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but spain. have a say on the future of the special. activists in turkey prevent. violence against women. has an exclusive report. on
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saturday. in its previous. manager welcome to the program your prime minister the reason is making a final push to defend a brags that agreement with the e.u. she said to me commission president. a day ahead of a special e.u. summit to approve the deal its passage now depends on whether spanish prime minister. the issue of gibraltar has been adequately addressed he has threatened to boycott the summit unless spain has written assurances over the future of the british set of trick. see you know you have one of the if there's no deal. then it's clear that the european council summit will not go ahead because if it would be. from all i'm joined now on the line from london in brussels by my colleagues
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big mass and max hold one good to see you both lots to talk about max let's just begin with you first spain saying it could be done so so much even vetoed the whole break the deal over gibraltar can they actually do that. that's a good question and i can't tell you the number of hours we have pored over that question this week so the conclusion of your brussels is yes they can because at these summits the decisions taken normally are have to be consensual consensual doesn't mean that spain has to say yes to the agreement they could abstain and these agreements so that withdrawal agreement and the political agreement would still pass but if they actively say no we do not want this then it cannot pass so some have jokingly suggested here in brussels that they should just wait until sanchez has to go to the restroom or something to actually do that but of course it doesn't work like that this is a decision of such magnitude than anything else and unanimity won't do it in this
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case so gibraltar is clearly an issue but is that the only issue max in today's talks between theresa may and e.u. commission. it is the main issue of course you have little bits and pieces are still floating around fisheries for example and we understand that the strategy going forward now is that there will be one protocol or another document that they will sign off on tomorrow so on sunday during that year some aggressive where the address all these issues like i mentioned fisheries things like that to appease some of the parties may be in great britain the tories and spain within the european union but my understanding is they will not open up the withdrawal agreement again begin in london tough weekend ahead in brussels for three so i mean does she have room to maneuver over gibraltar. it seems that the u.k. government at least from the u.k. perspective seems fairly confident that they can overcome this issue and you
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brought there's not that much that they are saying officially only that they what with the spanish government overcome but that the withdrawal of the team and for the whole u.k. family that of course is not only gibraltar but also northern ireland so they seem confident but of course if this was called off other withdrawal agreement was for some reason not signed this week and that would be a major disaster for two reason may also internally here in the u.k. . a bit about the possibility is now the big if if the summit does go ahead and if the deal is boston brussels theresa may still needs to get this through the bitterly divided u.k. parliament bigot how are things looking for the home front. well it's interesting. how our defacto partner and the government who are profiting her of the northern irish party they having a party conference this weekend they have boris johnson speaking somebody who's
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leading the criticism against series m a and had dia so the noises that we hear from that side is that they they remain very very critical over the issue of northern ireland and the separate status and their point of view that no that island will have in the future and that's what they're not happy about and then the other pressure like marks mentioned that being yes tackling here in the u.k. on trees i mean it's fisheries so there are lots of fishing lobbies and it's a hugely symbolic subject here in the u.k. there are the fishermen the scottish conservative party as well who are very vocal on this they do they want more rights not less for u.k. fishermen so if this is another contentious issue issue and there was draw agreement well that reflects this well here in the discussion in the debate here in the u.k. so the u.k. remains divided house marks what's the view from brussels on means johnson is going
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to sum it up in one word bad they agree of course with the assessment of budget just explained here but what are they to do the european union has won the gold cheating partner they have to negotiate with the government of the united kingdom and the prime minister's theresa may so they can it take into account the internal divisions that she has in her own party's they're just going to go ahead with with their plan with the procedure and then if it doesn't pass the house of commons i think that the view here is we'll cross that bridge when we get there but people do think that there still is a slight chance it will pass we'll just have to wait and see right bigod final question to you is a heartbreak is it still a possibility. a hog breaks it is a possibility and that's also the trump call that terrorism a has because she knows palm and really does no one's heart breaks if there's not a majority for for a sort of cliff edge scenario which would be a disaster for british business so she's under
