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this is. some may face is a tough weekend to see how briggs of brussels that spain is solid as a rock over. madrid. that it could have a say on the future of the territory especially. the activists. even though. we find out more about their
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struggle to push for reforms in the gulf. to get back on track with the host. for the huge loss in its previous match. welcome to the program from mr theresa may is making a final push to defend that agreement with the e.u. she set to meet european commission president. a day ahead of a special summit to approve the deal now its passage depends on whether spanish prime minister bedroll sanchez is satisfied the issue of gibraltar has been adequately addressed he has threatened to boycott the summit unless spain has written assurances over the future of the british. see no it would have the if there's no deal. then it's clear that the european council summit will not go ahead
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because if it was. from all i'm joined now from brussels by my colleague max hope on next spain is saying that it could go peter the cement even vetoed the whole briggs the deal over gibraltar and actually do that you know there's that's a question we asked ourselves all week it's the most asked question of brussels at the moment and we came to the conclusion here in the studio brussels then yes they can because normally at these summits decisions are taken consensually which means that spain could stain and it would still pass but if they actively say no we do not want this deal then it will not pass and by the way this this dimension the magnitude of this whole topic is such that anything else than unanimity would wouldn't fly in this case so clearly gibraltar is very important but is gibraltar the only issue in today's talks between me and you commission chief. it's the biggest chunk of what remains there are other contentious issues for example
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fisheries and we're now hearing talk of an additional document that might be side tomorrow on sunday during the e.u. bragg's it's something we already have to the first one being the withdrawal agreement so that the force agreement between the u.k. and the european union the second one being the political agreement that will outline the future relationship between the u.k. the e.u. and now maybe a third document to give interpretations some context to those contentious issues like the balls are like fisheries because they have to wait and see if this is enough for spain it can be a lot of eyes will also be on your prime minister to be some man who is himself a second out of resistance on old sides at home over this deal what's the view in brussels about how to lie been a partner she is right now. well they're all following it very closely the drama that's unfolding in the united kingdom but she's also earn some respect in the last weeks and months and of course it's a very puzzling situation now the only to reset may but how the whole brags and
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drama will unfold now so much so all that i really had to get it off my chest by it by making it a little poorer and you know what it's called it's called survivor and here it is. and. what would we all do without drugs it's the story of a lifetime keeping thousands of politicians public officials and journalists busy most of all of course to resubmit yes she still is the prime minister of the ukraine at least at the time of this recording. but i believe with every fiber of my being that the course i have set out is the right one for our country and old people you have to give the to her she's nothing if not persistent. it used to be different may was ridiculed
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disregarded to clerics who are politically dead but that all changed with the brilliant move she made. to words. dancing queen. so this clearly shows that theresa may is beyond caring what people think of are ok that's not the only reason she's earning some admiration for you the paper it's written on prime minister it's also the fact of simply still being there but now things are about to get really dicey not necessarily here in brussels it seems likely that leaders will sign off on the withdrawal agreement and the political agreement on sunday. this is where the real battle will take place. well as the battle already is taking place really interest in this house of commons yourself man this empty document. this
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empty document could have been written show years ago it's happened with phrases such as the parties will lookouts the parties will explode watching us as the government been doing for the last two years with this kind of resistance what happens next. let's say european leaders approved the divorce agreement that's up to the house of commons and you know what they're like. if they do say yes then the european parliament and the e.u. member states need to form a view approve the deal at the beginning of next year. results an orderly brecht's and at the end of march two thousand and nineteen if the house of commons votes no and that seems likely at the moment chaos ensues. after some reflection time all of these possibilities are on the menu from directors it chaos to no gregs at
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all my thoughts on that. there's still lots of work to be done for me so i made yeah we always say that but you know what it's true this she remains prime minister for the sovereignty all right. and what happened that doesn't max. well the likelihood of our brags it increases because suzi a new prime minister will take time and that's the one thing that nobody has at the moment of course depends on who will become the new prime minister of exit here then the chances of our bracks an increase even further back so when in brussels always a pleasure talking to you thank you very much not as all the other stories making news around the world a new study in brazil say is the destruction of the amazon rain forest has reached its highest level in a decade the government data called illegal logging
