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this is the dumping news live from berlin that e.u. leaders endorse a breadstick deal at a special summit in brussels. this is the first post in which the best possible for europe. is the only. european commission president jacques rogge called it a moment of deep sadness. a british prime minister said theresa may says she does not share that sadness and is calling on the country to move on with me now faces the challenge of pushing that deal through help for the parliament.
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i'm welcome to the program but european union has officially agreed on a divorce agreement for britain's departure from the block the announcement came less than an hour after the head of the news twenty seven remaining nations arrived at a special summit in brussels speaking up to formally endorsing the agreement in your official stressed they would remain partners and friends with britain but the president of the european commission stressed it was no day to celebrate. we. should do this we're told we are satisfied with the result. but it's a very sad day. see a country like the u.k. leave the european union is not something we celebrate with champagne and applause . it's
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a sad day. for those who've expressed themselves at today's european council summit have shared their sadness priestess of this ruling was largely if not unanimously shared those awful hot british prime minister to resign may sound a triumphant twenty said her thoughts a short time later she said she believed in the deal with all her heart those who had said reaching an agreement to leave you would be an impossible task with. reaching across agreements that well to somethings wasn't possible. from the start i think that council to spend less money goes. to the u.k. arms the e.u. one that delivers on the results of the referendum unsettles on course for a prosperous future while maintaining a close relationship with our friends and neighbors. and joining us now for more
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of the correspondence of a so in london and at the european council in brussels. so welcome to you both i want to begin with you the e.u. has now obviously formally agreed to the deal with the mood in brussels. german chancellor angela merkel today said in a press conference that it was it is with sadness but also that with some relief that she looks on this day and that remarry much reflects the mood here from the other leaders you know was there one of the half years of tough negotiations of waiting for the u.k. to come up with a position to move beyond just pointing out red lines there is now this six hundred page document on the table german chancellor said where there's a will there's a way i mean from the perspective of brussels this telephone book sized book is now really the way forward. you've said it german chancellor angela merkel warning that tough negotiations still lay ahead but the agreement signed today was the best possible deal so let's listen to what she had to say.
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decry legions diplomatic work of art has been accomplished in an extremely difficult situation it's an unprecedented situation. something we have never had to face until now a country leaving the european union having to create a contractual exit agreement taking into account the different interests but also at the same time looking towards the future a future that allows a close partnership which will likely mean tough negotiations that also a future where we always wish each other success and our agreement was the only way that this was possible and that in none well north of us consummately so go back to you the chancellor there warning of tough days ahead but is there a chance that the e.u. might still have to revisit the deal if it doesn't pass the e.u. parliament. i don't see really any wiggle room or any room for
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renegotiating the key lines of this treaty yes that be some more fluffy language to be added but on the on the key things on the integrity of the internal market there is zero room for the e.u. to renegotiate this but it has the german chancellor pointed out you know think of cracks in it as a triathlon the leaders have just come out of the water now they need to cycle they need to run the marathon so there's a long way to come and that is what the german chancellor and also the french leader today pointed out a very sticky point still to come in these negotiations this would only clear the first line of the first food finishing line for the spring competition but lots of problem you know problems here to come even if we pass that point all right so baba coming to you and picking up on your metaphor there what havel and does may have looking ahead at the next step especially when it comes to passing this agreement to have parliament. if we stay with the image through true. may now has to get on
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her bike and cycle back here to westminster behind us and convince parliamentarians that somehow this really is a good deal but there are severe doubts and these doubts sort of go from those sides of the house within her own party within the conservative party there are of course the hard line cheers who think this is giving too much away to brussels. great britain is going to still have to stay too close to the european union and it's regulation in the future on the other side of the remainder is they now realize that this is going to be not a very soft brakes it later on once the future relationship is negotiated and they somehow want want an out they're looking for an exit and with the opposition of course they simply say no this is bad if you've portrayed as nobody you didn't keep
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the promises you made that is the breaks the tears made in the beginning so she's surrounded by opponents and what she could do couldn't to convince them she's trying to work on individual members of parliament now some she's trying to bribe others she's trying to control but somehow to to have a real strong shift in opinion there in the house it is difficult to see from the moment where that could come from. killed a bubble they are saying that at home to me is a maze of around by opponents but what is your analysis of the issues for signing press conference what was the message that she got from the e.u. leaders. the dutch prime minister for instance today said if he would be an m.p. if you were an m.p. he would vote in favor of the steel the you have that that is his piece of advice for four british british lawmakers to you knows of course the trouble to theresa may is but this is without doubt
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a deal where which is sold on the basis that. all the i'll turn it to have a was that is for the use this has been clear throughout the way it was always clear that bracks it will be a loose new scenario but at least this deal would provide sort of an orderly practice that it would clear the way for negotiations for a transition face it would give us an extra two years now where we can talk about hammer out a future relationship so it does not end in this end of may end of march cliff where basically if you take aviation planes couldn't fly anymore because there is no basis regulation where in trade we would fall back to w t o regulations so the e.u. is very keen in whatever they've been doing to avoid this kind of scenario and they also wanted to make it clear all throughout that time this is nothing to do with when revenge this is about interests and they do want the u.k.
