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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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my name is on the top shelf and i walk in to tell you. this is the w. news line from berlin e.u. leaders have endorsed a breakthrough deal at a special summit in brussels. this is the first to push for which the first to push through for europe the only. european commission president sean claude mocks what he said was a sad day for the european union. british prime minister to resign may
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says she doesn't share that sadness and is calling one how country to move on may now faces the challenge of pushing the deal through her own parliament the opposition labor party has already said it will vote against it. and women around the world take to the streets to call for a stop to domestic abuse and gender based violence. welcome to the program the european union has officially agreed on a divorce deal for britain's departure from the bloc it took the heads of the twenty seven other nations just an hour at a special summit in brussels e.u. officials said they were sad that the u.k.'s withdrawal but stressed the bloc in britain would remain partners and friends u.k. prime minister theresa may britain's to support the deal but it won't be plain
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sailing britain's opposition labor party say they will vote against the deal when it's put to parliament in over two weeks time. she still has a seat at the table british prime minister to resign may today in brussels but after a long and arduous period of negotiations e.u. leaders have inched closer to britain's final departure many openly expressed their regret. thought you had to show up for just a little shit those who kissed the country leaving the e.u. does not make me want to raise champaign glasses or applaud it's a sad day and everybody who i spoke with today expressed this sadness of it was unanimously shared you know on the move. a relief nevertheless for treason may who's facing ever stronger headwinds at home the nearly six hundred page long withdrawal agreement covers citizens' rights the forty four billion euro divorce bill and the irish border issue it also sets out the basis of the future
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relationship i recognize some european leaders are out at this moment but also some people back home in the u.k. will be right at this moment but the way i look at it is actually this is for us now to move on to the next stage to move on as i said i am full of optimism about the future of our country may now has to seek parliamentary approval at home which will be much more difficult amidst divisions even among her own party and e.u. leaders today made clear there will be no renegotiation of the agreement. this. is an accomplished diplomatic feat i want to emphasize that this is an extremely difficult situation a situation without any precedent because we haven't had it before the european country leaves the e.u. holds up this agreement not considers the interests of both sides and also looks into the future and also. for theresa may is the brics that drama continues in
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early december that's when the british parliament is expected to vote on the deal but even if it's ratified that's only the beginning of many months possibly years of negotiations on the future relationship between britain and the e.u. . so as we've heard it's a deal that's been pounded by politicians from both sides of parliament but what exactly is in this deal well they'll be a two year transition period to work out a future trade deal during that time britain will stay in the single market bound by rules and if you're wondering about the movement of persons well this is what is going to happen european citizens currently in the u.k. and brits now abroad will keep their rights to live work and study where they are the hardest not to crack well it's going to be vests the irish border question the hope is that a future trade deal will prevent the need for a hard border between island north and ireland but if no deal is reached the u.k.
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has agreed to stay in a customs agreement arrangement rather with it indefinitely until something can be agreed earlier we spoke to the correspondent and started by asking her about reactions from the u.k. to today's deal. well you haven't really seen champaign go. for a lot of people this is not a good deal we've had prominent city is people were really advocating for the u.k. to leave the we've heard them say for example dominant dominic robb who was the former breakfast secretary it's actually better stay for britain to stay in the e.u. because the deal was that bad so nobody really is very happy about the deal however for those who are fearing the so-called cliff edge that britain will crash out of the year without a deal there is a sense of relief for example a business organizations have said well this is a little bit more certainty and have welcomed this step however then again you have
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the labor opposition jeremy called when you said he would vote against it so the reason race problems definitely have not ended with this day and even chief. has said that there will be no real negotiations i just want us to listen to what he had to say. i'm. sure. you know those who've come. to push for europe. only. baggett stressing it's the only deal possible does this make it helpful for teresa me to push this through parliament. well it's definitely it's reason i'm a strong card she always has she's always reiterating well if you don't vote with me if you don't vote with the deal with this deal then the possibility of us
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crashing out and of having nothing nothing at all for those people for example who are advocating for a second referendum for a so-called people's vote on this deal she says of them well if you don't if you're not with me there is really a challenge that we are going to be at this cliff edge situation at the end of march next year and we don't have anything we don't have any security for business we don't have any security that all planes are going to continue flying that we have the meds in that we need the three that we need so this is definitely a big strong. and what if proposal gets voted down. well that's the big what happens then question because all bets are off we really don't know what's going to happen it's been speculated that reason may be might step down immediately because she is too closely associated with this deal however she might not and there might be a vote of no confidence against her from her own party all indeed there might be at
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some point if m.p.'s really cannot find any solutions that might reach a second referendum on the deal because there is just no what a way of getting out of the mess that this was caused so what really is going to happen we will only know off the very very get mass reporting from london thank you . that's a look at some of the other stories making news around the world california fire officials say the state's deadliest fire history is fully contained the county fire burned much of the mountain town of paradise to the ground and killed at least eighty five people nearly two hundred fifty s. still missing and the blaze destroyed nearly fourteen thousand homes. russia says it has launched airstrikes on syrian rebels it accuses of carrying out a suspected poison gas attack on the government's held city of aleppo more than one hundred people were affected by the poison last saturday doctors say patients are suffering from breathing problems and blurred vision rebel groups have denied using
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poison gas. over recent weeks since voters have clearly rejected a proposal to give the country's laws priority over international role in a national referendum projections show almost two thirds of cools the initiative backed by the right wing swiss peoples party critics claimed the measure would have damaged its allies global standing and hurt if economy. today is international date for the elimination of violence against women thousands of people have been attending demonstrations around the world calling for an end to all forms of violence against women and girls. in buffalo no protest march to the sound of drums and feminist chance and did north and syria hundreds of kurdish women took to the streets and other rallies have been taking place all weekend with demonstrators young and old calling out harassment and assault.
