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tv   Doc Film - Founders Valley - South Korea Driven to Succeed  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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but the vacation is to work for you won't individually. the same apply to the members of dollars thank you thank you and find you over to michele by new even chief negotiator. with after the two of you are in the. crossroads aren't you to do the knowledge on clinton vitally needed to be on your side for this press conference. today we have in fact reached a fair and balanced agreement with the u.k. he's the best deal possible given the circumstances throbs extraordinary complex difficult negotiations we work to constructively with the u.k. there are against the u.k. never. at the u.k. where of course it would be very we just have sixty. five made to the british. team to agreement must now be a right to fight this time for everybody and everybody to take their
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responsibilities to disagreement with i'd create the trust and the confidence needed for negotiating a will close and unprecedented future or should we wait as i say so often we go to remain large bottlenose and friends where's the unity kingdom. future present there are more costs a year. or if people. preserve. the intercostals cloth. through a back seat it. could lead you to a place i don't. muslims are here so is ripped off the street attracted to the. keppel to the shifty cruger with the ex around six hundred pages he'll get his illegal sense and see to all those who are affected by this that until we finish it by bricks or people citizens it's honestly stayed. sure promoted you and all of
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this if you don't what could you not have been possible mr president do without your shield personal trust certificate of the good and the trust of the president tied on a ship in parliament and he fed off start with none of this would have been possible without the exceptional expertise and skills of our team. sinfulness the team which present me together to get there within the commission move as i have always done i've been negotiating on behalf of the european commission subtly in play and stephanides so he's already mentioned. in particular. the video crew should do fine but like many of. the commissions at least the two ladies have really really done the european civil service proud of their own to screw up to the lead colleagues as well. and i'm thinking of your team and mr president you want to protect your party if you had no private office a young secretary general and his team devolved. if you talk to groom or
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bush and as i said in front of the heads of state and government this morning all the departments in the commission have contributed to the director general the secretary martin clare martin as for the private home office richard how do you mind very well. luis romero i'd also like to mention medical really got a bad leg on the heads of the two legal services council and commission we are talking about two and three truly as all the lawyers know every word counts for cover you to proceed so what i'm saying is that glory of this work has really been possible because we've pooled whole lives expertise and experience and all the skills that these persons these people could muster use will be referred to traditional every work towards and unity and i very. after we nurture the unity or
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should we're just it heads of state in government and i don't know if there's a good one to show from the very outset peavy we will continue with the situation and show that unity of effort that unity among many states and unity and months institutions should be a part of one of those this is just the past i've been very happy as you can see here and it was a thing which is made me see that i would only pins i'm a thousand questions in view of there will be other press conferences after this also that of the prime minister of britain the first question goes to the gentleman in the last row at x. thank you alex bach in the potential times. all three of you have various points made clear that the best deal on offer for britain would be remaining a e.u. member state do you think m.p.'s should keep that in mind when they're voting on this package is it still reversible. i didn't think you could we could get
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there for three of us to lecture the house. because. those dollars and members of other members of parliament that they have to make up their much i was saying at the very beginning to them said because just not a glorious moment for the european integration and for the pursuit of what we have started in common so many years ago but it's now up to the british parliament to decide on click through on even before i don't know of course graphy we organize for you pm palmer gotten totally convinced that is that this is the only good possible those who think by rejecting the deal that they would have a better deal we'll be disappointed in the first seconds after he rejected just. be. an. although we are happy that this is behind us
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to a larger stunt we are such not about the result because the result was. that we'll need this book to be on happier bolt. the axes of good with than. from. from you but it's. but opposition to what some people think the work is not over. the biggest part of the work which has to be done with starts no because i vos is a tragic moment some of you must know. the payments have to be made. but diffuse on those them doing is wrong which has to be constructed i don't think that britain would be a third country like of the third countries that come to us that we speak to in us
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something of which i do we made use of rough. if nobody else wants to add and take one more question and it's down in the films and right. alister macdonald from reuters you've said is the best deal possible are you saying that if to resume a loses in the british parliament and comes back asking for changes that no changes are possible this is the only do possible. we shouldn't i think to speculate on the what if. at this that for sure i am not a fortune teller this is why it's for me for me to difficult to predict what will be the result of the ratification process. thank you this was the last question comes the press council conference. again.
