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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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my four hour to pour documentary starts december on. this is news live from berlin the leaders have endorsed a branch of the deal at a special summit in brussels the first few weeks and the first to push through for your. only. european commission president says it was a sad day for the european union. british prime minister to be something he says
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she doesn't share that sadness and is calling on how country to move beyond me now faces the challenge of pushing the deal through her own parliament the opposition labor party has already said it will vote against it. german chancellor i'm going to medical says there was still a lot of work to do but she praised negotiate says for achieving accord the diplomatic work of art. welcome to the program the european union has officially agreed to a divorce agreement for britain's departure from the block the announcement came less than an hour after the heads of the twenty seven remaining nations arrived at a special summit in brussels speaking up to formally endorsing the agreement e.u. officials stress it would remain. friends with britain. the center of the european
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commission shall project us that it was no date to celebrate. we. sucked because we're told we are satisfied with the result. but it's a very sad day. for you mysie a country like the u.k. leave the european union is not something we celebrate with champagne and applause . is up for this it's a sad day. for those who've expressed themselves at today's european council summit have shared their sadness the christus of this ruling was largely if not unanimously shared. joining us for more ideas of the correspondence up of a.s.l. in london and at the european council in brussels mattis welcome to you both let's begin with you the e.u. has now formally agreed to the deal the first country to leave the e.u. block a somber day for brussels. not this approval for those six hundred
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page document took just a mere forty five minutes but it brings an end forty five years of membership at least potentially that is if the u.k. parliament approves it to it as well so it was easy and it wasn't easy for your leaders that is why i'm glad americal said this with sadness but also with some relief that she looks up on this day it's a day after one and a half years really tough and lengthy negotiations where we were waiting on the european side that the u.k. steps beyond the red lines that it brings up a position that could be negotiated and finally ended up in this massive document that now leads the way to an orderly brags that sure a german chancellor angela merkel said if there's a will there's a way and that way is now on the table and hopes are high that it will be approved by the u.k. as well german chancellor angela merkel wanted that tough negotiations to lay ahead but the agreement signed today was the best possible deal quoting to her let's have a listen to some of what she had to. sorry and he prolly should diplomatic work of
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art has been accomplished in an extremely difficult situation an unprecedented situation. something we have never had to face until now a country leaving the european union having to create a contractual exit agreement taking into account the different interests but also at the same time looking towards the future a future that allows a close partnership which will likely mean tough negotiations but also a future where we always wish each other's success and our agreement was the only ways that this was possible intruding on none when it was over the us consummate. their warning of tough days ahead is there a chance the big might still have to revisit the steel if it doesn't pass the u.k. parliament. if there is at all something positive the you can take away from breaks it is the fact that all member states are now fully aware of the advantages
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of the club and that is the same reason these redlines the integrity of the internal market the security provisions all sorts of a ranchman from aviation drac recall church these are things that all member states are now fully aware of and these are red lines that nobody is willing to give away the u.k. has been given the message that if you want the advantages of the club you also need to pay attention to the op league ations and you can't just have a one of them you can just have the positive elements of this so i don't see a lot of wriggle room yes if it wouldn't pass the british parliament i could see that one works on the fluffy language on the on the margins of these red lines but the core deal of what the e.u. could offer that is now on the table here's a couple to you in london the analogy has been made that this is like a trial for law and therefore if the first event was signing the deal then the hurdle to come for to me is i'm a. is pushing it through parliament what huddle lays ahead lays ahead. the
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hurdles here are quite simply this really she doesn't have a majority if you look around the house she is encircled by opponents because the neighbor party leader jeremy corbin has just said this is a miserable failure and this is the worst of all worlds this breaks a deal and we are going to vote it down she doesn't have on the further opposition benches she doesn't have any friends do you peter norris northern irish unionists have said they don't want this deal they might still be open to break mail that is still to be seen and her own party is deeply divided between heart breaks to tears and remainders and some people in the middle who don't know where to jump at this point in time so she has a really tough time to cobble those majority together at the moment she doesn't have it and it is difficult because she's not a great communicator she has no personal friends in her own party how she can go about that she might not have friends in her party but she seems to be appealing
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over the heads of lawmakers to ordinary people to support this deal is that going to work. that is certainly not going to work because people here have really working up to the fact that of course this deal on the table is worse than what britain had before let's just think about that britain had a rebate regard to the money it paid into the e.u. budget it had a lot of it it really had a rather good had rather good conditions in the e.u. which is something that people have come to understand now in the meantime very late in the game. for them the the recognition dawns that they are asked to jump into the unknown because what we don't know and to stay in the image of the trial and the marathon that will be the negotiations about the future relationship and that is completely hope nobody knows what it entails and people realise that now. basal in london and killed in brussels thank you both. we continue this
