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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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this is the guy from uni doesn't go also brags it did up a special summit in brussels british prime minister to resign may's coming under growing pressure of the remaining twenty seven members of the e.u. was signed off on the agreement should nawal has to get the deal so our own. welcome to the program does have endorsed the deal on britain's departure from the
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block the announcement came less than an odd offer the heads of the e.u.'s twenty seven remaining nations arrived at a special summit in brussels e.u. officials stress the need for a continuing partnership with britain off the u.k.'s departure in march twenty nine hundred they also sent a clear message that the british parliament needs to accept the deed. you can. read she's not nothing to leave the new isn't the only food relation of the eve. of the close of the basis of these. polls is do you. need a. new bridge between you can do you we need. to do. this unprecedented partnership. we will remain allow
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your partner and friends i believe. that nobody's reading the old losing because a few key thing is in this context this is about a stock company with no political winners or fixed race. it's acceptable. i'm joined now in the studio about john murtha political advisor and of the european council in brussels indeed a correspondent matters we all waiting for a press conference from the e.u. are waiting for donald tusk and john called to go to hold a press conference but this deal has been signed off as one expected what has really been the message from the e.u. . a summer day here in brussels the message that today comes from brussels is really this this day marks the end of the divorce legal she ations it technically if it would be approved by the u.k. parliament it would mark the beginning of
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a future talks but only provided that actually things move forward of course leaders here are fully aware that theresa may will have an extremely difficult time getting this deal through but from the perspective of leaders here today this is the best that the e.u. can come up with they have negotiated for one and a half years the result is six hundred pages they are now on the table in the us that's let's move forward with this document we also just heard michel barnier we also heard john claude they're all in essence sending out a message of support is it not for theresa may. absolutely i mean it's in the vital interest of the european union that there will be an orderly bracks it they believe it is a lose lose scenario anyways but they would like to have as little damage as possible basically the e.u. is in damage control mode and and so they'll they'll have to see how things now really work out on the u.k. side when it comes to is there more wiggle room
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a lot of leaders today have said including the austrian chancellor calls for instance there is no leeway this is the offer is now on the table there are red lines we will not step across them this is the deal basically the message being take it or leave it take it or leave it at best a message. the survey will take with her to the u.k. parliament john burke you've been following the negotiations for quite some time how will this play out in the u.k. now i've been asked and they'll probably leave it i would say at the moment it looks like there's considerable opposition to to resume a deal inside the house of commons and it's extremely unlikely that you'll be able to get any deal through the commons the challenge then is bearing in mind that brussels and says there's no wriggle room is no of the deal available what happens then does threesome a government fold or she resign is she forced out or is this a is this issue of a second referendum then back in play so essentially to resume a has got to basically sell this deal back to the u.k.
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parliament in just over a fortnight's time but the chances that she is successful all very very low she might feel at the first hurdle and dump of the first four but then there is a possibility but then should be off a second wardle is the next option just about a referendum but to get to a referendum would also require votes in palm and in favor of referendum so what you've got is the u.k. parliament is drawn essentially they are in favor of breaks it in the abstract but not in favor of this version of it but that is the only version of brakes that they have available to them and so therefore how do you find a way of unblocking this the labor party would like a general election the conservatives don't want a general election no one remain wants a referendum but there's a big people's movement in favor of such a second vote so how that would play out there are many options on the table but we don't know which one is going to be most like this is essentially what you're saying john is that there is very many options on the table but no clear majority for hale's those options i just like to go back to your bill you just heard what
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john was saying what does that mean for e.u. leaders what does that mean for you officials sitting in brussels who'll be watching these negotiations no doubt and especially when there's what comes up in the british parliament possibly next month. i've covered this breaks that bro. from the very beginning and now tell you what i've came a lot of across a lot of irony and one of the ironical incidents here is that in order to pass this deal through the u.k. parliament it will take the cold feet of remainer that i think from my from my perspective is is will be the key element if there are enough remainders who worry about a cliff edge president no deal scenario and they would vote in favor of this then there is a way forward but from the perspective of the e.u. their hands are now tight they have put this on the table and they have to wait and see what's recent made how she can actually get it through parliament although i would agree with john i don't see it passing at least in the first round just to
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make a view as a way of looking at pictures from the european council european leaders who were meeting in brussels as they were signing off on the deal and john both with us john just to pick up on the point that it was making its. people who were open to the people who supported they were all essentially have to get together to get this deal to pass how is theresa may going to do that how is she going to make this magic happen especially when there is no majority for any particular option which she said some success of persuading some program main conservatives on her side the former chancellor kenneth clarke for example has said that he will be reluctantly willing to back the deal and the foreign minister jeremy holmes who also was in favor remain for years he said i do not altogether this is this is props not the best available but in it for the sake of the future the country would be willing to back it what reason they would me would be labor remain people later people in
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general to get over on the conservative side and then jeremy corbyn the labor party to he's not having any of that because essentially he hates the conservative party deep in his heart and essentially anything he could do to oppose the conservatives is his introduction first. it's p.c. is it political principles at play here or is it political ego that's a this is going to have a large share of political ego and it's also these two party system in the u.k. essentially that the conservatives and labor they slug it out and because this is seen as a conservative bret's it labor will not back it in other european countries you might have a more collaborative solution where the parties what the heads together to try to come up with a solution for the short of a shoulder labor can see that they don't have any viable alternative well a mycelium otherwise but they do they really haven't told me they do this they they they say they want what they say is a jobs first breaks it breaks it to put to protect the british economy which they say that mean in real time we don't altogether know to be quite honest but above
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all you have to think in british politics the party political interest often comes first jeremy corbyn the labor leader essentially wants to get to a general election he will put the price he will put the pressure on to reason may until he gets to that and so he keeps on attacking teresa mayes breaks it even though it's not that different from the breaks that he himself would be willing to support because ultimately he wants such a let's just sort of take this back to our correspondent in brussels just speaking to john over there there could be a possibility potentially depending on how the first war goes on the british parliament that we could be looking at the general election what is the feeling in the e.u. would they rather continue to negotiate and deal with me or somebody else in her place. a lot of leaders were asked questions today hypothetical questions what if and many said look why won't i won't comment on that and that is because they have been in with one and a half year negotiating process with the u.k.
