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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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this is detail they would use live from a. breakthrough as spain strikes a deal with britain over her so british prime minister theresa may should get a good night's sleep before sunday's crucial e.u. summit but can she sell her bricks and framework to her own lawmakers. and violence flares in central paris as fuel tax tax protests spiral out of control thousands joined demonstrations against price hikes and police used water cannon and tear gas to clear the streets will he get the latest from our correspondent.
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nick spicer welcome to the program. e.u. leaders have cleared the way for a brics a deal at a crucial summit in brussels on sunday a last minute disagreement over the disputed territory of gibraltar had threatened to derail the whole process but spain has now agreed to back in exchange for a say in the future of gibraltar british prime minister theresa may then faces a tough challenge getting the brics a deal through her own parliament. hoffman has this report from brussels. ah what would we all do without drugs it's the story of a lifetime keeping thousands of politicians public officials and journalists busy most of all of course to resubmit yes and she still is the prime minister of the u.k. at least at the time of this recording. but
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i believe with every fiber of my being that the cools i have set out is the right one for our country and all people you have to give it to her she's nothing if not persistent. it used to be different may was ridiculed disregarded declared for politically dead but that all changed with the brilliant move she made . to words. dancing queen. so this clearly shows that theresa may is beyond caring what people think of are ok that's not the only reason she's earning some admiration read the paper it's written on prime minister it's also the fact of simply still being there but now things are about to get really dicey not necessarily here in brussels it seems
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likely that leaders will sign off on the withdrawal agreement and the political agreement on sunday. this is where the real battle will take place. well as the battle already is taking place really interest in this house of commons yourself man this empty document. this empty document could have been written show years ago it's happened with phrases such as the parties will look out the parties will explore watching us as the government been doing for the last two years with this kind of resistance what happens next. let's say european leaders approved the divorce agreement then it's up to the house of commons and you know what they're like. if they do say yes then the european parliament and the e.u. member states need to formally approve the deal at the beginning of next year. results
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and orderly bracks and at the end of march two thousand and nineteen if the house of commons votes no and that seems likely at the moment chaos ensues. after some reflection time all of these possibilities are on the menu from directors it chaos to no rights at all my thoughts on that. there's still lots of work to be done for theresa may yeah we always say that but you know what it's true. she remains prime minister socrates all right only recently you know for more now let's go to our brussels correspondent and then he gets burnt theresa may has already arrived in brussels ahead of the summit to morrow can we expect last minute changes or will this be a relaxed evening it will be
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a rather relaxed even compared to those that he already had this week. the preparations are done the divorce papers are ready and this is made confirmed that a deal was spent it was spain has been done concerning gibraltar she said to gibraltar really remain british after breaks it like it has been before and she also confirmed that she will negotiate with spain about anything that is concerning gibraltar as it has been done before so the question really is what was all this drama about it was much ado about nothing from the process for you well in that case i mean what can we actually expect at the summit tomorrow. it will not be a love fest because the u.s. still against breaks at the host of the summit under tusk the u. commission the u. council president rather said in a tweet it will be
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a sad moment we have damage control now in place for the break said but it's not that then advantage neither for the e.u. not for britain but he also treated friends will be friends till the end like the queen song said so it will be a kind of a mixed signal but not not a very long summit because there are no tensions everything is ok as we can expect a very smooth only ninety minutes of full scene for the summit ok but doesn't the deal that is due to be signed after more is this then the blueprint of the future relationship between britain and the e.u. the blueprint is the twenty six page long political declaration that will be signed tomorrow this is a long list of future cooperation issues from trade over to military security and cooperation to everything that is actually on the plate between two states and they now have two years to negotiate
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a new treaty concerning all this in this long very long wish list if this does not happen then the great britain with northern ireland would stay just in a customs union with the e.u. for good in this of course if that breaks a t.-a. city as oppose very fiercely and so the question is very the house of commons the british parliament ok this deal this is foreseen for december but is anything but certain that the prime minister may has a majority in the house of commons for the deal ok byrne to get in brussels and thank you for that. violence has flared in central paris as thousands joined to protest against planned increases in fuel taxes riot police use water cannon and tear gas to clear the streets truck drivers angry at the tax hikes have been in the forefront of the protests. protesters and trucker style yellow