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so. right there was a press conference from the big three if i can call them that from other european union total toast you council president your drinker that you commission president and michel barnier the chief e.u. briggs it negotiator let's just take you back to brussels where our correspondent motus is standing by georg you probably heard the press conference there your first reactions to it. a very clear message here that this is a take it or leave it deal. didn't grow tired of emphasizing that this is the best thing that the u.k. much can come up with this is after one and a half years of negotiations now the paper that the u.k. needs to decide on the telephone book if you want the six hundred pages that draw
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out the future relationship i also followed the press conference of german chancellor angela merkel here in brussels and it was quite interesting that she called this just call it a telephone book here she called it a diplomatic piece of art that it was bridging a lot of gaps that made a lot of compromises on both sides and that she believes this is one of the closest deals that has been offered to what in the future will be a third countries are. not a member state but someone wants to remain closely aligned and she's also said that it is with sadness but also with some sense of relief that she looks on this day sense of sadness sense of relief for john what did you make of it i found that the tone was down to us was vavasour. there was a unity between the three of them. there this emphasis that this deal should not be tampered with but your. apologies for interrupting you there but waiting on you
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could buy mr theresa may he's expected to hold a press conference shortly in fact. i'd be getting some live pictures of the future shortly. though that i learnt. the european state that the relation. to close. quote discuss each of today's school closures as if it were things just continue with john john you were saying so essentially it was something but they kept on restating this idea that essentially that this is basically the only deal available but they were also in the question and answers not being willing to just be drawn into any future scenarios there were the questions there from some of the journalists at the press conference could there be any room for maneuver in the future what will happen if this is rejected in parliament and also suppose nothing any of that is basically saying it's a new u.k. now we leave it to you but the draw it's really interesting because at that point but the question was asked again any changes be made to this deal in the future. so
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was quite clear it's the only possible but that's one bottle tossed so don't drop it and said that's not speculate of the state of the division among the big three i don't think there's a division there i think all of them and nervous about what will happen is if they look like they are all trying to play anything in the british political process they want to keep out of that and leave that u.k. business to the british parliamentarians and so i interpret that as a sense just trying to keep themselves out of british politics just now but ultimately behind the scenes they will be ready for any eventuality because throughout this whole breaks a process that you side has been ready for whatever it's been for and at and by the u.k. and so i think that they were tactically clever in the way that they did that let me just take this back to go matters our correspondent in brussels there given getting to were getting what john has been saying about this earlier we were talking about the possibility of some wiggle room. make him back to the e.u. and said look if you make a few changes so is that provision entirely out of the window now all it is still
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a bit of a wait and watch scenario. before answers that. let me just quickly say there is one exception when it comes to piece of advise how what should british parliament should do and that was the dutch prime minister today who said if i where an m.p. in the british parliament i would vote in favor of this deal so you did get some some advice coming here from brussels when it comes to the wriggle room there is the two austrian chancellor for instance was very clear about a number of other e.u. leaders as well he said there is no leeway we have we have worked extremely hard on this we have made compromises this is the best we can we can offer to the u.k. and he doesn't see what else should be done personally i think if it would come to this i would see some room maybe regarding the timing we've been talking about that but also a bit of fluffy language here and there but when it comes to the red lines the protection of the internal market the integrity there is no room there again still
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the just to make of us aware that we're waiting on a statement in fact a press conference from your prime minister theresa may that is expected to happen any time now if we just continue talking to john john to be a somewhat obvious thing so essentially we're not quite sure how the e.u. would react it depends entirely on what happens in the u.k. is that the message then absolutely. how the e.u. would come to terms of. who is even going to be delivering that message to the e.u. will theresa may even survive beyond the next few weeks if to reason main tries to renegotiate the e.u. will say well hang on a minute we've been negotiating with you for a year and a half already well you know telling us you want to negotiate something different if it was some other british teacher british prime minister either a conservative or labor one that maybe the picture might be slightly different just bear in mind that brussels still cannot accept britain leaving without a deal a kind of crash out breaks it that is the worst option for both sides and both sides know that and ultimately that is
