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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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not then the tough bit comes how do you construct that future relationship what can you do in order to avoid a border in northern ireland what can you do frictionless trade or anything close to that. at the european consul in brussels and faisal in london thank you to you both. as a date up in his life especially thank you for watching. it at a very. good job it. sure linked to news from africa. your link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news of these eat and what wimps i do deputed comes to become join us on facebook doubling for. the news items to see what's the answer to us so called shaken not
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stirred is consumed. by. people who put big dreams on the big screen. movie magazine on the devaney. welcome to the bundesliga here. with parsons dominance of waning a tight title race is in full swing this season league leaders dortmund face some stiff competition to take over the crime it's all hotting up this winter here's what's coming up in the show. we'll see whether the black and yellows brimming with confidence after beating biron two weeks ago can keep the momentum going on the road against me table my. and munich coach nico kovacs was feeling the
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pressure for the reigning champions have plans back after their defeat in the classroom but could their struggling visitors dusseldorf cause further upset. me as let's get down to business the international break brought dortmund the good news with this man here striker. signing a five year contract the spaniard was part of a near full strength squad that travel to play mid table minds another win for the black and yellow as would consolidate their lead at the top of the table so that he had the match panned out. no shortage of away support for a team still yet to lose in the league this season that is ever by their captain fantastic marco royce dortmund made a slick start to this one and it was roy's who very nearly gave them a nice ten minutes in. place x. of it so stunning the palms of minds keeper robbins and dortmund were the dominant
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side but finding mind stubborn opponents no surprise then packer outcasts i was called on after the break he entered the fray midway through the second half and wasted no time showing why georgians made his loan move on and. linking up with royce who else after a typically incisive two wins break away his night goal of the season an incredible ace of them coming from the paint shop. if you thought the visitors would run away with it from there you'd have been wrong robin quine's on raining on their parade just four minutes later dormand on the ropes briefly but they're showing fight and the lucien for a new clash his jacket defender the unlikely match winner. proved it is at first you don't succeed it's always worth trying again a stunning goal to round off an absorbing contest.
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first i wanted to go for the far corner but i saw the keeper was going in that direction so i decided to go for the near post to manage to score i'm delighted to help the team get three points. the visiting fans go back to dortmund happy their side stretch further clear at the top. one of dortmund's main rivals are frankfurt the eagles are riding high in the table this season this weekend they travelled to aldeburgh and frank first didn't waste any time in taking the lead just one minute in and john. and it was man opened the scoring shortly after the break which found sebastian hotter who made it two for the visitors. and soon it was three for frankfurt when croatia international to rivet top tom downey cost us seven i have spurred court of our managed a late consolation goal but it was too little too late three one the final score.
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and those results meant biron needed a win to keep in touch with the top sides the champions have had a couple of weeks to lick their wounds after their defeat to dortmund and what better to help them flex their muscles again than a visit from lowly just north shore to nico kovacs his side would pick up an easy three points or were they in for a bit of a shock let's take a look. you'd be forgiven for thinking everything was rosy and byron as ever the stadium was sold out and they even started the game like champions nicholas zuma netting the open a following a corner it was just the sort of start they needed with di and hoping to quickly forget they lost a dog one last time outs. by and soon doubled their lead with thomas millar storing up to ten games without to go. to know that the twenty minutes against the second bottom side button appears to be cruising. but the days of opposition sides
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rolling over in munich are over. just before the break doesn't go for one back to strike a look of vacuo. john symond flicked the ball past the hapless jerome voting in the build up. thirty minutes into the second half and miller reestablished by ends to go lead. so often their talisman in the past is the turn to scoring ways would surely put by and spend as the campaign back on track. even a three one lead is not enough of the cushion from brian this season they lost the ball the midfield and the defense was too high on the pitch allowing a clearly onside look at back to cut the deficit. then in injury time that doesn't go from the dramatic equaliser again being left one on one with manual neuer. three three it finished by end of now failed to win at home in four straight