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safety vests set up a barricade on the iconic songs that he say then police arrived many of the demonstrators come from outside paris and say a new tax on motor fuel meant to cut consumption and pollution in big cities will affect them disproportionately others say they're angry about economic policies that favor business and the rich of. all the big companies should pay taxes like everybody else and also the big bosses and the rich should pay wealth taxes the government suppressed the wealth tax and now they make the ordinary people pay that's not normal no matter. what france's interior minister blames the rest on the far right moving the leader of the populist anti immigrant rights onto the mall nasional. well i have been to my not been off to marry in the pen cold protests of the sean sillies a thousands of people mobilized what we're seeing is the ultra right has come
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together to talk about similar. around france demonstrators have blocked roads and here the yellow vests took over a highway toll booth and waved to motorists through. you know. we don't want to bother people. when people ask who to thank we say thank president among you all mccraw. we're going to send him the bill. he's got a bigger salary than i do he'll manage. back in paris the unrest continued after the sunset as one of the greatest challenges to president macro's leadership showed no sign of dying down. correspondent john laurenson is in paris and has been following events john we've seen chaos on the iconic shows and he's a today how unusual are scenes like this. well i'd like to say is not very unusual actually look at the figures from the interior ministry present pope in
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france there are every year over three thousand demonstration that's getting on for ten every day usually on average two or three demonstrations a day in paris and some of them in recent history have been very violent indeed in particular some recent trade union organized demonstrations against labor regulation changes but i think what's interesting here is not so much. how the people are demonstrating which we've seen before who they are what they stand up for the interior minister is blaming the far right i mean to what extent are they involved is that a populist uprising of some sort. yet the interior minister has said that the people who went to demonstrate solutions of the day did so because marine le pen asked them to. be forgetting that other political movements in france
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the the sensorites but i probably can for example have been behind the yellow this movement also on the far left to the false movement has been favorable to this yellow vests movement i think there is an air of popular revolt here something very organized so we will be seen very much in the passes to try to union organizing demonstrations you know busing the demonstrators in except this is something which has been organized on on social media and no one knows is going to turn up where and when to these to these demonstrations and many of the people who are going to demonstrate are doing so for the first time. so perhaps a new kind of demonstration for france what does the president need to do now if anything i mean numbers are down from the protests last weekend could you just wait this out. i think that for most likely possibility obviously could
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decide not to to impose and not. hike you know diesel fuel prices in january diesel fuel is already being the price is already risen by twenty five percent twenty three percent of the exactly over the last year to go up and i was almost eight. in january to make a gesture and say let's. do it up through pretty quickly that would be very unlikely because he has. the qualities of scientific. support to trees in particular many people would say it would be a shameful client. to back pedal on on that ike. ok well thank you very much for that john larson in paris and now to some of the other
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stories making news around the world taiwan's ruling democratic progressive party has suffered a major defeat in local elections the island's pro independence president resigned as head of the party vote was seen as a key test for size administration which has been under attack from beijing over her refusal to agree that taiwan is part of china. and voters in bahrain went to the polls on saturday to elect a new parliament activists called for a boycott after the country's main opposition groups were barred from the vote this is the ruling family has crackdown on dissent since a failed shiite led uprising in two thousand and eleven. and a new study in brazil says the destruction of the amazon rain forest has reached its highest level in a decade the government data calls illegal logging a major cause of deforestation which in turn leads to global warming the rain forest plays a key role in regulating the earth's temperature. and finally it's
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a challenge reserved only for athletes looking for the extreme the old men desert marathon runners from all corners of the globe tested themselves on the one hundred sixty five kilometer course in the b. diet desert more of an adventure than a foot race the runners had to carry their own equipment like sleeping bags food and of course water the sixty age marathon took runners in the night left only with flashlights guiding their way at daybreak with immense jews extending beyond the horizon iraq was rushing to. finish first with a time of fourteen hours twenty three minutes and forty two seconds and his compatriot as easily won the women's event. and that's your news drop join us again at the top of the hour or you can check out our website or follow us on twitter thanks for watching state of unions.
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coming. from the. sixth state school in the jungle. or first coming less of a minute or as grand the moment arrives. joining your regular jane on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of interacting returns home to monte w. don't come to tanks. on her.


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