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a lever that the british side could use to potentially extract some small concession just to be clear i mean based on that you would draw agreement that goes by. in the british parliament. it does provide for so-called hard brigs it essentially nor do you briggs it is bollywood done. and gotten to overdraw agreement on what the situation is is that if there is no agreement by the middle of january then to resume a must to all that then prime minister is not named would have to come to parliament and explain what to do now bear in mind the circumstances if there were to be no deal breaks it all so great if the british government has already started rebuilding some motorways to turn them into temporary truck parks for example or the prospect of course of their blocking up so no one's who is sensibly looking at the bricks situation wants a no deal bret's it to happen the challenge here is if this deal which we now have on the table were to be rejected some people say well if you reject that no deal is
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your only option so therefore it takes some bravery in the house of commons to reject this deal but saying actually we don't want no deal we want something else instead now another option as opposed in the press conference another option would be remain essentially all of these options to survive hold another referendum and stay could the e.u. accept that and find a way of accepting that i still am of the view that it probably could but there were basically three options on the table now only that can't really be changed the steel or crash or no deal that no one wants or remain and those three options are still very much available just in terms of the language to be heard from the e.u. what is the take away from british parliamentarians who are going to be heading into this first walk but then should be in december i think the data that we find most of what its message the message is don't try and get anything extra don't try and come back to us to make any extra special to moms to increase your chances basically we're not open to any further negotiation obvious to even how will that
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message go down. to the divided british parliament is special with. the euro skeptics they interpret this as the e.u. again dictating terms to us and therefore would definitely strike the do down there with a low negotiation then they would say that anyway regardless of what i've been achieved in brussels today and bear in mind that everyone has a different problem with this deal the d u p a northern ireland dislike it because what the implications of ireland the heart breaks if he is dislike the trade implications of the deal so that will be the problem even if the westminster parliament said these are the changes to the deal we would like to we'd like to see could even agree what those changes should be because everyone has a different problem with the deal and this ultimately to reason may's issue here to resume a who's trying to plot a kind of a middle course between the hard core great cities on one side and the pragmatists on the other side and so therefore whichever way she would go she would ignore the other side so if she went to hard core line further out what britain
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a free great trading nation she would annoy the remaining is and she tends towards the remain as for so-called softer breaks it then she would annoy annoy the other scientists likewise so essentially whatever she would do or what ever we attempt to renegotiate it would ultimately fail for the same reason and brussels knows this now is the reason why brussels is basically saying this is what you're going to get now is the time to decide ok it's a bit of a bit of a position of between a rock and a hard place like yeah this is speaking to the survey we just have to let our viewers know if you're just joining us we've just had a press conference from the e.u. council in brussels where donald. bania the big three from who were involved deeply with these negotiations have held a press conference the message so far has been that this is the only deal possible and it's the best deal possible you're looking at visuals again from brussels right now we're basically waiting on you can prime minister to resign made to hold her own press conference hoping for some clarity here oh the press conference is
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supposed to get underway anytime now but just as it is joining us that the message from brussels or. really has been but it's the best deal possible and it's the only deal possible does that therefore imply that in the future there might be potential we can rule if somebody came back to the e.u. and said look can you improve on this deal and maybe make it so-called softer we are not entirely clear but it would appear that it is not ruled out as yet but again there has been no definitive word on that one other point john worth the political advisor is with us in the studio what i found interesting was donald to spook on the president saying that we will remain friends until the end of days is that a bit of a indication a bit of a wink to the u.k. to say look we can talk about a future relationship and there is wriggle room there i don't know whether you can interpret it as we were and i do think that the don't risk among the three of them is a person who feels personally most impacted by this i would say among the three he's
