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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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and. this is the news my from berlin you need to sign off on a briggs of do you have a special summit in brussels all the main stumbling blocks of belgium have been clear eyed the head of the use executive. says it's the best possible deal it's a tragedy that britain is leaving the blog we get the latest from brussels and london also on the program. officers are
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up those broad police confront fuel trucks protesters in central park as thousand join demonstrations against price hikes. welcome to the program even leaders are gathering in brussels for a special budget summit they're expected to see an agreement on britain's departure from the e.u. on the twenty ninth of march next year as they arrive to either sent a clear message that the u.k. needed to accept the deal that was now on the table but they stressed the need for a continuing partnership with britain. new. music and this is. to be between you and you we need to be. here next. this unprecedented partnership we remain
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allies. and friends. well joining us for more now on. barbara visa in london at the end of the european council in brussels welcome to you both it appears this consensus among leaders to approve the brig's indeed what are you expecting of today's summit right. well we're expecting that they will sign off on this deal the twenty seven member states that are now looking at some six hundred pages of the walls papers and lots of work in them but you've heard michele dunne you he said today he has always been working with the u.k. not against the u.k. on this paper and the dutch prime minister arrived here this morning as saying if i wear a u.k. lawmaker i would vote in favor of the steel it's a balanced deal and jungle junker saying it's the best deal the u.k. will get. the real challenge really is for me to get this deed through parliament. the president of the european commission has urged the british politicians to
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support the agreement let's just focus into what he had to say. because this is the first the full support for which. i'm sets because this. is what she. is going to be she's not nothing if you leave the new this is the move if you relation of the room with the basis of the thing cause of the you know them to have these. roles. in this cause. a divorce agreement exists but. many faces considerable opposition at home what a true plans for getting its. she is trying to control her parliamentarians of course particularly within her own party to back her up but it is getting increasingly difficult she has even tried to buy some
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people off offering them peerages in the house of lords lords which was of course led to raised eyebrows here and also she of course now tries to talk to the public and say this deal and then we will be unified again again and we will have a good future together but all of this doesn't really build well for her because her own cabinet is already planning the next rebellion and she's surrounded by opponents on all sides opposition parties and her own party so no the future doesn't look good for tourism a within the next weeks perhaps that's what i mean is there just to be to appeal over the heads of lawmakers directly to the public let's just first of all listen to some of the public's concerns. and i think the referendum was terrible because everyone was so really informed but you see. they didn't see any way that was no nature is going to lead people to the right because the politicians are talking
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amongst themselves and. i really hope there is another referendum and people get a chance to actually vote on the facts actually come to be the tree rather than the lies that we were fed i don't know how it will affect money i know somebody told me to just go whole bunch of your ideas and put them in like a box just in case. they get some sort of deal which is acceptable to both sides so i think that's the important thing and i think she seems to be. slowly but surely we can hope is that the right people get around the table and. we end up with a you know a negotiated settlement allows us all to kind of continue to do what we do best which is trade with each other you know security pretty movement when he you know when. you hold as well so. now barbara to resume has made a direct appeal to these people to the public and she's hoping that she will get their support and that will help push the deal through parliament does mean
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strategies stand a chance. not really the public gives her a certain point for pluck and sheer stubbornness but on the other hand i have yet to talk to somebody here who says oh this is a great deal yes let's do it i mean there's a small number of heartbreak satiric who think in the public who think this is the way to go forward but many others are split they don't really know what to make off it they not sure this is going to be good for britain in the future and there is a tremendous amount of resentment and has still a t. and the infighting in britain just carries on so this is not the way she's going to solve it there seems to be a shift in public opinion now even towards a second referendum and these are really troubled times here for a series of may so no real support for this withdrawal of troops i may have been able to draw with the e.u. gerold in brussels after today is that a possibility that the e.u.