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they have waited weeks and months for the u.k. to come up with a position they are now glad that finally they are facing a prime minister who has put something on the table who says this is a good deal and they will hope that things move forward on the basis of that. in order to achieve an orderly practice that apart from that i can't really see where e.u. leaders would say you know that there's this would be an alternative plan everybody wants to avoid the cliff edge breaks it but not a lot of wiggle room when it comes to this paper if it came to it that the british parliament remained deadlocked and progress was hard to achieve and the and the u.k. would be heading to a so-called heartbreaks it essentially nor deal breakers it would de be some wiggle room to maybe change a few provisions to make it more palatable let's say to the opposition in the u.k. . put it in a nutshell the answer is no there wouldn't be of course this is such
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a big question that the you which try to make some more compromises would try to work on the margins of the red lines if you want in order to provide something to the u.k. the determination here is really strong to avoid a no deal bracks it that is that is clear there is no i haven't come across an element of revenge where you would say oh let's teach the u.k. was leaving this club a lesson it is rather that the e.u. has clearly vested interests they want to protect their internal market they want to keep genuinely the u.k. as closely aligned as possible but they do not want to hand out gifts they do not want a member of the club to leave while keeping all the advantages and not paying the work and not paying the obligations the other members to let me just to join just based on what we're saying right there could this be the incentive could this be essentially the trump card that theresa may has with which she could approach the
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e.u. again with say a power potentially one month left and say look we need to rework this otherwise there's going to be a hard break perhaps but i do wonder whether she would even get to that stage because her position is that precarious once i think and that's an issue. that you just didn't deal with is essential we might be reaching the stage where you need to delay because at the moment whatever would happen in the u.k. of to resume a what if there were to be a general election or referendum or about to have a press conference let me just give you showing our viewers the the room of the press conference we're expecting will begin any time now between. the e.u. council chief and the e.u. commission june. you're going to continue to have a separate essentially the another issue on the table is could you extend so we're talking about a break that deadline of twenty ninth of march twenty ninth team but for example if britain decided ok parliament is blocked we want to second referendum or if you needed a general election or even if the conservatives were placed to resign as as prime
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minister the timetable for breaks it is now so short that any kind of disruption knocks the entire timetable out so i quite understand what you are saying that the deal as it is on the table now cannot be changed but what tony changes the time frame if the u.k. goes to brussels and says ok look simply we can't make progress here we need more tolling what brussels be willing to grant that and i would think that because brussels cannot tolerate a no deal breaks it that causes a problem at the northern island border and causes problems where the port of cali would be completely blocked due to customs controls if the u.k. went to the e.u. with a proposal to say we need a bit more time to hold a referendum but we need a bit more time because we need a general election i think that the e.u. side would be amenable to live with let me just with that or go get regular brussels and you've been in the corridors of. brussels i know it's a hard question to ask but i'm just going to ask it anyway is there going to be any
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attitude is there going to be any move to brussels to potentially grant an extension the way john was suggested. i'd say it generally i would agree with john that there is some leeway when it comes to the issue of time however there is a big problem here the european elections are coming. this summer and the closer we get to the deadline of the european elections where if the u.k. would still be a member they would be. allowed to run in these elections now you have parties like ukip who came out very strongly from the european elections very keen that if the u.k. would still be a member they would want to run and that is the scenario that not just european countries would like to avoid but also the conservative party would like to avoid so i think i see room for maybe a month of an extension technically but not closer because it would get the european union and the u.k. into serious trouble regarding the european election that is coming up so the that ultimately ultimately if you will have to organize a european election that might be something that ultimately everyone would have to
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stomach the cost of doing so to organize such an election is relatively small compared that to the incredible economic cost of a new deal breaks at that but the but the truth of the e.u. and we also need to be able to answer to their own constituents in terms of here you have the u.k. you've signed a withdrawal agreement you have the appears to be normal in fact you would extending it how would that with your oh there will be a hard thing to make that play out i agree but but ultimately here we are we have to choose from a series of unpalatable bought options here this is a small group of the minister said none of these options are good but ultimately what it looks like is going to happen is the u.k. house of commons is blocked it simply can't advance what kind of keen to own block that log jam if you like and so is it going to be an election is it going to be a referendum is it going to be some second vote in parliament and the e.u. ultimately the only need the u.k. is.


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