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but in this league matches the pressure continues to build on coach nico co that. with president only hearn is livid. obviously can't be happy with this result there's definitely a need for internal discussions with. sick and i'm very annoyed to consummate you. how angry i am inside i could really fly off the handle. in contrast golf could hardly believe what they had accomplished a battling draw felt more like a win for the promoted side i had from look at back yo leagues by and in crisis. time for a match day twelve round up and in a moment we'll take a look and an absolute goals last between head and heart and time but first fallsburg hosted highflying leipsic rb have been in hot form they've only been
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defeated one state season where the wolves to be their next victims or with the hosts cause an upset. like i say go keep that paper girl that she had not conceded in five matches and was determined to keep out false books than you can check out a great opportunity but shot white so a defender stepped up to show him how it's done. your receipt your scoring his first one does legal go to hand vosburgh a one way and. this is it's an unnecessary loss it was an even game a draw would have been acceptable here so to make a mistake and give up a goal is not all of us who are inferior so i don't let us talk of discrimination because. i'm a pattern hoffenheim came into match day twelve in contrast in full perlin with five matches without a victory hoffenheim have won their last full and the visitors got off to
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a cracking start as he had his defense gave them free rein. care and demi by needing just forty five seconds to make it one meal. before had to could even catch their breath on dry kraemer each had made it to you know. the butt heads or struck back they'd out a piece of their charging the deficits the bosnian spit struck with the season a short pause for the fans and then the goals continued and then to check church put hoffenheim they had three one victory seemingly in their grasp. capture the word determined first came matthew lucky's tappin. before valentino lazaro's smashed maybe eighty three three the final score instructor out of the boys that we managed to come back the point was the least we deserved for the goal of this quality certainly deserved to be in
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a match we know not to have a lady who lies or we'll have to do. a memo f. . let's get a round up of the results so far from march day twelve and there you have it mine says defeat to dortmund of course also lost this time to frankfurt byron munich and just a dorf there's that incredible three old draw vols for each beat leipzig bit of a shock for them another tree old or old between half of berlin and hoffenheim and shell picked up some much needed points the royal blues show goal third goal scoring goals in spectacular fashion stephens cribbs netted the opener after stealing the ball from your bird's keeper and he polished off a five two win with his second of the night welcome news for the boys. now on friday night leverkusen kicked off the weekend with a two nil win at home to struggling stuttgart let's take
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a look at that one kevin foley that was the hero of the day for labor two thousand headed in their first goal in the seventy sixth minute and i did i know that to confirm much needed points for leverkusen side that has struggled this season things to look grim for sure of course they remain rock bottom of the table now on sunday we have two more games first up freiburg travel to bremen and times over the weekend with a trip to high flying glass. and now it's time to take a look at how those results affect the table and there you have it no shocker dortmund remain on top and are now seven points ahead of first. moves like light signal as well and then there's bar munich were not used to seeing them in fifth but they're just outside the champions league spots of course and then then the other end of the table no changes whatsoever then the bottom stoke are desperate
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times for them also doors hand over complete the bottom three. so it's time now for the on this latest play of the day as voted by our followers on twitter and the winner is dortmund's who cash back with just under half of the votes the defender curled in torments winner from the edge of the box after his first shot was blocked its first on the snigger goal in nearly eight years what a moment for him to pop up and. that's the stuff there not a great result for dortmund but what a comeback for docile dorf it will no doubt be a boost to their confidence will be back with the action from sunday's games i'm joined by former goalkeeper and fifa world player of the year that you know i'm going to discuss this weekend's main talking points so for me and the rest of the team here in berlin.
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during the highlights. fresh why finnish russian is. illuminating why moscow by night is magical. breathless what it means to film extreme sports. euro banks next on early.
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the continues to haunt those who fled from syria. losing. the war on my phone or two part documentary starts december eighth on d w. i their welcome to the euro max highlights of the week the best of european lifestyle and culture here's a quick look at what's coming up. extreme measures a pioneer of outdoor film t.v. the now premier new press taking moving. fashion forward a new generation of finnish designers it's called.


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