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a transatlantic sixteen's a free marketeer he a liberal if you like an economic policy and those are values that the u.k. is upheld over the years in the european union so it impacts even a certain way perhaps to a greater extent as a person maybe than is the case for john close and bonnie and also because he's quite an interesting character has an interesting personal story his background kind of fighting for political freedom and against communism in poland in his younger years and he often is the one who kind of speaks a bit more from the heart among the three of those that so that's how i would interpret those words he feels perfectly personally impacted by bret's it kind of ideological level that many ways you also be being the president of the e.u. comes to you bret presents the e.u. leaders who sit at that table and this is where i'd like to bring in martyr's if he's. with us. it would appear. a
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part of what donald tusk was saying in terms of us remaining friends until the end of days he was also backed up by. who praised the fact that all twenty seven nations remained steadfast remain together is that a big achievement for the e.u. that they all had the same consensus on this particular deep. to be honest there was some concern at the beginning of this process two years ago where the e.u. said ok from the start we'll stick together but there was some concern if a particular interest of member states regarding for instance let's take. a v.a. ssion as as a subject here and of course particularly spain has an interest here more than let's say for instance poland because british airplanes taking a lot of tourists to spanish islands is a is a key interest of economic interest here whereas for poland direct flights maybe for the polish community are not a not so so you had different interests but overall the e.u.
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was remained sticking together and until the end maybe gibraltar as an example were some member states as started to that much to the surprise of many others to push a last minute their own agenda but overall in this process everyone remained united behind the chief breaks of negotiated on the what was the strategy to get all these different nations united on the same page. well the strategy of course is that there is clear interest and i think we should should explain that to viewers when the e.u. says this is the deal take it or leave it there is a clear agenda behind that and that agenda is we need to protect our internal market if we hand out gifts to the u.k. now leaving it we will have dire economic consequences from this so it is the best deal because all other deals would create massive damage to the internal market and that is something to the structure of the internal market where you have
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obligations and where you have benefits and if one member suddenly gets all the benefits but has no of the obligations that causes problems and that is why the why the european union has remained very closely aligned to those red lines they set in the negotiations the e.u. had made it quite clear earlier on in the negotiation process that they'd be north cherrypicking of any kind from the u.k. has e.u. been able to live up to its word through this or withdraw all agreement. i think that is the case take it again the example of aviation something where we can drop back to w t o regulations so if there is a cliff edge for exits planes remain grounded there will be no flights between the u.k. and the rest of the e.u. you would have to find a new deal that is clearly a cherry and it is in the vested interests of both partners the e.u. and the u.k. to have those planes flying now why didn't we have a singular deal struck by now why is this all inside the same package the reason is
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this what you've called cherry picking the you has no interest in handing out the cherries while staying with all the obligations and the rest of the package they want an orderly process it and they want that this is applied to all areas of cooperation they'll stay with us i'd like to bring in john burke here john just based on what gilligan saying the way the u.k. had set out its negotiating position in the promises that would be. early on in the process that you were following it almost sounded like they were going to get big the best part of the e.u. has the field to do that it's largely failed to do that correct it did it took the u.k. a very long time to even work out what its negotiating position even was really became clear in the summer. essentially the e.u. offered the u.k. a series of options how fall in toward or close to the e.u. do you want to be here is the menu of options from them and ultimately what's the u.k. is ultimately chosen as something which is approaching what the relationship canada
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has with the european union it would have a free trade agreement and there are a few of the details around the edge to prevent a whole border in northern ireland for example so ultimately what the the u.k. wanted a much closer relationship on trade of goods but not in trade of services while at the same time controlling immigration that's that that kind of combination of the u.k. ultimately was demanding they've not they've not succeeded in achieving that sort of pride and get the reaction from the u.k. on this barbara visa has been following developments on the ground i did also barbara has there been any reaction you've been yearning to want. to. just have to see in brussels the reaction force kami. that would be a bit quick of course because everybody's still needs to digest what has happened but it will certainly end any sort of illusion any sort of idea here particularly with