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a major cause of deforestation which in turn leads to global warming the rain forest plays a key role in regulating the temperature. people in taiwan have been voting in a series of referendums on same sex marriage the island is deeply divided on the issue but last stop courtroom same sex marriage should become even within two years midterm elections for local representatives are also taking place. tens of thousands of people are set to rally against rising fuel costs and president. economic policies this is the second weekend of so-called yellow vest protests that have led to widespread national dysfunction. gunmen have killed two prominent syrian activists in the last rebel held. dozens of mourners attended the burials of . who were critical of both the syrian regime and groups there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the kids. has been held in stockholm for the
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winners of this year's right livelihood awards they're often referred to as the tonnage of nobel the awards recognize people whose work offer solutions to global problems this years of organizing food anti corruption activists from latin america and a falling off from booking a faso in africa. but three of these women. three human rights activists from saudi arabia are still serving prison time for pushing for reforms in the kingdom. they dared to pick a fight with the saudi royal family professor. the lawyer. and the economist mohammad khatami in a country where women only recently gained the right to drive cars they fought for women's rights but they also defended freedom of expression and demand reform of the authoritarian political system in saudi arabia for this they were awarded the alternative nobel prize the three men did not pick up their war personally however
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the laureates were sentenced to between ten and fifteen years imprisonment and all are currently in jail after being convicted of charges relating to their human rights activities. the jury in stockholm considers them role models. but even as prisoners of conscience. are a great source of inspiration and hope for the people of saudi arabia and the wider gulf region. are co-founders of the saudi association for political and civil rights which was forbidden by the royal family but the award in the ensuing media attention focuses a spotlight on the state of human rights in the gulf state and saudi arabia the death penalty is an integral part of the penal code not only convicted terrorists are sentenced to death but also shiite academics for example or adulterers homosexuality is treated as a criminal offense if women wish to renew their passport or open a bank account they need permission from their husbands fathers or uncles. but the
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first tentative hints of reform have emerged in two thousand and three there was a so-called national dialogue with other islamist groups like the shiites and sufi's. in twenty fifteen women had their first chance to vote and even run as a candidate al be it only in local elections and campaign posters with images of women were forbidden. the first woman to serve as ambassador to saudi arabia assumed her position a few days ago belgium's dominique munira despite such creeping reforms saudi arabia remains an absolute monarchy the fates of abdulla. and mohamed. are proof of this. going to snigger auction last night struggling leverkusen host of the league's worst team took guard on the home side prevails to nail bringing the match to life in the second half thanks to
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a brace by their man upfront leverkusen took advantage of the key defense from the corner. kevin fallen with the ball and the striker finished with a brilliant that's a jump first goal at home this season seven minutes later the ball found full on the game added his second goal snapping never cousens two game losing skid in the process. of the host number in the bundesliga on saturday evening looking to finally kick start their season again the royal blues finished second last season and are struggling to replicate that form. shocker coach to many code to disco use the international break to work on his side's tactics despite a poor start to the season he still boasts the trust of fans and players as long as the team believes in us believes in themselves and fight hard will win games of course we can expect to win every game because they've been asleep that is loaded
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with a very good team. one of those teams on track frankfurt trounce the royal blues three nil in their last match it was a setback after earning ten points from five matches still shelter and convinced of their own capabilities. we will go up. we don't feel pressure and know. how many points of view are from. looking well. but to move up they'll need goals which have been in short supply shuckers muscly struck some level with last place stuttgart and scoring won't be any easier with two of their leading attack is out injured mark and prevail and below. if you lots of strikers are out it really hurts us but we'll try to compensate as best we can. perhaps i can help kill line up against his former club nuremberg on saturday
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dollars twenty one goals across almost two years represents the best record in this shocker squad but even he's only scored once this season. same with the bonus they got bought from have secured the permanent signing of. from boss alone on the strike i've been germany at the start of the season initially. but after scoring nine goals in eight games. including this match when our games the bundesliga rivals in munich. don't have decided to flash the cash they've paid twenty three million euros to secure his services the twenty five year old has signed a contract until twenty twenty three. and i remind of the top stories we're following for you right now gibraltar has emerged as a potential stumbling block for a blind brags that agreement spain has threatened to veto the deed over the british territory on the southern prime minister pederast sanchez wants madrid to have a say over gibraltar's future. you're watching deed of the new guy from berlin
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coming at the top of the on don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's steve abu dot com thanks for joining us once user but. i'm scared that if i move. and in the end you're not allowed to stay here anymore. are you familiar with this. place where lions. what's yours.


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