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conversation in studio where i'm joined by john worth a political advisor thank you for joining us so bubble has says it's almost impossible to predict what's going to happen next but i'm going to ask you they were possible what next their status in stages first stage is going to be the circled meaningful vote in parliament this is when to resume a bring so deal in front of the lawmakers and ask ok due back this is scheduled for eleventh of december so two half weeks from now and the chances are she won't to manage to get that vote through parliament what happens then is very much open why would the conservative party try to oust her as prime minister because with such a setback could it be possible for her to continue will the members of the house decide some other route potentially calling for a second referendum whether britain could stay in the european union or possibly a general election which is what the opposition labor party would want so all kinds of options are open if as it looks likely that vote would fail on the eleventh of
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december and what would be the situation if they would step down for example if a snap election was called so it may want to step down someone else for them coming from a conservative party but without doesn't have any better chance of succeeding when they had failed because if that person were a brakes it hardline or someone like michael gove for example he would not gain the support of the pragmatists that there are within the conservative party conversely if it were pregnant is like and how much the finance minister for example he would have a difficulty keeping the breaks its hardliners contend so ultimately although to reason may is not very well supported she hasn't she toes and is very much in the middle of the conservative party she's she's equally disliked by both sides if you like replacing to resume is a leader might appeal to the conservative party politicians in the short term but it's not going to solve anything in the medium term the referendum is a very risky option but for different reasons so without actually might the conservative party might save themselves but the last referendum was
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a very very tense it was bad tempered and indeed it didn't get to the heart of the matter didn't. the truth about brakes it wouldn't be any different to another time around and there's also the problem of time because if you're to hold a referendum when would you hold it and could you even hold it by march which is when britain is due to leave the e.u. is probably highly unlikely that you could do it in such a short timeframe so if you wanted a referendum the u.k. would have to go to brussels and say we need a bit more time so we can hold a referendum would you give us that extra time and brussels as you we've heard on the reports today brussels essentially had enough with the u.k. at the moment says ok we've given you a deal now can you just please take a decision but it looks like britain is not ready or is not capable of taking a decision so at the moment today looks calm looks reasonable to resume a press conference said it was impossible if people said it was impossible to strike a deal between the u.k. and the e.u. the e.u. side is being delivered today the u.k. side we still don't know what is going to happen all of these options are still
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open so is that possible scenario that britain remains in the e.u. yes yes absolutely it is quite possible because what may happen is one of the roots is the break the vote fails on the eleventh of december if one says hi on a minute what can we do here parliament is blocked so opposition members of parliament no to be from the labor party would then put forth the suggestion that you should hold a second referendum now no one really likes the second referendum but it might be considered as the only way forward and with such a referendum then of course remain would have to be on the ballot paper and if you look at the opinion polls at the moment there's been a shift towards remaining british public opinion something like fifty five percent of the population say actually staying in the european union would be would be a better option so britain staying it's a hard route to get there but it is possible well throwing another spanner in the works john worth of political advice that thank you. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world russia says it has launched air strikes on
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syrian rebels it accuses of carrying out a suspected poison gas attack on the government held city of aleppo more than one hundred people were affected by the poison on saturday doctors see patients are suffering from breathing problems and blurred vision rebel groups have denied using poison gas. voters are deciding when the right wing proposal to put their own constitution above international law pursues people's party says it's initiative is aimed at preserving national sovereignty and direct democracy giving citizens a final say on any international treaty. the final formula one race of the season the abu dhabi grand prix lewis hamilton of the state is well he took the checkered flag in what can easily be seen as a continuation of an amazing career but we also further highlights a great season for the mercedes driver with his eleventh victory of the campaign
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he'd already taken the title three weeks ago now five formula one season titles to his credit and here now is how the final driver standings look behind overall winner hamilton is sebastian fettle third place seems to me right going in fourth is mark's fish trap and finishing fifth is valtteri bottas south america's biggest soccer show piece featuring powerhouses river plate and booker juniors has been postponed until sunday evening because of fan violence the bitter rivalry between the two sides dates back to the early one thousand hundreds on saturday river plate fans attack to the team bus of booker juniors ahead of the second leg match at river plate stadium. these attacks by river fans on the bokeh bus ahead of the deciding match in the cobol leave out to doris final have been called shameful by both club presidents river fans forced to leave the stadium after the match was postponed we're on the same page. not always that though that
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it's a complete embarrassment the sad thing is that the vast majority of people came to enjoy this game peacefully with their families and children. born to c.n.n. but because of three hundred misfits it's always the same people soccer has been hurt that's the situation where enough we don't want them having already agreed to ban away fans from both matches earlier this month the clubs felt that precaution would be enough to prevent an outbreak of violence but they miscalculated police on the scene used tear gas to disperse the crowd but the gas entered the bus through broken windows leaving several bokeh players in need of medical assistance striker carlos tevez said he had an eye injury possibly caused by shards of glass and left the stadium with the band it's over his eye. a number of his teammates suffered from dizziness and received treatment from club doctors the boca juniors bus eventually left with the police escort this highly anticipated copa libertadores
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final between two of argentina's most successful clubs has been rescheduled for sunday however the chaotic build up has left a black eye on the sport with possible repercussions to follow. you're watching news live from the back of the top of the hour with another news in the meantime feel free to. call for on the call. thanks for. the back of the top of the hour with another news in the meantime. for. thanks for watching. state. life. the most traditional.
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