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this was a rebel trees amaze own party that they could somehow go back and negotiate a better deal because there's still some people here who state who say oh we can we can do better than treason me it's her fault she betrayed us she you know managed this so badly and they now must realise that this ship has sailed this is the deal is the deal is the deal and it is as we have said take it all. leave it and now they have to sort of confront this political reality they really have to figure out do we do this now or do we sort of push for a second referendum and there is. already said there is no majority for anything now what happens now is that parliamentarians here and to politicians and within the conservatives but also with labor they have about two weeks time to think about this to all this about this to to sort of consider what could be done possibly done
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and if you listen to public opinion here it seems but this is a subjective impression of course it seems that things are turning towards a second referendum that many people you talk to in the streets are saying listen we were not really well informed to in two thousand and sixteen when we had the first vote we didn't really understand what was its stake and now we realize that this is means much more and it is not like many bricks the tears had promised people so. the mood is shifting and the political way forward is still completely uncertain the mood might be shifting amongst the public but is that deflected in. the mood to barbara is that a majority. stunned. look when you put on them. there is no majority yet but all that really depends on the labor party it really depends on jeremy corbyn whether he will sort of stop sitting on the fence was
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a guard to breaks it because he's throughout his political life has been a secret breaks a cheer himself because he's things the european union is a conspiracy against the international working class. i just thought it was a little viewers know that the visuals are seeing right now all from brussels where we are expecting a press conference from your. prime minister to resign made a nice second back to you by saying. carbon now needs to figure out what the he wants to stay in that and push an agenda that is not bush will anymore that that means going back to brussels and getting something else he needs to figure out whether he will turn and go for a second referendum or whether he can manage to push to resume a into holding you elections the letter i think is probably less likely the first pushing for
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a second referendum might be the politically easier way for him but that is still there there's simply no decisions yet they are still sort of freely floating around you hear you are given that are the same arguments from yesterday every day more or less things i just turning and turning cycle washing machine politically where the same stuff comes around and goes wrong all the time and we keep going back and forth as well as. the press conference from your prime minister theresa me to begin in brussels i just want to ask you. what the government's strategy is going to be in the coming few weeks what is it that the truce of me. is going to do to try and get. enough numbers on each side so that they can. draw agreement in the british parliament. now the question is which government because we're not even sure about the theresa may has her cabinet still with her because
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this morning there were and several newspapers here reports about the new rebellion this this time from remainders including her own finance minister of. hemant who are saying we don't want this this is not good we need to figure out something else without having a clear strategy either so who has she stood on her side she will stubbornly and consistently be plotting on that's to resume a that's very nature and that has all of us been more or less her own flu the only political message that's what she does she just walks forward and it's sort of in a way it's like a tank you know she would just sort of food try to to push over all the resistances and to just overcome the ops objections that are being made here a bot whether that is successful or not is a different question because too many people and too many signs are no understanding what it means and of course m.p.c.
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or the member of parliament the members of parliament they have constituencies they go home every week and they talk to people there and they know how in secure many people feel now about the soul breaks that deal and how much they have the feeling that they have been in a sense betrayed that this is something else that this may not be what they voted for two years ago so it is a very difficult situation and she can't have a strategy if she just tries to convince people she tries to bribe some people she'll get a few people on her side but to build a majority she would need such a big swing at the moment it's really you can really can see where this majority could come from it's a political minefield. when it comes to mind for you john boehner is we've talked before just also. questions the visual design industry right now. from your income.


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