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on a reporter becca reaches has been following this story and she joins me now thanks for joining us rebecca so a very strong show of support but this is only the first of a sixteen day come pink you tell me more about it absolutely. huge show of support already it's a global campaign by. the u.n. to really draw attention to this issue is really important issue of violence against women it was launched in one thousand nine hundred ninety it's been running every year since and the twenty fifth of november kicks off that little over two weeks of logic events and things happening around the world it was launched by the un this morning by un women the secretary general and who had tears also tweeted using the hash tag he made true which is the theme of this year here me two is obviously coming try to come off the back of the import the sorry the huge success of the me too movement but hear me to really emphasizing about hearing listening to
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women about their issues and trying to get them to speak out more and really. to give a voice to the voiceless basically and the u.n. really throwing their weight behind this encouraging women to go out and protest just how widespread is a problem of domestic violence it's huge actually researching this story i was alarmed by the statistics i want to say it's one in three women will at some point in their life experienced domestic violence or sexual violence of some night that regardless of age location where they live klaas is a massive. astounding statistic and most of the perpetrators will be intimate family members so it's it's a really is a huge global problem i mean this is obviously very scary to hear but what have people been saying in response to this campaign well it's been getting a bit of traction so far it's day one but it's already had quite a high profile support today at the summit which we're doing talking about the
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european parliament president antonio to use this summit to to launch the campaign as well himself trying to get some traction let's have a listen to what he had to say at the summit. it's not normal vs to be normal. i would like to say something about the campaign on violence against women. we would like to endorse i mean the european parliament would like to enjoy. the international day on violence against women. i don't sure. so a lot of eyes obviously on that hopefully that will help to draw attention to the campaign the red marquess he's italian and it's really they're doing that as a sign of support for this campaign the mark of the i that it's also being used all
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across twitter by by other people who are starting to pick up on that hash tag here hear me too same people tweeting across africa it is only day one i stress our elites and then moment well we'll definitely keep an eye on that thank you so much rebecca eaters. in the final formula one race of the season world champion lewis hamilton of my status has taken the checkered flag in abu dhabi in a dramatic race germany's nicol holcomb bug landed upside down after a crash while fernando alonso was eleventh in his left in his last f one appearance hamilton's victory was his eleventh of the campaign but he'd already sealed his fifth the world title last month and here now is how the final driver standings look behind overall winner hamilton is sebastian vettel third place goes to kenya
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right mark's fish trap and ended up fourth with adultery porter's coming in fifth. the second leg of south america's top sucka final has been postponed for a second time the. game between bits of boyle's ira's rivals river plate and boca journey as was postponed on saturday after river fans pelted the book a team bus with missiles breaking windows and injuring ten police then used tear gas to disperse the crowd but the gas got into the bus and made up the bulk of plastic the game was full sunday evening but has now been put back to and made to date after a request from. and here's a reminder of the top story that we're following for you you need to have signed off on a breakthrough deal paving the way for the u.k. to leave the blog they say the e.u. and u.k. will remain friends and allies. there
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watching the news live from berlin more coming at the top of the hour with my colleague nicholas sparks in the meantime you can log on to our website called for on the news and information but also social media follow us we are at the news thank you for watching. it was. sure is grand ole miss her. journey back to freedom. you know we're determined to documentary. in the right returns home.


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