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you so still to come why salmond farmers in a remote area of the north atlantic are delighted about the prospect of britain leaving the e.u. . chris tucker has that story coming right up in business stay with us. to. make your smart t.v. even smarter than g.w. bush more. what you want when you want it up to date extraordinary. to decide what song fun don't more than double talk comes more t.v. . than you money will be known to the technology digital advances transforming the world it would be easy to be ready for. the second season of our
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documentary series founders valley. join german founders. as news for our digital future. sally starts november twenty fourth on g.w. . european diplomats are meeting to put the finishing touches on the drive to bracks of agreements that approach prime minister theresa may has defended tools and nail to take a look at how it will impact businesses and it's shop til you drop in the united states as the holiday gift buying season begins for them shopping frenzy. i'm chris of cold war welcome to the program initially there was the wish for more so. and dependence from brussels bureaucrats with their crippling rules that's what
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breaks it was meant to deliver more than two years later of bitter and grueling discussions the legal divorce papers and a political declaration on future ties between the u.k. and the e.u. are now ready to be rubber stamp an e.u. summit on sunday in a speech to parliament on thursday british prime minister has made yet again defended the treaty she negotiated here on the most important takeaways. mr speaker the text we have now agreed would create a new free trade area with the european union with no chair its fees charges or quantity of restrictions and this free movement once and for all instead we will introduce a new skills based immigration system based not on the country people come from but on what they can contribute to the u.k. . it ends the jurisdiction of the european court of justice in the u.k. . we will make our own rules in our own parliaments here in westminster and
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in edinburgh cardiff and belfast and they will be adjudicated on by u.k. courts and it means an end to sending vast sums of money to the e.u. so we can take full control of our money mr speaker the draft text that we have agreed with the commission is a good deal for our country and for our partners in the e.u. it almost approach. it honors the coach of the british people by taking back control of our borders our laws and our money while protecting jobs security and the integrity of our precious united kingdom. that's british prime minister person made defending her draft that agreement and let's unpack it here but i had an unfinished ney's a professor from macroeconomics and economic policy at berlin's university of applied sciences for engineering and economics law comfort and many businesses were worried about access to the common market was a problem solved. i would say solved but the treaty as we have it on the table right now looks like it could souls at least for the transition period the main
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problems that have been expected in the context of rex and so if the treaty actually goes through the parliament which is still an open question obviously but if the treaty is actually signed then i guess the main worries about the brakes it situation are bit east because we simply then have a continuation of the current situation in a way which is interesting because it doesn't really change the situation also for the united kingdom but it also doesn't really change the situation for many firms and end up prices so in a sense problems are solved for now but obviously the transition period is only a transition period and we don't know what happens after twenty twenty or whenever the transition period then comes to an end i want to talk about the issue of the common market little bit more here because the e.u. has been saying ok that won't be a common market or access to it without the free movement of people yet theresa may claims the u.k.
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is taking control of its borders there will be no more free movement of people what do you make of that in a sense we have a substantial change in that regard to the relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. at least beyond that beyond the transition period we have to say then it's actually in the hands of the u.k. government whether they open the borders for micron's or not so in that sense the common market that really comes to an end does not include the u.k. anymore and in that sense. it's in the hands as i said it's in the hands of the u.k. government but they have the. ability to stop migratory some may won that battle for our side at least she gives this she takes the cards back in the hands in that dimension ok the british prime minister has also been saying the u.k. will be a truly global britain after breakfast how easy or difficult will it be for the u.k. to strike trade deals with other nations it will be completely different obviously
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on the one hand they have more flexibility because british negotiators the know you have to take into account the british interests and it's much easier for two to negotiate a trade deal for just one nation except it instead of twenty eight so in that sense it's probably easier to tailor trade deals directly to the needs of the british economy but on the other hand the us market is much more interesting for trade partners so they will probably be much more interested in in a green to trade agreement which is maybe not so beneficial so in that sense i guess that's the main issue that the e.u. as a global player also in many other political dimensions not only about trade obviously in many dimensions the u.s. a global player is an extremely important partner for many countries and briefly the agreement that's on the table will it ultimately benefit businesses or is it just damage control compared to a situation where we have no agreement and all and where we enter into a brick sit after march twenty nineteen this is certainly
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a benefit but compared to no breaks in situation it's still worse than we've been before so it's depends on the comparison obviously founded on fission professor at berlin's university of applied sciences for engineering economics thank you for your visit thank you. salmon is a favored stable during the upcoming holiday season here in europe and huge salmon farms have cropped up in the middle of the north atlantic far far away from most of the people who eat salmon join us for a visit to the faroe islands an archipelago located halfway between north korean island iceland only fifty thousand people live here it's an autonomous country of the kingdom of denmark but unlike denmark and does not belong to the european union and that's why people on the faroe islands are looking forward to bret's that britons are already the most important consumers of feral salmon and hopes are the u.k. outside of the e.u.
