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tv   World Stories - Fear and Loathing in Chemnitz  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2018 3:15pm-3:30pm CET

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you know i want to be here soon but at the same time i'm nervous because i don't know if this game will ever happen again. rivers supporters based lengthy queues to secure tickets both sets of fans will be hoping for a historic win over their cross-town rivals. this is news life from berlin thank you for watching. much of it a. good link to news from africa the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news of easy i want website to deputed comes much traffic up join us on facebook at g.w. forgot. germany state by state. the most colorful. long list. of the most
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traditional find it all at any time. check in with the web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com. this week on world stories. neo nazis in camden spreading fear and xenophobia. many young britons wonder whether brits it is the right decision. but first we go to india where more and more women are saying me too sexual violence and harassment is a major problem there in t.v. stations to. bring up putting the time and
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saloni on the works but a television news channel. she's one of the few female t.v. reporters in the consumptive city of one point five million people. after graduating with a diploma in journalism but only struggled to find a job one t.v. station refused to hire her another said she could anchor but not work in the field so only refused to give up despite the challenges i mean. i the men i come across in my work police officers even reporters say things like come and have tea with me spend time with me meet me after work i'll drop you home some of them are really forceful it makes me uncomfortable and scared. i block these men's numbers on my phone i'm here because i want to be a reporter not because i want to spend time with men. and women had up.
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to date she's interviewing a group of men in the park she wants to get their views on women empowerment and gender relations at a time when india's need to movement rages on twitter many female journalists in india's big cities have alleged sexual harassment by senior editors and colleagues news of those allegations has also put a done to the men here have strong views about it you may lie these women who are speaking out were not oppressed or subjugated their professional qualified women why did they stay silent for so long and wife they suddenly found the energy to start screaming me to media i don't think men are capable of harrison women the way it's portrayed in the me too movement the women making these allegations are just seeking publicity they want to be famous. you know i get the mail for saloni to have a cement on the job is very real but she says she can't speak of men with money i can't afford to make enemies of the men who harass me what's the point of making
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a complaint if it's police officers themselves harassing me who do i complain to and who can i complain to about same reporters. it's a question that the loonies boss dismisses ricciuto hunt started news twenty four a year ago he says his company hasn't zero tolerance policy but he still hasn't set up a complaints committee as mandated by india's workplace laws against sexual habits meant the decision to hire a female reporter at this channel is rare in aga but john's reasons have little to do with the quality of the only funding he was want to see a female reporter i want to see how she talks how she reports they're attracted by that nowadays you see that everywhere even if you go to a shop you'll see that. women are appointed at the sales counters for the check out it's a way to attract customers for us to having a female reporter is about increasing our viewership and our ratings. for families
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and small towns like aga there's an easy way to deal with the me to account stay at home in this conservative neighborhood few women work outside their homes so long as parents come from a village in north india would go to a not allowed to wear jeans on phones laugh loudly or even speak with voice saloni has fought hard to get away she now has big dreams saloni wants to get out of our ground and join a national t.v. network in delhi to get better training and work experience. neo nazis continue to make their presence felt in camps since far right mobs rampage through the eastern german city in august many migrants living there fear going out in public and would prefer to leave the place altogether but one courageous social worker is determined to stand her ground. and it's difficult for roller salai to watch these images.
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on the twenty sixth of august a right wing mob rampage through the streets of kenneth chanting this is our city later that evening they attacked people they took for foreigners and a group of social democratic politicians roloson late stood up to them. i was. up but also fast i was completely beside myself i i cried so much because it was so emotional afterwards i really had to play. a role as sally is a social worker seventeen years ago she fled from lebanon to germany now she gives advice and support to young refugees who have just arrived in germany for many of them racist hostilities are part of a. every day life is are going gave worst of them say nasty words or leave this is our country our candidates why do you states like to hear the mood in chemist's has changed many refugees and migrants living here say that on fridays they're too
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scared to leave the house. it's on fridays that the right wing populist pro cam that's alliance holds their weekly rally around a thousand people gather to spread fear and hate. ciabatta is not i know i'm afraid that i'll be attacked or raped by some migrants if i go out on the streets alone at night. it's true it's called nothing's getting better because everything is so expensive and those doc is get the money it's unbelievable one side most of them vote for the far right f.t. which became the second strongest force in chemists in the bundestag elections like many others rolo sell a is worried about social peace in the city the division in chemists is growing at this moment that is that this is my city i will be forced out i'll continue my fight against racism and discrimination.
