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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CET

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spotlight on people. on t.w. . this is eleven news live from berlin the e.u. leaders approved the braggs a deal at a special summit in brussels in the last hour the twenty seven remaining members of the e.u. have signed off on the agreement of the last remaining obstacles what. the head of the issues executive joke has said it's the best possible deal but it's
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a tragedy that britain is leaving the block we get the latest from brussels and london. welcome to the program e.u. leaders have endorsed a dude on britain's departure from the european union the announcement comes less than an odd up of the heads of the used twenty seven remaining e.u. nations arrived at a special summit in brussels e.u. officials stress the need for a continuing partnership with britain after the u.k. his departure in march next year they also sent a clear message that the british parliament also needs to accept the deal. for more i'm joined in the studio by john murtha political advisor and in brussels is our correspondent mark says the other i'd like to begin. do you first the e.u.
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have endorsed the break that agreement it's pretty predictable what is the mood in brussels right now. certainly not relief or celebration here because it was pretty much expected this that this would be signed off today a lot of praise for michel barnier the chief negotiator who has prepared this over the period of the of the past years he has done the extraordinary work yes there was a short moment whether it was a storm in the teacup. but the ministers today made clear the number of the sticky points remain but we'll have to talk about them in the future for now the ball is in the british side of the court the ball is in the british side of the court drawn by what we do with this agreement the real challenges are just about to begin on their absolutely certain reason may now have got this deal in brussels has to take it back to london and has to get it voted by the house of commons and that's where the problems are really going to begin so this essentially if you like was the easy
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bit getting the agreement in brussels now as scheduled for the beginning of december she has to get this deal through the house of commons and there it looks really dead set against her it is going to be very hard to get her in the conservative party to back this deal we'll talk more about that but let's for the timing just listen to what the used chief negotiator we have bania had to say. this morning let's just first of listen to that. and use the necessary steps. to bring the trust between you can do you we need to be in. your next. unprecedented partnership we will remain. partners and friends they will remain allies partners and friends a very conciliatory tone coming from the european union almost a message of support for the hard fight the twosome me as in front of our.
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of course i mean from the european union's perspective it was always do they want an orderly exit they perceive this is a lose lose scenario but they want at least to avoid that cliff edge that complete economic disaster and of course they're fully aware of one fact whatever happens in the u.k. whatever the fears economic the bad economic consequences it will be blamed on the e.u. brigadiers will always say that was clear from the beginning you know you haven't given us a good deal we now face dire consequences because the e.u.'s cheated on our stay or this is revenge and it is because of that that he keeps emphasizing he has negotiated again today he said we have negotiated with our british partners not against them. john you've been following the negotiations there was once they began how would you assess the way the you have negotiated this treaty the e.u. has performed above all of our expectations in the way business be negotiated the european union is often internally divided north on breaks it down the the chief
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negotiator is held the european union member states together has kept the law in unified and determined throughout the site has been well prepared well resourced it is known what it wanted and therefore it's actually achieve pretty much all of its aims in this but this breaks that agreement it's essentially protect is the. close border in ireland it's achieved what it wanted on the financial settlement it's essentially the european union has performed above all of our expectations sort of break the brakes a process or fall and very professional and perhaps is the british side that is complaining that they might have lost out and which is why to resolve may has been trying very hard to try and sell this deal to the british public which is why should ought an open letter to voters prime minister recently has called for backing for the deal and this is what you say is that she would be campaigning with and sort of to get the agreement through it would be a deal in the national interest she has said whether people voted leave or remain.