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a lot of pressure to prevent that and also it's something that she can threaten parliamentarians with if this withdrawal greenman is signed off and then if it's as expected it does come in front of the british parliament in a few weeks time. in london mark hoffman in brussels thanks very much both of you. now those are the other stories making news around the world a new study says climate change will cost the united states hundreds of billions of dollars annually by the end of the century the congressionally mandated report warns that public health and access to water would threaten the trumpet ministration has called the report inaccurate. people in taiwan are voting in a series of referendums on same sex marriage the island is deeply divided on the issue but last year its top court ruled same sex marriage should become legal within two years mid term elections for local representatives are also taking place . turns of thousands of people are said to rally in paris against rising fuel costs
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and president emanuel macross economic policies this is the second week of so-called yellow vest protests that have led to widespread national disruption. activists in turkey are gearing up for a series of demonstrations to mark the you were an international day for the elimination of balance against women on sunday one of the biggest rallies is set to take place in istanbul just last month the european council warned that turkey to do more to protect women and girls against domestic violence reliable statistics on gender based violence in the country are hard to come by but did a book correspondent julia han met once of. my name is hunter nash can i was born in one thousand nine hundred six in istanbul i was always very strong. this is me h t eckstein are seventeen with a friend we were very happy that day. and then looks back at her old pictures as
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she likes to remember her teenage years but she has torn one person out of the photos her husband the man who almost killed her. only. in our ten year relationship he slapped me he beat me he insulted me. why this happened in the bedroom as well. at some point hundred couldn't bear it any more she wanted to leave her husband there was food ritual what happened next one day he approached her with a gun and shot her shook hands. i thought this is it i'm going to die and at that moment he put the gun into my mouth and pulled the trigger but he had run out of bullets and that was my second chance thanks to god. is now paralyzed from the waist down her husband is in detention his trial has been dragging on for two years under his afraid he could walk free.
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there is a lack of reliable statistics on violence against women in turkey rights groups say on average one woman is killed every day when you talk to people on the streets an interesting thing happens almost every woman says violence is a familiar issue. called the unity of course violence against women here and a lot of news about women being murdered we've had enough of it. all of us have experienced abuse physical or psychological. that's why i think it's spreading it's was now than in the past and of course my neighbors beaten by her husband you know i think he does it out of jealousy. but it's a whole different story when you ask a man about violence against women. that i haven't seen it if i did i put a stop to it. in turkish kosher women are very precious to us is unacceptable to be to woman women not everything to was. a psychologist is counsels women
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who have become victims of violence and she gives classes like this one where she talks about the different types of abuse there are laws on the books she says but they are not and close popular shows. on the ranch and of protection measures in place that the traces on to punish sufficiently. and the cases aren't being taken seriously enough for. condon hopes her husband will have to stay in prison for a long time if she had to say he would never get out again to hold . back from last tied to struggling leverkusen host of the league. and the home side prevailed to bring the match to life in the second half thanks to a brace by their man up front leverkusen took advantage of stuttgart defense from
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the corner i haven't found kevin folland with the ball and the striker finished with a brilliant head up that's a german first goal at home this season seven minutes later the ball found folland again who added his second goal snapping never clear since two game losing skid in the process. shaka host are back in the bundesliga on saturday evening looking to finally kick start their season again the royal blues finished second last season and half struggled to replicate that form. shock a coach to many coated esko use the international break to work on his side's tactics despite a poor start to the season he still boasts the trust of fans and players as long as the team believes in us believe themselves and fight hard will win games of course we can't expect to win every game because they've been asleep that is loaded with a very good team actually one of those teams are in talks frankfurt trouts the
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royal blues three nil in their last match it was a setback after earning ten points from five matches still shelter and convinced of their own capabilities. big team and. we will go on that. we don't feel pressure. and how many points from the bottom of the table looking long. but to move up they'll need goals which have been in short supply shockers miserly strikes a level with last place stuttgart and scoring won't be any easier with two of their leading attack is out injured mark and brill mbulelo. if you like the strikers are out it really hurts us but we'll try to compensate as best we can . perhaps. can help kill line up against his former club nuremberg on saturday dollars twenty one goals across almost two years represents the best record in this
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shocker squad but even he's only scored once this season. same with the bundesliga have secured the prominent signing of. the strike. at the start of the season initially on the. games including the match when i games. as wait for the. don't have now decided to splash the cash there. the twenty five year old has signed a contract up on twenty twenty three. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you at the moment. as a potential stumbling block.
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you can get hold of and updates on our website. of the top of the all thanks for joining. us grand. prix. the documentary. in a. tank.


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