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that you will have a say on the future of the especially. against domestic violence against women and girls.
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and it's pretty much. welcome to the program mr three some is making a final push to defend a break that agreement with the e.u. she set to meet european commission president. a day ahead of a special summit to approve the deal its passage now depends on whether the spanish prime minister. is satisfied the issue of gibraltar has been adequately addressed he has threatened to boycott the summit. over the future of the british. it's just no deal. when it's clear that the european council summit will not go
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ahead because of the. one you've gotten opposed the cancellation of this weekend's summit even vetoed the entire briggs a deal we also brussels correspondent bob of evil. they can sure they can i mean every every one of the european leaders could at the last moment sort of say i actually don't like this turn around and go home but it is a remarkable case of political grandstanding and it is also a very strange turn around because the question arises has the spain the spanish even representative who has been present throughout these negotiations in the last year to have totally been asleep on his feet or or what was the matter why didn't he notice earlier that things were not going the way that the spanish wanted them. now the problem we have is that spain isn't even content it was having a written declaration that its rights and desires would be regarded in future
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negotiations but also they want to reopen the divorce agreement this is the five hundred eighty five pages long legally binding tome and they want to stick the gibraltar thing in there and that is more complicated because basically it's supposed to be closed so we do really not envy the purpose of the e.u. governments we're still sitting together here in brussels and trying to solve this problem because it's well known in the e.u. you do have these things up to the last second. before midnight but that spain would do this to them nobody expected it. it by just come down to the wire but it won't stop david theresa may. break the draft on sunday she must push through the british parliament she needs to win back dozens of members of a conservative party me said that if the draw off is rejected the e.u. will not offer a better alternative the question is will she resign if the bags of plans are
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rejected by m.p.'s this report now from a brussels bureau chief. what would we all do. the story of a lifetime keeping thousands of politicians public officials and journalists most of all of course to receive me. and she still is the prime minister of the u.k. at least at the time of this recording. but i believe with every fiber of my being that the course i have says is the right country and all people you have to give it to her she's nothing if not persistent. it used to be different may was ridiculed disregarded declared for politically dead but that all changed with the brilliant move she made. to words.
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dancing queen. so this clearly shows that theresa may is beyond caring what people think of are ok that's not the only reason she's earning some admiration for reading the paper it's written on prime minister it's also the fact of simply still being there but now things are about to get really dicey not necessarily here in brussels it seems likely that leaders will sign off on the withdrawal agreement and the political agreement on sunday. such as the parties will look out the parties will explore looks at us as a government been doing for the last two years with this kind of resistance what happens next. let's say european leaders approved the divorce agreement
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that's up to the house of commons and you know what they're like. if they do say yes then the european parliament and the e.u. member states need to form of the approve the deal at the beginning of next year. results and orderly brecht's and at the end of march two thousand and ninety if the house of commons votes no and that seems likely at the moment chaos ensues. after some reflection time all of these possibilities are on the menu from directors it chaos to no flags at all my thoughts on that. exactly. there's still lots of work to be done for theresa may yeah we always say that but you know what it's true. she remains prime minister for the sovereignty all right basically and you know now to some of the other stories making news around
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the wild a new study says climate change will cost the united states hundreds of. billions of dollars annually by the end of the century the congressionally mandated report warns that public help them access to water will be threatened the trump administration has called the report inaccurate. people in taiwan of voting in a series of referendums on same sex marriage the island is deeply divided on the issue but last year its top court ruled same sex marriage should become legal within two years as midterm elections for local representatives are also taking place. pakistani authorities arrested a radical islamist character whose followers staged major protests demanding strict of blasphemy laws. to be supporters brought cities in pakistan to a standstill this month with street protests over the critical of. a christian woman on death row for blasphemy. gunmen have killed two prominent syrian activists in the last rebel held bastion of dozens of mourners attended the
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burials of. and. who were both critical of the syrian regime and of jihad groups there was a responsibility for the killings. activists in turkey are getting up for a series of demonstrations to mark the un international day for the elimination of violence against women on sunday one of the biggest rallies is set to take place in istanbul just last month the european council warned turkey to do more to protect women and girls against domestic violence there are no reliable statistics to gauge the scope of gender based violence in the country correspondent julie hahn met one survivor. my name is one the mask and i was born in one thousand nine hundred six in istanbul i was always very strong. this is me h sixteen or seventeen with a friend we were very happy that day. to hand and looks back at her old pictures as
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she likes to remember her teenage years but she has torn one person out of the voters and her husband the man who almost killed her. own little bit in our ten year relationship he slapped me he beat me he insulted me. this happened in the bedroom as well. at some point hundred couldn't bear it anymore she wanted to leave her husband there was footage of what happened next one day he approached her with a gun and shot her. i thought this is it i'm going to die and at that moment he put the gun into my mouth and pulled the trigger but he had run out of bullets and that was my second chance thanks to god. is now paralyzed from the waist down her husband is in detention his trial has been dragging on for two years under his afraid he could walk free.