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in nigeria many people don't have access to proper sanitation facilities in lego's the west african nations commercial hub toilets are few and far between in poor districts many people have little choice but to go elsewhere. you can see them everywhere in lagos people relieving themselves outdoors in the open one of every four nigerians has no access to a proper toilet. it's been sued t.v. court farce what you do is you go to the. extras ourselves. the way they release themselves is disturbing to those of us living here because out in the open everyone can see them but the government should at least build a cover so we can see them. fight. it's very difficult for us we have to go to the river to pull some woman who inside the brackets and then poured into the river it's not good. twenty million people
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live in this overcrowded mega city bad hygiene and the lack of sufficient toilets are endangering people's health in the poorer districts ironically more people have access to mobile phones than toilets. near a bus station jeremiad jerry installed some parts of parties now he makes about thirty euros a day number one costs ten cents number two will cost you twenty five cents this is where jarius toilets are produced one reckon while this company is the only one in nigeria that will smoke by the toilets it employs thirty one people and business is booming with a population of almost two hundred million nigeria provides a huge market for his product still i can while it is troubled by the current situation and says the government alone is not to blame we need to begin to change the mentality of people because even. people know that if you told them.
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you would prefer to go into the bush that they did do you love it did you bring this doesn't it which is no good for us as it is now we just absolutely just need to put on this. strict measures to stop or just open dedication and sanitation the government's did scrape an emergency plan up until now almost nothing has changed the toilet crisis in lagos obviously remains a problem that needs an audience solution. the decision to leave the european union continues to divide britain two years on from the bricks at referendum many young people who voted leave are beginning to doubt whether they made the right choice. this is
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one of britain's most years skeptic communities here just to the east of london seventy percent of people voted to leave the many of them were young people after a week of drama at westminster but did the under thirty's think now what's the point believe in it is going to be a lot of hassle we want to protect it we want to europe just get it set off our mortgage benefit from levy and stop it stop arguing and. rumford young adults have been following the political show in london closely the result is that many are not sure whether leaving the you is the right thing to do after all i was in favor of leaving and when i vote it's a leave. i knew that there would be short term struggles all of the mess that is going on is has brought me to a point well most regret the decision to leave twenty four year old mitchell in the technology industry he had trusted british politicians to deliver on their promise to secure a good breaks a deal now he has doubts about whether that is possible not far away suit connelly
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of the local conservative party is just as unhappy with the draft bracks a deal as much alone but for her the answer cannot be to stay in the i think that with graeme in his he's wrapping basically it's not what we want it's not what we voted for we didn't vote for a lot of idiots up in westminster. they've made a total mess of the and the snow so we won't we will end up we want to now. sue connelly thing. young people from that are wrong and doubting belief out but back in this nuclear club michel i believe that britain's perhaps shouldn't have been asked to vote on the issue in the first place i want to kind of. a decision like this was something as complex as europe has been put in my hands because being honest i don't understand it. the prime minister understands it so how we making the decisions. this is
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a thing everyone has an opinion but no one knows what should happen now with all of the unfolding uncertainty and chaos that young people i'm not sure that the brics a game can be won and. go. more than twenty five hundred points within thirty five. that's her mission combat team from concord north and she's revolutionizing access to safe sanitation in her hometown but. to the souls of her children if they were shall go to the heart of people of color things you. know d.w. . their stars deliver the form and
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services. for. free. and a big girl one of today's best jazz moisi. he's happy you want to know. that the boss from norway. concert was forty five minutes. what's coming. oh and the book is plenty to talk about here on. the monitors lisa every weekend here total. change. isn't it time for. africa people and projects that are changing our lives are meant
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for the back up to us to make a difference let's. go an. employment magazine. on d w. hello welcome to equal we india a sustainability magazine which puts the focus on solutions to some of the most pressing problems affecting the world to be this week we connect you to change makers from india laos and germany people like you and i with the system people.


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