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will revisit this deal perhaps make a few changes in the problems to make it easier for it to pass in the british parliament. that question was put to a number of leaders today and they avoided to answer. in a straight way that clearly because nobody is keen to talk about a potential renegotiation of something that they hope will be accepted by the u.k. side now i think the red lines the e.u. has set the protection of the internal markets all of that there is no wiggle room there so if this would be rejected in my opinion you would see some renegotiations there could be some more fluffy language here and there but essentially the deal will not change. their models of the european council in brussels and barbara visa in london thank you both very much. central part is continued to burn into the early hours of sunday after
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a mosque rally against. and dozens of protesters were arrested during clashes with the police presence. condemned the unrest and the attacks against police and people . thought clashes in the capital raged on into the night the seans leads a paris's magnificent mile a scene of chaos demonstrators erected barricades and set them on fire police responded with tear gas and water cannon and. i i thought the unrest began earlier in the day many joined the protest donning the yellow safety vests that symbolized the movement intent on forcing the government to drop its new tax on motor fuel demonstrators from outside paris said they'll be disproportionately affected by the new levy which is designed to cut consumption and pollution in big cities other said they're angry about economic policies that favor business and the rich of. all the big companies should pay taxes like
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everybody else and also the big bosses and the rich should pay wealth taxes the government suppressed the wealth tax and now they make the ordinary people pay that's not normal. but france's interior minister blames the unrest on the far right including the leader of the populist anti immigrant possibly. was out of bed tonight after marrying the pen called protests of the sean sillies a thousands of people mobilized what we're seeing is the ultra right has come together. around france demonstrators blocked roads and here the yellow vests took over a highway toll booth and waved motorists through i don't know if it will be over but we did and we don't want to bother people. when people ask who to thank we say thank president among you all mccraw. yes we're going to send them the bill.
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he's got a bigger salary than i do he'll manage. with central paris looking like a war zone there appears no sign that this latest challenge to president micron's leadership is dying down. now as some of the other stories making news around the world syrian state television series at least forty one people are being treated following a suspected or is a gas attack by insurgents on the government held city of aleppo doctors say most patients are suffering from breathing problems and blurred vision. in taiwan is u.t. rights suffered a major setback with waters overwhelmingly opposing same sex marriage and supporting the removal of sex related content from school textbooks a landmark court ruling in twenty seventeen had left iran set to become the first asian region to legalize gay marriage. u.s. president donald trump has tweeted that he's reached a deal with mexico to make asylum seekers wait on the border until their claims are
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processed mexican officials say there's no deal and talks are still ongoing. for south america's big soccer showpiece has been postponed until sunday evening because a fan violence the kickoff of saturday's copa libertadores final was delayed for several hours before finally being pulled back a day ever played fans attacked the team bus of rival. juniors ahead of the second leg objects were thrown and reports paper spray was used and. there was also further trouble outside the stadium. and modestly good news champions by a eunuch have had a couple of weeks to lick their wounds after their defeat to dortmund and what better way to help them flex their muscles again than a visit from rooney do sort of but nico coverture aside what in for another shock
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let's take a look. you'd be forgiven for thinking everything was rosy at byron as ever the stadium was sold out and they even started a game like champions nicholas zuma netting the open a following a corner it was just the sort of start they needed with dion hoping to quickly forget they lost a daughter and last time outs. by and soon doubled their lead with thomas millar storing up to ten games without a goal. to know that the twenty minutes against the second bottom side fine and good to be cruising. but the days of opposition sides rolling over in munich are over. just before the break doesn't go off pulled one back to strike don't look at that he'll. flick the ball past the hapless to rome bulleting in the build up. thirty minutes into the second half and miller reestablish buy ins to goalie. so
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often their talisman in the past has returned to scoring ways would surely put by and spawned as they get campaign back on track. even a three one lead is not enough of the cushion for dion this season. they lost the ball in midfield and the defense was too high on the pitch allowing a clearly on side look at back you know to cut the deficit. then in injury time it doesn't go from man got to dramatic equaliser again being left one on one with manual noir. three three finished by end of now failed to win at home in four straight bundesliga matches the pressure continues to build on coach nico co that was president livid. obviously can't be happy with this result there's definitely a need for internal discussions to face with. and i'm very annoyed it's you
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consummate you know how angry i am inside i could really fly off the handle. in contrast could hardly believe what they had accomplished battling draw felt more like a win for the promoted side. look at back yo leaves dion in crisis. meanwhile i'm truck frankfurt continued the strongest leader form with a three one win at oxford frankfurt didn't waste any time taking the lead just one minute in and jonathan de guzman opened the scoring. shortly after the break look at georgetown sebastian the other who made it two for the resistors. and soon it was three for fun for when croatia international onto a bridge from danny that cost setup they go out to save your cordova managed a late consolation goal but it was too little too me. and the mind of the top
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sort of you're falling for you all right now you leaders are set to sign up for a briggs a d. that a special summit in brussels ahead of the e.u. is exactly the same as it's the best possible deal but it's a tragedy that britain is leaving the plot. there was indeed other news by from believe more coming at the top of the island don't forget to check out our website indeed. we did see you soon of i fell. for staying in school. the first cloning lesson and then i'm sure is grand the moment arrives. joining your ranting on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary story an orangutan returns home on t w don't come.


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