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there is a lack of reliable statistics on violence against women in turkey rights groups say on average one woman is killed every day when you talk to people on the streets an interesting thing happens almost every woman says violence is a familiar dish. called the unity of course there is violence against women here and a lot of news about women being murdered we've had enough of it yet all of us have experienced abuse physical or psychological. i think it's spreading its was now that in the past. and of course my neighbor's beaten by her husband you know i think he does it out of jealousy. but it's a whole different story when you ask a man about violence against women to feel that i haven't seen it if i did i put a stop to it. in turkish kosher women are very precious to us is unacceptable to
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beat a woman women are everything to was. for our psychologist in the councils women who have become victims of violence and to give classes like this one where she talks about the different types of abuse there are laws on the books she says but they are not and close popular shows. on the ranch enough protection measures in place that the traces on to punish sufficiently and the cases aren't being taken seriously enough. condon hopes her husband will have to stay in prison for a long time if she had to say he would never get out again. and bundestag auction last night struggling leverkusen most of the league's worst team and the home side prevailed bringing the match to life in the second half thanks to a brace by their man up front leverkusen took advantage of stuttgart leaky defense
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from the corner guy harvard found kevin fall armed with the ball and the striker finished with a brilliant head up that's the germans first goal at home this season. seven minutes later the ball down fall and again i did his second goal stepping leverkusen is two game losing skids in the process. chuck a host in bergen the want to go on saturday evening looking to finally kick start their season again the royal blues finished second last season and i struggled to replicate that form. shall call a coach to many code to disco use the international break to work on his side's tactics despite a poor start to the season he still boasts the trust of fans and players so as long as the team believes in us believed in themselves and fight hard we'll win games of course we can expect to win every game because they've been asleep that is loaded with a very good team and. one of those teams i'm talk from for trouts the royal blues
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three nil in their last match it was a setback after earning ten points from five matches still shelter and convinced of their own capabilities. big team and big club and we will go up on that. we don't feel pressure and know. how many points from the bottom of the table looking only. but to move up they'll need goals which have been in short supply shelters muscly structure level with last place to cut and scoring won't be any easier with two of their leading attack is out injured mark and brill and below. if you lots of strikers are out it really hurts us but we'll try to compensate as best we can. perhaps i can help kill line up against his former club nuremberg on saturday dollars twenty one
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goals across almost two years represents the best record in this shocker squad but even he's only scored once this season. staying with the blondest league and have secured the prominent signing of. from barcelona the striker i've been germany at the start of the season initially on the loan deal after scoring nine goals in eight games including this match win against bundestag arrivals. don't go and have decided to splash the cash they've paid twenty three million euros to secure his services the twenty five year old has signed a contract twenty twenty three. mo bonus the auction coming up later in the day you're watching news from mo coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get the latest information around the truck on our website. thanks for joining. a bunch.
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