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as a close partner as economically and also politically also regarding security but they do want to do this in friendship but they can it cannot hand out gifts they have to protect their own interests as well so ground zero on break that today as well was in brussels but let's not forget that the issue is first and foremost affecting ordinary people and earlier today we spoke to london as we asked them to share their thoughts and feelings about it and what it may bring. and i think the referendum was a terrible mistake because everyone was so ill informed you see. they didn't know anything anyway there was no nature is going to lead people to the right because the politicians are talking amongst themselves they're not listening. i really hope there is another referendum and people get a chance to actually vote on the facts actually come to be the truth rather than the lies that we were fed i don't know how it will affect money i know somebody
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told me to just go whole bunch of your eyes and put them in like a box just in case. they get some sort of deal which is acceptable to both sides i think that's the important thing. and i think she seems to be. slowly but surely we can hope is that the right people get around the table and. whether you know a negotiated settlement does alter kind of continue to do what we do best which is trade with each other you know security pretty moving when you know when. you're on hold as well so. so back to your bubble of a so obviously you're in london where may has been appealing to ordinary people to support this deal is that going to work. it's not going to work because people are says she'll be troubled and there is a lot of doubtfulness about what this deal may means people are now beginning to understand that all the big promises of the brics here's that they would sail for us into this glorious future and things would be easy and quick and they would be
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the with use in the this that this is just not going to come to pass and this is slowly trickling into the conscience of the majority of people here they don't really understand anymore what this is supposed to be good for and also you feel in the public mood in certain swing towards the second to referendum because people say yes we heard one voice there is saying that we were not well informed we didn't know what this was about so let's have a vote again and. see what the public says now and it seems even within the political parties there are more and more voices that say this is the only way to sort of soul of the current impasse and to get to a second vote and let people make up their minds about what's on the table now. let's talk more about angela merkel's reaction to today's events i know you listened to her press conference what else did she have to say. i think there was an interesting point and that's a point that her french counterpart my coulter made that she said we also need to
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draw conclusions from this. incident we have to learn lessons and one of her lessons she she has you know to take away if you want from this press and scenario is that there needs to be closer cooperation amongst your member states so already the german chancellor looking into the future of how the e.u. should work together in the future without the u.k. the other thing was an interesting part of her press conference as well bubble that reason may will be on her way back home can you talk to us through what her next steps will need to be essentially has strategy to deal through parliament. she has about two weeks a little more till this will put to the vote in parliament so what she will be trying to do is of course to push and could joel and convince individual m.p.'s her problem is that she doesn't really have any personal relationships within the
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party she's not a warm person she's not a great communicator and so she really is sort of awkward as a salesperson as we have heard before when she was speaking in brussels and and so she really needs to sort of give it her all it to get the people on her own side to back her up it is probably from the scene from the moment in time now it's going to be impossible because the hard line breaks the cheers say this is absolutely not what we wanted it's a betrayal we'll be stuck. the e.u. forever and the remainder say this is worse than what the deal we have now being in the european union so the northern irish don't want to leave it doesn't want it there if you liberals don't want it nobody you more or less wants it really nobody is content was this and so it's the worst of all solutions it seems for her and she can't really do very much other than try to to get her own party to pick her up that is the best and she has not been very successful in the past and she doesn't
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even have a unified cabinet behind her. we're just hearing that the british prime minister has her work cut out for her but what are the next steps for the e.u. how is the ratification process likely to play out. well what happens next is the ball is in the british side of the courts now brussels we'll watch carefully how this approval or norm approval in the british parliament will go in case they would approve this it be then going to the european parliament after that it would come back to the council of member states but expected to be there rubber stamps basically because the summit has already endorsed the outlines of the six hundred page withdrawal treaty and the twenty six pages of the political declaration how the future should be organized and then is really when we get into the difficult phase of the back to the big sample of the triathlon then it's you have to get on the bicycle and start running the marathon because not then the tough bit comes how
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do you construct a future relationship what can you do in order to avoid a border in northern ireland what can you do to have frictionless trade or anything close to that. at the european council in brussels and faisal in london thank you. as indeed opinions life especially thank you for watching. everybody. coach a bit because. the link to screw africa. or link to exceptional stories and discussions somebody uses easy to our website d.w. dot com smart pick up join us on facebook at g.w. for. big news analysts message she gets the answer. is a call to share.


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