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the european union and the u.k. into serious trouble regarding the european election that is coming up so the that ultimately ultimately if you will have to organize a european election that might be something that ultimately everyone would have to stomach the cost of doing so to organize such an election is relatively small compared that to the incredible economic cost of a new deal breaks at that but the but the truly the e.u. and we also need to be able to answer to their own constituents in terms of here you have the u.k. you've signed a withdrawal agreement yet the appears to be in fact you would extending it how would that with your oh there will be a hard thing to make that play out i agree but but ultimately here we are we have to choose from a series of unpalatable bought options here this is a small group of the minister said none of these options are good but ultimately what it looks like is going to happen is the u.k. house of commons is blocked it simply can't advance what kind of keen to on broke that log jam if you like and so is it going to be an election is it going to be
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a referendum is it going to be some second vote in parliament and either you ultimately the only need the u.k. has got in the u.k. do not want to know do you want to leave ever that there's no to go back to the old just a bit today we heard. speaking to members of the press and he said that he thinks that the you can't buy element we've ratified this deal what does giving him that cause for optimism. that's a good question of course i mean it is wishful thinking if you would be a skeptic on the part of your childhood juncker he knows exactly how difficult the situation is but look both sides here try to remain positive when it comes to juries that maybe this is just as true as as when it comes to the e.u. i think a very interesting moment was this week when to reason may was asked the question what is the better deal the deal that is now on the table all the deal. that the
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u.k. already has as a member of the e.u. and she didn't really answer that question the boy did it twice and then came up with the answer it will be different but it will be positive and i think that is not only the the attitude the british leader has but also the e.u. they know what things will be different things will be difficult but you have to stay optimistic in a process like that because otherwise you know that that's really bad politics them don't stay on the line drawn. continue discussing this but let's just listen to what the general public as a sample in london thinks about this current deal that has just been agreed between the e.u. and the u.k. and i think the referendum was a terrible mistake because everyone was so really informed but you see. they didn't anyway and it was not only cheaper it's going to lead people to the right because the politicians are talking amongst themselves and not listening. i really hope
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there is another referendum and people get a chance to actually buy on the facts actually come to be the tree rather than the lies that we were fed i don't know how it will affect money i know somebody told me to just get a whole bunch of your ideas and put them in like a box just in case. they get some sort of deal which is acceptable to both sides i think that's the important thing. and i think she seems to be. slowly but surely we can hope is that the right people get around the table and. we end up with a. negotiated settlement of this all to continue to do what we do best which is trade with each other security freedom of movement when he when. you hold as well so. all of a lot certainly important but certainly north holidays but these i mean the coming through this just goes straight across to london where our correspondent bob of diesel is standing by barbara we just heard a cross-section of the people that you had spoken to on the on the streets of
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london what really is the mood in britain if i can just ask you in. a possible referendum or in reference to the break the deal there's just been a great. it's always difficult of course to guard the mood of the public however just a couple of days ago there was a press notice by british psychologists and psychiatrists and they said that the amount of antidepressants that have been so scribed to britain has dramatically risen since presage so that might be one indicator off the public mood of the public is people are torn and what we see here really is rather like a bonfire of the illusions that have been woven around breck's it that it would be easy that it would be quick that everybody could get around it that it would be grad and fantastic at the end britain could sail off into a golden future and be the the country and the empire it once was so much of it sort of fuel fighting us told and people begin to increasingly understand that this
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is a messy divorce from the european union that it is not going to give them anything plus it is not better to be out than to be in and that is slowly sinking in and yet no wonder people are some people are taking to a pill to make life more bearable it is a deeply divided country and it's a lot of sniping and hostility across the political divide here so generally a picture for weeks before christmas that is not very agreeable but it will be picture indeed and you also have to submit trying to be directly to the public you've written an open letter to the public just talk us through what do the little contain and. some of the concerns of the pharaohs the people who. she appealed to the public to back her of course she's been doing that for weeks on end and she rebuffed let me go let me let me just to say that we just all of them
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want to come back to reduce looking at live images coming out of brussels or you commission. claw. along with you. chief negotiator michel barnier walking to the podium we're waiting for this press conference from all three are represented they will address some of the many questions that john will no doubt have about this break the degree has just been signed of in fact just a couple of hours. it was a rather straightforward process as many have hoped it would be but of course the focus now shifts to the u.k. what reason made now needs to get this deal through parliament. and this is written in this press conference to begin now. good afternoon
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ladies and gentlemen and welcome nation now without further ado my first invites the president also you can count on just take the full thank you. today the european local zealand all the agreement on there was draw of the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland from david pm union and the european atomic energy committee. on this basis the european council invited the commission the european parliament and the council to take the necessary steps to ensure that the agreement and into falls on the fifth of march twenty ninth teen thought was to provide for an all the late withdrawal. they were p.l.o. kull still approved the political declaration setting out the framework for the future relationship between the european union and the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland. the european cowsill restated the union's
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determination. to have s. close as possible a partnership with the united kingdom in the future. i quote this passage of the day school closures is that it contains the essence of our meeting. the head of us it's that difficult process of ratification. further negotiations. about regardless of how it will all and one think is certain. we will remain friends. and of days. and one day longer. thank you thank you and now from the president of the you can commission. you know we. just sit down rule.
