states and to the specially you council on sunday the negotiations analogy a critical moment and all our efforts must be focused on working with our european
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partners to bring this process to a final conclusion in the interests of all our people last night i spoke to prime minister sanchez of space we have been working constructively with the governments of spain and brought up in the negotiations on the withdrawal agreement and we want this work to continue in the future relationship but i was absolutely clear that you brought as british sovereignty will be protected. and that the future relationship we agree must work for the whole u.k. family today i met chancellor kurtz of austria which currently holds the us presidency and later today and tomorrow i'll be speaking to other european leaders ahead of returning to proselyte on saturday mr speaker the british people want to be settled they want a good deal that sets us on a course for a brighter future. and they want to us to come together as a country and to move on to focus on the big. shish.
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the deal that will enable us to do this is now within our cross in these crucial seventy two hours ahead i will do everything possible to deliver it for the british people and i commend this statement. thank you mr speaker i'd like to thank the prime minister for the advance copy of her statement lays twenty six pages are a testament to the failure of the tories bungle to go. nineteen extra pages but nothing has changed. the only certainty contained within these pages is that the transition period will have to be extended or we will end up with a backstop and no exit it present it represents the worst of all worlds no say over the rules that will continue to apply and no certainty of the future there is no
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change to the withdrawal agreement no unilateral pull out mechanism no concessions on the backstop which would create a new regulator a border down the irish sea mr speaker did the e.u. not receive the in man much improvements promised by the leader of the house a little over a year ago we were constantly told by the government that by the end of the article fifty period we would have a trade deal the international second trade secretary said it would be the easiest in human history instead we have twenty six pages of waffle. this. they seem to document. this empty document could have been written two years ago it's peppered with phrases such as the parties will look at the power. we'll explore watch and asses the government
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been doing for the last two years thanks they've managed less than one page a month since the referendum i thank you thank you thank you the prime minister's. nothing that is the prime minister said nothing is agreed until everything is agreed it's clear from this document that indeed nothing is agreed this is the blindfold breck's it we all see it in the dark it falls short of labour's six test to the beat of the the his job and my thank this government could have negotiated a new comprehensive customs union giving certainty to business and securing manufacturing industry and manufacturing industry jobs instead is just make your
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they're more interested with job with thing on immigration yeah i hope thank you i hope. when the prime minister delivers her statement she delivered it to a largely attentive and courteous house vote i couldn't care less what somebody largely in order play and certainly irrelevantly chanters from a sedentary position the prime minister was good in courtesy the right honorable gentleman the leader of the opposition will likewise be her in courtesy if it requires the process to take a bit longer so be it if it requires it to take a lot longer so be it if it takes several hours so be it so give up be quiet behave on both sides and let's hear people speak generally corbet thank you mr speaker i hope the prime minister will abandon the. sort of poisonous and divisive
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rhetoric about e.u. nationals jumping the queue. european union nationals have contributed massively to this country across all industry and public services what is is this government and this prime minister is home secretary who built a hostile environment for non a u immigrants chicas has been chucked there is no common rule book and no mention of frictionless trade our participation is down graded in the number of european agencies all went out of them in their entirety after more than two years of negotiations mr speaker there is no clarity over our status with a range of european why don't you agencies erasmus game the galileo project your atom the european medicines agency the european chemicals agency and the european aviation safety industry or none of these on none of these do we know our
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final status take three section one of those seven of the document. eight surveys and i wish to quote from it the parties should consider appropriate arrangements for cooperation on space well what a remarkable you negotiating achievement that is. after two years they going to consider appropriate arrangements this is this is waffle the brined told critics of a government that spent more time arguing with excel than negotiating for britain and that was of course jeremy corrigan speaking there the opposition leader of the labor party you've been watching a british prime minister theresa may addressing the house of commons on a draft deal outlying relations between london and brussels in a post. exit era for those of you just joining us welcome at times things got
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a bit rowdy the u.k. prime minister theresa may started by saying that all efforts must be on working with european partners to bring this to a conclusion that that is what the british people want at this moment the opposition leader jeremy corwin who you just a son who's still speaking right now these are live images that we're bringing to you he was funded by saying and calling the draft agreement that three some a signed yesterday an empty document a leap in the dark a deal worst of both worlds all right so much to unpack so much to unpack here for you let's get you some analysis now as you have your correspondent barbara is in london for you outside westminster and max hoffman our brussels bureau chief is in the q. where he has also listened to this ongoing debate barbara want to go to you first.
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did she make a convincing case will she get this agreement through the house of commons. i mean from the speech that we heard today would be coded hurted i mean that is not going to be a deal breaker problem and because people who are now beginning to understand. and p's here in westminster are beginning to understand what this means and they now do understand that we have two parts the divorce agreement which is legally binding and then this paper that she talked about today as if it was a done deal which is not its is not it is just a diplomatic declination it is a lot of.


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