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john you have no undoubtedly read this letter what do you make of her defense reactions this is typical to resume a she what she says and what the reality in the country is all the different things she's kept up this line that the country is coming together with there is a bright future for the country and everything is positive and optimistic whereas if you look in the opinion polls the country is devalued to deserve a conservative party is as divided as ever and the very idea that reason may a politician who never comes across as warm and friendly should go with her whole heart into communicating about the bracelet deal even she doesn't look like she really fully believes in this deal because ultimately it is a compromise between what's the heart break cities in her policy wanted and what the e.u. would accept and so essentially to try to present lisa something positive and
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optimistic and forward looking couldn't be further from the truth but that is very very typical of to reason that she would try to do that because she can't really do it doesn't seem how strange her words seem to sound when they read out just like what you just did i just like to you know if you want to. have the letter with me she says and i quote we will take back control of our borders by putting an end to the free movement of people once and for all is this reality or is there if we fool thinking it will put eventually ensure they may be in twenty twenty maybe in twenty twenty two but do we even want that they were british business is this a hold on a minute we need workers that come from other european countries there are people in my situation one point three million british people even other european countries very much like that freedom of movement the fact that we have the right to go and live in other european countries so this very idea that any freedom of movement is is
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a good thing is itself how you need disputed by individual british people individual europeans and by businesses. recently you can meet display in russia and i mean this to you she could say that with some degree of certainty by twenty twenty or twenty twenty two but it's not by no means a foregone conclusion let's just go and speak to our correspondent barbara views on who joins us now from london barbara has penned this open letter to the british public how's it going down in the u.k. . i mean she's trying again and it's typical as john verse already said typical trees i'm a because her for to is just sheer stubbornness she just carries on and on and on and never mind saying the same thing over and over again and you can be you get the idea here in london that people are getting a bit tired of it just a couple days ago there was a phone in on the radio station and one of the callers called asterism a now town
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the really honesty honestly is this deal the e.u. is giving us better than being in the e.u. and to her on a treason may simply didn't answer the question because of course in the heart of heart in her heart of hearts she knows that's not true of course this deal is less and that is something that seems to be slowly dawning on a lot of british citizens if you look at social media here you really have to look hard for somebody to say oh yes great let's do it let's go forward let's jump into the unknown that hardly occurs people are deeply distrustful and they are really disunited this a lot of hostility across the political divides in the country and she has her fight cut out for her what about the you without speaking to british waters in the first listen to some of the concerns. and i think the referendum was a terrible mistake because everyone was so really informed but you see. they didn't
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see any way to is going to lead people to the right because the politicians are talking amongst themselves and. i really hope there is another referendum and people get a chance to actually vote on the facts actually come to be the tree rather than the lies that we were fed i don't know how it will affect money i know somebody told me to just get a whole bunch of euros and put them in like a box just in case. they get some sort of deal which is acceptable to both sides so i think that's the important thing and i think she seems to be getting there slowly but surely we can hope is that the right people get around the table and. we end up with a. negotiated settlement. kind of continue to do what we do best which is trade with each other you know security pretty moving when the when. you hold as well so. the public the public the truth remains trying to appeal to. open letter is this
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going to what is going to help we're drawn agreement to parliament. mind of its own and her biggest problem really are here in westminster behind us because it crossed the party lines she has pretty much everybody it gets against her plans because the opposition germy carbon they said they would vote down the deal because it was bad the northern irish unionist to do you a piece say it's betrayal real voted down the hardliners in her own party as say under no circumstances let's rather have a heart breaks it and so there is hardly anybody left and now we hear this sunday that there is a new rebellion brewing in her own cabinet and this time from the side of the remaining for instance finance minister philip hammond and they say they want a different solution they want something else and they're not going to vote for it
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so who will vote for it in the end. of may and maybe maybe just three people around her so she is so far from the majority at this point that you wonder what for heaven's sake she could do within the next two weeks to change that and that's from bringing john into this john you heard barbara the numbers really aren't on teresa mayes side so obvious and she looking at this being defeated in the first vote to please to the british parliament just pretty much certain it will be defeated in the first vote there are some journalists in the u.k. being keeping a tally of the number of conservatives who said they would be. going to eighty at the moment and a majority is just thirteen in parliament so the chances of voting is through getting this through of very very slim the question is what happens afterwards when she doesn't succeed do the conservatives try to i was terrorist prime minister is there a debate whether to hold a second referendum jeremy corbyn the labor leader would also like a new general election instead so there's some dispute about what would happen or
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might there be a run on the pound or a market crash or some of some sort which might then force people's minds theresa may says look there's an economic crisis we got to vote on this deal because i was the only thing. in order to manage to achieve stability and security in the u.k. economy it's going to be very very tricky in the middle of december at the moment it's still calm but in a few weeks from now it looks very rocky essentially time results of the enemy isn't it ease but it also forces people to decide right ultimately we've been talking about rights of a two and a half years now the crunch is coming now some real decisions are really going to be going to be needed so of course in the aims of the caucus taking finally that force is the contradictions in breaks to be to be overcome on the u.k. side and when you start forcing people to choose if he shows how foolish this whole break that pursuit was in the first place because there is no good brakes it is a contradiction in terms of job growth thanks very much for coming into our studios and barbara resuming in london thanks very much as big as well just recapping our
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main story this is your joining us now you leaders have indorsed a deal on britain's departure from the e.u. the announcement came less than an odd off of the heads of the used twenty seven remaining you nations are arrived at a special summit in brussels e.u. officials stressed the need for the continuing partnership with britain after the country's departure from the bloc in march one thousand nine hundred they also sent a clear message that the u.k.'s parliament also needs to accept the deal. we have go of matters. following the summit in brussels again very quickly what other next steps from the e.u. or will they be watching to see what happens in the u.k. parliament next. of course they'll be watching and of course they know that there's a very slim chance that this will slip through the bigger question here is of course is there more wiggle room and the answer to that is no there is not those
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red lines have been set by the you they have stuck to them very closely there they have showed unity over them yes they would be ready to make some compromise on small was doing but at the end of the day this is the deal if you want to avoid a tough directive that is the message today from brussels this is what's available and that's what the u.k. will have to vote on their markets and bustle thanks very much. you're watching the dublin you live from berlin more coming at the top of the hour return with john work for more analysis here that of i. am. anxious lee waiting. for a lifeline to syria. good morning where are you why aren't you answering. every call brings them closer together.


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