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would make trade much them. not a place you'd be likely to seek your fortune this rocky outcrop in the north atlantic but the farrow islands a booming and if anyone is responsible for that it seems on peter foster every morning he's out in the bay he used to be out at sea for days on end and the islanders still do some deep sea fishing but the real boom is driven by salmon aquaculture one hundred thousand salmon swim in each of these cages worth millions of euros their biggest enemy is the salmon louse a small parasite daily checks are needed to prevent epidemics today everything's ok salmon farming has drastically changed cmon pater's life. i go home every day which you don't when you're at sea. at home with my wife and child every day it's much better my dad found you can earn a lot of money here. the pharaoh islanders are widely seen as free
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spirits independent stubborn and successful they have one of the world's oldest parliaments and their own prime minister actually your highness and he thinks it's important that he and his government can take their own decisions way outside brussels way but the british are effectively coming over to their side with breaks it is seen as more of an opportunity than a threat on the ferro island. we're counting on a free trade agreement with the british for one simple reason great britain is our most important european market we don't have a free trade agreement with the e.u. that's why we want to have one with the british. the big money is on the salmon that's most evident back a frost with a thousand employees it's now the biggest company here the new headquarters was inaugurated a year ago back in frosty a stock exchange listed in norway's capital oslo it makes millions in profits.
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andrius peterson manages its land based production he's got a plausible explanation for the salmon boom. one thing's for certain people around the world are eating ever more sushi is one of the most important reasons behind the surge in demand the salmon price increases of the last five to six years and six. pack of frost pumps some seventy million euros into its new facility from here it's fish or exported to china the us russia and of course to great britain. black friday has gripped the united states today with shoppers expecting some capital markets an estimated one hundred and sixty four million customers are expected to hit the stores until monday the shopping frenzy it signals the start of the holiday gift buying season a key period for retailers and as usual for some stores couldn't open soon enough.
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it's midnight. and it's off to the races. so many on thanksgiving off to the tacky dinner comes the shopping frenzy in stalls all across the u.s. thousands of customers are bogen hunting the holiday shopping season has begun. this is such an exciting day for us this is where we kick off our holiday feel that you know macy's really shines during the holiday and we celebrate with tens of thousands of our customers and this year is no exception we pulled out all the cops are great guests at a great value. everything is on sale discounts a huge clothes. first come first serve. ok so it's worth waiting it's really cold my hair's a literary ice but i don't care if this is a good opportunity you can save money. it's a great place to be ok it's just to enjoy the crowds and enjoy the season and to
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help the farmers to be all the people. but not everyone gets his kicks out of the stampede many professions shop online but whether it's brick and most of all sales on the website for retailers black friday remains a big deal between now and christmas many of them at bringing hoff the year's revenues. and if you go black friday shopping go ahead and enjoy the stampede that a person wraps up our program for me and the entire team here roland thanks for watching.
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she called mars. from the suburbs of paris. to a friendly but forward line. sebastiano i led. the french strong on his team playing the bundesliga current me now from me is this like a rising star. next to dublin. quadriga
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international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week it's a fateful week for britain as especially as you sum it looms prime minister theresa may is fighting to win domestic buy in for a break the deal could the u.k. crash out of the e.u. with out an agreement that's our topic on country go join us. quadriga in sixty minutes on g.w. . her first t.v. school in the. first clueless. and then doris grand moment arrives join during a tango on her journey. you know where i'm interested judgment. entering into returns home.
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