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satisfied because you're told the new. mayor said does it just pay equal or you'll be in. to this up close that you got to put it very cute they didn't open the phone tell you had you sean fine you have this up for this small city that you rise to the raising of champagne glasses or applause it's a sad day and everybody who spoke today during the european council of. september the truth expressed sadness it was. delish a broader shared if not unanimously shared. just over a year ago the european commission was given a mandate to conduct negotiations with the united kingdom. of saudi arabia. agreed and i was and i to ask our friend michel on the way to conduct the is negotiations which i have. followed very very closely increasingly close very
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generally more generally we don't have to agree here and in fact. we always agreed because the difficulty was the challenge was to maintain the unity of the tribe just so it's no mean performance i think if we consider that this is that despite the pressure which came quite often from the u.k. for sure upon the member states that we have been able to ensure that we maintained the unity of the trenches not only for the duration of the o.c. asians but on a daily basis as well because often we had representatives of the member states ambassador is europe us and so on. and we also have members of the steering committee of the european parliament because you've got to remember that as regards europe the european parliament will have the most second. first of all the public. didn't feel. a victim of the news has a very difficult problem with
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a spanish friends. who are very much like a lot with a country. that apostrophes part of their prime minister on the criticise and we agreed. to meet me on the arrangements which apply to gibraltar for those. who are not spanish please don't underestimate the importance of this question for the kingdom of spain i talked at numerous occasions about this to. the prime minister as well as to his majesty the king small recently and i would point out today that the agreement we have attained here today is an agreement which is good for speed. of this is that we are with. me that there is a bike. very much appreciated and admired the work which was done by my friend michel barnier. the commission was charged with conducting these negotiations no
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nobody other than the commission could have done so so i would like to. pay special tribute to michel barnier and also. to those around him because you know there are those who appear on the television who whose work under ten years ago for those who allowed those who appear on the television screens to work and i would like to pay tribute to mr being way under this i mean he's own who with michelle's main right hand person. and as michelle was negotiating on behalf of the commission also a word of gratitude to my secretary general modernism are through my head of private office car about to miss. also to all of those. around. the shop truck. name which is very difficult to pronounce but
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he's easily recognizable and our interest macaque to. us as. well as with all of the is this agreement would not have been possible the post was. i'm inviting goes to have to rectify this this deed in the house of commons to take these infants into asia this is the best feed possible for britain this is the best deal possible for europe this is the only deal possible the only deal. possible. and i would like to add one sentence concerning the civil servants coming from with those. at the service of the good mission nobody nobody of them will be pushed out nobody will be dejected have you. been experience of modems we did case you will always at my at the profession isn't
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the loyalty and the commitment of those coming from britain to say of the commission so. i can quote we stop put motions to relief but nobody will be ejected from the commissions. system a good deal. that deal not a deal itself but the works it is as at the moment for you opinion and. i want to say for britain to future is we move to use. this is the best deal possible this is the only deed possible i'm convinced that those having to rectify these deeds and investments in group in parliament will have in their minds when they are taking their. individual decision we mumbled dupion parliament and very day where this comes for the vacation is to work for you want
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individually. the same apply to the members of the elves thank you thank you and find you over to michelle by new even chief negotiator. with after the two of you on the. bus rides aren't you to do with the knowledge on top inviting me to be on your side for this press conference. today we have in fact reached a fair and balanced agreement with the u.k. he's the best deal possible given the circumstances throughout these extraordinary complex difficult negotiations we worked to constructively with the u.k. terror against the u.k. never. at the u.k. where of course it would be very we just have sixty. five made for the british. the right to agreement must now be a right to fight this time for everybody everybody.


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